1964-10-14 - Garden Musings
Summary: Hope and Kamala visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and find someones more exotic than the plantlife.
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It's one of those days when Hope just needs to get out of the mansion for a bit, blow off some steam. And for once, she's actually reached out to someone else rather than wandering off on her own. She called Kamala, inviting her to meet at the botanical gardens. So much of the future is a blasted wasteland, visiting the gardens and learning about the various plants there is something she enjoys when she gets the chance. In fact, she even has a large botany book in her arms as she wanders through. "Hey, this one's good for pain, apparently," she muses, looking between one plant and her book. "Neat."

Kamala was actually surprised by the call - usually she calls Hope to drag her out. But the young woman quickly got ready and met Hope at the gardens as she grins, carrying a much smaller pamphlet. "Only you would turn a walk in the park into something for the future." she teases. Leaning down, she takes a sniff and makes a face. "It's good for pain, but it smells terrible."

While in theory Starfire could just fly around the world looking at the plants in their native environments that takes quite a while. Besides there is a cart near the botanical gardens which does a great mustard dog. And thus Starfire has come to the botanical gardens to get snacks /and/ educate herself. A win/win situation! Of course with so few people around she can't help but wonder. What do all these strange plants taste like? And so, as casually as one can, she leans in and takes just the tiniest bite from some sort of pretty tropical flower. After all who will miss a single leaf thing?

The nice thing about being a gorgon, is that you blend in around all the plant life, since it's all green. Currently, the young Amazon looks a bit lost in thought as she gazes out over the flowers on display… which is why she looks a bit surprised when the young lady takes a nibble from a flower. Delphyne blinks, and looks around, then says in a rather thickly accented voice, "Ah… I'm not certain those are for eating."

"I mean, it's not really for the future," Hope grins over at Kamala. "It's just…useful information. Actually, I think it's probably more for the past. Like, if you got thrown back to the past, then you'd be able to find plants that would help you if you were hurt. In theory. Since they wouldn't have good medicine or anything. More useful for if you got caught in the wilderness, I guess." She glances over toward Delphyne and Starfire, a polite smile flickering across her features. Sure, they might look funny, but plenty of people look funny!

"And people say that I'm the square." Kamala offers teasingly, giving Hope's shoulder a nudge. "You're supposed to enjoy the park, not you know.. well, maybe it's educational." she winks, then pauses as she looks up at what the mutant saviour notices and ohs! "That's Delphyne and Kori. Kori's a mutant." she says quietly to Hope, sharing that information. "But Delphyne is a real gorgon. She won't turn you to stone though!" Taking Hope's hand, if she allows, the Pak-American tugs her towards the pair. "Hi!" she greets brightly. "I don't know if you remember me.. but.. I'm Kamala?" she asks, as if hoping the two girls remember.

Starfire chews thoughtfully on a leaf. "It does taste quite unpleasant," she finally admits with a smile. "Which would explain why it is not for eating."

Delphyne chuckles a bit, "Yes, I'm certain that the actual flowers are for display only." She hmms, and smiles brightly as she sees Kamala, her 'hair' bound back in a scrunchie behind her. "Oh, Kamala! Yes, it has been a while. How are things going with you?" She tilts her head, regarding Hope with a curious expression, "I'm Delphyne. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Hope's brows rise as Kamala explains each of the others, though her smile remains. "Hi," she greets, waving as she comes close enough to offer a hand over to Delphyne. "I'm Hope. Nice to meet you." Gorgon, mutant. Doesn't really matter, does it? She tucks the botany book under her arm, out of the way.

"Manners. I have them. Really." Kamala colors a little in her cheeks as she makes the introductions. "Hope, this is Delphyne and Kori. Kori, Delphyne, this is Hope. And.. you two know each other, already? I don't know! If you don't, well, there you go!" the girl offers with a beaming smile, even though her cheeks are still red against her darkened skin.

Delphyne shakes her head towards Kamala, "No, not yet." She gives Hope a grin, "A pleasure." With that, she takes the offered hand from Hope, her skin cool to the touch as she shakes it. "I was feeling… a touch homesick, so I thought I'd come here to alleviate it."

"It's a nice place, isn't it?" Hope says, half turning to look around. "More types of plants than I've ever seen in one place, personally. A lot of green. I thought I'd educate myself a little on what they all are."

"She just invited me along in order to keep her company and get out of the house for a bit." Kamala grins at that. "Wait." she says, as she turns her attention to Delphyne, clutching her hands in front of her in thought as she considers the half-Gorgon, half-Amazon. "Does that mean you're from Sarpedon?" she asks curiously.

"Delphyne, that name is familiar to me. I think we met briefly in a restaurant that sold Greek food.. Your friend was kind enough to pay for my meal," Starfire muses, waving at Kamala and Hope as they come over. She gulps and swallows the evidence of her crime. "It is strange, I met someone called Hope once who could practically have been your sister." She shrugs. "Although I have met a lot of people since coming to America and perhaps you have.. how is it said… one of those faces? I must admit this place is very pretty, it reminds me a lot of home. Alas I suppose they would not be happy if I asked to stay here..?"

