1964-10-11 - The Drop Off
Summary: The X-Men meet the Agents of SHIELD to drop the notorious mutant 'Live' off for detainment. Two star-crossed lovers are finally separated in the aftermath.
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Often times, just to gauge what the students interests were, Nurse Anne liked to bring a select few who had interest in the medical arts as a sort of internship to prepare them for the real world. Often times, mutants with obvious 'disfunctions', make their place where they can designated in Mutant Town, and much like Rosemary, find themselves destined to work in the manse ..

..or err on the side of something else.

Much like the case here; Rosemary took a small liking to the mutant that the team calls 'Live', and often times when it was her duty, she managed to sneak the mutant food, removing his gag to sit by his side to feed him food to engage in conversation. But she was in the know, to not take off his blindfold by any means necessary.

And yet, like most rebellious teens, the two were of the same age, the two had the same rebellious hearts. Or, could be rebellious. For it was not known to most that Live didn't have a heart, it was ice cold as often as his tone which remained even and flat when he first met her.

And then it warmed with slight inflections. There was a joke or two. Bound hands allowed only a finger to erect and casually she touched it. Her heart was a flutter. It was a slow budding romance that even if it was one sided, it -worked-.

Often times he would whisper to her. She would blush, her slightly green tinted skin bringing out a soft blush that could possibly turn her purple, or whatever the shade of the day was. Her hair, vined as it was, budded small rose petals from the attention. And when she would turn to him to cry about her fears of being seen?

He rendered her a beautiful thing with just a word and a brush of his lips when she carefully leaned forward against her cheekbone.



Charles Xavier has many vehicles housed within the hangar/garage. Such is a nice black van that could possibly match the standards of SHIELD. It wasn't purposely done, however, both organizations quite possibly carting the same vehicles do not look suspect. In fact, as people walk along the streets they barely bat an eye, and those who drive alongside or behind often shift in their seats to get a good look at the vehicles just to see what was inside. But, as soon as they turn the other way, none of them batted an eye. It could have been a transport to the Federal Reserve, or something company issued.

Little Susie, a young girl in pigtails that held her dollie in the back of the latest edition of Ford's model, could have sworn that she saw an angel, and he just may have smiled at her.

But beneath the Manhattan bridge is where they were going. The derelict area abandoned and with good reason. Agents made sure that it was cleared of the riff-raf so that the hand-off could proceed like normal. Save for the stink of the nasty waters that flow into the Hudson Bay.

The doors slide open and Jean steps out. Clad in her black uniform sans cape. She was a flyer now, and if she flew too high she was fearful of an engine snapping the fabric up into its fanny maw to gobble her up whole. No house for the Phoenix then. Or could we say, black clad hawk down.

"I think we're right on time, guys. Let's get him out and off our hands, Crystal's probably making dinner and I swear she said smothered porkchops and gravy."

Logan isn't wearing a uniform, but it's as close as he gets. Leather jacket over a white shirt, jeans, boots. His hair almost stands on his end as he walks behind Jean, his hands gloved. He has SHIELD clearance of his own, thanks to his friendship with Peggy Carter, but he didn't exactly check in with the home office much. He was more of a 'roaming asset'.

"Yer always hankerin' fer food, Jeannie. Maybe yer psi-powers burn ya through it faster, cause you got more appetite'n me after an all-night bender," he says. Technically, he's meant to help be a liaison with the agency, but he knows he's here for one reason: to put the kid down if things go bad. Nobody said it and nobody will. But he knows its his responsibility nonetheless. Just so it doesn't have to be anybody else's.

Kellan had come along with Kaleb to assist if needed on this journey to turn Live over to perhaps those who could better help him, or at least handle him. He is dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with some running shoes on. He doesn't have a uniform of any sort, so he looks like Kaleb — the dressed down version.

