1964-10-20 - Bikes, Beer, and Good Conversation
Summary: A few of the Defenders as well as the mysterious Bucky Barnes have a nice chat at the Cigar Factory over a few cold ones.
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It was a beautiful day in Harlem. People laughed and talked with each other, birds chirped….engines revved. It was the average day though in the city…people still yelled, people still fought outside, and well…it was Harlem.

But the Cigar Factory would get a visitor this day. Outside of the bar, a loud engine could be heard revving as Robbie parks his charger in a fairly decent parking space. getting out and walking in, He wore his trademark Leather jacket with a red T-shirt underneath, black pants and combat boots, as well as black biker gloves with a white trim. He walks into the bar with his hands in his jacket pockets, looking around to see if Luke was possibly there…but he ends up finding a booth, and taking a seat, flicking his keys into his hands after yelling for Luke to see if he was around.

When you go into hiding to escape the bad guys, your social life takes a bit of a hit to it. Now that Colleen has decided that she isn't hiding for the rest of her life, she's back to finding things to do. One of the best things to do on a Friday night are go to bars, have a drink, meet some people. Colleen makes her way into the Cigar Factory, the delivery tube held in her hand, and her other hand tucked into the pocket of her coat.

Turning his head to the young woman who entered the fine bar, Reyes would give her a small wave, recalling her from the last time he was there…and he met well, everyone else the group apparently knew. "Hola Colleen. Enjoying the day?" he asks curiously, inviting her over with a small wave of his hand.

"Hey.." Colleen calls in response, heading in Robbie's direction at the wave over, "So far…it's been a pretty quiet one, I'll admit." She pauses just next to the booth for a moment, mentally debating if the invite was to sit or just come say hi, then she slides into the booth across from him, "How're you enjoying your day?"

The door to the back 'warehouse' portion of the Factory opens, and in walks Luke carrying a keg of beer in each hand like they were paper sacks, whistling a small little tune as he strolls towards the back to replace the empties. He tosses a nod over at Robbie, "Hey, hothead. How's tricks?" He glances to Colleen and offers her a nod as well, "You two need anything, you holler. Or just help yourself, you know where everything is, Robbie."

Robbie gives a little two-finger salute to the bulking Luke Cage as he makes his entrance, "Sure thing big guy." he nods to him with a small smile, before his attention falls on Colleen. "Happy to hear it. Please, sit sit." then she does and he gives her a small smile "The day's going. just came here really because boredom and wanted to see if I could find any friends." he shrugs a little.

though he looks to Cage at his question "Good enough, hows you?"

Colleen glances towards Luke when he makes his way out of the back, offering him a nod in response to his nod, then she glances at Robbie, "Yeah? I suppose that we both had similar ideas then…at least in that attempting to come out and socialize thing." She settles what's in her hand next to her on the booth before she leans forward, resting her forearms on the edge of the table, "You want a beer? My treat."

Robbie gives her a small smirk at her words, and when a pretty lady offers you a beer, you do -not- say no. it's just a guy rule. Plus he wanted a beer. "If you want to buy chica, I sure won't stop you." he smiles to her softly, before his eyes glance to that thing she had in her hand. "this is the second time I've seen you with that. You deliver mail or is that something else?" he asks curiously. he wasn't expecting her to answer it, but he does seem honestly curious!

"Another day, man. Just another day." says Luke as he sets the beer kegs down back behind the bar. "At least, knock on wood, nobody had come around messing up my bar in the last few weeks. Finally got all the bullet holes spackled out and painted. Let's hope that is the last time." He slips behind the bar and pulls a couple of beers from the tap, picking up the glasses and bringing them over to the booth. "Nice and fresh."

"It's nothing…" Colleen replies, a hand reaching down to touch the tube before she starts to turn her attention towards Luke to put in the request for the beer, only to notice he was one step ahead. "Thanks." She flashes a quick grin before she shrugs at Robbie, glancing back down to her hand before admitting, "Something else. I'm not sure they'd trust me to deliver mail, I'd probably get it all mixed up."

Robbie smiles at Luke "I feel that, amigo." then the beer arrives and Robbie takes his once it hits the table, or accepts it from Luke gently if it didn't and gave Luke a little 'cheers' "Gracias." he sips his beer a little, letting out a satisfied sigh afterwards from savoring the taste, then his eyes fall upon Colleen once more.

"Oh? Well, I don't know you well enough to make a statement on that one senorita. but, I'm curious about what's in it if it's not mail. But you don't have to asnwer if you don't want to." he offers mercifully, before he takes a deep breath, he'd seen things used for weirder things. If she has a weapon in that, it likely wouldn't surprise him. He's seen demons come out of books after all.

Luke Cage nods to the pair, offering a little salute. "If you want refills, Robbie, you know how it works. Just leave the cash in the till, or settle up next time." He gives a smile over to Colleen. "Hey there. I'm Luke." He wipes his hand on his jeans, then offers it over to her. "Don't let him pester you to much. If he does, let me know and I will sick Jessica on him."

