1964-10-18 - Letters of Opportunity
Summary: Max contemplates the letters he has received and considers doing the right thing.
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Max has received two letters:


My report is as follows-

the King and I went to the Tower of Wisdom to try to speak with the engineers at the Core. Nexus let us know somehting exterior was attacking it from the other points on teh Ring. I'm certain you have figured this out by now.

We went to the Ring to hop to teh Akkad station and there were Kree and Centurion engineers that attacked us. Something there teleported us to the Kree ship of Commander Hala.

Upon landing we were in violation of ship baording laws. I managed to negotiate a 24 hour stay of execution pending inspection of our claim that we did not board of our free will.

Those sent: Blackagar, Myself, Gorgon, Nexus, Chloe

Kree accusations to us: Boarding unprompted.

Counter argument: We encountered Kree having invaded Terra first.

Conclusion: Rogue Kree ensamble is on Terra to some extent. I think one of the beacons called 'home' when human vessals started engaging in mortal wars in that area setting off the alarms.


Result: We are back on Terra though we have an escort with us so I cannot return home.

Kree are here. They are not necessarily unified.

I will send word soon.



A note arrives from Nick that states the following:

They seem to have imprinted upon me and are following me around — our friends from Penglai. With more than 20 additional sites out there, I am going to see how many more I can find, and whether they will likewise follow me around. Can't get ahold of Triton. Thought I would let you know.

Mother Goose


Kaleb let Maximus pace around as he would letting the wheels spin. In the interium Kaleb was working in his sketchbook keeping his mind on other things drawing something, perhaps, for all of posterity. He didn't look up but noted helpfully, "You are letting your coffee get cold." Eyes finally broke over the top of the sketchbook where he was slouched. "What'd we learn?"


Maximus doesn't seem to mind Kaleb drawing Attilan. He's nervous if he wants to go places that haven't really been solved, yet, but if he hangs around the palace, he can draw whatever he pleases. "I have letters. There…its complex, but there is an ancient site, under the water, and inside it was an army of clay soldiers, that all look like Inhumans. Several of me, actually. They seem to be following around an Inhuman called Nick, so he's trying to round up more, which is /interesting/. And then my cousin, Triton…he explains some of what the Kree are up to. There are some here, on Earth. Triton is also…on earth, but not coming back here because he doesn't want to lead them to us. Which is smart. And also interesting. So…they may have our /system/ under duress, but the shields are keeping them from knowing where we are, possibly." Maximus ponders as he looks between the two letters, then flops into the seat by the coffee to take a sip. "Triton writes in an odd manner. He's afraid of being…found out."


Kaleb tracked Maximus with his eyes and offered, "Max I'm going to say this as kindly as possible. That's a lot." He flipped the sketch pad around now that Max sat down finally. "I got the floor commemorated. You can go back to pacing a hole in it againat your liberty." Oh he's ufull of deadpan commentery. ON the upshot he seemed perfectly content to find new bits of the architecture to keep for future imperfect memory.

"So," he tried to catch up, "Nick has an army of terracotta statues that were there forever ago but look like people you know. Not at all creepy. And you ahve several of you in the bunch. You moving them here?" Maybe part of the reason Kaleb and Max could have productive talks was the Mutant saw opportunity into missing potential interior decorating into tactical for home defense. "And aliens, pardon the broad term, these Kree, are…on Earth. Well… are they the ones that started blowing up holes in South America and the middle east? I mean like is this…" Wow he never thought of this possibility before of outside threats. "is this an invasion? I mean they can have New Jersey but there's parts of the planet I like."


"Believe me, if I can, I will absolutely turn Jersey over to the aliens." Maximmus, well aware of Kaleb's hate. He sips the coffee and listens to how Kaleb's questions help him frame everything better. It actually helps keep him sane. "It is a lot. And it is all very strange, as well. It is almost as if…" Maximus draws in a deep breath, "There's still something we're missing. If the Kree are confused…and we are confused, and Nick is leading around a terracotta army, and /teleporting/ is a problem in Attilan, for seemingly no reason, then…there may be another player in all of this."


Kaleb listened patiently and tapped at the side of Max's leg withthe top of his foot with just a nudge to remind him he's there o some tactile level which generally wasn't Kaleb's forte, but there was a language that was working here. Grounding reminders. "Hey, we'll figure it out. We're clever. We survive." There. Some optimism from the cynic always goes good with coffee and morning invasions of one's planet. "So at least your family is taking some precautions. Sounds like they are also presently alive, to take into account." Hey it was good to point that out now and that was an important feature in arrangement of contingency plans.


Yes…also good to point out. /Alive/. Maximus sighed and looked at Kaleb when he felt the tap of his foot. He stares. Lips part. Steel blue eyes wander the younger man's face and finally he utters, "You're very good at this." He works his jaw and then he leans forwards in his chair and stretches out his hand, fingeres loosely curled up. "Kaleb…I want you to know that…the other day…" he exhales. "Its not easy for me to express and to be frank, sometimes that expresses through…harassing a person or…" he cuts out. "I almost lost you, because of me. And, I can feel myself slipping, thinking things that could be dangerous for us both." He picks up Triton's letter with the hand that isn't waiting for Kaleb's. "Maybe this time…something different. Maybe this time…I try saving my brother."


Kaleb slid the notepad to his knee that was propped up and dropped his hand into Maximus'. His fingers curled around that hand that waited for him and the words brought the analytical Mutant up short. His throat tightened, swallowing and remembering the sounds when that event happened that etching out Max's face. It was n't the fure of outrage at someone ruining some masterful plan he painstakingly put together like a family pet knocking over a carefully constructed house of cards. The expression was a fury born of fear because he might lost that which he never sought to ante up or ever wager. That Kaleb understood: What is mine is mine, and woe be to they twho touched the things. Well shit he really wished he could think of something to say to that. To anyone else, yes they were demented and weird, but to Echo the words resonated a considerable compliment. A tleast Max knew he knew that, which was good because he wasn't coming up with anything that sounded intelligible so instead there was a firm squeeze of that hand.

Echo took a deep breatha nd nodded slowly, letting the rest catch up with him. Words addressed that which he could encourage, "Maybe, I think this is a good plan. Prove you are more than what they cast you as in short sight. If nothing else, change the field so they don't know how to strike you or disarm their motives? Asuage the division; gives your people better chance for survival, especially if there's a third player. I think you have the makings of good idea with a ton of potential…and… thank you." There. two little words. They were a good start. Way late but present.

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