Kaleb actually did swap out for a suit. No, not some cool tech suit, a black on black on black suit streamlined to match the helmet. He was pulling no risks getting the kid even he had to admit was a bit off his rails, and that was substantial for the boy who was reputed to not be able to feel. It wasn't true in its entirety, but he wasn't without flaws and this kid? Live was… in need of help beyond his knowledge. He was mostly quiet and tried as he might, be present as the portable senses scrambler. Sitting next to his twin (You know the Kaleb without the stick up his ass. The one you want to be talking to!) he admitted, "Wish we could have done more for him sooner. Whatever this feeling is? Can we return it and just get something else instead?" A watch? A sandwich? New shoes even? Disappointment sucks.

SHIELD has a plethora of representatives they could call in. Men who look good in suits. Men who don't stick in the mind's eye at all as they're the every-man. Men with eyepatches who scare the bejesus out of Watchers. Apparently someone has a sense of humour or a bone to pick with Charles Xavier because they don't even bother to send a man to do the dirty (paper) work. For this chore it's Ms. Maximoff's assignment. Logan gets all the fun of being bad and scary. She gets to push a pen. Hey, with 'Witch' in the job title, she probably has just the kind of broom needed for any given situation. So she waits, the lone golden-skinned creature in her savagely tailored burgundy coat, so very much exposed and alone at the reception point. Two other agents practically hide in the back of a van, rewatching clips of a prisoner in custody with sick stomachs.

The other reason Wanda Maximoff stands here is simple: wet work requires the stomach to perform it. The demon-hunter's hands rest deep in her pockets, her thinly lidded eyes suffused entirely by the magical Sight like any other day. Magic lies coiled just under the surface of her thoughts, tapped directly into a leyline under the bedrock. Someone says boo and she'll grab that arcane tether fast as a thought.

In the realm of 'folks who are discrete', Icarus generally misses that mark, certainly. Not for a lack of trying, necessarily. He's thrown on one of his old flannel shirts to cover up the bold red of his wings, but the lump compressed against his back is still noticable as he steps out of the van. Where Kellan and Kaleb go, Jay is almost a certainty to follow if he happens to be in the apartment when they head out. A dark green flannel shirt open over a black tee shirt, jeans and flip-flops…yeah he's not exactly screaming 'official business' over here.

Jay leans in and murmurates somewhere between the twins' shoulders, "Ooh, porkchops. Y'all ever done porkchops in applesauce?" That's the low anxiety talking. "Ah don't think feelin's are returnable after purchase, Kale. Sorry. We'll…do better with the next one." Trying to remain supportive and optimistic, but he feels it, too and hovers nearby, keeping a look out in a subordinate role. Everyone needs support sometimes.


Nurse Anne watches as the other staff prepare Live for transport, Jean standing next to her already dressed like the supposed hack hero that she was, fitting the catseye mask upon her face. "Rosemary is going to go with you. She knows how to handle the boy. And if she's going to be patching Charles' chosen up.." The woman says with feigned distain, "..she might as well see how you work."

Jean fixes her hair into a ponytail, wrapping the length around the knot as she glances up towards the ceiling. There.. the other She walked. Burning. Set aflame. Singing a song in a language that Jean could understand, and at the time not.

"It's a good idea. The more hands the better. Start medical clearances with the rest of the interested parties, will you? If we're going to save people, help them, walk along side them.. then we need to make sure that they're tip top."

"Rose is tip top, if that's what you're wondering, Ms. Grey." Nurse Anne says.

"No. She's not." Jean admits.

"Oh. You have no heart woman."

"Yes I do, lovely Anne. I know where yours lay. And hers. And mine. And more importantly, that boys."

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" She asks of Jean.

And as Jean turns towards Nurse Anne, one eye begins to burn asunder, her face allowing the illusion as if it were pitting and splitting, as if one side of it was a canvas in which things burn. "Can you keep a secret?"


