1964-10-15 - Assassination Interrogation (pt.1)
Summary: Someone a few days past attempted to assassinate Max and has been posting anti-Max posters. The guards caught one so Max had them put the offender in his lab and he's bringing Kaleb and Corvus to interrogate.
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The section of Max's lab that the guards placed the detainee in has been used for this purpose before. Nothing really intimidates like a bunch of mysterious tech, and then a crazy, powerful royal. There are guards in there, and even they aren't touching anything. They've simply sat the man down in a chair in the forward section of the room. In the middle of the room is a large device that seems to be crushed in on one side, but the other side of it has been repaired. MANY smaller contraptions line the walls and sit unfinished on benches, and all of it is beyond the skills of most people. Corvus might be able to figure out some of it….the things that make sense. The man in the chair has long, pale brown hair and ruddy skin, in his mid-50s, and tall. He seems healthy, and not like the men of the mines.

Maximus enters with Kaleb, and Corvus, and then just stands there a few moments before he asks Corvus, "What is this man's name? Who is he? Is he of Attilan?"

"Caranis, one of the former exiles." Corvus informs Maximus as he strolls towards the would-be assassin. "Guards, you're free to leave. I'll be taking over here." All the tech doesn't seem to bother him, but it'd be hard to tell with his tinted face shield in place. He looks down at the man, quiet for a few moments. "Was it more like you that made an attempt on my life as well? I'd think carefully before answering, lies tend to make me awfully cross."

Kaleb walked in and hung back as the two guards bowed their head obediently and went to take their spot in the hall outside of the room. Echo was, admittedly, glad the 'lab' was science and not medical. He was getting squicky around medical . Still he knew his part to stand there and be his usual 'charming' self which had as much warmth as frozen concrete, and make sure no sound went out that shouldn't and alert reinforcements if for some weird unforeseen reason it was needed. This left him much time to just be curious and learn.

Caranis was doing a fair job at keeping his composure, though he was taken in a half hour ago already and painfully waited? who knows what. Dark brown eyes were afraid to leave the Mad King and instead locked on Corvus, the 'faceless' Corvus that loomed by asking questions. His voice was hoarse and affected by something. "Should it have been? Maybe, I don't know if someone did. What reaso was given to them?"

Maximus doesn't ask Corvus about that assassination attempt on his life, because that would suggest he hadn't heard of it yet. He simply acts like he knows everything about that, and stares at the man without addressing him directly. "Find out their numbers, where they are, so that these traitors of Attilan may be properly dealt with." Max don't play, or at least, he acts like that is the case right now. He starts moving, going to the table to get a device. He taps it with a small tool in a few places, then brings it over. It looks like a set of discs that have been attached together with a flexible core. Sort of like an accordian, it can be positioned 'closed' or 'open'. He comes right up to Caranis, then pinches the plates together and a red light comes on. The he lowers the device and places it between Caranis' legs. "Keep them closed on it, would you?"

"Killing Maximus without his guard around would be a lot easier. Well, I suppose you thought it would." Corvus straightens up and takes a step back, letting Maximus approach and place the discs between the man's legs. "You heard him. Start talking."

Aside to Max and Kaleb he adds, "Has he been tested for any drugs or other means of influence?"

Kaleb looked to Corvus and did that unnerving thing he does where he answers a question but fails to use his face to do this and the words just orbit and sound off. "I'll have that answer for you in a moment." He focused for a moment and it looked impressive at that to just manifest this shit out of thin air. The truth was far less spectacular and he asked one of the guards outside the door to please look into this and come back to that spot to report answers per Corvus. Yeah less impressive overall but usefulness was in resourcefulness and results.

Oh Max had Caranis' full attention. Wait it had a red light. Ummm, kay. It might do absolutely nothing and this was the type of reason people wished to protest, but on the off chance it did function like a claymore mine he clamped his knees. "I am a peaceful protestor! I didn't shoot at anyone" Says the man hanging up someone else's posters. "I swear I didn't have anything to do with either shooting"

All this just plays into the intimidation…that Kaleb has magical blood-reading powers, that Corvus has no face, and that Maximus may or may not have put an explosive near his nethers. "You are aligned with this rebel alliance, and a traitor. Your peaceful protect has incited violence, emboldened those among your numbers who have /extreme views/. You cannot shrug off the credit. Did you not hear my speech? You are the enemy that hinders my efforts to /save us all/."

"If you didn't, I'm sure you may have some idea of who did." Corvus tacks on to Maximus' words, moving so he comes into focus. "Though by the time you come around to telling us, we may already know. I don't suggest going that route though, treason is punishable by death." As if to make a point a hand falls onto the hilt of his gladius.

Kaleb wasn't looking at this and was still 'scrying' which was, in truth, just waiting around twiddling his thumbs waiting for the guard to actually find out and come back. This was the future city and already everything was not instant enough.

Carnais took a deep breath and sat up in the chair. He was calm on the outside, but his resolve had more flaws in it than a birch tree. Knees were clamped tight as told. "Our families were forced out of our homes when they came and you brought them to us. The Gh0st doesn't want to see it happen again and we have lost too much, and the people of Attilan don't need to lose anymore. The words sound pretty but we have heard them before when family went missing and we were exiled. Gh0st promised us not anymore."

Maximus glances over to Corvus, to see if that man has ever heard of a Ghost. "Ghost is an idiot, and should not have returned if he didn't like it here. I DO NOT HAVE TIME!!!" He suddenly yells, "for an insurrection." Suddenly calm again. "I am too busy…saving Attilan…as i have always done." Max's left hand shakes, briefly.

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