1964-10-13 - Astra V: Glad All Over
Summary: The Inhumans find themselves earthbound once more.
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The monotony of time in space should not be understated. Sci-fi writers always tell about the glossy tech, the battles, and the lush green moons or exotic worlds. Few capture the dullness of floating in the void. The spartan quarters afforded to everyone offer precious few distractions. Moldable beds provide comfortable places to sit, sleep or meditate. Showers offer refreshment stepping into a ring. There are plain clothes for those inclined to wear a fresh tunic and pants. And beyond that, well, good luck enjoying oneself. Food has a nutritious quality and the chambers off room to practice sparring or the like, but there isn't much for the Inhuman guests to do.

The Accusers work, for the most part. Nexus is probably far more intimately aware of their research and monitoring, though not so privy to the discussions. There's something to the techno-organic hammers they carry that resists every last effort to penetrate their shielding, proof they're not technological devices any more than Doctor Strange's cloak is fashionable.

«Get them. They will no doubt be pleased and unhappy by the developments.» The conversational tone Hala takes is crisp and curt. Drill sergeants sound like extras in The Sound of Music compared to her. She dismisses three of the Accusers, who nod rather than salute, and start gathering up their quarry. Crystal is the last, Gorgon last before her, and murder-hobo after they've found Triton. Because they aren't dumb, for everything else they could be.

For this entire 'day', Nexus has been focused upon one thing only: control. He has been meditating, reaching out to system by system, circuit by circuit, reach out and into every system that can be accessed, and layer his thoughts and consciousness onto it. Fortunately, once he settles into a technology, the technopath doesn't have to maintain his meditation itself. He doesn't interfere with the operation of the ship, he simply observes, and seeks to lay claim to become one with the ship itself.

Gorgon would growl a little as he is let out of his cell to finally be able to move around. Following directions as to not be smashed to bits by their superior numbers and weapons. though he stretches a little bit idly. It is easy to tell he's finally happy to get out of that pesky cage. When he finds everyone once more, Gorgon smiles faintly "Good to see you all are alright." he nods.

Crystal does not do well with either inactivity or confinement - especially when said confinement is in the void of space, away from most of what she usually draws comfort from. Of course there's air, and the ship wouldn't function without water or the metals that comprise the hull, but it's a far cry from their natural states. She's paced, she's organized anything that capable of being organized, and she's made herself familiar with every molecule she can reach, but she's still a little pale when their guards arrive to summon them. Still, she keeps her chin high and her shoulders straight, walking out as if they worked for her. To be fair, she was less…captured…than dropped off unexpectedly via Lockjaw.

Where is Lockjaw, anyways? Well, since he brought in his chewed table leg from the Avengers mansion, he has not been visible anywhere on the ship. Who knows, maybe he's snoring in the cargo bay.

Triton was tired and space had no water. Offering the fish any reasonable negotiationto go back that wouldn't jeopardize one side or the other was a tenuous thing. They found one though and he'd joined them at the hell-stabber's cell and informed only, "Chloe, We are going home." The grey-fish rested a hand on Gorgon's shoulder giving him a nod in greeting. He looked to see first the rest were in attendance.

Chloe did avail herself of a shower while she had the chance. She's washed off Kree blood and changed into the utilitarian clothing they've provided. For all that she's been Stabitha Christie, in captivity she has been calm, almost meditative. Now that she's gathered with the others, she settles at Triton's side and tells him, "Good, my gardens will need tending." She smiles a little at him, trying to cheer him up.

Space has water, just not in a convenient bath. Though that said, the gathering by the three separate Accusers — including Boston English Accuser — requires very little fuss on their part. They gesture where language doesn't avail them, though "Come" is something they pick up almost universally. Mind those Ps and Qs, they're not going to tack on unnecessary smiles or pleases. It's rather like dealing with brusque Germans, save the sort who can annihilate someone with a hammer-strike rather than a BMW.

Though there is a trilling whistle and out comes Mr. Arrow, the glowing barb flickering through the hallway and looping past, orbiting overhead and soaring off to find the blue-skinned not-Kree with a fin alarmingly like Triton's except even fancier. Follow the glow if they need a way to go. Otherwise the troupe finds their path assigned to them back into a rather plain hold that's used, among other things, for games with flat tiles and absolutely brutal logic puzzles that even a very smart magistrate might give up on. Karnak has missed dying and going to heaven.

