1964-10-15 - Cigar Factory Gathering
Summary: It's a crowded night at the Cigar Factory as some familiar faces and new friends gather.
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There's some music playing on the little stage at the bar, something jazzy and upbeat. There are people coming and going, talking up at the bar, lingering at the tables. Danny Rand has taken up a spot in a familiar booth with a little plaque on it reserved for Matt Murdock's other office. There, he lounges with a bourbon and watches people come and go, studying each in turn, perhaps looking for a familiar face.

New York is home, for what counts as home. However, Colleen might have been a bit absent as far as being present goes. Tonight changes that, however, as she resurfaces and decides to venture out to the bar.

There's the door, again, and this time there's another familiar face that comes through. Light hair and round sunglasses, cane in hand, Matt shakes his shoulders a bit as he enters in from the cold. From one office to another it seems. "Hey everyone," he says in his low, quiet voice, and makes his way towards his booth. He can't tell who is tending bar, obviously, but he gives a wave which generally means he'll take a pitcher of beer.

"Danny," he says as he slides in and pulls his cane apart and shoves it in the pocket of his coat. "Autumn is coming, it seems."

Speedball bounced in looking all his usual self. Can't keep a good man down. Well fulltime work, heroing, and school can. It was. He came in and sat a bag of tacos down on the table deemed 'away office'. "Allo allo allo! Mr. Nunez said 'gracias' for helping him out with Central Park and I came by to share some of the gratitude with my pals here." He doesn't dress like a 24 year old jr. scientist, but hey, he brings tacos.

"Heya Matt," Danny grins when Matt joins him and says, "Don't mind that I took over your office. It's getting a little crowded in here tonight." He then sees Speedball and waves him over, and Colleen as well when they come in after Matt. "If you're not feeling cramming in like sardines at the bar, you're welcome to a seat." He then lifts his glass in greeting to them both. "So, I was thinking about hosting a halloween thing… a party of sorts. Donate the proceeds to programs that'll make sure people stay warm, get fed."

When she spots the wave she lifts a hand in response, then begins to make her way through the bar towards the booth. "Hey…" Colleen greets, looking mildly subdued for the moment, taking the invitation to sit and sliding the cylinderical mail tube off her back before she settles in at the booth.

"Hi," Matt says as he nods both to Speedball and to Colleen. Mexican food is one of Matthew's favorites and the spices bring him a great joy that normal people will unfortunately not understand. "A Halloween party…" He lets the idea rumble around in his head a bit. "I do know a ton of places that could benefit. Father John, for instance, at St. Patrick's is rather involved in the community and might be a good person to contact."

Speedball says, "Awwww St. Paddy's? Yeah they did a cookout block party to invite people to help fix part of the neighborhood this summer. I like those guys." He stopped and arched an eyebrow at Colleen, "Ladies first." He actually dragged a chair over, flipped it around, and straddled it backwards. Arms folded across the back of the chair and Danny soaked up the rest of his curiosity, "Don't give hard up familied candy corn. They made a huge batch of it once when they came over on the Mayflower and no one ate it then and it's just been passed around ever since."

"So.. I don't know if you've met," Danny says, gesturing to those at the table. "I'm Danny, this is Matt, this guy over here.." he gestures toward Speedball, "Is the guy who embarassed Gidget… and you, I don't know at all. Hi, make yourself comfortable. Beer? Or something stronger?" He glances at Speedball too, apparently covering the drinks for the table. He then says to Matt, "Excellent. I will get in touch with him." There's a grin over at Speedball and a shake of his head. "I always wonder why it tasted a little briny."

"Colleen, and something stronger is just fine." Colleen replies, glancing to each as they are introduced, although in the case of Speedball only partially introduced. "I'm not sure who Gidget is, but…how'd you embarass her?" She wonders, getting herself comfortable before she glances around the bar for a moment, "You've actually eaten candy corn? I knew a kid once, broke a tooth on it."

"I can put in a word too when I see him." Matt goes to reconciliation regularly. Even more so the past years since he's begun running around the city in red tights. Just then the wait staff sets down a pitcher of some watery domestic; the lawyer grew up on the cheap stuff. "Nice to meet you, guy who embarrassed Gidget." He gives a nod and a smile to Colleen as he pours himself a beer. "Tastes like plastic to me," he mentions, regarding the Candy Corn.

Speedball pointed to Danny, "Hey, that worked out alright!" His head swiveled to Colleen and said with the pride only youthful cockiness can gird one with, "Yoooou ever have a man yell your name from the top of a building in Harlem before?" He waggled his eyebrows. Oh yeah. He made that happen. He looked to Murdock though and grinned, "Just because I hired you doesn't mean we have to get all formal now." He turned to Gidget and introduced himself, "Robbie. Robbie Baldwin."

