1964-10-11 - High Steel and Friendly Aliens
Summary: Cypher finds Dizzy in the Danger Room: third-string ninjas are spanked and technorganic alien friends are discussed.
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Julie is in a bit of a Danger Room scenario, which appears to be among the beams of an incomplete steel-frame building, where there are, of course, some ninja-looking guys. She's running away from one bunch along one of those beams, and she whirls something on a wire as she goes, which when flung proves to be some sort of bolas. Which one jumps over, but two behind tumble in disarray or entanglement from. The first one, she leads into with a block and a throwing of an elbow. It's not terribly-sophisticated moves on her part, …she's working on that, but vertigo wouldn't seem to be one of her problems.

The basics, eh? Doug was going to run a pattern recognition and avoidance scenario, 'noticing and avoiding things fired at your head' or as he calls it, 'dodgeball'. But oho, somebody else is already using the room! He settles into the control booth and takes a sip from a water bottle before he grabs the mic and says "Good work! One's going to come up on your six, the two in front of you are trying to distract you, pretty sure he'll come from below."

Julie punches, grabs, and judo-throws the fellow she just elbowed, by dropping to a crouch. The 'distraction' guys… throw things, and Dizzy splays out a hand: there's a 'Vrr…' not-quite-sound as they fly off-kilter, and she rushes back toward *them….* "Below, right… Here goes nothing!" she calls out, in a New York Italian accent… Out comes another loop of improvised bolas, which she simply swings in hand toward the first one, but instead leaps down for a lower-level bar at right angles to the one they're on.

|ROLL| Julie +rolls 1d100 for: 29

"I know I can't walk the beams like that." Cypher says, before he strokes his chin, and leans back in the chair as Julie goes low to tackle the attacker who was coming at her from behind, who is currently hanging onto the beam and was preparing to pull themselves up. "Impressive changeover! I can't remember the last time I saw a gymnast that good around here."

Julie actually nearly-misses her landing, athletically, the bolas seeming to spin uncannily-faster in a way that lets her recover. "Ah, you know, Sophie's better at that kind of thing, I'm just…" She flings those bolas toward climbing-guy, at an angle to just bind his arm to the beam. "Just kind of a walking gyroscope, know what I mean?"

"I would make a flip comment there about my own mutation but in point of fact… yes, I know exactly what you mean." Cypher says, in response. "Suffice it to say that if I were doing your workout… well I would've already fallen to my metaphorical death. We all have different talents!"

Julie laughs, a bit. Keeps an eye out for more simulated ninjas, and makes a T-sign with her hands. "Awright, time out, who's that in there, by the way?"

Doug pauses, and puts his finger over his mouth. He rolls his eyes upward, and smirks. "Rrrrrrrrrroberto Da Costa?" He says, looking away. But he does pause the simulation.

Julie says, "Oh, right. Didn't know the voice. You're Warlock's friend, right? Ah, I'm Dizzy. Which is kind of a funny name since I generally ain't, but what can you do." She winks and waves back toward the bunker. "Did I go over time or something? I been just figuring I ought to get caught up on some of this fighting stuff, so sneaking in here when I get a chance.""

"Damn, I was hoping that would work." Doug snaps his fingers. "I'm Doug Ramsey." He says, "And yes, I'm Warlock's friend. Dizzy, huh? I mean, it's as good a name as any, Cypher quite literally means 'nobody important' so you work with what you're given. Don't worry, I just thought I'd sneak in and get some extra time and I just didn't notice that someone else had signed the room out. That's all."

Julie smiles and winks. "I guess maybe I was warned about that. but hey, I got no problem with sharing." She rubs her shoulder. "This, well, I just got in a mood to apply some of the stuff I been working on, which, well, everyone else having to walk balance beams seems to be a bit of an equalizer." She hrms and jumps to shimmy up a column and pull herself up to what was floor level a minute ago, and hauls up onto another beam to come over. "So, what do you do in this place? Figure out how all this crazy stuff works, maybe?" She smirks.

"Well, I know the danger room as well as anybody." Doug says, "I used to set it up for other students back when I took classes here, four years ago, practically forever, right?" He grins, slowly, and then he says, "Like, what do I do? I speak languages. Any languages. That's not really all of it, but that's what I think of first, so that's what I tell people."

Julie nods. "I kind of get it, well, mostly people think of me making stuff spin. Harder to describe what the sense of it can do." She tosses a thumb back toward said girders and beams. "Really helps with stuff like that, though." She comes around to peek into the bunker. "Good thing you did, helping Warlock, though, sometimes the nice space aliens, they's babes in the woods around here."