"«Ah, there you are.»" Hala is already present, nodding to all who come along. "«We have completed our preliminary investigation. Certain interfaces are too degraded to be of any use for us, and so we must go surface-side to assess the damage and shutdown sequences.»" She doesn't have any preamble about that. "«A final decision cannot be made until we have acquired proper evidence.»"

Anglo-speaking Kree Accuser Sun-Ya will speak if no one else does.

Gorgon keeps quiet….though if that means their going back to earth, he is more than happy to stay that way. His eyes cross Tritons, Chloe's, and Crystals, watching ahead of him as he awaits the 'justice' of the Accusers.

For the moment, Nexus crosses his arms and glances over to Triton and Crystal, his patience obviously wearing thin. "There is a limit to how much we will allow you to delay." He says tightly, the circuits on his skin having been non-stop on high level activity since the moment they got there— which would look unusual only to those who know him. But he leaves it at that. For now.

Crystal's grasp of Kree is elementary at best - she was young enough when the family left Attilan that more terrestrial languages were of use to her than ancient Kree. She raises a hand to Nexus, turning her attention to Boston instead. "My apologies, but I'm afraid my Kree is rusty. And that's a generous description," she says with a small smile. "Would you mind translating?"

Triton watched their jailers after checking in on his family and companions. He held that look that Gorgon gave him having a longer conversation there. Yes, he was with him if they ended up touching down and fighting began. A slower nod was given to Chloe but turned back to the Kree. "Proper evidence… of?" What manner of evidence were they looking for now and by what new means?

Chloe doesn't understand most of what's being discussed, but it doesn't bother her. She stands at Triton's side, calm and poised, ready to punch things on his behalf. Though she does turn to him to ask quietly, "Is there anything you require of me, My Prince?"

Hala waits on Sun-Ya to repeat the statements from English into Kree. It's a fair estimation of their first meeting. The woman stands at attention, nothing remotely easygoing in her posture. Balance a phonebook or a big water jug on her head, she could stride confidently into battle with it. Her glowing white eyes are almost unreadable, though she has not shown the least intention to hostile movements. "«Yes, there is a finite limit. These systems are so old, our technicians must directly access them. As was explained to him,»" she nods at Gorgon, "«they are like using hot rocks to bake food when we have convective cell technology. So an engineering team will go down to assess the systems and, if possible, take them off a war footing.»"

Sun-Ya, in return, translates the tall woman's statements into English if no one else seems fit to. Hey, Triton did it before, no reason to assume he would not now. He adds, "The High Accuser means to say those systems are primed to destroy any threats. They're dangerous."

Keeping his arms Crossed, Gorgon would nod a few times to Triton, before looking to Hala as she speaks, looking then to Sun-Ya as the translator speaks. He growls faintly as he stands in protective manner over his kin and friends. Though he does glance to Chloe as she speaks to Triton, and makes no given response at that. "That much was obvious…" he says so quietly only really he could hear it.

Nexus too has his arms crossed, and looks annoyed still, but he doesn't have anything to add at the moment.

"We would very much appreciate that," Crystal nods when she hears that the Kree are trying to turn off the destructive parts of whatever was set off. "The political situation around some of the ruins is delicate, to say the least. And while humanity may not be as…advanced," she gestures to the ship around them, "As yourselves, they're sufficiently advanced to do each other plenty of harm. Which complicates everything, I'm afraid."

Sun-Ya strokes his jaw and says, "Yes. We will need to return you different from how you came here. The High Accuser has permitted use of two craft back to Earth." Yeah, the magic of conversation beforehand. Planning, it's the Kree way. Unlike the dirty, dirty Skrulls.

Triton nodded sagely in agreement with Crystal. He finished translating as best as he could verifying with Sun-ya in case there was anything terribly off. «We know they are dangerous. We want to know why Kree came to Terra and were there before this. This we are interested in knowing» He relayed this to teh rest and was, otherwise, willing to see where this went.

Chloe nods to Triton's translation with a murmured, "Thank you." She remains still and poised, like a soldier used to standing in one place for awhile, with no sign of fidgeting or boredom. Her gaze wanders from face to face, sizing up the Kree, gauging the responses of her fellow Inhumans. Murder-hobo has little to say, but rather seems to be waiting for… something. Possibly the inevitable bloodbath.

"«We have told you,»" says Hala after receiving a translation. Her mouth hardens a fraction and the streamlined darkness streaked over her face in broken bars thoughtfully reshape. Somewhere is the arrow spinning around, answer its master's call. "«You are not the only ones interested. However, the answers require archaeological discovery and that is our job. You leave now.»"

