1964-10-16 - The Road Once Travelled
Summary: The Professor meets with Clarice and learns about where she's from.
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It has been a very off-putting last 24 hours for Clarice Ferguson. From the final assault on the Moon - to suddenly finding herself in these tranquil surroundings, recognizing few, but not being recognized herself, the magenta hued mutant has been more than a little traumatized and lost. Needing to get away from the house she doesn't recognize, she's made her way down to the edge of the lake. During the night, some kind students managed to get her some clothes, though she does nothing to make the jeans and t-shirt look any worse on her. Purple hair pulled back into a ponytail, the elfin like features are on full display as she stands near the edge of the lake. One arm crosses her midsection and holds her other arm at just below her elbow as she contemplates, her thoughts a swirl and scramble as she tries to make sense of it all.

Not that she hasn't been allowed to wander unobserved. Teachers and students alike have buzzed over the new arrival and her cryptic first words as they keep staff apprised of her wanderings on the campus, even if Clarice could just 'blink' away, she has yet to use her power yet, preferring to just.. walk.

Naturally the Professor was aware of Clarice's arrival, and he encouraged the other students to not gawk too much as he tried to make sense of things. But now he finally had a chance to talk with the newest visitor from a far flung time and/or dimension, so that's when he walks up, dressed rather casually in a Xavier's Institute sweatshirt and actual jeans, which would probably shock his students to no end. He does, however, give Clarice a warm smile, "Hello there. I hope I'm not intruding?"

There's a blink of confusion as Clarice is snapped out of her thoughts and the disorganization of it all as her attention is snagged by the voice behind her. Turning away from the lake, she pushes a strand of hair over her ear and the young woman considers for a moment, and then her green eyes widen slightly. "…you're him." she says quietly. "Mister Lehshnerr carried a picture of you with him, saying you were the creator of his dream." she offers as she straightens up slightly. "I'm Clarice. Clarice Ferguson. People called me Blink."

Charles blinks a little at that, "Ah, yes, Clarice, I'm Charles Xavier. Or would you prefer that I call you Blink?" He smiles a little bit, "Erik said I created the dream… that's, actually very flattering, I think. Though, from the way you say that, I'm not exactly alive where you're from, am I?" Sure, he could just poke in and find out, but that would be exceptionally rude.

"Mister Xavier.." Clarice seems to be hung up on being polite. "…no, you're not." she admits finally. "You passed away long before I met Mister Lehnsherr. Before the war. Before.. everything." There's a small breath. "It's so very confusing, I'm just coming to terms with why Illyana sent me away." the girl rubs her arm for a moment. "I don't even know where to begin."

The Professor smiles, "You can call me Charles, or Professor if you prefer." He hmms a little, "Well, if you want, you could talk a bit more about where you're from… or would you rather me talk a bit more about the school. Since it's probably fairly different than what you're used to." He tilts his head towards Clarice, "Believe me, this isn't my first time dealing with those from another time… or place, so I don't think you're going to faze me too much." With that, he smiles reassuringly, as he practically exudes confidence and optimism.

"Professor." Clarice settles on the more formal of the titles. "I haven't been called Clarice in a.. long time." she finally responds to the question about her name. "I might have to get used to it." There's a small smile offered to Xavier before she draws in her breath. "It seems pointless to talk about a world that may never come to be. I went to the library last night as soon as I came to - and had a shower - and started reading. The event that caused our world.. it did not come to pass." There's a small frown at that. "I thought Illyana had sent me here to warn others - but instead - it seems she's send me someplace.. safe." she offers, glancing to Xavier. "I'm not trying to faze you…" her cheeks darken at that, "…as much as I'm not sure where I'd begin - or if there's even a point to it?"

The Professor nods, "Well, I was just thinking it might help you put things in perspective, if you wanted. Here, it definitely does seem to be different, since, well, I'm alive for starters." He grins slightly, "And I formed the school, with Erik's help, and we try to be a safe haven where mutants can learn about and control their powers without fear of persecution." He leaves off the X-Men's mission, for the moment.

"…Mister Lehnsherr said the same - that was your dream, to have a world where humans and mutants coexisted." Clarice smiles briefly. Hopefully it will brighten Charles' heart that at least one Erik did follow the dream. "At least until he learned of Apocalypse. And students had to learn to become soldiers." She knows, maybe they don't exist here. But she was an X-Man, at least on one world. "That's when he abandoned the Mansion and moved to a new base."

The Professor nods, "Sadly, while I wouldn't consider them soldiers… I do have a group of current and former students that take action to promote the idea that mutants and humans can live and work together. How did Erik put it, 'Protecting a world that fears and hates them.'" He gives Clarice a smile, "Did he actually call you X-Men?" Okay, a bit of vanity there… but he's genuinely curious.

There's a small chuckle as Blink looks surprised. "He told me that you were telepathic. Cheeky." she teases a little before she nods. "He did. There was us.. the X-Ternals. A few others. I was.. late to join. I spent most of my youth and teenage years in the slave pens after Apocalypse conquered America." She pulls in on herself a little tighter at that, giving herself a hug at the idea. "That's where I met Illyana."

Charles laughs softly, "I am telepathic, but I wouldn't use my talents in conversation. That's just a bit rude. Well, unless given permission anyway. Besides, I do have a degree in psychiatry, so it isn't like I need telepathy as often as you think to read people." He pauses, then nods towards Blink as the way she describes her world sinks in, "I hope no one here has to go through that. It sounds dreadful." And he means that, empathy deep in his voice at the idea of such things that Clarice went through in her home.

