1964-10-18 - A Thorough Evaluation
Summary: Peggy meets Thea about the prospect of a career in SHIELD
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Thea, aka Althea Harman, has an unassuming address that is an apartment in an unassuming building in Hell's Kitchen. Her door doesn't look any different than any of the others lining the hall, other than hers does sport a small welcome mat to wipe feet upon that most of the others lack.

The woman herself is curled in a chair with a thick text book. She's been out of nursing school for quite some time now, but it doesn't stop her from researching more, learning possible new tricks. She's been informed someone would be by, and in preparation for that, there are bottles of Coke chilling in the fridge, as well as tea ready to go on. Her apartment is small and neat, the heavy furniture possibly second-hand, but it had been pricey when brand new. There's a bowl of candy on one end table, and magazines on the coffee table. It looks like a fairly regular apartment of a young woman.

Blonde hair is up in a neat twist, and her blouse is still crisp and white, with a black ribbon bow at the throat. Her skirt is a pleated blue wool that drapes over her legs and edge of the arm chair she reads in. She has a bottle of pop open, resting on a coaster on the nearby table, the sounds of carbonation blending a bit with the sounds from the street below.

The "representative" arrives, moving up to the door, and giving a simple knock at the door. Peggy's chosen a white blouse, a navy skirt, and a matching navy jacket over it. Ever-present heels are on her feet, and a briefcase is carried in one hand.

Thea places the marker in her book, settling it with a thump on the coffee table as her feet slide into sensible black flats, suitable for around the home. There is a glance through the peephole, before there is the sound of metal moving to unlock the door and allowing her to swing it inwards. There's a quick smile to the other woman, before her hand will gesture for her to head inside. She won't demand any sort of proof, not while the woman stands in the hallway.

The accent, of course, is crisp and British, as the dark-haired woman looks back to Thea. "Hello there." She moves to step inside if offered. "Ms. Harman?" Her eyes flick about the apartment, taking everything in as she examines it. She remains standing near the door until offered a place to sit.

Thea motions the other woman inside so she can close the door. "That would be me, yes." She will gesture to the couch, the chair, the love seat. "Please, have a seat. Can I get you something to drink? I have lemonade, some cold coca-colas, or I could put on some tea?"

Peggy smiles. "I would adore some tea, if it's available." She'll move over to the chair there, and sits, crossing her legs. "I'm given to understand you were given references to our organization?" She opens her briefcase, and takes out a pen and pad to take some notes.

Thea smiles. "It is. I didn't know what tastes to expect." She will move to put the kettle on to heat, while setting up little mesh tea balls. "Yes. Ms. Danvers thought my certain.. skill sets could be put to good use for the organization.

Peggy nods, and starts to take some notes, as if it were a simple secretarial process. "All right…may I ask what you know about our organization?"

Thea will set out mugs, and move to get out all the bits for tea. She will turn, and smile. "Not much… I'm sorry, I didn't even catch your name. I didn't want to ask while you were in the hallway. Carol made it seem as if a good deal of things are covert in nature. "

First test. Peggy looks over, and answers "Margaret Carter." She gives her actual full name, so as to be less obvious that she's /that/ Peggy Carter, and also to see what, if anything, people might have told her about things. "And what skill sets would those be?" she pauses, pen in the air.

"Depends on where you'd like to start, Ms. Carter." Thea will take a seat, smoothing her skirt. "I'm fluent in several languages, can made due in a few more. I'm a registered nurse who has had more than brush with triage in chaos. Then, of course, is the secret skill set. I'm a bio-kinetic, Ms. Carter."

The brunette makes a note. "What languages?" An eyebrow lifts when she hears the bio-kinetic comment. "And what are the nature of your powers, if I might ask?" She might have tensed ever-so-slightly at the mention of Thea's abilities, but it's hard to tell.