"I want to blame Scarlet.." Jean admits. "..I think it's the look that she gave me when she asked what would finally sate my hunger. I didn't tell her.. or have the heart to say that nothing ever will." She looks sad at that, but pips up just a touch as she glances back towards Kaleb, one hand reaching out to clasp his shoulder. "It'll be over soon.." Maybe.. for if the twins were in attendance, everything would be alright. Even coupled with Jay's soothing words, what could go wrong?

Leave that bit to the poppet. The bird says. And with a shake of her head, Jean turns to approach Chaos in another form of Red.

There was no sense in transparency here. And yet the temptation to blur the team's faces from Wanda and her crew were there. A man takes a step back as Jean approaches, pressing a finger to his ear to turn and mumble. She had his number though, and he was a good man with two children who looked like sprites.

Yet, she draws her hand up to tug the mask away from her face, slinging it into the bun and tying it round to not loose. Fingers lift and snippity snap snap a wordless command that allows Rosemary to gather Live from the seat to filter him out of the van behind Jay, and what could -not- be seen was the little squeeze upon her new loves arm. Comforting..


To Wanda, an unmasked Jean smiles. "I'm unsure if you know Wolverine. But Echo, Icarus, Reflection.." She nods them out accordingly. "..come on good terms and hope that you've made arrangements to the spefications we listed?" She asks. "Just to keep your own people safe from his machinations.."

Logan snorts at Jean's suggestion of her constant hunger, but doesn't have much to say at the moment. He nods to the Witch and flicks his eyes back towards their cargo. Most people just saw a kid and he could understand that. But Logan had been there when they took the little bastard and knew fully well of what he was capable. And maybe, deep in his brain, he remembered other kids that age who didn't have much in the way of a conscience. Youth was no guarantor of kindness, just as age didn't make you mean.

Except in Logan's case. Logan was mean as hell.

Kellan's attention is on Live as he is brought out of the back of the van. He does grin a little over his shoulder at Jay and says, "Sounds good," at the suggestion of pork chops with apple sauce. For the moment though, his attention is on the kid, watching for any funny business including any attempt to run.

Echo could be mistaken for humorless but Jay's words earned a tilt of his he mused, "When we get back? You're gonna have to prove this." He sat still, but looked up at the squeeze to the shoulder from Jean. He offered her a slow nod in return. Hey she was right the last two times and he was inclined to trust her on this one too. Fingers folded in front of him and he just concentrated; concentrated on keeping the thrum of the vehicle from giving him a blackout, and still trying to be aware of where things and people were around him, where the sound patters were, where to see shifts crept up. So, so much data. Still, youth didn't make one nice. It didn't for Kaleb ever, but it didn't stop him from being angry at the world be blamed for creating the situation that was Live's current reckless abandon. Too close to home for comfort. He went back to keeping the sound low level waves concentrated around Life to make him deaf to the world and for now that was the best he could do. Yeah, I see you one asshole running blind to the other.

No mask or claret leotard for the laconic brunette. Her hands remain firmly in her pockets, fingers entangled around invisible threads of pulsating energy. Nothing in Wanda's bearing remotely welcomes the inbound mutants, her features forbidding as an iceberg on a starless night. All hard lines and edged calculation enveloped by the hardship of living beyond the Iron Curtain. A heavy accent, halfway between Greece and Moscow, coats her words. "Scarlet Witch." Rubies and garnets wink from her bloody headband, lace filigree stretched taut against sooty hair. She nods. "We make the trouble stop." Short, curt; some might take offense at the answers given to them in a vaguely flat tone eradicating much of the native musicality that her native land and origins would imply. Neither is there much to say about the agents probably prepared for the transfer into an equally anonymous van, though if they think that's the main mode they're dealing with, everyone is going to be disappointed. Her eyes start to leach their largely amber hue, descending into a sunset in a heartbeat as magic drowns the system, as it were. Witch. It's not an idle name.

Jay's voice lowers again to the twins, the mild young man humming under his breath regarding a never-ending, never-sated hunger, "Sounds like the motemallow." Because no matter how seirous a situation gets, there needs to be something to keep them a little loose, right?

