1964-10-11 - Marvelous Shopping
Summary: Carol and Mala go shopping - and get a package carrier!
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Sure, it's mid-October, but there is already winter fashions being put on the shelves of Macy's. And shopping is a great way to bond for girls, right? After all, that's what a book told her. So.. why not try a little bonding with your idol? Standing outside of Macy's, Kamala holds her clutch tightly to her. The girl's dressed in a taupe sweater that looks like it's about a size too large, a breezy ankle-length skirt of multiple colors, and when her ankles do show, she's wearing tights beneath the skirt. A pair of red-rimmed turtle shell glasses sit on her nose as she waits for Carol to arrive. Shopping, lunch. With Captain Amazing Marvel. What could be better?

Carol walks up, wearing a blue silk blouse and jeans, scandalously enough, as well as comfortable white sneakers. Over that she has a brown leather pilot's jacket from her old days in the USAF, and a bright red scarf that flutters off behind her. And, of course, she's wearing sunglasses, which she takes off once she's inside and sees Kamala, giving the girl a cheerful wave before heading over.

It would be so much easier to see over the crowds if Kamala had embiggened herself.. you know, just a couple of inches. Instead, she remained completely baseline, as Hope calls it, but when she sees the statuesque blonde, she bounces on the balls of her feet and waves with one hand as she works her way through the crowd with a few quiet excuse mes and pardons before she makes her way to Carol's side. "Hi!" she greets. "Did you see the new winter sweaters? They's so colorful!" she offers quickly.

Carol grins and gives Kamala a hug, "Yeah, well, I need a good wardrobe to keep bundled up this winter… well, the appearance of it anyway. Plus, Bruce let me take his American Express card." She winks at Kamala, "I may have neglected to mention why I was borrowing it, mind you…"

Hugged. Hugged by Carol Danvers. Hugged by Carol 'Captain Marvel' Danvers.

Kamala is never washing this sweater again. Nope. She's going to frame it and put it on her wall. 'I was hugged by Captain Carol Amazing Marvel Danvers in this sweater' the plaque will read.

The Pak-American girl's eyes widen as she gets a dream come true. She may have just sniffed a little. Because what does an idol smell like? Ahem. "This. This is the best day ever." Because of that hug.

Shopping? What's shopping? She momentarily forgot, but snaps back into it. "Bruce?" Record-needle screech. "…are you two.. you know…" her voice drops to a whisper. "Serious?"

Carol grins a little at Kamala, "Bruce is always serious…" She then pauses, and looks side to side a bit, then whispers, "But yes, I think we are." Because, Lord knows the gossip rags had Carol Danvers rebounding from Tony Stark to Bruce Wayne, undoubtedly. They have been on a few dates, after all. And well, Carol actually looks pretty happy. I mean, she never really looked miserable, but there's more joy there than she normally has.

Popping out from between the racks grinning like a pole cat was one, yes, Robbie Baldwin. "OoOOOOoOOooooo arol and Brucy-….watching me mind my own business." He stopped the sing-song short, but seemed earnest enough in his back peddling. A smile warmed to Kamala, "Hey Carol. Heya… friend of Caorl." He looked between them with a curious eye, "Fancy running into you here. Special occasion?" What was he doing here might be the better question.

There's a long moment while Kamala is trying to process the whole idea of Carol dating. Well, American dating. Somewhere, Ammi is frowning mightily, a disapproving 'you will never date like an American' look on her face at the idea of Kamala ever dating. "You don't need someone that's serious all the time." In her mind, Carol went from the most unserious person to the most serious person ever. There's got to be a happy medium. Maybe clone Bruce and Tony together…

There's a small startle as Robbie comes popping out from between the racks, and the brunette takes a few steps back, almost nearly behind Carol. Just in case. You never can tell.

Carol blinks, "Well, he's not, really…" She looks about to say something else, but then Robbie shows up. "Shopping for winter clothes, actually. And look, we just needed someone to carry our things." She gets a bit of a devilish grin at that, eyeing Robbie as she determines the perfect way to pay him back for that little song when he entered, "Oh, and Robbie Baldwin, this is Kamala Khan, one of the interns at the Mansion. Kamala, this is Robbie." She leaves the codenames out for now, because… well, we're all in civilian outfits.

Speedball was doxxed by the government anyways in an effort to demand powered persons get registered. he was not thrilled about this. Robbie still didn't tend to /flaunt/ things publically apparently. With a sincere expression he stood up straighter splating his hand ot his chest "Well then, it's a good thing you found the very best. So how cold is cold and snowy we thinking an- Oh… hey Kamala, it's cool. I don't bite. Not even a little bit. Well… not unless you're a corn dog."

Right. Not an attack. A friend from work. When Carol uses regular names, whether or not Speedball was doxxed doesn't matter. The young woman wants to set a good first impression as she steps out finally and gives a wave. "Hey." she greets in return. "Sorry, reflex with new people." Letting out a breath, she gives a nod. "We were just looking at the new styles and such and catching up a little. I don't know if we're going to do that much shopping.." A blush touches her dark cheeks, before she bobs her head.

Carol grins, "C'mon Kamala, I have the brass ring here. We need to set our sights high." She chuckles, "Besides, afterwards I figured we can get ice cream. All three of us." She gives Robbie a wry look, "Since I drafted you into bag-hauling duty, you might as well get treats for it too. Fair is fair." Yeah, Carol is still really super-serious now.