"English, Greek, and French like a native speaker, less so but passable in Italian and Spanish, and I've recently taken up German." Thea rises to get heated water to pour over those tea balls in mugs. "Bio-kinesis? I can affect the biological systems of another body. I can heal wounds, affect physical states, assess injuries without a triage set up…"

Peggy puts the pad away, and then looks over to Thea. "Ms. Harman, I'm going to be more direct with you. Are you a mutant?" There's been some tension between SHIELD and some of the mutants.

Thea moves from making tea to turn just a bit, brown eyes warm and amused over her shoulder. "Allow me to be direct in kind, Ms. Carter. I am a mutant. It is not something that is commonly known. To all but a precious few, I am just a very, very good nurse."

"And may I ask if you have ties to any of the mutant organizations here in New York? Specifically to certain schools?" Peggy asks, looking to Thea. "Or, for that matter, any other organizations?"

"Do you take anything in your tea, Ms. Carter?" Thea turns to look at the woman. "I know people who are.. connected to a certain school. I, myself, have never actually worked with them, or sworn any sort of allegiance." There's a pause, a glance at the woman with a faint arch of brows. "Other mutant organizations, or are my donations to the Red Cross in question?"

The question breaks Peggy's hesitation a little, and she lets out an honest laugh. "I think we can safely assume the Red Cross to be innocuous. One sugar and milk, please." She nods. "I admit, if it weren't for the recommendations from Ms. Danvers, I might not proceed at this part. But I trust her judgement. If she says you can be trusted, I'm inclined to believe her. What do you know about SHIELD?"

Thea will make tea to everyone's preferences, before she will turn, offering the saucer with the cup atop it to Ms. Carter. She will retake her seat with her own tea, waiting long enough to take a sip of her own hot tea. "Because I'm a mutant, Ms. Carter? Does it really make me any different than Ms. Danvers? I'm just a little different, and have different powers. I generally have avoided issues with mutant dust-ups, because I've had to be afraid if my status became common knowledge, I would no longer be allowed to be a nurse." There's an edge there, steel hidden behind the pretty and feminine facade. "Carol didn't tell me much, because I don't have all the required clearance levels, of course. I know there is covert efforts, and she believed I would be an asset that could be trained and be incredibly useful. "

Peggy takes the saucer. "I'd love to say that it doesn't make a difference. But it does. SHIELD's relations with mutants have, thus far, not been without incident. That said, I believe more in people, not labels." She sips the tea, testing, and asks "I know Carol is interested in you joining. Tell me what your view is on the matter?"

She sips her tea. "Carol is someone I look up to, I make no bones about it. I'm interested in using my powers, and all of my skills, more to their fuller extents, than I do currently. Carol thinks I could find a niche and thrive in your organization, and it fascinates me. "

Peggy nods. "And you understand that SHIELD is both a highly-classified and mission-oriented organization? Which is to say, you will not be able to discuss SHIELD affairs with anyone outside it, and that there may be decisions made by those higher up the command structure that you personally may not agree with?"

Thea sets her cup into her saucer, looking at the British woman. "I do, indeed. I'm used to not being able to discuss things with the few people close to me. Between some of my father's work, and the fact I do not reveal that I'm mutant.. secrets are not an issue for me. As for decisions that come down from on high.. I will take it you've never worked in a hospital. The decision makers are morons, but the rules are the rules.

Peggy considers. "Very well. I've already done a background check on you before I came. I didn't see anything that's ringing red bells for me." She takes out a manila folder from her briefcase. "There's sadly a VAST amount of paperwork here that's going to need your signature. I recommend you read thorougly before signing." She'll offer it out to Thea. "On one of the sheets therein, there's a contact number. If you find anything in the paperwork that is unacceptable, burn it, I'll forget we had this conversation, and we can move on with our lives. If you decide you want to proceed, once you've signed, call me. And we'll take the next step."

Thea will take the folder and set it in her lap. "Paperwork is everyday drudgery for me, Ms. Carter. I am well accustomed to filling it out, signing it, filing it." There's a hint of a smile. "I look forward to calling you soon."

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