A partial pivot to one side, the red-headed young man watches as Rosemary carefully unloads their precious cargo. Jay stands by, alert, but ultimately there is a sympathetic heart that bleeds through to the man's expression when he watches the pair follow him out of the van for the hand off. The elongated feathers sticking out of the back of his shirt nearly sweep the dirty cement behind him and seem to vibrate for a twitching whisper of friction while he holds place.

Jean's voice calls him back from whatever was churning around in his head a moment ago, facing forward again and offering a polite nod to Wanda and the agents when he's introduced. Always room for manners. The name they get in return flashes quick recognition and surprise in Jay's face for a solid half second that he's just not great at hiding before Jay pulls it back a little. Or maybe it's the eyes. Who could blame him? The hump on his back shifts mildly beneath his shirt and attention moves back toward Rosemary and Live.

Rosemary's fingers curl and clasp against the arm of 'Live'. When they all exited the van, she did something naughty.

For instance, the blindfold was practically laced about his ears in such a fashion that only a shake would set him free. His binds? Loose around his wrists and at his back, still placed there and careful. Someone was very naughty.

Someone was also living in the delusion that she would run away with him, be beautiful and free. Free amongst The Green where the wild things grow, oh how she can commune with the little spurt of grass that manages to find it's way through the crack in the concrete.

Kaleb watched Live.

But who was watching Rosemary. Who dared watch the Green around them as it slowly begins to move to life, even within her own hair?

"Phoenix." Jean states. There was no warm welcome there. Chaos knows Chaos, and quite possibly the two redheads who faced each other down sweet and not could hear the cackling of the woman that beats in the soul of one.

Here is where Chaos shakes hands. And where one begins to one up another..

"Bring him to the front, and then we're out of here." Jean turns halfway aside so that Wanda could get a full view of the precious cargo, the package, gesturing Rosemary to the front with a wiggle of gloved fingers and then sets her eyes upon the Witch again. "I'm unsure of your station within your organization, I know that the meetings with Charles probably has gone sideways since we heard not a word, but I'd like to at least keep this open line of com—.." Jean pauses.

And for just those few seconds.. the world begins to slow..

For as Rosemary walks, there was a pleased smile upon her face. The slow inching, wrenching of hands slowly drawing from their binds. And just like the slow motions of a movie, the young teen slowly shakes his head as the black cloth slides down his nose, over his lips.. freed around his neck and blown away as if Eurus truly touched his soul.

Could it be pure instinct that has Jean turning, her brows furrowing into a glare as her hand slowly strikes out.. her voice.. much in that same 'slow motion' effect hollars..


For it begins.

For all it takes for Live to work was just a simple glance. A glance in the eyes of his supposed 'Beloved' to set things in motion at a point of which it wouldn't return. Rosemary didn't expect this. She didn't expect this at all. The feeling, falling into a deep spiral that only took half a second, the half second in which her hands drop and fingers splay, her mouth hung open in an endless scream until it snaps shut and her gaze narrow.

And just like that? She sealed the fate of the X-Men and SHIELD agents with just one word.


Logan reacts as quickly as he can, turning back towards the kids. He'd allowed his attention to slip for a moment, because, of course, that's always the way it happened. His claws pop with an insinctive motion, the trademark *SNIKT* of the blades slipping their housing as he moves.

He knows he can't hold back, not this time. The kid's too god damn dangerous. He probably should have saved them all the misery and put him down the first time. Chuck's got him thinking too soft. He doesn't have much chance before he feels the vines hit him, trying to tangle him up and hold him back, his arms slashing and jerking as he tries to wrench his way free to get to them.

