1964-10-16 - Chocolate, Clarice, And Symbiotes.
Summary: While seeking sweets, Clarice draws a crowd.
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Dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, the pink hued mutant known as Blink was out for a jog, randomly teleporting around the New York area to get used to her new world when she came across the smells of the sweet shop. Smells that the girl hasn't sensed in over a decade attacked her senses, and the young woman steps through the door into the shop as the bell rings behind her and she makes her way in a sense of wonderment as she takes in all the various candies available to her.

Some mutants didn't quite stick out nearly as much as others. Or at least, they were a little better about making efforts to blend in. Somewhere up the back of the store, Erin was still dressed in simple jeans and a t-shirt, her hair back and pinned behind her head as she looks over the collection of halloween candies. She's halfway through the thoughts of what to purchase mingled with a little amusement. At least she wouldn't have to shop for a costume this year! The ring of the bell has the asian woman looking over her shoulder, blinking in suprise at the sight of the newcomer.

The mauve mutant is used to getting looks about her skin color by now, so Erin's blink of surprise is only given a smile in return by Clarice as she heads over towards the chocolates, her hair pulled back into a high pony tail that shows off her pointed ears. "Hi. Do you have.. wow. Do you do samples?" she asks with a small laugh before she tries to curb her enthusiasm a little, her attention returns to Erin and the candies she's looking at.

Erin herself had seen plenty of aggression and mistreatment of mutants, even if she'd managed to keep her secret a secret from almost everyone. Her gaze actually moves from Clarice to the salesperson with a hint of curiousity, perhaps wandering how the'll respond. In her own hands Erin had picked a mixed bag of treats along with a more modest box of chocolate probably intended as a gift.

The employee doesn't even seem to notice that the customer is a mutant. In fact, with the vacant look, they don't seem to notice much at all except to smile cheerfully when selling candy. "I'll take some chocolate coins, a couple of Charleston Chews, and a few of those dipped fruits." she offers, before she moves towards the table that Erin is standing at. "See anything interesting?" she asks curiously, a swift smile offered. "I'm Clarice."

There's another blink as she's addressed, but there's no rudeness to it beyond suprise at being approached before the asian woman shrugs lightly. "Mostly just trick-or-treating stuff," she answers with a shrug, "cheap and easy. Otherwise? I was looking for a gift for…a friend, and realised I know about all sorts of food they like except for what sweets. A little bit of an oversight." Giving a sheepish smile, she gestures to herself. "Erin."

Realizing she may be too friendly, Clarice reels it in a little. "Sorry." she offers and then chuckles softly. "…if you're looking for cheap and easy for a friend, then he must not be too close." comes the response before she taps her finger on her chin. "Maybe some of the dipped fruit? Can't really go wrong with a strawberry dipped in chocolate. I mean. Or an orange. So good. At least, as far as I remember. It's been a long time since I've had one." she admits quietly. "It's nice to meet you, Erin."

The employee calls over, "You're bag's ready!"

Clarice ohs. "I should get that. It was nice to meet you." she starts to say as she heads to the counter to pay for her purchase. Outside the shoppe, a small group has formed. They've not come in yet, but there is definetly a few people that are staring at the young and obvious mutant within and speaking to themselves while gesturing towards her and the shoppe in general.

A little whisper in her mind from her 'friend', Erin frowns and turns her eyes towards the crowd before reaching out, trying to overhear their surface thoughts while she chews her bottom lip. Chocolate orange? Chocolate strawberry? Both are hastily grabbed as she quickly moves towards the counter, digging for her own money. "Are you a local Clarice or from out of town?" she questions, stalling a little perhaps with the smalltalk.

This is a question Clarice hadn't really considered as she turns her attention back to Erin. "Out of town. Florida, actually. You?" she asks curiously as she takes out one of the strawberries to bite down on, quick to bring up the bag as the juice gets on her chin. "Oh gosh, so sorry, didn't realize they'd make a mess…" she manages as she tires quickly to clean up.