Delphyne chuckles softly at Kamala, "No, not quite, though I suspect my ancestors are… I'm actually an Amazon. My… family was given shelter by them a long time ago, and we have lived among them since."

"No, the authorities in this time period frown on people staying in public parks," Hope commiserates with Starfire. "Learned that one the hard way. Which is kind of a drag, since they make great places to camp out, really. But I guess it makes sense. No one would pay the rent in this city if they could just pitch a tent in the park, right?" Probably not entirely true, most people like beds and things, but not entirely wrong either. "Amazon. That sounds neat."

"There are public campgrounds outside of town.. that could be an idea!" Kamala turns to Hope. "We could get some people together and have a camp out! I don't really celebrate Halloween.. but a campout on that night with some smores and hot chocolate and scary stories.." she smiles brightly at her own idea.

Starfire tilts her head curiously. "The Amazon as in the South American jungle? I have considered popping down to visit some time. Is it nice this time of year?" She smiles. "I am glad the place I currently camp is not considered a public park then! At least, I hope it is not a park. I have never really been sure who owns the island. Certainly no-one is living there apart from me."

Delphyne shakes her head, "Not exactly, no. More like Amazon as in secret society of warrior women that reside on a hidden island." She smiles a bit, "Like Di… er, Wonder Woman, if you have heard of her?"

"Sure, she was cool," Hope says casually in regards to Wonder Woman, smile quirking at Kamala's suggestion. "That could be fun. I mean, as long as it's not going to start any trouble or anything. The avengers probably wouldn't appreciate that. But it could be a good time. I could call some people who might be interested in joining in."

"I don't think it would be any trouble if we go to a place that's got campgrounds." Kamala responds as she beams as Hope approves the suggestion. "…you have friends you're holding out on me with?" she asks with a mock pout, before blinking at Delphyne. "…Wonder Woman. She's like.. one of my idols. After Captain Marvel. I mean, I was really hoping to meet her, but I heard she was away on a diplomatic mission." There's a sigh offered at that, before glancing to the others. "If we do a Spooky Camp Out, would you two want to come with?"

Starfire blinks a few times. "Why would camping be spooky?" she wonders. "Are you going to pick a campsite in which the dead walk? Because they are quite dangerous to most beings. Providing there is no risk of attack I would love to come though. It matters little to me where I sleep, although I did find the Moon was a little dusty for my liking and I was almost buried by sand when I took a nap in a desert." She glances around, then loudly whispers to Delphyne. "Surely if they are a secret society you should not be telling us?"

Delphyne smiles a bit, "Camping? Well, sure, why not. It's something I'm fairly well acquainted with, from the island." She grins a bit wider at Kamala, "Really? Well, I've known Diana quite some time… my family serves as royal bodyguards, though she really doesn't need them."

"I have people I've met," Hope clarifies with a smirk for Kamala. "Who like each other, and are aware of my existence. I'm not sure if 'friends' is the word yet, but it's something. Besides, if I introduce them to you, they might actually think I'm capable of making friends," she winks before she looks back to the others. She doesn't seem to find Starfire's comments odd, nodding along as if they make perfect sense.

"Not really expecting the dead there, no.. but you can tell stories like that!" Kamala offers cheerfully to Kori's remark as she bounces on her heels. "Or talk about sleeping on the moon. It's dusty? Weird!" Her eyes roll oh so hard at Hope's comment. "You do make friends!" she points out. Then she gives a little thought to it. "I mean. I used to have a hard time making friends. I still do. But I'm learning that it isn't the number of friends you have - it's what they do to make you a better person. And that's pretty important."

"It is very dusty. But very good for sunbathing… That is really all of the story. I do not think it is very spooky," Starfire points out. "I do not think I know any stories I could share. Most of what I was taught growing up is poetry and songs which do not translate very well." She leans back and sits hovering in mid-air thoughtfully. "There /is/ the tale about Grishniks. Although that is only told to young to stop them licking things."

Delphyne grins at Starfire, "Well, it's not that much of a secret, since you know about Wonder Woman, but the island's location is a secret, and it's best that no one goes looking for it." She hmms and considers, "Stories… I know quite a few stories of old, that you would consider myths by now no doubt."

"I can't say I know much in the way of spooky stories," Hope shakes her head. "But I'm all for having a night of camping with a little bit of fun. Halloween. That's the one where people dress up, right? Based on…old superstitions about ghosts getting out at that time and needing to fool them? How weird a spirit are you if a mask throws you off anyhow?"

"..I don't know much about it, admittedly. It isn't celebrated in my religion. And we tend to pray or do something else that night." Kamala admits quietly. She doesn't seem sad on missing out on the holiday. Though a much younger Kamala threw fits over not getting to go out… "…though I think most people only celebrate for the free candy now. Oh!" she glances at the watch on her arm. "I need to call my parents. Excuse me!"