"Nice to meet you, Luke." Colleen replies, reaching up to take the offered hand and give it a shake, "Colleen…" She glances at Robbie, then shakes her head, laughing, "Nah…it's alright. I get being curious, I think we all are." She takes her hand back, only to reach for the tube to pick it up, tugging the lid off it before she tilts it, letting the sword that is inside slide partially free, "Family heirloom."

Robbie looks at Luke "Hey, hombre I'm not that bad, entiendes? (understand?)…and who the hell's Jessica?" he asks curiously, not having met that particular woman yet, though the time is likely coming. He glances though at Colleen when she pulls out a freaking sword, and he just whistles a little. Okay, the woman's a ninja. "thats….awesome, I won't lie. So are you a swordswoman then? martial arts?" he wasn't too knowledgeable on the finer aspects of that…even though he's been to these places before when he was uh….

Ghost Ridering it up.

Luke Cage chuckles at Robbie, giving him a grin. "Oh, you will know her when you meet her. I promise." He laughs, patting him once on the shoulder with maybe a little more force than 'normal'. He looks to Colleen and then to the sword. "Nice. I'd advise putting that away though. I try to keep a decent establishment, but there has been trouble in the past, so best not have anything out that could be a focal point for some idiot." He smiles, tipping his head as he heads back towards the back room. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Colleen. Robbie, I leave the place in your capable hands."

"You could say that, yeah." Colleen replies, tucking the sword back away, pressing the lid back on before she nods to Luke, "Of course. No idiocy here, I promise." She even sets it down next to her and takes her hands away entirely, possibly to prove her point, possibly because there's an untouched beer in front of her. "I know martial arts and everything, though. Yeah…"

Robbie would sigh a bit at Luke……"right…guess I'll meet her soon." he cracks his neck a little, before he looks over at Colleen. "You're drinks gonna get stale if you leave it alone too long." he smiles softly, before nodding a little at her words of knowing martial arts and the like. "Neat…all I know is how to make my fist go in the other guy's face. Don't know any fancy tricks like that." he shrugs a little.

"you can ask me stuff too you know. Just so I'm not prying at you." he says, trying to keep things fair as he takes another sip of his drink.

"Knowing to punch them is usually a good start." Colleen replies with a grin, picking up her beer to take a quick sip off it before she sets it down, "I'm not sure that I have questions." She admits, leaning back in her seat, absently twisting her glass around on the table, "You guys were talking about motorcycles the other night? You some kind of mechanic?"

Danny comes wndering on in to The Cigar Factory, today dressed in a pair of faded jeans, a tunic style shirt with an open neck in a plain beige and blue weave, and a pair of sneakers. Underneath he wears a plain blue t-shirt, the layers not entirely necessary, but there's a bit of a nip in the air outside. The hood isn't up, however, and he doesn't appear to be attempting to go unnoticed — just casual. He makes his way toward the bar and gets himself a bottle of beer before turning to look around. Seeing Colleen and Robbie, he makes his way over in that direction.

"Usually." he says with a small laugh, but at her question of if he was a mechanic, Robbie would nod a bit. "anything with an engine is my expertise. I work as a mechanic just over at that Triple A auto and body. I fix up cars, mod my own, mod others…even make customs in my spare time. Licensed of course." he shrugs a bit. "I just started on one for Danny a few days ago."

aaaaand he didn't notice Danny yet.

"I don't suppose you can help find someone a cheap car? Really, really cheap…" Colleen can't possibly stress that last bit enough. When she spots Danny out of the corner of her eye she glances over, lifting a hand to wave towards him, "Seems like this place is rather popular tonight."

Danny wanders over and stands near the booth where Colleen and Robbie are sitting. He lifts his beer to the pair of them and says, "Hey, how's it going?" When he hears Robbie mention the bike he says, "Yeah? When can I see it?" The smile spreads across his expression. Then he looks over toward Colleen and asks "What sort of car are you looking for?"

Robbie just looks at Colleen "I can build you one for cheap if you want. Though rich boy here could probably help you too." he gives a small smirk to Danny, clearly in good natured fun. at the mention of the bike, Robbie nods. "Here in a few days. I'll give you a shout yeah?" he does look intrigued at the tunic-like top he's wearing, but he doesnt comment on it.

"Cheap, very cheap…but one that isn't going to break down on me every day." Colleen replies, shaking her head, "I've no preferences beyond that…never owned one before. But I figure…might be a good idea to have one, right?" She picks up the mail tube she carries with her, and scoots further into the booth so that Danny can sit down with them.

