1964-10-19 - Back Alley Egg Deals
Summary: Maximus reaches out to Triton to set up a meeting with he, the Captain, and Hell-Stabber to convene as best as they can with 2 Kree chaperones.
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There is trudging. Trudging for Maximus and Kaleb, Patrick down a snowy mountain until they are out of range of whatever is causing teleporting to be blocked. Patrick, the teleporter, brought Maximus and Kaleb to New York, then immediately went to Max's apartment to stay there until he's needed again. And then Maximus bid farewell to Kaleb for a little while as well, letting him connect with his family and friends for a while, while he…heads to the meeting point to see if Triton, Chloe and Gorgon are waiting for him. Before he gets too close, he pauses, looks over his assortment of devices in the pockets of his billowing white and black trenchcoat. His hair was left curly, easily tossed by the breeze, but his outfit was in its most formal form. The collar of the coat was popped up, and his boots had embossed sworls. His snug pants and shirt, in silver and black, were the reinforced versions of both. In short, he is ready to NOT be the second brother imprisoned by the Kree.

Triton had gone underwater mostly since they got back. It let him get message out to his own spies as he needed to to get word there and back again never mentioning Attilan by name. He got word to Gorgon and Chloe to meet him at the lighthouse and just beyond the point there. Water. Water was good. Fish in space? well… it was literally as far from his natural habitat as he could get. Still he was collected, alert, and as careful as he's ever been. A webbed hand came to rest on Chloe's shoulder as a webbed hand pointed with four fingers that-a-way for Gorgon silently indicating the approach of their cousin. "Right on time."

Gorgon had his arms crossed, probably pacing right now around the lighthouse with Triton probably telling him to 'calm down Gorgon, they'll be here soon. stop being impatient.' but Gorgon was always one who took waiting probably a bit too seriously. Regardless, when Triton points out Maximus and company, Gorgon would nod a few times. "There they are. Not a minute too soon." he keeps his arms crossed, though he nods to Triton, the man who keeps him calm 46 of the time.

Chloe looks to Triton and smiles when he settles a hand upon her shoulder. She leans in, resting her forehead against his, touching upon that breathing apparatus that keeps them ever separated. "The weather grows colder," she murmurs to him. She's wearing a longer skirt and boots for warmth, not to mention a loose sweater over her goldenrod turtleneck. Her hair is slapped up lazily with a pencil to keep it in place, just like a sexy librarian sans glasses. As fanciful and bohemian as she might be dressed, she's got a sharp alertness about her. The knives are hidden in her sleeves, and she's ready.

Maximus continues closer, his steel blue eyes drifting towards the Kree minders…however they are disguised at th emoment, then to the small group, including the romantic pair. "Fish…and giant man-beast, and she picks the fish." He grins crookedly. "So. I would very much like to have my brother back, now. How do we accomplish this?"

Triton was standing there having a moment when; eyes squint. His head turned to Max and it was unfathomable what expression he might, but the tone wasn't unpleasant. "Thanks, Maximus. I missed you too." Okay that was faint amusement. "Presently? We work with our hosts to find out who betrayed us both presumably and he and Nexus come home. And hopefully… well they go back to theirs and leave ours." Not a ton of confidence in that statement.

Gorgon growls at Maximus "the puny one." he says as he towers over him, but it's clearly in good faith as he chuckles afterwards. He lets Triton speak, after all, he was the one doing most of the diplomacy when he was around. "Like he said, we didn't exactly get the best deal, but in that situation, I think it's as good as we could have gotten." he sighs then. He probably regrets that Nexus stayed right about now.

Chloe gives Maximus a kind and patient look. She's lived among the nastiest of demons and murderers, hunted like prey, hunted like a predator. Hellfire and brimstone has been her home. She's got patience to spare. "It's always a pleasure to see you, Your Highness." She smiles at Gorgon, taking the comment in the spirit it's given. "I could extol the virtues of my beloved Prince Triton, but it would take so long it would throw us off our mission."

"I /know/ that he is amazing and loyal…and honestly one of the best men you could ever have chosen to give your heart to. Is that not what I said in my own way?" Max grins crookedly. "After all…I have come allll this way…to rescue you." Maximus spreads his hands. "I am still uncertain why this enemy continues to hold hostages. What is their location? I mean…you did tell them about the weapon, right? It seems so strange that they would hold hostages with that sort of threat looming over them…" Maximus chuckles in a fairly unbalanced manner. He is absolutely speaking loud enough for the Kree to hear.

Triton raised a webbed hand to his forehead and jus tshook his head. Too much discussion on all teh wrong things he knew not what to do with but reply, "I seek to honour my family." He squint and was giving the idea that he was possibly being built up to pass subterfuge later. Right. Directive acknowledged. He still kept his voice down enough to keep consistancy. The shoulder was given a pause where his hand was before continuing onwith business. A look was given to Gorgon with a nod and then to Maximus. Right title playtime over. "The systems are setting up for a defense mode. At this time they are what is causing mass destruction to their outlying cities. We saw as much with the nuclear sub. We saw more in Akkad. Apparently that alerted the Kree to come as a distress call home response. The problem is the Kree were already here at Akkad before we even got there. So as far as the weapon is concerned? I know not."

Gorgon looked between the group, a small sigh coming from him as playfulness continued a little. Even if some of it was from Maximus. He nods to Triton as he speaks, remaining silent for the time being as they talked. Triton had this down. When Triton finished speaking, Gorgon would give a nod as if to provide witness and a second opinion on his words, which is to say that it was true. He did glance to Chloe though, apparently happy that Triton had a good one by his side. he nods to her approvingly.

