1964-10-17 - Food For Thought
Summary: Kai and Speedball hang out at Tavern on the Green.
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Kai spends Loki's money like crazy, and offering to cover lunch at a place this pricey is one of the many ways he does so. He's in full beatnik regalia: a black turtleneck, black chinos, black boots, a black beret, and a white kerchief at his neck. No sunglasses this time of year, but he does have a cigarette holder, which he toys with. "Order whatever you like, man," he says. "My sugar daddy's got us covered."

Speedball was so a son of the Earth. Beyond natural inability to imagine him having a bad day, he really was a hippie at hert; he just wanted people to get along, he liked having fun, he liked other people to be chill groovy and had a good time, and he didn't seem to have a viscious bone in his body. That said he was feeling a little ragged it seemed and was happy to warm up a bright grin at the words 'order whatever you want'. "Careful, man. I'm a liker of things. You've been back and fortha hot minute. How you been man?" He squint looking around. "This place is pretty far out. How'd you learn about it?"

"My friend's got a book shop just outside the park on the East Side. I pass through here to visit it." He grins wryly and says, "I used to never be able to afford it, and now I finally can. Man, I'm selling out, or I will if I'm not careful. But yeah, things have been groovy, I guess. What's up with you these days?"

Speedball looked pretty impressed by this. "Woah real bookstore? Far out. We should totally go take a look. Met an author in the park last week and gave me a couple rec's. I dunno what you're into. I mean the guy was giving me some science fantasy reccommendations which might come across more as a comedy to ya, I dunno." He grinned at his friend what he called 'space elf'. At the question of how he was doing he shrugged. "I mean Im' doin alright. I could complain but like 3 cities jsut got bombed and New York ain't one of them so… I mean there's that, right?"

"Yeah, every day you wake up in the greatest city in the world can't be that bad," Kai says. When the waiter comes around, Kai orders a pasta dish. A cheesy one. Carbs and fats are what fuels the space elf's shenanigans. "But, you know, man, life is personal. Whatever's going on with you matters, even if it's not world-class badness."

Speedball chuckled and warmed a grin, grateful really. He looked up and said, "awwwthanks, man." when drinks arrived. Finally he deciided on an order that was enough to make Vic somewhere go 'That's a good start!' He took a drink from his glass and swirled it thinking on the question, "Kinda appreciate the baddies. Good distraction. Don't too much care for them hurtin Mr. Nunez like that though. He's a good dude. But…"

He shrugged, "things with school tryin to finish up my masters." Taking care that the Elf is not indigenous to Midgard offered, "The deal with that goes like this, we learn things as kids. When we're youths they make sure we have enough knowledge to figure out how to be productive to society and survive. Then if you work hard and you study you might get to go to college, which is eeeeexpensive. You do that for four years and graduate. then it becomes really super hard to get a masters degree and then from there? You prove you have mastered your field. IF you really don't like yourself you go on for a doctorate which pretty much means you have not only mastered your field but can do something new in it."

He sighed heavily sliding to a comfy slouch in his chair. "Like Stark and Pym. I swear I feel so junoir around them it's scary. But ya know… I think maybe if I do that…eh the rest sounds stupid. My dad's just been… yeah." It might be the most he's said about himself in a while. "Oh, cool fund raiser coming up that we're doing. If you got time you should totally come by. It like a neighbourhood relief party for folks thing."

Kai smiles a little as he listens. He's been in Midgard for awhile now, though after having tried college once, he never tried it again, so the bit about Masters and Doctorates capture his fancy. Then he pulls a face. They sound like work. "So you're working your tail off," he says. "For a piece of paper." He flags down another waiter to order a bottle of wine. It's going to be one of those lunches.

"Your dad's the one who's not keen on the M-word, is that right?" He frowns faintly. Fathers. Can't live with them, can't stand having them locked away. "Look, man, I can't imagine what that's like. My old man's in prison, but he was never against what I am."

Speedball laughed and let the grin stretch from ear to ear, "Yeha I guess I am. It's about knowing how stuff works though. Figuring out myself int eh process. Besides, physics is fun as hell if not a tooooon of math." He took a drink and started poking at the break that came complimentary. Sooooo goooood. "Yeah, my dad's the one trying to put people away. But yeah he's… got a thing about Mutants. I feel bad for those guys. Really any powered people." He paused and squint his eyes and said, "They need a word for 'Allergic to non-humans and anything really neat'. THey should call it the Justin Baldwin effect." His jaw set at an angle and gave Kai an apologetic look. "I shouldn't slam em. It's just… he's been giving my mom a hard time. They're um… they're breakin up.She's doin the best she can about it, but last month's been rough."R
Stuffing his face with bread and THEN asking, Robboe murmured, "What'd they get your old man for? You get along eith em? You even get to know him or is this like he's been in the clink since you was a leprechuan or somethin?"