"I have. I've actually eaten a lot of things that I probably shouldn't," Danny says after considering a moment or two. He then nods gratefully to Matt and says, "That'd be great. I'm thinking of doing something during the early hours for families, and then something in the later hours for adults. Have Rand Corporation sponsor it, match the donations that people give." He'll make his own, of course, as well. He grins at Speedball and says, "Did it? Good for you, man. I need to see her about the suits that she was making for me."

"I've never had one, but I hear they are great, according to some." Colleen then tilts her head to indicate Matt, "And terrible according to others. But I suppose that if one were desperate.." She trails off for a moment before giving Speedball a puzzled look, "Can't say I have. Why was someone yelling your name?"

Matt can't help but chuckle at Robbie (Baldwin) and his exuberance. "Well, I can't help it if my father taught me to be polite," he shoots back at the young man. From there he nods to Colleen, "If I'm ever that desperate for candy, something has gone really, really wrong in my life." Finally, to Danny, "I'll call your office later tomorrow and let you know what Father had to say."

Outside of the bar, a loud engine could be heard revving as Robbie parks his charger in a fairly decent parking space. He wore his trademark Leather jacket with a white sweater underneath, black jeans and combat boots. He walks into the bar with his hands in his jacket pockets, spotting two faces he recognizes and two he doesnt, so he decides to go socialize. "Hola!" he calls in, looking like he just ran into his friends as he spots Speedball and Danny. "Heya Baldwin, heya Danny." he smiles, though looks perplexed at Murdock and Colleen. "Hola to you two as well." he smiles warm.

Speedball looked over his shoulder and asked nicely, super nicely, "Grasshopper please?" Hhe was going to answer Colleen back when the familiar sound of other-him pulled up. "No I was doing the yellin." He paused "Not… like that it was an apology. Geeze." Finally greeted the Ghost Rider with a warm smile, "Heeey it's my hombre from another mom-bre. Missed you. Pull up a beer. You know Danny. Matt. This is Colleen. no one's shouted her name from the top of a building yet. There's a job opening for this if you're interested."

Danny narrows his eyes just a little at Colleen and says, "Are you saying my candy situation is desparate?" But it's clear that he's joking. He nods to Matt and says, "Sounds good." When Robbie shows up, he lifts a hand and waves. With Speedball sitting on a chair pulled up to the booth, there's still plenty of room to Robbie to join them, and so he waves him on in. Speedy's got this round of intros so he takes that time to accept the round of beer and bourbons that arrive and sets them all in the center of the table for whoever to take what they want. Then he looks over at Speedball and mouths, "Grasshopper?"

"Hey." Colleen greets, lifting a hand up to wave to Robbie when he arrives, although she snorts just a bit in amusement, "I don't think there are openings for people to shout my name. I'm fine with it not being shouted, in fact."

"Evening," Matt says to the newcomer with a nod after taking a large drink of beer. "Pull up a chair," he offers quietly while sliding the pitcher in Robbie's direction. He stops for a moment as the bourbon comes. This could end up being a very long and good, or a very long and terrible night. He hesitates.

Reyes would smile at Baldwin, giving him a small shake of his head as he approaches, dragging a chair with him as well as a beer and sitting with the chair in reverse like a classic bad boy. though he doesnt realize it. "Good to meet you Matt, Colleen." he smiles "Robbie Reyes." he introduces himself and cracks open his beer, looking to Baldwin "Well, if it pays well I can try out. I like to think I have a good voice anyway." jesting that.

Speedball sighed and bemoaned, "Chilvary is a dying art." One could imagine him more a Don Quixote than a Lancelot sort of knight though. He might not be the best judge of this. "Grasshopper! Duuuude it's cr%<232>me de menthe, de cacao, and more… of the same. it's mint green like a hospital gown. Pretty amazin."

Danny notices that hesitation from Matt and says, "Oh no, you're in. No hesitation, Murdock." Then he says to Robbie, "So did you ever hook Luke up with that bike that he was looking for? Where's he been lately, anyway? Admittedly, I've been a little busy so I haven't been buy in the afternoons of late — but he's usually around sometimes in the evenings, too." Then he regards Speedball with arched eyebrows, "I'm not sure hospital gown is the mental image you want to evoke along with the thought of delicious."

"You shouldn't title at windmills." Colleen offers helpfully, leaning back in her seat, offering Robbie a nod and a quick smile when he offers his name, but then she settles in to just listen to them discuss drinks and bikes.

"Well," Matt says with a bit of resignation. "I suppose I sort of have to now," he says while raising an eyebrow at Danny. He grabs the shot and downs it in one gulp, wincing heavily as it burns his throat. Before he's even finished recuperating the staff person is at the bar. "Mr. Murdock, there's a call for you. It's from a Foggy Nelson. He says it's really important."

Matt sighs and nods, "Thank you." He turns back to the others, "Foggy is probably mad he's not here. I'll be back, guys."

Sometime later, Matt returns explaining that there's an issue at the office and despite assorted pleas, he does not take an extra shot for the road.