"Oh." Doug may actually blush a bit, across the bridge of his nose. "Well. It's more that we helped each other…" He gives a soft laugh, and then he gets up, and says "There's a lot I could do with spinning powers! Win every dance contest ever…" He thinks, his eyes rolling upward. "Well I'd probably use it to win dance contests but don't let MY lack of imagination hold you back."

Julie laughs, a bit. "Well, as our friend goes, I kind of want to set something up for him to get his power better than a wall socket, but he can turn a hand into a decent generator I can spin pretty easy. If you can translate some technical stuff we might be able to figure out the best way to do that." And she laughs a bit. "As dance contests go, I mentioned Sophie, she might be able to teach you a thing or two there. Or I guess we could work something out with a hula hoop. " Winks.

Doug puts his finger over his mouth "That could work, but honestly short of him freebasing a nuclear power plant, the most efficient option is largely off the table for him. Still, we might be able to come up with something where with a little exterior force… maybe if he became a windmill or something…" Hmmm. He thinks about it. "I'll have to check with him to see how efficient we could get it." Then he holds up his hand. "Oh, *I* took dance classes with Stevie Hunter when I was a student, I can do it all already…"

Julie seems to draw a blank on who 'Stevie Hunter' might be, but nods. "Well, we could just *make* a windmill, the real questions are kinda just how much current and what voltage, type, and all that, so we can gear it right. I guess he kind of said electricity was the best he could get without hurting anybody, or something like that."

"He infects organic matter with a techno-organic virus which allows him to siphon the energy directly from the infected manner." Doug says, "And if he doesn't kill an infected sentient being, as he explained it to me, it becomes some sort of semi-sentient infected…. zombie called a Phalanx." Doug shakes his head, and says, "But there's no danger of him converting you into techno-organic matter."

Julie nods. "Yeah, he says he just plugs into wall outlets for now to avoid that, but I bet we can do better, is all. Seems like he can turn into just about anything, but if we make a machine it may as well be good for the job."

"Well, I mean, I definately appreciate your interest. Naturally, Warlock is more of an engineer than I am, so I'll get his input on possible things he could turn into or possible things we can build to take advantage of your power over centripital motion." Doug beams, brightly. "I appreciate it."

Julie nods. "Yeah, it's mostly if he can speak Earth-electrician a little better, we can make some stuff happen I don't have to be around for. We just gotta get the specs communicated for our primitiveness." She smirks.

Doug thumbs ups, and says, "I'll get on that." Then he raises his eyebrows, and gives a grin. "It sounds like you think he's *cute*." He raises an eyebrow, and says, "Surprisingly, more than one girl who's met him thinks that." Is he teasing? He's gotta be.

Julie laughs. "I guess he kind of comes off that way. Like he's just a kid wherever he comes from, you know? Sure may as well be around here, for all the stuff-I don't get he talks about."

Doug says, "Well, he's learning about humanity for the first time, the good and the bad. The problem is… he doesn't have a mean or malicious bone in in his body, so to speak. I'm worried I'll slip up and lead him down the wrong path, so I want him to acquaint himself with as many people as he can, get multiple perspectives… make his own decisions. I'm also a little world that people will see him as my pet — he isn't. He's a person. We have even argued at length, believe it or not. Not often though… he's not that kind of guy."

Julie nods. "Well, he's pretty fun to hang out with, really. Dropped in on the garage once or twice. Then got all interested in leaves." She thinks and tsks. "Anyway, he's your friend, that ain't no pet. He's just trying to make more friends. Doesn't sound like he ever had any where he's from."

"There isn't a direct word analogue for friend in the Technarch language. The closest they have translates to 'a piece of property I value highly'." Doug says. "So… no. And that just makes it more important that he have friends." He grins at Julie, winks, and the corner of his mouth turns up. "Anyway, speaking of, I better go see what he's up to."

Julie nods. "I suppose I ought to clear out, too, got a few more wrenches to turn tonight and some books to hit. Good talking to you, anyhow, and since you're an alum, maybe drop in for a beer sometime."

Doug rubs the back of his neck. "Well, maybe just one. *Total* lightweight." He chuckles, once, and then says, "Which made travelling through Europe interesting. Stopping at one beer gets you a lot of funny looks in Germany." He shakes his head. "Anyway, Diz. Have a good night." He turns to walk out of the control room, and then stops, and looks over his shoulder. "Keep that beer cold for me."

Julie smirks. "Never guaranteed, but we try to keep it on ice."

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