1964-10-19 - Studies in Kindness
Summary: Learning about braille at a bookstore.
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Well it's going to be one of those days of course. Sure guide dogs have been around for a while, but well they aren't just that common, and people still are unsure of how to react around them. Which is why the guy who just walks into the book store with his dog in tow is getting some very severe looks from the other patrons of the place. Sure one can tell he is blind, he has the standard super dark blind guy glasses of course, that's step one. Plus he has a freaking guide dog, but still. It's a dog, in a bookstore, such things cannot stand!

That of course makes things even more fun when his dog leads him to another patron. Hey guide dogs aren't good at telling shoppers apart from people working you know, and Reader isn't looking through his own dogs eyes at the moment. "Hi, uhm exscuse me? I was hoping if you could tell me if there are any books written in Braille around here?" And that of course marks the last step in realizing the guy is blind, who else would ask for a Braille book?

Scarlett stands by a desk on the main floor under that gorgeous specimen of a bear who probably deserves to have a solid brass spyglass and a gun of some sort, the polar Cable. Let all fear his wrath, frozen in a most perplexing snarl, as if he can't quite figure out why he is mounted in a shop. The bohemienne redhead presses her hands flat to a list curling at the corners, the neatly handwritten selection clearly torn out of a journal and a fine example of penmanship. Taking in a deep, cleansing breath, she holds the oxygen deep in her lungs for several seconds. The commotion with the dog distracts the helpful society docent who clearly has something to say about the hound in the shop, and what if the hound eats something or squats somewhere clearly at the forefront of that fellow's mind. But not the girl, who peers past two stacks of 'haves' and 'not on your life' selections towering around.

"I think it somewhat likely," she answers. Voices have their own characteristics. Hers is a melody captured in lyrical gold, the honey tones of a soprano enriched by a suppressed measure of amusement and no little compassion. "The map room is certain not to have anything of that sort, I fear, but perhaps we might locate something. What sort of books are you looking for? They have a rather ghastly amount, all told." That accent trends English, of all things.

Just outside of the store, a loud, yet familiar to some, engine roars as a vehicle comes to a hard stop outside the bookstore. In truth, it was Robbie Reyes driving his ?63 Dodge Charger. Black, white, and nightmarish when you get to know it. Robbie himself would eventually exit the vehicle, wearing his trademark leather jacket, a red T-shirt underneath, black pants and combat boots. Plus those driving gloves, which are also black.

Entering the shop with a ding of the bell, Reyes made a straight B-line to the science section. Huh, maybe he was there to learn a few things? Or possible gifts even?

"I am not exactly sure what I am looking for. My choices have always been limited based on selection. So I was hoping they would have all the Braille books grouped together, and I can just choose from there. But perhaps there would be a fantasy book, I have not had much of a chance to read fantasy lately." Yay for fantasy, lets get something with Dragons! Dragons totally rock!

Forey the dog in question just sits by his masters side, and is very well behaved! Aside from letting on a slight doggy yawn. Reader himself leans down after talking to the lady and places a hand on his dogs head, "I am sorry for him. But without Forey here, I am afraid I would cause some damage to the store. I am assuming they would not want me bumping into things and knocking them over. Don't worry he is well behaved, and won't do anything besides guiding me around."

"I fear that might be out of the scope of such a shop," says Scarlett, regret thick upon her tongue for a moment or two. "They rather carry more related to travel, exploration, and culture. Not quite the typical bookstore with Mr. Tolkien's works. Have you had an opportunity to pick up one of his novels? They must come in Braille, and if you have not, then you've given me a mission to locate you something suitable." Mobilized to a purpose, the redhead draws herself up straighter. The neroli scent permeating her presence is the strongest, though there should be traces if one can distinguish the notes — steel, warm sugar, rain. Spending time out and about clearly serves her well, and she hasn't been catching the bus by the likelihood of it.

The staff can frown all they like, but they just utter "Hmph" or "Well" at the periphery of side rooms. Yes, Forey will most certainly be considered and scrutinized. The club members working here aren't fools, they know the value of their materials and the historical status. The rumble of a car won't disrupt them so much as a little accident.

Reyes was pretty much oblivious to the activities going on around him, though he does hear the dog, which brings a small smile to his face. But the books he has is things like Biology basics and a book describing known ocean life. Yeah, very much not Robbie. Probably a gift.

he puts the books under his arm, and when he spots Scarlett, he gives her a small wave in greeting, and it?s now he notices Reader and his doggie. While he doesn?t say anything still, he?s tempted to ask about the dog, but he doesn?t, instead looking back in Scarlett?s direction.

"Well culture is always good, so what would you recommend? I have been doing some traveling in Europe lately, and may eventually head back there." Yes there is the notice of the scents in the air from the lady, "I will have to find some works from Mr. Tolkien, thank you for that recommendation. We can try and find some type of travel books, I do need something to read to pass the time." Plus you know knowing more about a place helps if he decides to teleport himself there or something.