The surface thoughts that Erin can pick up involve a mutie in their neighborhood, and what type of freak she must have been to end up with pink skin and hair - and that she's an abomonation. There's a few that just want to see her go away. But a couple of them are trying to encourage the others to 'make her go away'.

A frown at what she'd 'heard', Erin bites her bottom lip for a moment, almost looking distracted for a second before she register's Clarice's question. "Oh me? I'm a local. My father runs a little restaurant in chinatown, some of the best in all New York. -The- best if you ask him, but he can be a little passionate about it." Another pause, she tilts her head. "Florida huh? Long way to walk!" it's a plain jest, but one followed up with a legitimate question. "Are you staying around here?"

"Oh!" Well. If one wants to be serious, she's walked a really long way. "Yes. I'm staying at the Westchester school?" Clarice offers as she ohs. "…Chinatown? I haven't been there yet. I wouldn't mind seeing the restaurant sometime? I mean, if you want me to." she shrugs at the half-hearted thought of asking her out, before she chuckles and finishes cleaning her chin and the strawberry off. "I was just out for a bit of a run." she admits.

"Fair enough," Erin speaks, casting a look towards the gathering crowd before frowning once more. Hell. "Well, if you felt like walking for a bit while you ate I could show you the way, or at least part the way to it." It might come across a bit forward, but if things got violent? Well, Erin couldn't exactly go setting herself or the symbiote loose without drawing some serious attention.

Erin doesn't know that Clarice could blink away if there was trouble, but the mutant decides to accept the offer after a moment's thought. "Sure. I don't mind exploring." she offers with a quick smile. "I mean, if you're done with your shopping?" She starts to say more, then notices the small crowd outside. "..is there a backdoor?" she asks. Because like Erin, she's not wanting to be flashy with her powers. If this were Mutant Town? Totally different story.

"Just walk, calmly and slowly. We'll be fine. Maybe they're just windowshopping." That was a lie, a plain and flatout one, but it was enough as Erin closes her eyes for a moment to focus and then pushes through the door at the same time as projecting a telepathic 'fog' on the thoughts of the crowd. For a few moments at least, they'd forget what they were here for, what thought it was they were thinking. It couldn't last, but surely it could get them on their way as subtly as possible.

Considering the woman for a moment, Clarice nods before falling in beside Erin, walking with her as they exit the store. Those milling around fall into the fog, confusion showing in their steps before the pair are making their way further down the street. She draws in a breath, and Clarice glances aside to Erin. "You alright?" she inquire casually as she reaches for one of the chocolate chews to share with her.

For the moment Erin waves the chocolate away, Telepathy was the trickiest of her abilities and she needed to concerntrate. Only when they're far enough to release the grip on the likely confused crowd's mind does she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and nod, playing it off with a little shrug. "Yeah I…think one or two of them hadn't showered today and stunk a little, they were standing awful close." A shrug, a smile, she slips one hand into her pockets while the other carries her bag of treats and gifts. "Westchester huh? Fancy area to go to school in. People are alright with the whole…mutant thing?"

"There's a school of them there, actually. Are you one too?" Clarice asks curiously, lifting a brow to Erin. It would explain why she was being so helpful after all, as she pops the chew into her mouth and looks thoughtful for a moment. Without giving it too much effort, she opens a small green portal, big enough for the two of them before she makes her way towards it. "This will get us there faster." she offers, looking back to see if Erin will trust her enough to follow her.

"No, I don't spend much time in Westchester," Erin shrugs lightly giving a oh-so-easy deflection to the question with a smirk. The sudden opening of the portal however makes her blink once more and step back in suprise, hand coming to her lips. "That's…huh. That's not going to throw us into some alternate diamension is it? Or hell? I've heard portals to both opened up in Central Park more than once."

"Considering I opened it? Unless you consider Chinatown to be hell, nope." Clarice shrugs her shoulders. "It's what I do." she admits quietly, color coming to her cheeks, as she dismisses it with a wave of her hand. "Sorry.. too soon to be.. all.. show me yours." she murmurs, realizing that she's the one being forward now. "Uhm. Anyway. Thanks for walking with me." She's used to this part of the conversation. The rejection. "I guess I should get back up to the school."

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