Gorgon seems quite pleased at being told to leave, not willing to argue, he turns to look at Chloe, Triton, Crystal, and Nexus. "Our mission is done here for now." he says after hearing the english translation of what that Kree just said. He looks to Triton and locks eyes on him, giving him a light nod, before his eyes traverse the rest of the group. He had -no- problem leaving.

Nexus hesitates, glancing over to Crystal and Triton, and then a long look at Gorgon, his head tilting to the side a moment, "I should remain." he decides gravely, "To act as guarantee that they fulfill thier word and cease this attack upon us."

"We would be happy to leave," Crystal dips her chin to Hala. "Thank you for your hospitality these past few days." As if they were actually guests. She looks to Nexus at his protest, lowering her voice. "There is little you can do here, Nexus," she murmurs. "Staying here makes you a hostage, not a guarantee for us."

Sun-Ya doesn't give any opinion about the business of a hostage on the ship. It's enough that the other Accusers are stony-faced at such an offer, holding frozen positions all around the room.

Triton fell into agreement with Crystal, "We are better together. Besides, Gorgon and I aren't in the habit of leaving people behind and he will carry on about it for weeks…to me. The truth will pan out, but perhaps Nexus is right." He looked to Gorgon. That call was his to make, not his own, and the choice Nexus offered was one that he made to Blackagar hours earlier. He couldn't fault Nexus that… and Nexus could comendeer their ship.

Chloe tilts her head curiously at Nexus, studying him. It is, as Triton surmises, Gorgon's call to make. Still, she says, "Our people yet have need of you. Your safe return is important. I hope you'll return safely and soon." She shifts a little where she stands, a spark in her eyes of excitement. One might even get the idea she's eager to be out of here.

Nexus steps in towards Crystal, turning back to the Accusers, and gestures the others nearer, murmuring, "You know my expertise and skills. Think on that— and extrapolate to where we are. You have seen me in the middle of nowhere: I am farther from what sustains me then I ever have been, and do I stumble, am I confused, weak, indecisive?" Nexus' voice is soft, low, but confident, "They do not hold me; they simply don't know they are *held* even now." Unspoken that he might not survive destroying the ship, but clear he's willing to do it, if need be, for Attilan.

So that little arrow spins around again, wobbling on an orange path as it skims its way in and out of open space. Whee!

Gorgon crosses his arms and his cold gaze falls upon Nexus as he makes his request, and Gorgon automatically doesnt look happy by it. "I will not keep you here so you can continue to be in danger." he turns to discuss with Nexus, though as Triton makes his argument, Gorgon would let out a deep sigh. "It is my mission to make sure you all are safe." he leans over a little to whisper to Nexus "are you…-absolutely- certain, you can succeed?" he asks him, challenging his confidence, and when he answers that question, Gorgon would stand up straight, peering over the smaller Inhuman. "Very well. If you wish, you may stay." his eyes cold, as if saying 'boy if you mess up, I'll revive you so I can break you myself. so don't mess up boy.'

Triton wasof mixed confidence. There was tactical efficiency warring with his will to get his people out alive. He really honestly wised his sister was here to run the odds, but for now they would have to trust Nexus. Tactically if it was necessary he'd be in place. It was sound leverage. if not? He'd get back down here. He nodded. Big decisions were often not comfortable ones but he finally confided his confidence to his cousin. Yes Gorgon, it sucks but it's sound, bro.

Chloe nods to herself as the verdict is passed. She glances around at their hosts again, seeking the Centaurian. Maybe she can talk him out of that arrow? Yes/no? Probably no, but a girl can dream. She sidles closer to Triton, shoulder to shoulder with him. She's ready to blow this popsicle stand.

|ROLL| Hala +rolls 1d20 for: 10

Hala gestures. The three Accusers, including Bostonian accented Sun-Ya, fall in around the Inhumans. She rests her back against the wall and assumes that watchful position. "«Command sequence seven. Long range. Keep all channels open and block the main-line paths.»" Standard protocols for the Kree warrant them preparing for launch. And that's important.

It's important because the Inhumans settling into a pair of very simple transport ships stored in the aft of the craft are halfway between Mars and Earth. The planet's not even visible, its daughter moon concealed behind the speck of pale light. Home may just rely on how well those pilots can manage, fed the navigation by the wider array.

And the very next day, a rocket will never make it beyond orbital rotation of the Earth, while Russian cosmonauts scream to their handlers and curse the day they were born.

Not so for the contingent in the hands of far superior spacefarers. Though it's going to say something when those craft land in a dormant Dutch tulip field.

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