1964-10-11 - Silken Matters 2
Summary: Who has to pay for Cindy's dress? Gwen… at least she has the choice of materials.
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After Cindy had visited her shop the day earlier, Janie had spent some of the afternoon working on the rough sketches she had made then and in the late afternoon even had visited the only Korean woman she knew of to ask her about this Hwarot and if she did sketch it all right. Only this morning she finally had called at the number that was left to her, asking for Miss Stacy to come and look over the design that her protege had asked to show her. "I would really apprechiate if you could come to look over the sketches and some fabrics, if you'd be willing to fund this expense of her. It wouldn't be quite cheap thogh."

Gwen got out of the '63 cherry-red Corvette Stingray and looked at the entrance. Cindy had apparently ordered something here. She hadn't said anything, which was odd…but she supposed Cindy had her reasons. She was dressed in her usual style—jeans, heeled boots with chains, a striped shirt under a motorcycle jacket. The only new addition was the red letters sewn into the back of the jacket, rough but solid. MARY JANES.

She reached out to open the door, stepping inside and peering around…

The shop wasn't something too fancy, just another seamstress shop at the north end of chinatown, two dolls in the window wearing fresh winter dresses. As Gwen opened the door, a windchime played a few notes, and from the back of the shop, where an open door leadto the workshop, the sound of a sewing machine stopped. A moment later came Janie from said door, smiling some as she pointed to two chairs and the catalogues and fashion magazines. "Good afternoon, how can I help you? Would you like a seat and take a look at some designs or do you have something specific in mind?" she asked with a friendly smile.

Gwen raised a hand in greeting. Encouraging—the woman didn't think Gwen was there to rob the place. "Hi…I'm Gwen Stacy? I'm here because of some thing that Cindy Moon asked for?" She smiled wryly.

The clothing was a little on the baggy side, concealing her frame, but she did move with a subtle, almost eerie grace as she stepped forward.

"Ohh, you are miss Stacy? One moment…" Janie answered as she moved to her counter, pulling a sketchbook out from under it and pointing to one of the chairs. "Take a seat, I have these sketches here…" she said, placing the book open on the side table before retrieving a probably heavy catalogue of fabric samples seemingly with ease to place it next to the book.

"According to miss Moon, you are her sponsor as she studies here, and she said she'd like to show you some of her cultural heritage. And according to her and miss Jihan, these are a few pretty accurate sketches of a traditional Hwarot." she explains, pointing to the sketches, starting with a few greyscales and then some with colored pencil. "From what I learned about this piece of clothing, it'd be traditionally made from silk, but one could use synthetic silk or cotton too, which could make it less a small fortune."

Gwen looked at the sketches. "Wow…these are pretty ornate." She gives a soft whistle at the design. "This is…wow, this is good." She pauses for a moment. "Traditionally made from…silk, right?"

"Yes, as far as miss Jihan said, all but the undergarments would be made from silk to show the family wealth, and predominantly red one. The more elaborate the pattern and colors, the more it would speak of the wearer's family's wealth." Janie explained, opening the catalogue with the small pieces of silk fabrics, searching for the right page and then showing some patterned silks to Gwen. "Like these for example."
Gwen smiles as her fingers, slim, firm fingers, stroke the silken cloth. "Did she have a favorite pattern?" Gwen asked gently. "No synthetic silk. No cotton. Traditional materials only." She smiled to Janie. "I care about Cindy very much. I want her to know that I respect her, her character, and her culture. And if that means silk…then silk it is." She chuckles at that for some reason. "How much are we talking?"

"That somewhat depends on the ammount of silk, color and quality… but we are talking in the three digit numbers." Janie explained, her head spinnind some as this was pretty much the highest rated order her young boutique ever had - a whole suit with coat, slacks and shirt was maybe a hundred dollars after all, and here she was talking several. The silk alone would eat away a sizable sum though. "She didn't leave me specifics on color or pattern though, so I guessed you might want to take a look at the catalogue and maybe choose something for her…"

Gwen nods thoughtfully. "Okay. How do you handle things?" She takes out a leather wallet. "Ten percent down, or is it half down, half on delivery, adjustments for price…?"

And then she takes out two one-hundred-dollar bills, Benjamin Franklin and his enigmatic look clear on both of them. She places them on the counter. "Trust me, I know how things get and expense money greases the gears."

"I…" Janie is almost surprised to see two green bills getting placed on the counter so easily. "I would need to take measurements and call the importeur for the silk, but indeed, expense money up front does speed things along, especially with the ammount of silk we are talking about." One moment the short chinese girl seems to ponder about something, then she adds with a smile. "Miss Moon didn't mention if she wanted the dress for herself to wear or for you… and you two are not exactly of the same build so you could easily switch clothes… Though with the pattern of these Hwarot that wouldn't be that much an issiue."

Gwen smiles. "I'm an inch shorter, but I'm a little thicker than she is. I believe the dress would be for her. I'm guessing this is a connection to her culture." She smiles thoughtfully. "I think you should work with her, since she reached out to you. If she asks, tell her she is free to choose whatever is necessary for this. This is a…" She pauses. "This is a gift for her."

Janie lifts her eyebrow for just a momet as Gwen pauses, then she nods. "This is pretty generous of you. Gifting her such a fortune, she must be really close to you, even if you are just her sponsor." Slowly Janie does pick the two bills up and open the cash register to put both into the box before closing it again. "However, if she does insist on having something made for you… Could I take your measurements for such an occasion? Just so I wouldn't have to inconvenience you to call you for another meeting before delivery."

Gwen shrugs. "Sure. Besides, I'm always in the market for something interesting." She gets to her feet, shrugging off the jacket and folding it over one arm. "Do you do the measurements out here? I suppose I'm not wearing the right clothing for a fitting or taking measurements…" She smiles thoughtfully.

Janie shakes her head with a small blush as she points to a paravent just next to the door to her workshop. "Please, you can take off your clothes behind here. There is no need for anybody in chinatown to get a peek, isn't it?" she explains, picking up a long tape ruler.
Gwen nodded, hanging her jacket over a chair and stepping behind the paravent. "I suppose not." She begins to take off her striped shirt, then reaches down to unbutton her jeans, kicking off her boots as she slides the jeans down and off, then stands up to look for Janie. "So…" she says wryly, wearing only her underclothes. "…will this work?"

Janie nods, a smile on her cheeks as there is little to no discussing involved to get Gwen to take up the space behind the paravent for taking the measurements. "I just have to grab a pen and paper, one moment." she says as she grabs the items and takes a short note before she starts to lays the tape around the wrist of Gwen first, then takign a note and working up the arm before taking the other measurements, humming slightly some tune.

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