1964-10-11 - Of Sake and Moonshine
Summary: Jay and Hajime chat outside of Hajime's family's restaurant when Jay happened upon it on his way home
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Jay is a busy guy. He stays busy, rather purposely, because of any number of reasons, but mostly because it keeps him out of his own head and from ruminating on…unpleasant matters. He's leaving Saganaki in the early evening, visiting Vic and Lambert at work, most likely, stopping in to actually try all of the food that Vic swears he needs to try at one point or another and pick up another bottle of wine that will actually /do/ something for the red-head. Carrying a paper bag of liquor around doesn't make him look like an alcoholic at all.

Walking through the east village on his way toward the subway, Jay is casually peering through shop windows when he walks past Wasabi Bistro…and freezes in place. Blink blink. Now, he isn't sure, because all orientals sorta look the same, but…is that Hajime? The winged mutant has his feathers out and in full flourish as well, not hiding himself tonight as he steps up closer to one of the business' large picture windows. Didn't he say that his parents had a restaurant that he worked at?

Without thinking about it first, Jay knocks on the window to see if he can catch the young man's attention and if there's any recognition in his face.

Hajime is carrying a few bowls of ramen over to a few of the guests inside of the restaurant. He's dressed in a pair of black slacks, a nice red dress shirt, something average 'waiter'esque. Though, when he hears the knock at the window, he damn near drops the ramen on the two clearly some-flavor-of-oriental guests (they didn't get many other types of guests). He looks over at Jay with a mixture of clear recognition and horror when Jay's wings aren't hidden. He realizes that look could be misconstrued as Hajime being embarrassed of his friend, when it was really more of a severe worry that his father will just go ahead and cut his entire damn hand off if he sees Hajime conversing with another mutant. So he nods to Jay, holds up a finger to him to indicate he'll come out to him. He bends to the table, taking the bowl off of the tray. If the winged man was paying attention at all, in the seconds before it reaches their table, the bowl goes from clearly not steaming to producing steam as if Hajime had taken it right off the stove.

After he gives the couple their food, he returns to the counter to tell his sister who runs the register that he's taking a break. He's relieved that his father wasn't currently around. There's still the possibility that his sister may tattle on him, but being the only son, he's usually more believed than she is.

Hajime then comes to meet Jay outside, if the bird hadn't left when he'd seen horror pass over Hajime's face. His fingers seem to still be stinging. "Hey." He offers by way of greeting.

There's that flash of recognition, then horror, and Jay breaks out in a bright grin, as hot as the sun and broad enough to show off that singular dimple offcenter in his cheek. The poised fist at the window spreads out, fingers stretched in a wave while he mouths 'Hai!' at the young man. He doesn't realize that anything is really amiss, though there is a slightly confused look when Hajime signals him to wait. Jay /is/ perfectly capable of coming inside, you know. But! That's okay! The fair young man shrugs and nods, lingering right outside that big old window while he waits. A hand shoved into his pocket, Jay turns his back to the restaurant and loiters, rocking back and forth on his heels.

He's still there when Hajime comes out, flashing him another smile and a low chuckle, "Hey there." Pointing at the door, Jay tilts his head and squints with a quirky smile. "This yer parents' restaurant?"

Hajime can't help but return the pretty bird's big smile. Jay was just so damn warm all the time that Hajime didn't even know what to do with himself other than be happy around him. "Restaurant? I thought I was at a math competition." He looks back at the restaurant like he's never seen it before when Jay asks if this is his parent's restaurant, teasing Jay a little, looking back at the bird with a sly smile. "Yes, that it is! Just me and my sister tonight. My father takes my mother on a date night once a week, keeps the romance alive, I guess." He offers to the other man. Why does Jay seem to make him talk so much? "What are you doing around here?"

Math competition? Jay blinks and, like an idiot or a completely genius dry witted comedian, glances back into the window. "Really? Is that what all those goofy symbols are all over the placemats? That's /way/ too advanced fer me!" Jay smiles and turns his attention back toward Hajime, eyes shining warmly.

A half pivot to the side, Jay lifts his bottle-shaped paper bag and gestures down the way, closer to the border between the East Village and Mutant Town. "Ah was just down at the community center, volunteerin' some time. On mah way home I usually stop at this place a couple blocks down called Saggin-Akee." He murders the Greek word with his accent. "Mah friend Lambert owns it—Oh! Remember Vic? He works there. Yeah." Jay shrugs and nods a couple of times. "It's the only place that makes wine strong enough that Ah actually feel it." The red-headed musician rolls his eyes amicably and shrugs. "Ah was just walkin' by when Ah /thought/ that was you. Then Ah remembered you mentioned yer folks owned a place around here. Funny, huh?"