Reyes gives a strange glance at Baldwin when he starts talking about 'Grasshoppers' and delicious things. "…I'd have to agree with Danny on that one." Though he does look to Danny to answer his question. "I did. Made him a nice harley that's actually fit for him. Though I haven't seen him around either. I was hoping he'd be here bartending at least." he shrugs a bit, before he looks on over to Colleen again, giving her a bow of his head, before then looking to Matt, taking a sip of his beer beforehand. "Audios Murdock." he nods to him, having picked up his last name from the staff person. He turns his attention back to the group. "Wonder if the drink scared him off?" he teases.

Speedball sighed giving Danny a long hard look. "It's grasshopper green. Hence the, ya know what guys, that's cool. I'll drink it myself and I ain't sharin. SO candy corn, broken teeth, and making sure everyone has a good time. This one of them black tie fancy shindigs or a block party hting?"

"I'm thinking more of a family thing during the day and then a costume thing at night — think more block party than black tie," Danny says and then admits, "Honestly, I'm not really comfortable at those black tie things." Even if he can rock a suit. "I want something that is open to everyone, and where we can raise funds for the communities that need them." He then looks over toward Reyes and says, "So, you think you could fix me up with one?" He grins then, "I've always wanted a bike." Then he looks over to Colleen and asks, "So.. Colleen. What is it that you do?"

"You'll run into a problem, though…aren't the sorts that would go to something like that going to be the ones needing the help? Not the ones that would donate it…" Colleen wonders, then shrugs a bit at the question, "I'm currently in between things, right now."

Reyes would chuckle faintly at Speedball's words, taking another sip of his beer. Before he looks over to Danny, "I always wonder how people could be. I've only worn a suit a few times..don't look good in them." he smiles to himself at that, before Danny asks if Robbie can make him a bike. "Sure. I can work up something for you. You want it fast, loud, or a healthy mixture of both? or just something to get ya around?" he smiles a little, before he looks over to Colleen, smiling to her softly, but says nothing, looking to the others where he felt the question was more directed at.

Speedball grew up a white bread rich boy. Not wealthy, but well off enough, and defered to those more local for this sort of thing. "Ya know growing up my, um, my dad used to go to some of these things where people would do work days and clothing drives. Maybe talk to a couple businesses in other parts of town and bring the spoils back. Can talk to Gidget too. Fashion's trending, why can't community charity? I can talk to a couple guys at work and see if they can hook us up with some special effects for teh dance if you want. I promise the good won't be photomorphic and suck people into another dimension or ruin polyester." because both of those concerns now had equal weight!?

"True enough," Danny says to Colleen and then shrugs his shoulders, "I'll just have Rand sponsor it then, donate the party itself to the community, and then I'll just donte, myself to the neighborhoods that need help in a way more long-term than just a party. But I think folks deserve aparty," he says. That seems simple enough. To Robbie, he says, "Fast, not particularly loud." Then he chuckles at Speedball and says, "Sure, if you have contacts who want to help contribute. But yes, please don't suck the dancers into another dimension."

"Sure…that could work." Colleen replies, a bit of doubt edging into her voice. The product of a not rich upbringing just makes it all seem sort of out of this world, to her. But she just accepts the way it should be done, mostly. "Fashion is trending because it's fashion…charity isn't trendy."

Reyes would nod a few times to Danny, giving him a small smirk. "Alright, Give me a week or two, and I'll see what I can come up with." he nods to Danny, before looking to Speedball, listening to his story. "Gidget would likely love to help out." he does give a little nudge of his head in Colleen's direction. "She has a point. But, if you get the word out enough, people will come." he nods a little. But otherwise, he's just looking between everyone as it seems this is planning charity!

Speedball nodded enthuastically. "I'm sure the folks at PymTech will get a kick getting to set uup some stuff. I'll tell them to think of it as a 'science is cool' outreach thing. Can't let the jocks have all the fun these days." There was a wry grin to Colleen, "It is if the right people say it is. Heck, I can talk to my mom if you want Danny. She loves community outreach as much as she does other causes." Odd to ante up one's mom unless one was in the know as to whom his mum was. "Robbie, someday I wanna race you on your bike. Like RobWars. Not the car though. It's beautiful and scares the living daylights outta me." WiTH GOOD REASON!

"Who knows," Danny says, "The plan could change at any time. I'm still deciding how it's all going to go and what to do." He smiles then and says, "But.. I do have an early meeting in the morning, so I should probably be heading out." He makes his way out of the booth then and says, "Good to see you guys. Colleen, pleasure to meet you." He then makes his way on out of the bar.

Reyes would glance to Baldwin when he made his wish to race him sometime, though his reasoning for not wanting to race the car causes Reyes to smirk a little. He had GREAT REASON to be afraid of that car. "Sure Baldwin. Just pick a day." he nods lightly and when Danny takes off, Robbie gives him a light wave. "It's getting late, I should head out too. Lo Siento (I'm sorry, Spanish). You have a good night, Colleen. Nice to meet you. and you too Baldwin." he nods to him as he turns heel to leave.

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