As for Forey, he has decided now would be a good time to lay down. He does the standard dog thing and spins in a circle and just plumps on down. Reader himself is not aware of what the dog has decided to do right now of course. "Thank you for the help, I appreciate it."

"Europe is always a good choice, to be sure. I've had a fondness for Scandinavia. The land of the midnight sun, full of cool air, the crash of the sea, and the rich scent of pine and soil. At least below the permafrost; the mountains and the tundra are quite a bit different. The Swedish forests about now are remarkably lovely." Scarlett's warmth of tone only escalates, her hands clasping together. She still carries her wrapped up paper, and that will have to serve as she looks back at the pile of books. "I'm Scarlett. Let me go use my university credentials to impress no one and see whether they will consent to me pulling out a few books that you might be able to read. No promises they would be interesting, but at least they have reading rooms in there." Her wave back to Robbie is kind, friendly and far too enthusiastic. That girl's a cat in redheaded clothing, the proverbial ear perk in motion.

deciding to actually be a normal human being and socialize, Robbie would give Scarlett a small smile at the enthusiasm of her wave. ?Tolkien?s pretty good. Sorry, eavesdropped. Does a really good job making you use your imagination through imagery.? He looks to Reader, and notices he?s blind. ?Good day to you.? He greets.

he?s already waiting in line, so might as well chat right? ?I?m Robbie.? He introduces himself.

Okay the guy doesn't have a real name at all. He has just been calling himself Reader for so long that he has basically forgotten his own real name, quick time to think of something. "I'm James." Yup, James very basic an American sounding name! He nods down to his Dog, who continues to nap during the talking, "That's Forey." Of course once the dog hears his own name he picks his ears up, noticing that Reader just introduced the guy he prods on over and stands by his masters side once again. "Thanks, I will have to try and find something by Tolkien that I can read."

Reyes smiles softly to ?James?, though he may be a bit suspicious of the sudden and blurted answer, but out of politeness he doesn?t call him on it. ?Nice to meet you James.? He looks to the dog dutifully at his masters side…even though said dog is napping. ??And Forey.? He looks back to James with a smile ??No problem. I?m dealing in science books today. Sending them back to California so Cousin can get book smart.??

The blind guy nods at this, "That sounds interesting. I am just trying to find something to pass the time. There is only so much listening to the radio that one can do, you know?" Hey it's gets boring after a while listening to the same stuff over and over again. "Plus if I travel to places, I can get Forey here out and exploring, he seems to really like that."

Robbie would give a few nods. "Eh, it's just science. Nothing I'm too good at, but thought I'd send a little gift while I'm here. Might as well right?" he chuckles faintly, and he nods understandably when listening to the same thing on the radio can be all consuming in terms of sheer boredom. "I understand that. it's good to get out and about, get some fresh air." he kneels down a moment, a hand moving to the dog. "You mind if I pet your dog?" he asks politely, not petting the dog is proving difficult. Robbie loves dogs.

Everybody loves dogs, plus Forey is all sorts of awesome, and has proven to be a great ice breaker with folks! "If he wants it, go ahead." Yeah most say don't pet service dogs, but well Forey isn't the usual service dog. He seems to understand what Reader has said, and stands up and just moves slightly in front of Robbie. The dog sign for, pet me. "And I will find somewhere else to visit. But I've been in Europe too much, which is what brought me here."

Robbie and Forey apparently are already fantastic friends. Reyes takes off one of his gloves and gives Forey a scratch right at the back of the ear, giving the dog affection. "Gracias, amigo." he thanks James for the permission, though when he says he'll find somewhere else to visit, Robbie shrugs. "I've only been to Italy. I'd like to go just to explore someday, but otherwise, I'm content here." he nods a few times, talking to the dog now. "Who's a good boy, huh? who's a good boy?" he smiles as he pets the doggo.

Reader smiles at it, "He deserves it today. He has been very good, and he's being very patient with me, so a little attention won't hurt him." He smiles, and reaches into a pocket, it's a dog treat, "Here give this to him. And Italy was great when I was there. Food is amazing of course." Of course he mentions nothing about not being able to see, cause why bring people down. Or he could have secretly found a way to see all the stuff that he wanted to there!

Robbie would nod a few times to Reader, taking the dog treat when it was offered to him to feed to the dog, who seems to just gobble that bad boy up, and Robbie gives his belly a scratch as a show of 'that's a good boy!' before his attention returns to reader. "The food really was. I was only there for about three days, but it's better than none I suppose." given, he was also teleported there whilst demon fighting, but that's unimportant! Robbie does stand to his feet though, books still under his arm. "He's a good dog."

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