"Yes, see, everyone thinks we speak Japanese, Chinese or even Korean, but we actually all speak in Trigonometry and long division." Hajime continues to tease, shaking his head at the bird and his casual racism. He looks at the bottle shaped paper bag and is about to ask why on Earth he'd be taking alcohol to the community center but then he tells him he was heading home and oh /god/, the way that Jay butchers that word makes Hajime close his eyes hard.

"Vic, yes, I remember him." That one is almost as warm as Jay is. "That you can feel it? Is that a part of your mutation? Resistence to alcohol or is it a healing factor?" He asks, supremely curious now as Jay speaks. Mutant bodies are so fascinating to him, especially as a future surgeon. Telling your friend that you think it would be fantastic to pull them apart probably doesn't keep you friends for long.

A soft whisper of a laugh, mostly breath in that mild-mannered fashion that is so very unique to Jay is his immediate response to Hajime claiming that his people only speak in math. Jay isn't /that/ ignorant, but it's still pretty funny. Shaking his head, Jay presses his fingers through his hair, smiling warmly at Hajime. Oh /you/.

Questions over his mutation doesn't seem to bother Jay, at least not from another mutant. I mean, they can all do amazing things, and he has asked Hajime some rapid-fire questions as well in the past. Though the healing thing isn't something he shares wide spread much, there's actually a faintly sheepish look and slight dip of the fair man's chin. Well, he's the one who kicked the door open on this one. "Mmn, yeah somethin' like that." Those bright wings fwip softly and resettle against his back. "Wasn't always like that, but I got somethin' of a fierce tollerance, now. Ah'm no lush, but sometimes Kale wants t'have a few drinks out on the balcony an' it's no fun bein' the sober one in that sorta situation, y'know?" Because sometimes you need a boys night out to be stupid with your friends.

As an aside, Jay's eyes go wide after the fact, remembering something suddenly, one hand reaches out to try to firmly grip Hajime's shoulder. "Oh man, an' it's /legal/ here, too! Did you know that you gotta be 21 back in Kentucky t'legally buy a drink? It's crazy. Ah was downright clueless fer two months before Daire told me an' Ah bought mah first legal drink." Chuckling softly in spite of himself and his own ignorance, Jay smiles as he withdraws his hand again. "Ah jus' figured th' guys down at the 8 Ball let me in outta some kind of…you know…mutant solidarity or somethin'."

Hajime smiles wider when Jay laughs. This man's happiness was grossly contagious. Hajime hated and loved it all at once. He listens intently when Jay only sort of tells him about his mutation, confirming that it was probably something to do with a healing factor. "Always the babysitter is never fun, no." He agrees when Jay says he doesn't appreciate being the only sober one. "I also don't understand why anyone would want to drink something as disgusting as /beer/ if they can't get a rush off of it. Tastes like dirty… battery water compared to sake." He explains scrunching up his nose at the very idea of beer.

When the winged man grabs his shoulder and tells him excitedly that it's legal to buy alcohol here at their age, it surprises a small laugh out of Hajime. "Mutant solidarity, huh? Ugh, who would want to wait until they're 21?" Were men even supposed to be this cute? There's gotta be a law against it. "Have you ever had sake, Jay? It's quite light, I doubt it would have any effect on you but it sure does taste good."

The scrunch of Hajime's face over the thought of beer and the combination of calling it dirty battery water is just too much. Jay whispers a laugh once again, shaking his head at Hajime. "Yer kooky, man. Really. Dirty battery water. Ah'd hate to hear what you'd think of moonshine. That stuff will take the corrosion off of a truck battery." Good natured and amused.

Shrugging a shoulder gently, Jay nods, though his smile seems a hint sheepish. "Yeah, Ah recognize it sounds a little dumb now that Ah say it out loud, but nobody told me there were different laws here. How was Ah supposed to know?" Even his failings, he seems pretty all right with. "Sake?" He manages to get that word pretty right. "Nah, what's that? Some sort of oriental drink y'all do up?"

"Oriental drink…" Hajime breathes around a hard laugh, he even puts his hand on his side. Jay's casual and mostly accidental racism is funny whereas coming from anyone else, Hajime might have thought about encasing them in ice outside of the restaurant. "Yeah, it's just… it's just.." He has to take a moment to catch his breath giggling at his feathered friend, he leans back against the doorway of the restaurant. "It's just water with rice in the bottom and we infuse it with geometry, soy sauce and sakura blossoms. If you aren't Japanese, it kills you instantly, we developed it to rid the world of white men, actually, during the war." Hajime teases around a few more giggles. He manages to catch his breath and reaches over to pat Jay's shoulder. "It's just Japanese alcohol, Jay. It's usually flavored something fruity but hard to pronounce, like Lychee. It's pretty soft compared to something like moonshine. Doesn't that instantly kill you?"