Suddenly Kellan finds himself wrapped up in foliage. Fortunately, that does nothing to stop him from suddenly appearing in quadruplicate. The three additional Kellans appear outside of the vine wrapped original and they immediately go for Live. One grabs the blindfold and the other two go for the boy in an attempt to pin him down and get the blindfold back on his face before he goes after anyone else. Meanwhile, Kellan Prime remains entangled within the plants, not needing to move in order to use his abilities. He reaches out toward Live's mind, as he probably should have done, to try to pick up his surface thoughts in order to better anticipate what he might do next.

Kaleb understood why some people chose not to have kids. The one word was all they needed to set the world in motion. Ugh, nature is touching me…again. He of all people tried to get people to listen. He could destabilize their senses standing there, and that would also hit four of his brother which would be exponentially bad. Instead he sat perfectly still for a moment letting the cacophony do the work for him and instead expanded the silence into a sphere that would extend from Live to Rosemary, and most of the Kellans or anyone entering that space. And then another thought occurred to him. Rosemary didn't listen to Jean when jean warned them all and she didn't listen to Kaleb when he told her she was stupid. He will argue that he was still not wrong on that factoid. You can be rude and right at the same time. Ask him how.

Chaos put the polish on Wanda Maximoff, but order circumscribes her and she worships the very earth underfoot. Small distinctions that matter. A creature purely of chaos, her instinctive reactions might overtake the logical. The radiant leyline energy suffusing her pattern already has her glowing like a mystic beacon. She resonates to the same key as the natural world round her. Almost instantly she floats up a solid eight feet into the air away from the writhing, awakening vines. The more vigorous ones possibly attempting to bind her ankle, because this is Marvel and she is the witch, do not entirely prohibit her ascension. Nothing bright or sweet or merciful softens her expression. Her hands twist through a series of fine, articulated mudra, and the sunset bleed of her gaze reflects in the magical spheres nested within spheres sliding out of eclipse. The fact even the insensitive can see them probably amounts to nothing very good.

You can prepare for the expected. It's madness to try to tell yourself you can prepare for the /un/expected. Still, they're all going to be kicking themselves later for this one—or at least Jay will be. The prickle of intuition hits him as Jean pauses and suddenly it's too late while he hovers somewhat near and behind Live and Rosemary. Flora springs to life and attacks, snagging Jay by one arm, then the other, but the young man's been in more than his fair share of half nelson's before (remind him to send a fruit basket to Sam). With a wrench of his shoulders, Icarus rips forward and with some trouble slides out of his long-sleeved overshirt like every younger sibling in the world has done at some point or another in order to flee a beating. Overshirt gone, wings unsheathed, with a loud hush of feather friction, the formerly compressed feathered appendages snap open. Live might be the source of the chaos, but he's covered in Reflections right now, so with a rude shoulder check-like motion with that snap, the expansive reach of one powerful crimson wing angles to sucker-punch poor Rosemary from behind. One strike and in the next moment wind is being kicked up underneath the bridge, picking up dirt and dust along with it as Jay takes unsteadily to the air. He ain't nearly so graceful as Wanda, boy. Not by half, and his get away isn't as clean while that bubble of silence starts to expand. A quick glance immediately toward KellanPrime (maybe?) and Echo, automatically checking on the two he's most familiar with.

From the ground where Jean stands, the concrete splits in twain as a thick vine erupts to try to capture her ankle, much like the Witch's. She shoots straight up into the air, and while everyone agrees that this is Marvel, Jean takes the Disney approach and begins to -fly-. Circles, winding back and forth with a turn of her back into the air to fire off a firebolt towards the point. It seems to scream, but the assault keeps coming with thorned whips and snaps in ire.

And Rosemary. The girl who controls this all could not control herself. When she said grow, she meant it, but she did not know it would be reflected in the self. That is the trick to Live's power. You turn into a version of yourself in which you didn't think possible. The green in her skin turns into a darker hue, her hair begins to move and expand, whips and vines like Medusa's snakes with snapper plants all hissing in anger. The lower trunk of her turns into exactly that, her legs hardening and lining into stumps, thick as tree barks as her physic shoots upwards and not outwards. What was once a meek and mild student who studied the arts of medicine as best as she could..