"Hey, they've got a name for them, man. Bigots." He takes a drink of his wine, and he slouches comfortably as if to announce to the world that he is at home. This place? This place is his. For all that he's a dog person, he's such a cat. "Is there anything that can be done for your mum? I'll help you if I can." He takes another healthy drink of wine, then adds, "They got him for burglary." His brow furrows as he thinks. "I guess I get along with them okay. They got arrested when I was in my adolescence. I'm still kind of angry about it all, but I love them."

Speedball gave Kai a sympathetic look. He offered, "Hey, I get that man. I mean that's kinda the ahrd part isn't it? Sometimes we get angry cause we care I guess. I mean… I never used to hate my dad. I don't want to now but I hate that he hates me and he won't… I dunno." He stopped right there and took another drink. BAck to Kai. "You able to go see em? Like visitation rights and stuff? Maybe try to visit?" Man he really didn't know how prisons in Alfheim worked did he? "Can you write him? Never too late in life to reach out, my man."

Kai shakes his head and says, "No, if I show up there, they're just going to go 'oh there's the son of those criminals, I bet he's a bad seed, too.' I'm going to try to see them, and to see if they can get at least my mum's sentence commuted. Even he'll admit he was the ringleader and she was just following along. I know that's not true, but if it'll get her out faster, I can pretend like it is." He sighs as he admits, "I should write them more. I just don't. I'm not a great son."

He then sits up and leans across the table to look Robbie in the eye. "Your dad failed you in the most important ways, and that's not right. You're supposed to love your kids no matter what. Whatever bad feelings you have about him, that's on him."

Speedball poked at his food with his fork and looked around at a glance and then back to Kai with a slow nod. "It's just rough ya know? getting in trouble for trying to do the right thing. I mean, and this is me, I don't think I'm a bad person, and it sounds like you know your parents also live in a place with stupid rules. Sometimes we have to suck it up to help out our family. LIke we're both in the same boat- OOH! Kai! we should totally go as pirates for halloween. That could be cool. Who doesn't like pirates?" From teh chaos, a silver lining.

"You're a great person," Kai says. "Of course it's rough, and no one really understands." It may not be a similar situation, but damn it, the elf can relate to things being hard. He then shrugs and says, "Eh, they're guilty. No doubt about it. But they're mine and I love them. I just get mad at them for getting caught. It's stupid, I know. They had me on the lam so we were always on borrowed time."

Then he grins. "Pirates! That'll be wonderful! I don't know if I can get Serrure to go for it, I'll do it anyway."

Speedball says, "Oooh like Bonnie and Clyde? That's rough, but, ya know, I still think you should write them. My dad is a real hardass and I thought about the justice ssytem being totally legitimate but then I started lookin at teh stuff in Harlem, and the push they're doing to register powered people like we went back twenty years and I gotta say… Justice is a lil messed up sometimes. That aside? Can't get better without insentive to do so. I eman they had ya, be grateful for that since it's clearly buggin ya. Greeting card, postcard, soemthing. "

A hand reached out and patted Kai on the shoulderwith an encouraging nod. "Yeeeees, Pirates. You can be the captainand I'll go as your matey and we can get some yo-ho's goin and a couple ahoys and maybe even see if GIdget can make us sweet eyepatches or something!""

"I'll send them something," Kai says. "It's hard to get messages to them, but that's no excuse." Undutiful son has been convinced, and he hangs his head. "They're not the greatest parents, but they always loved me without fail. Even when they found out I was running around with one of the weaver lads in our town. All they said was, "Don't get caught, we don't want to have to move."

He grins at the shoulder pat. "Pirates is going to be so fun. We can run amok and scare children, and maybe give them candy. Or take their candy. I feel that candy should be involved."

Speedball chuckled and actually really enjoyed listening to that story. Little thinks like that bring hope, yo! "They sound pretty groovy. You ever need to borrow a mom you can come over and hang out with mine. She's the best. My dad tried to have me arrested and she told him he'd have to arrest her too but no one was layin a hand on her son. Scary night, but man she was… awesome. Here's to good moms yeah? So Danny is hopsting a halloween party thing for the kids during the day. We should make a pirate stage and dress up and invite them to be pirates and be pillagin o' the candy." Why he had an Irish accent instead of a pirate one he couldn't tell you. He was bad at accents, ask Robbie Reyes.

"I don't know who Danny is," Kai admits. "But I'll find out! And mums love me. It'd be groovy to hang out with yours. Maybe she'll get out the baby books and tell me embarrassing stories from when you were a kid." His eyes gleam at the possibilities. Then he laughs and says, "We'll have to work on your pirate-speak." He then says, "Arr, ye matey, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum." He watches enough TV that he's got television pirate down pat.

Speedball laughed and admitted, "Or embarassing stories from last week." At the correction of his nautical brogue he shook his head, "Well avast you, Kai. I'll introduce you to Danny. he's fun peeps. He's like this CEO but he's not a total square about it. Oooh pasta's here!" And the fooding begins!

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