1964-10-20 - Catching up with Medusa
Summary: Triton reaches out to their ace in teh hold: Medusa who has been hanging out in New York and can intepret directions to the safehouse and get caught up on current events.
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Triton had spies. The spy had his own spies because that's how it worked. Years of spying for the family on Maximus, or conversely, spying on the family for Maximus resulted in one outcome: Triton just always wanted to know where the hell on this blue green marble his damn family was. He'd sent a missive to Medusa to let her know: a couple of us are at the lighthouse. Things are bad. Situation unsafe; not volatile. and so he waited by the railing over the waterfront with Chloe waiting for the crimson haired wonder to appear or not.

Medusa has had to do a lot of soul searching in the past year or two, and her retreat from the family has been quiet. But when she gets the message, curiosity and concern win out. It takes a few hours, but eventually there's a knock on the lighthouse door, the silhouette of a hooded female figure leaning against the frame.

"I remember her," Triton says of Medusa. "Barely, but I remember her hair, such a shade of red." When there's a knock on the door, Chloe goes over to answer it, and she bows before stepping aside to let the hooded woman through. "Princess," she murmurs with the gravity of respect. "Please, come in."

"Thank you." Medusa says gravely to the other woman, and as she steps in, lifts her arms to pull back the deep cowl of the hood. Her hair, now able to unfurl, is just as the aquatic Inhuman remembers; a mass of red, wafting gently in the space around her like an aura and drifting gently as if she were underwater. "Triton. You called. I came. You said things are bad." There's a smile for Chloe, brief but gentle. "I don't recall you. Are you one of our fellows who have lived on Terra for generations?"

Tritondipped his head in a greeting. He was just intimidating with the mask and the scales, but he wore no flag of war against his Cousin. "You are a relief to see, and no she wasn't on Terra asintended. It was considerably less favourable an environment." His scales were still shifting down from hues of blue and green to slate and a washed out cobalt being inside the lighthouse landing. Interior then exterior eyelids blinked. "The Kree have had a glitch that has affected outr core, they are here on Terra and they are presenetly not too far and possibly within earshot of us.. As I said, long. Story." He loked to her and paused, "You look well, are you?"

Chloe smiles at Medusa, if briefly, and bows again. "I was trapped in a hell, Princess. I found my way out in this city, and then I met Triton, who brought me home. He's given me a job as a gardener at the palace." She finds a chair for Medusa and sets it before her as Triton explains the situation.

"A Kree virus has infiltrated Attilan?" Medusa's expression becomes one of dismay. A nod of thanks is granted to Chloe. "It's been some time since I've walked in Attilan while it has been at peace, but the gardens were a comfort. I'm sure you maintain their beauty well." Looking back up to Triton, Medusa's lips purse as she adds, "Last I left, the Genetic Council took over rulership. I am unharmed."

Triton tapped his ear and gestured around. Walls may have ears. He brought paper with him thoughand tiltes his head as if saying in not so amny words anything secured had a place out of earshot to go. "Last I left hiccups in the core arrested function on teh city. Maximus diverted critical systems with Karnak to bring the city back online. Chloe, Gorgon, Blackagar, Nexus and myself went to go check on disturbances as one of the protected sites and found Kree already here. We fought. We won. We were teleported to a Kree ship and detained while Maximus and Karnakkept the peace here. Blackagar and Nexus are, to our knowledge, still with that ship."

Chloe inclines her head to Medusa and says, "I do my best, Princess, and when we return to Attilan, I hope they'll be in a good condition for your enjoyment." She takes her place beside Triton, quieting as he describes what's going on. She nods to him saying Blackagar and Nexus are (probably) still on the ship. That much she was there for.

"There are humans and mutants who might know something of Black Bolt's whereabouts," Medusa offers, brow furrowing. "Maximus…" she trails off, shaking her head. "What do you need me to do, Cousin?" Chloe's assurance makes her smile gently, but it's clear the princess is being careful about her reactions as she tries to get a grasp of the situation.

Triton tried to be that medium between Karnak's reason and Gorgon's compassion. Patience, it came back to patience. He was thoughtful before giving her an answer rubbing his thumb to the side of his finger. "I need you to know. Yes, I know we all and Maximus have a history too but right now he's being constructive instead of destructive. I'm enjoying this while it lasts. Still, we're getting more information in and presently we are waiting for our guardians" which clearly meant the Kree dropping eaves like a Gamgee, "assess why different Kree invaded Terra. Take them. Leave us. " He looked to Chloe as if to double check, "What am I missing I feel like I am missing a bit?"

Chloe shakes her head and says, "Nothing comes to mind. Only that we are bound here until we can return to Attilan. I will find us shelter. I'll go tonight, and then I'll report back." She purses her lips in thought, then asks, "What will be done with the underwater base? Or are we not there yet, My Prince?"

The news of the underwater base causes her to lift her brows curiously, but otherwise she remains self-contained. "How can I do the most good, Triton? I have little influence over the House of Boltagon, and while there was once talk of my taking steps to ready us to be revealed, it was brought to a halt by circumstances. I can be another soldier in the fight, if that's what you need."

Triton had his face hidden in the mask but the smile reached his eyes, "Ideally we need Max to figure out how to contact Nexus, but I will see what needs to be done by reaching back out to the Kree that may be taking care of the invading Kree for us. If you can assist Chlow in finding this place that we have a coordinate foras you know New York it can save us time and get us fortification faster.

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