Speedball walked with pride now. "Heck yes I'm down for ice cream. Really though I'd help without bribe of food. Just… don't tell Ms. Janet that? She's got great taste in where to find good falafel." He nodded sagely as this was important. His head swiveled back to Kamala witha shrug, "No worries. Sone weird people out there, I do nooooot balme you. So intern huh? Welcome to the intern club." Looking back to Carol Robbie added with wry amusement, "Though seems Tony's trying to fish me away from working for Pym which…amuses me. Don't think I want to get into developing that sort of science ya know?"

There's contextual clues that Kamala picks up on as she listens to the conversation, and then her eyes widen slightly as she starts to piece it altogether, and she ohs softly. There's a brief smile towards Robbie as she nods. "I already know how most of them like their coffee." she offers up teasingly with a grin towards Carol. "And I get the fringe benefit of being taken shopping, it seems!" But she's going to keep it modest, because that's just how she is.

Carol grins at Kamala, "Well, yes you do." She chuckles at Robbie's comment, "Well, Janet has excellent taste. But let me do it this way instead, so you know each other a little better. Speedball, Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel, Speedball." She winks to both of the younger kids, then leads them onwards for SHOPPING.

Speedball warmed a grin, "I still go by Masked Marvel out eas- OOOOhhhhh Marvel Club?" His hands curled into fists of glee, "Yaaaas this is gonna be so cool! Right. So not letting you Marvelous people freeze to death becuse it is… very dull." He looked aggrieved to teh soul by this. Death would be preferable to being uncomfortable and bored it seemed. "Soooo Bruce huh? He seems pretty cool to be fair. I mean Kamala's not wrong, fella's a lil tight in the collar but he does some great charity stuff."

Kamala just isn't used to sharing her identity. Admittedly, she hasn't even told Mary Jane and Gwen yet that she likes to put on a burkini and domino mask and go helping out! Okay, so her uniform has improved somewhat since then, as she finally manages a smile and adjusts her glasses slightly. "Hi. By intern, she means untrained rookie that still isn't entirely sure about this superhero thing, but wants to do good." she comments with a smile. "Nice to meet you, Speedball." The young woman lets out a sigh and nods her agreement with Robbie. "He seems just a little.. what's the word. Out of practice?"

Carol chuckles softly, "Yeah, he does. But the Batman thing isn't all that he is. Far from it, really." She blushes a bit, "Ahem. So. Sweaters first, Kamala?" She grins a little bit.

Speedball hummed a little OooOoOOOOOoooooo! with a smug grin, but he wasn't going to antognize the point. He was amused though. "Hey we all started off figuring it out as we go. Anyone saying othrewise? Weeeeell they're a jerk adn they don't count. So there." Encouragement from the human super bouncy ball. "Oh, best thing I can offer ya? Good boots for walking with some tread on em. Fighting crime is well and good, but if your shoes ain't right? At the end of the day you'll kill your back. And they don't have a timeclick. I got woke up at 4 in the am once? Man. Uncomfy. Can't beat sensible footwear."

"I already learned that the hard way!" Kamala chuckles. "Hope's had me running laps in the gym.." she explains and then blinks a little at Carol. She won't say anything else on the matter of the Bat. But already, in the girl's head? The whole idea of BatMarvel is playing out much like….

Intro: Wayne Manor. Imposing Walls. Darkness. Carol Danvers stands before it in a simple dress. And her light brightens the dark world. It draws out the Bat.

They meet. He growls. She smiles. He gets angry. She punches. They dine. They wine. They dance.

They sing.

'From the darkness I found the light~
I came to him and saw him in a different sight~
Now we're together and it feels so right~
Now we'll own the night~!'

Copyright Kamala Khan 1964. All rights reserved.

She snaps out of it in a bit of a mid-dance and ahems, straightening up. "Comfy shoes, right!"

Carol Danvers grins, "Well, good for Hope, you do need to stay in top shape, Kamala." She chuckles, "But it sounds like between all your other training, you just need me to spoil you a little now and again, which is precisely what I'm doing now. It shouldn't be all grim and dark and such. There's light in the world too." Odd sentiment, considering who she's dating, but maybe that just brings it more into focus.

Speedball would put money on operation: illumination by proxy. He followed along and actuall had some sound opinions on things here which was something else for a guy that scarsely wroe sleeves and seemed to enjoy being a hippie. Science hippie! There was a rather serious nod in agreement with Carol, "Yeah the worst is seeing someone get hurt. I don't… lie that part. But hey, we can change that from happening so that is a something. What do you wanna do outside of… finding a way to make weirdness useful?" Carreers, apparently he subscribed to the crazy thought that women were pursing them and not staying trapped at home.

"Oh, I know. I have school and stuff. And I got asked to be in a band! But.. I think my parents would have disapproved of that, and with everything else, I just didn't have time." Kamala admits quietly as she heads right to the clearance bin. Because that's how she shops. Frugal and tight purse strings. "Just you know. I like having time to be me still. But there's people in trouble.. and I want to help." It's a delicate balance.

Carol grins, a little sadly, "Yeah, I can see that… were you any good with it, Kamala? I have no musical talent at all. I don't think I can even carry a tune." She shrugs a bit sheepishly at that.

Speedball looked to Kamala with a smile and offered, actually serious! "Well if you need to jam about science or physics chat me up. I got you without making you want to throw traffic at folks like the old guys do. Prooooomise." He shoulder nudged Carol and offered, "Awwww I'm sure you're fine, or at least not worse than Scotty. There's… always that. I'm gonna go see if they have somethin and I'll be right back to carry all the things." He crossed his heart with a finger. That made it totes official

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