"As do I." Clarice says quietly. "But, I know that this world seems tranquil.. there will always be something more. Something Sinister to it all. I know that I am not of this Earth, Professor. But I am a trained combatant.. Mister Creed did really well in that." she comments quietly. Not that she knows that Sabertooth isn't exactly welcomed around here, she doesn't care. "And I can help. If you want me to. I'm pretty sure someone's already told you my powers.. besides the pointy ears and pink complexion?" she asks teasingly, a flash of mischief in those unotherworldly emerald hues that fill her eyes completely.

Charles coughs a bit, "Well, I have to admit I'm disappointed that Erik didn't give you the codename 'Arwen', but that's neither here nor there." He nods, "Your powers were mentioned, yes, and if you wish to help, I'd be glad to have you as part of the group Clarice." He smiles a little at that, "And your abilities, frankly, would be incredibly useful."

"Arwen?" Oh, poor Charles, Clarice never got to read the trilogy. "It would give me something to do, and some purpose. I doubt that this world is such that I could simple walk down the street without drawing stares." Because she's colored the way she is, not because she thinks she's attractive. The girl chuckles a little and blushes anew, darkening her cheeks further. "I would be honored to work with the architect of the dream."

Charles blinks, "Well, no, with your world you haven't read Tolkien I'm sure… that's a pity." He smiles a bit, "Well, I suspect you would draw stares for multiple reasons, Clarice, but the honor would be ours. And thank you." He hmms, having a thousand questions about her world, but refraining from asking because he doesn't want to bring up those unpleasant memories.

Clarice considers for a moment, and then smiles a little. "You're welcome. Though I suppose I am supposed to be the one offering thanks. After all, I could have just been turned away." she points out gently before she considers the lake. "I didn't even know this existed when the mansion was whole." she says with a small laugh. "There's.. so much that is different. Perhaps, when I have time to sort it all out, I'll let you in to help me make sense of it all." Her smile turns warm before she idly twirls one of her hands, letting her green teleportation energy dance around it. "I think I'm finally getting my appetite back."

Charles shakes his head at that, "Well, I suppose it's possible, but I would never turn away another mutant, or anyone, in need of help if it was in my power to help them." He smiles back at Clarice, "Considering this is meant to be a school, I've tried to make sure it's welcoming for the children. And the adults, too… I've lost track of the times I've felt rejuvenated walking along the lake." He pauses at the mention of being hungry, and adds, "I have been known to do some work in the kitchen, though I doubt Erik would have mentioned that…"

"No, he never did. But he did name his son after you." Clarice says with a grin, before stepping closer to Charles. "One kitchen, coming up." she offers with a smile as she opens a teleportation cooridor before the pair of them, and blink, they find themselves within the Institue's kitchen.

Charles blinks at the teleportation, and then grins, "Wait, his son? Well…" He shakes his head, looking around at the kitchen, "Alright, now that was impressive. Did you have anything in particular you wanted, Clarice?" A slight grin as he gets his bearings, not looking all that used to just *blink* and being somewhere else.

For a moment, Clarice looks abashed. "I should have asked first. Blinking can be a little.. disorienting." she admits with a small laugh. "Consider us even for that peek earlier." she winks, before moving to sit at the bar. "Surprise me." she offers cheerfully. "Mister Creed mainly made sandwiches and soup." There's a softness in her voice - one usually reserved for someone special - though in her case, it is more a father/daughter type bond with Sabertooth.

Charles looks mildly offended, though he does seem to be teasing more as he says, "My dear girl, I did not 'peek'." He then adds, "However, if someone is shouting, it's hard not to hear a few things." And with that, he starts working on making… soup and sandwiches. Since that's a good thing to have for a fall day, "If I had more time, I would actually prepare my chili. Best chili in Westchester which… admittedly, isn't a terribly high bar." He grins a little, busying himself with the kitchen, because for Charles, cooking is a form of therapy.

As she sits on the barstool, Clarice folds her legs up under her. "You know, I turn 20 next January. Not quite a girl anymore." she points out with a small smirk as she watches the Professor at work. "I haven't had chili since.. before." she shrugs a little. "Sorry, trying not to.. what was the word you just used.. 'shout'?" she responds with a small laugh. "So. I'm a teleporter. I'm still working to find my limits."

Charles grins, "A fair point, and I normally do some chili for all the students around Halloween." He starts the soup, which looks to be a French Onion, "Any sandwich preference? Food allergies? I'd make a joke about Lord of the Rings but you haven't read it yet. And as far as your limits go, we can test your powers in more detail at your convenience."

"No allergies that I know of. You're not good at this 'surprise me' thing, are you?" Clarice asks in amusement as she tugs slightly at her shirt. "I'll have to get new clothes at some point. I think my outfit might be considered.. risque?" There's a shrug of her shoulders. "Thought it is rather comfortable. And no. I haven't read it. There's a lot of things I probably have not done yet. I suppose.. that means I have a lot of catching up to do."

Charles laughs, "Tell that to my students when I give them the pop quiz." He grins, "Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to give you a bad reaction." And with that, he works on making the sandwiches, lightly toasting them while checking on the soup to make sure it's coming along. "Risque? How so?" He didn't poke around for a look into that, either.

"Green sleeveless form-fitting dress with slits up to here." Clarice responds with a smirk. "I think Bobby's eyes were about to bulge out of his head. It's.. good not to see him trapped in his ice. And actually smiling."

Charles blinks a bit, "Oh my… well, yes, that's definitely a touch risque, unless you were going clubbing I suppose." He smiles, "Well, we do have some standard student uniforms if you wanted to take a look at them, but other clothes would not be an issue, I'm sure we can come up with something."

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