"What do they want our people for, and what might they want more?" Chloe asks. Even with the translations flying back and forth, there was a lot she didn't grasp. This is all so new to her. Negotiation, give and take. It's not 'stab and stab again to survive, then take their stuff.' "Sorry, I must seem foolish. I've never been embroiled in politics."

"This seems confusing. YOu are saying that /they/ also have been attacked by something?" Maximus frowns, deeply. He glances to the Kree, then back to the trio. His eyes rove up and down Gorgon, since he hasn't seen the guy in a pretty long time.

Triton paced slowly, thoughtfully. Family traits manifest. Webbed fingers tapped over the mask and he chose his words very carefully. Chloe and Gorgon knew what happened with Nexus and why, but he was truting Maximus' knack for subterfuge. "Nexus is till withthe Kree ship. I believe your brother is with him last intel served me. So far, they have been… honourable in their dealings. "Seems two groups of Jree. The group that was already here and our host, Hala, wants to know why as do we. How are things at home?"

Gorgon looks to Maximus, nodding at his words. "Yes. and now, this is a sort of strange partnership…that I'd personally rather not have, but our hands our presently tied because they have Black Bolt and Nexus." he sighs a moment, he knew he made the right call having Nexus remain according to his wishes….but it still ate at him. He growls lightly, looking to Maximus at Tritons question, curious himself. "Yes, tell us of home." he nods, eager to hear himself.

"I admit, I'll sleep easier once they've honorably gone back where they come from," Chloe says. She folds her arms around herself, practically swimming in that oversized sweater. She falls quiet though as the others ask for news of home, and she turns her attention to Maximus with anticipation.

The former King looks at the three of them for a long moment. "Those at home tried to have me killed. Propaganda from the Kree spills into our system constantly. Though it may seem as though they are acting in good faith, I suspect they are simply buying time and /particularly/…because they are now losing the fight. I have pulled the systems away from the core…bringing our home back under control. I cannot stay long. Do you want to come home?"

Triton looked to Gorgon and deferred to him in this. Family they were, but a family also built on respecting role and station. "Gorgon, I could advice were we to return, as much as I miss our home-" He looked to Max, "Maximus who tried to have you killed?"" He looked to GOrgon and left jsutice and beatings in his hands. Both webbed hands came up so that he might focus. He was tired, but it was a familiar weariness. "as much as it would be nice to return home we break treaty with our escort and we jeopardize those we leave behind us. While we are divided so are they. Even ground for all." Eyes looked to Chloe and he promised quietly, "You will see your gaden again. The Kree cannot have that."

Gorgon seemed to stand up a little straighter when Maximus says that someone made an attempt on his life. "Who." he states almost demandedly, before he relaxes a moment. "any idea? any rebel groups started to form? Kree sympathizers?" he asks curiously. He'd round them all up…but, he shakes his head on the option to return home, and Triton explains just why. "as much as I would love to…I cannot. and it enrages me." so he takes a breath. "we need to find the source of this…and fast."

Chloe stands just a little taller when Maximus says someone has tried to have him killed. The look on her face is hard, almost cruel as she ponders what she would do to someone who fancies themselves an assassin of the royal blood. It's only Triton's promise she'll see her garden again that softens her features and causes her to relax marginally. She nods firmly to Gorgon's words, and with a sigh, she says, "I'm afraid we'll have to be here a little longer."

Maximus turns his attention fully on Chloe for the first time since their meeting. He seems to study her, looking for her honesty, the personality that has never been his enemy, or beholden to him either, in that way. "The source is /Kree/. It is Kree language that disturbs our system. They /must/ be lying. My brother may already be dead. There is no even ground. I have no way of knowing if the assassin was Kree, or one of our own people, manipulated into believing myself to be the enemy."

Triton shook his head, "You didn't do this, Max, or the Kree would still have us." A weird compliment or vote of confidence to be certain His eyes moved from him to Choe and to Gorgon. There was a slow nod and he, tactically minded asked, "Corvus hunting them?" Spy recognized spy skills. This was not sitting well with him.

Gorgon would nod a few times in agreement with Triton. "Don't be hard on yourself." before He answers Triton's question. "To my knowledge." He takes a moment to look at the Kree guards that they had on them, causing Gorgon to sigh. "we'll do what we can, and go from there." he states simply, clearly formulating a strategy in that mind of his in the event all else fails.

Chloe meets Maximus' gaze, and she gives him a small nod. She's never meant him harm, and from the look of it, she'll rise up to defend him. As Gorgon speaks, she nods on the tail of his words "We'll do what we can," she echoes, quieter. She then adds, to the Captain, "If you require my assistance, just give the word, Sir."

Maximus nods back to Chloe and then approaches Triton. "I was not certain if you truly wanted what you asked for, or if that was a code for…wanting reinforcements. Thankfully…I brought both." Though there are no visible reinforcements in sight. He does, also, however, reach into his trench coat pocket on the right side and pull out a clutch of 4 boiled eggs. "Corvus is working on the matter. And I /realize/ that I had nothing to do with this. We ALL know this is Nexus' fault…if it is anyone's." He nods once. "There is…other information to be had, but not here. Not unles I am able to see my brother. I understand you wish to keep playing the Kree's game, but…I am less amused."

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