..fell in love and began to commune with the Earth herself way too soon.

The agents that gathered to assist Wanda in the handoff began to scatter. They were not afraid, no. This was all business. If the X-Men thought that they haven't seen a rodeo quite like this one, they'd be sorely disappointed. Guns were immediately drawn as the tactical distance was created, shots fired off at key points to drive the living vine back.

And there was always that one mutherfucker who had an extra piece of arsenal in the back comprised of a blade that begins to hack and slash with a warcry that would impress the native of the Badlands.

The many apparitions, full with life were nearly safe from the troubles of the World, one vine tries to snap out and catch number one by the ankle, as another attempts to land a hard lash against the second. The third successfully lands upon the boy, tackling him to the ground without much of a struggle. Which was strange.

Logan knows that the boy had fight in him even with the use of his gifts, but for some reason he stood still. And perhaps the more striking thing.. the boys thoughts? There.. was nothing there. Sure, he could have thought about his next move, his next plan, but if Kellan had the means to feel emotion? Kellan would feel untapped joy from the young man. Perhaps that was the worst of it all.

Kaleb's plight.. well. He took it in stride methinks! The silence begins to wrap around the two offenders which sends Rosemary herself into a panic. The hissing of her plants, she cannot hear them! Did her love say something! Did he give a command?! Why does he look so.. content!

They were supposed to run! What is going on!

'WHAT IS GOING ON?!' She mouths! And yet, all of that confusion seems to go away.

She was met with peace. Peace in the sense that a soft thud (adrenaline, guys) touches the back of her head.. the world around her filled with stars, stars that fade into something akin to night and she feels weightless.

Weightless she, rooted to the ground that she is, leans forward with a flop and a dangle of her arms and upper body. She was outcold..

And the Green? It continues to move and roam at her previous command for a minute more.. before they too, flop to the ground with some half thunderous booms.

No one can say that Logan was a one trick pony, the all too familiar *SNIKT* was a sign of his prowess and the growl that draws from his throat as he attacks the vines like it stole his money. A swipe here. A leap back from a dangerous smack of a thick vine that would split his sides there. An upper cut of one meant to tickle his chin sends a tendril to the ground in a wiggle that only the Japanese could think of.

"-CENSORED- potatoes -REDACTED- cucumberin' -CENSORED- venus fly trappin'.."

The man was colorful. The man was fearsome. The Wolverine was Gordon Ramsey with a special set of cutlery and the skills of getting shit done.

Kellan remains right where he is with the vines all entwined around him for the time being while his Reflections work on dealing with Live. Once Live is successfully tackled to the ground, then the other two work on moving to sit on him and get his blinfold back in place once they get their own ankles untangled from the plants trying to grab at them. He leaves Rosemary to others to deal with and waits, patiently, until everyone is neutralized before even beginning to try to get his original self out from the grasp of the plants that give him an altogether too tight hug. It's all silent around him, so he doesn't bother trying to say anything at all, he does, however, look around to check on those around him, particularly Jay and Kaleb to make sure they are okay.

Kaleb was still sitting there like a behelmeted topiary. Presently his focus was centered, near zenlike, on keeping Live and Rosemary from communicating. Were he more practiced at this he'd also allow Sonney & Cher to loop chattering at Live right now for being a dick, and while he could, he didn't want to compromise their work to play irritating puppet voice with that ungrateful dirtbag. Rosemary? Well… He'd tell on her but the teacher was here. Schadenfreude Mode - Activate!

The vegetation collapsing back on the earth dismisses one concern nagging Wanda at the back of her skull. Worrying about the flowers or grass is not a thought she can afford to bother with right now. The Witch scribes her gestures as the twinned mudra overlap in a series of nested diamonds, warding circles converging into a widening pattern. Leveling her palms together, the folded magic splitting a neat seam down the centre of reality. For those atop Live, now is exactly the time to not be atop the fallen young man. Really, take your leave, because she's not going to offer much more warning. Origami folds cleave as space shifts around to her whims, snapping back and forth onto itself. A spike descends to wall him off from Rosemary, jagged crystalline structures blooming where they have no business being. This is convergence at its finest, the Mirror Dimension brought into sharp alignment over Live and herself. "Stupid boy."