The smaller fellow just about falls over from giggles and Jay just stands there in the middle of the sidewalk in front of Hajime's family's restaurant, smiling easily, exhaling little puffs of chuckles while he watches Hajime lose his shit. He either doesn't realize that Hajime is making fun of his ignorance, or he thinks that's just /fine/. It's funny, right? It's all just silliness! Not offensive at all. Hajime starts with the explanation of how one makes sake with geometry and soy sauce, and Jay rocks back on his heels, laughing as well with soft, low waves of mirth, mellow and smooth. His wings fluff and shiver, shaking out and full of activity. Hajime takes it to sort of a darker place, and Jay's cheeks turn a little pink, but it's with mirth more than anything as he laughs a little harder. Genuine chuckles while he watches Hajime laugh himself silly. The world needs more laughter in it, right? Bright green eyes go a little wide over the thought of weapons developed alcohol. "Oh /man/. See, see, Ah knew that y'all were a tricky lot! Damn, Jim! It's all startin' to make sense." Reaching out in return to pat Hajime's opposite shoulder, the two sort of lean on one another for a couple seconds.

Calming down from the laughter, Jay hums a few more chuckles out and wrinkles his nose up, oblivious. "Lychee? Huh. Well, some time if ya wanna share, Ah'd try it," Jay shrugs offishly. For all his ignorance, he tries new things all the time. He has to, living in New York. "Ah mean, moonshine doesn't /always/ kill ya, but sometimes, sure. In excess an' if the folk who did it up didn't know what they were doin'." Jay remarks rather cheerfully, like that just happens all the time. No big deal.

"I have no idea how we didn't win the war with weapons like this." He teases back as he let's out a little sigh and tosses a look inside at his sister, who looks at him disapprovingly from her place at the register. He reaches up and pulls down his eyelid and sticks his tongue out at her, probably solidifying her tattling on him but he probably has something up in his sleeve on her, like the way she'd been sneaking out at night to see some white boy with some extremely American name. Chett or something awful like that. And well, she's a daughter, he's the son.

He turns back to Jay. He takes something like a steadying breath, conflicted about something and then a brave look into those green eyes. "Do you want to come inside and try some? On the house." He offers, nodding towards the door, even though his heart beats /hard/ at the very idea of Jay being in his family restaurant.

Jay watches the interplay between Hajime and his sister. The act of the bratty little brother and everything. It's a dance he's familiar with, and somewhere in the deep channels of his heart, there's a bitter-sweet resonance that hits him. Sure, he's being a brat, but Jay, being the third of ten, understands how that is supposed to go.

Jay can be oblivious sometimes, or blinding by his own perspective, but he can tell there's a little bit of anxiety in Hajime's tone. Jay's brows arch upward a hint and glances into the restaurant, then back to Hajime, uncertain. "You sure? Ah mean, Ah don't want you to get in trouble fer givin' away anythin' for free."

Hajime nods with all the confidence he can muster. "My parents aren't here right now. It's just Miaka. She's just dumb and annoying. She might say something in her dumb Miaka voice but if she tries to tattle, then I'll just tell dad that she's been sneaking out with a white boy and I'll say she's lying. I'll pay for it too, so you won't get it for free." He offers again. He inches back towards the door and beckons Jay towards it.

Another uncertain look through the glass at Hajime's disapproving older sister, the curve of Jay's mouth lifts a little bit while Hajime continues on with the bratty little brother act. Dumb and annoying, huh? Sounds about right. Turning his attention back toward Hajime, Jay's eyes shine with mirth and the southern young man shakes his head mildly. "You know what, Ah should probably be gettin' back. Yer sister's lookin' pretty ticked off already an' if there's anythin' that havin' an older sister's taught me is that it ain't always so smart to test all yer luck at once." A conspiratorial flash of a wink toward his friend, Jay smoothly pivots to one side. "But next time Ah see you, Ah'm takin' you up on the offer, yeah?"

A flash of disappointment crosses Hajime's features when Jay passes on the offer, but after all, Jay had caught him on his way back home. "That's just her face, she always looks like that." He comments on his sister but waves it all off. "Yeah, yeah, you had said you were heading home, anyway, right? Have a good night, be safe." He may flush just a little when Jay winks at him.

Jay's smile spreads wide, exhaling a quick rush of breath in a muted chuckle while Hajime reassures him that 'it's just her face'. The red-headed young man nods a few times, smile simmering down to something more normal and steady. "Mm hm. Yeah, Ah was on mah way back. Still got a lot of packing to do." He starts walking backwards, pointing a finger at Hajime. "But soon, yeah? Cross m'heart." Jay does indeed do that, drawing a little 'x' over his chest and flashes another easy smile to Hajime, the same hand spreading out for a slight wave. "Catch you later, man. Thanks, have a good night." And like that, the winged mutant turns around and starts his ambling way toward the subway as he was previously headed.

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