"We have to wear costumes?" Starfire asks with a sigh. "I only really own this outfit for general use. All my other garments are often mistaken for the attire of a 'gogo dancer'. Although I am yet to meet one. I suppose they are some secret society like the Amazons of which you spoke." She waves goodbye to Kamala. "It was a pleasure to encounter you again. Perhaps we can meet again for the catching of up over coffee."

Delphyne shakes her head, "Why would someone use dancing as a mode of transportation? For battle, there is an advantage in the movements, but it seems that it would not be terribly efficient." She looks at Starfire with a curious expression, then adds, "Coffee is good.. but I have a preference to this pizza that they have here."

Hope doesn't seem to know anything more about go-go dancers than any of the others, shrugging and shifting the book under her other arm. "I don't think the costumes are really necessary. Just a thing that people do. I'm not exactly rolling in fashion choices myself," she smiles ruefully to Starfire. "Kind of going with the whole kindness of strangers thing right now, so."

Starfire laughs. "Dancing is fun and if you could move effectively using it then why not?" she points out. "I find flight is the best way to travel but it upsets many people in America. I have tried pizza, both are best with mustard if you have yet to try it. Although you can't order a coffee with mustard for some reason." She shrugs. "Sometimes I have been given money in exchange for helping people. Carrying a broken down truck or other such tasks. Perhaps you could do the same!"

Delphyne smiles slightly, "Actually, I'm self-employed, I think is the term. I work as a private investigator. It does help with money, which seems very important to people here for whatever reason."

"I'm kind of low on marketable skills," Hope smiles ruefully to Starfire. "It's okay, though. I help out the Avengers now and then, they let me stay with them, help me work on a few things. Everybody wins, more or less. Just tends not to leave me with a lot of spending money other than what I can dig out of the couches."

"But if you investigate things which are private… is that not /very rude/?" Starfire asks, mouth wide with shock. "I have never found anyone willing to employ me for my skills. I can speak dozens of languages but people find my appearance too distracting or upsetting to employ me. Thankfully I do not really need to eat or drink. So my day to day expenses are quite low."

Delphyne chuckles softly, "Perhaps so, but it isn't that I'm investigating private matters. It's more that the person that employs me wishes me to use discretion." She smiles at Starfire, then rattles off something in Greek, »Really, do you know this one, then?«

"People are kind of jerks about people who are different," Hope sympathizes with Starfire. "You'd think they'd be a little bit more reasonable about the utility of certain talents. Instead…" She trails off, shaking her head with a shrug. "Their loss, I say. Though there's definitely nothing wrong with proving it to them." As Delphyne breaks into Greek, she looks between the pair, curious.

'» Yes, «' Kori responds in Greek. '» Or did you mean this one? «' She adds in Ancient Greek. "I do not think I would be very good at discretion. People always seem to stare at me, especially men, and this in turn often upsets their romantic partners for some reason." Another shrug. "I briefly considered selling moon rocks for a business, but most people think I am misleading them and are not willing to pay. It would also be very lonely and boring just flying up and down all the time. Besides I do not really know what possible uses anyone would have for boring rocks. They aren't very pretty after all."

Delphyne blinks in surprise, "Well, either one really. That's rather impressive." She does, in fact, look suitably impressed, and then she grins at Starfire, "I suspect it's because men have low self-control, in general, and find you attractive. But they are rather superficial like that."

"Yeah, it seems like men in general are, uh. You know, I don't think there's really a nice way to put it, but people don't much seem to care for women who aren't under the thumb of a man either, so. That's awkward. And stuff. I mean, you could wear more clothes, but that doesn't really seem fair, does it?" Hope wrinkles her nose, looking around. "I saw just be you. You seem like you can handle yourself if anyone tries to get stupid about it."

Starfire lets out a long sigh as she looks down at her summer dress. "More clothing? My shorts were too short and this dress is not enough? I will practically starve if I cover up more skin." She beams at Delphyne. "I can learn any language through skin contact. I speak most major languages used on Earth." She coughs. "Uhm. I mean modern Earth obviously. I also speak a few languages which I am told are technically 'dead'. Like enochian but that was something of an accident and still gives me the aches of the head." Hope gets a nod. "I feel comfortable in my ability to protect myself, I was trained by the Warlords of Okaara for many years."

Delphyne nods and smiles, "I'd be a poor bodyguard if I couldn't fight. I might not have the strength of Diana, but I'm not to be trifled with either." She chuckles, "Lately, though, I've been enjoying learning about these 'firearms' that you have here. They are far more efficient than a bow, though they lack a certain… grace, to be honest."

"Hey, I think it's plenty," Hope smiles ruefully, raising her hands. "I've just noticed that people here are a little more conservative. And men take anything less than being invisible as some sort of invitation." She looks in the direction Kamala went, pointing a thumb over her shoulder. "I should go and check on her. But it was nice meeting both of you."

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