Jay's heart is beating like an overzealous hippy with a bongo drum as he crookedly rises up into the air then evens out as he gains height, the sound of massive wings beating overhead becomes clear once more rather suddenly as he -pops- out of that silence bubble. It's a bird! It's a plane! N-no, it's a bird (sort of), and how dare you.

Icarus takes to looping a wide circle beneath the stoic beams of the bridge's infrastructure while the flora finally gives up and falls limp to the ground. Keeping an eye out, the immediate threat of death by bush seems to be nullified and the twins seem to have Live, Jay keeps an eye on his two mates. Which is really the only reason he notices when Wanda starts splitting reality. Oh no. Oh hell no. He /recognizes/ that special hell of the Mirror Dimension.

"'Flection!" Jay shouts, pretty uselessly considering the cone of silence surrounding ground zero. So, instead, wings snap sharp hawklike angles and Jay dives out of the sky like a bird of prey trying to snap up a fish out of the water. Back into the bubble of silence, there's a red blur as Jay tries to grab the topmost KellanCopy and drags him rather sloppily across the ground rather than gracefully lifting him back into the air. Sorry, buddy. They haven't practiced that in training yet. Trying to get him just out of the bubble of silence, Jay is repeatedly saying, 'Cut the copies!' He probably could've just landed in front of Prime and saved him some scrapes but…eh…

Logan cut his way through and finds himself breathing heavily and standing before Live. The boy is already beaten, even if he doesn't entirely know it, the arrogant sneer on the kid's face drawing the rage bubbling to Logan's surface. This kid already had one near-massacre under his belt and would've done the same to them given the opportunity.

Logan feels his arm trembling with the urge to run the boy through, "Gimme a reason, kid. Gimme a good god damn reason," he snarls. But with the kid blindfolded and helpless once again, he realizes he can't just take the kid's life in cold blood. AT least, not in front of these other people. So he resorts to the same solution he found before.

*THOCK* is the sound as his adamantium-laced skull collides with the kid's, headbutting him back into darkness.

The SHIELD agents were a hot commodity to Wanda. Even though nothing really snuck up upon the Witch, the Agents had her back and shot away vines that threatened her hide. They moved with syncrocity (sp?), rotating in a slight circle and stepping those out from where there need be, ducking the quick flight of Jay as the one with the blade makes work to cut Kaleb away from his hold. They were professional, they were the best. And this is why SHIELD works.

Jean on the other hand, stops middair, slowly lowering herself to the ground as she watches all come together with much silence. As the trio worked together and rescued themselves without aid for her, and as Loga..

"…Where did they go?"

Yes. They were gone. Live, Logan and Wanda all the same were gone with a flash of magic, slipped sideways into another dimension and the remaining X-Crew weren't able to see the results.

The Agents, they didn't mind. Solid nods and straight faces like Agent Smiths, glasses pushed back upon their noses, guns and knife sheathed in their proper place as one cracks a whistle with a finger in the air to rotate in a circular fashion.

'We're done here.'
'Lunch time.'
'Gotta call my wife.'
'She have the baby yet, Al?'
'Any day now, I gotta say, I'm worried about the stretch marks.'

One by one, they all filter into the vans, leaving the clean up to….

No one!

With a soft sigh, Jean slowly approaches Rosemary, her head shaking as she reaches to grab the young girl's shoulders. There was almost no way for her to dislodge the girl without hurting her.. but.. what was done.. was done.

"Icarus." Jean states, a frown clear upon her face.

"I need you to drive to the nearest hardware store. Get me a bulk of towels and an axe… we're going to be here for a while."

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