When Colleen scoots over, hippie Danny slides in next to her and gives her a grin in thanks. He tips back his beer and takes a swallow from it. "Build her one," he tells Robbie, "Custom, whatever she likes. Give it to her super cheap. I'll pay the rest." He leans back in the booth comfortably and then says "Yeah, couple of days sounds good. Let me know." He doesn't seem to be in any rush.

Robbie would give Danny a little toast after hearing Colleen's words. "Oh, I'll fix you something good." he nods, then looks to Danny as if he took the words right out of his mouth. "Took the words right out of my mouth." he looks to Colleen again. "I'll hook you up." he's gonna make her an awesome car….

There's a bit of a frown at the offer, then she shakes her head, "Really, there's no need for that…" Colleen reaches for her beer again, "I appreciate the offer, but I haven't done anything for such a large gift, and I'm not entirely sure that…" She pauses, then shakes her head, "Just something mostly reliable, and cheap is fine. I can pay."

"You don't really need to do things to earn gifts, that's not what gifts are about," Danny says with a little grin and a shrug of his shoulders. "We've adopted you at this point. You may as well get used to it." Then he says to Robbie, "If you need some new equipment for the shop, just put it on the bill." The car issue is not answered. He just grins at Robbie.

Robbie just gives Colleen a look, about to open his mouth then Danny answers. "You might as well just accept the gift. Either way, I'm building a car." he chuckles faintly, but he looks to Danny when he asks if he needs new equipment "Well, a few new parts would be nice…." hm. tough choices. "I'll forward you the bill when I have what I need." he finally says, before he looks back at Colleen, a small smile for her.

"You don't just give strangers gifts." Colleen, at least, doesn't argue more than that. Perhaps recognizing the futility of it at the moment. "So how come you go around giving charity Halloween parties and buy people things like cars?"

"I do," Danny says idly as he takes up his beer and takes a swig from it. Then he looks over at Colleen at the question and says, "Why not? I suppose I could by myself a new car, but I'm already buying myself a new bike, and I have a driver, so I don't really need a car. The bike is for fun. And the neighborhood could use the support, and the kids a good time. So why not combine the two things and give them some support, and a good time?"

Robbie just looks between them, a small smile touching his lips. Though he does turn his head just slightly like he heard something, but nothing that the other two could hear. Probably the spirit being annoying. Robbie shakes his head lightly, playing it off like it's the beer as he takes another swig of his own. "So then, Danny, what brings you today?"

"That's fine for the neighborhood. That makes sense." Colleen replies, taking a sip from her beer before she sets it down, perhaps a little harder than intended as a bit of the liquid sloshes out over her hand. She mutters something, giving her hand a bit of a shake as she drops the charity conversation to let Danny answer Robbie's question while she cleans her hand off.

Sometimes you wanna go where nobody knows your name. It's very much a busman's holiday, considering he tends bar for a living. Well, at least the job he can admit to having. Buck's dressed warmly enough - flannel shirt over a white t-shirt, jeans, that battered pair of boots. His hair's tied back in a ponytail, long enough to reach a little way past his shoulders. He slopes in from the cool night outside and heads for a corner of the bar, claiming a seat where he can see all the entrances and exits. Old habits, etc.

"So are you saying that you couldn't use a car?" Danny asks Colleen with an arched brow when she comments about the neighborhood. He doesn't seem to be letting her escape that easily. He then looks over to Robbie and says, "Same thing that brings me every day — beer, friendly faces, random wandering, potential business that needs butting into." At least he's somewhat self-aware about that last one. He's seated in a booth with Colleen and Robbie and the three are talking and drinking. He's dressed in hippie-Danny mode, rather than business Danny, in jeans and sneakers and the like rather than a suit.

Robbie looked between Coleen and Danny again, just smiling a bit, though at Danny's answer to his question, Robbie would nod a bit. "Sounds like a good answer to me." he shrugs a bit, similar in that aspect, though when Bucky walks in….it's like the Rider noticed him immediately, but Ghost Rider resisted the urge…probably arguing that the man was broken enough, and is serving his penance. But he goes quiet for a minute.

"My being in need of a car isn't quite the same as some poor mom needing help taking care of her kids when the walkup they live in has rats and roaches the size of small dogs." Colleen points out, wiping her hand off before she twists around to face Danny, "I'm fully capable of scraping together the money to get some cheap car, your money would be better spent somewhere else. That's all I'm saying." She glances then at Robbie, dragging him back into this, "Wouldn't you agree?"

He's very definitely something for the Rider to take an interest in. Any number of deaths to his credit, old and newer, cruelty, remorselessness. Though oddly fragmented, as if he had a rider of his own…not to mention that that face was all over town on Wanted posters half a year ago.

But there's no evident paranoia in Buck's posture - when the bartender comes around, he orders a beer, propping an elbow wearily on the bartop when the bartender's departed. He looks tired, and more than a little worn.

Danny notes the slight pause in Robbie's conversation and he glances around, but then continues on, not sure exactly what the man noticed. He says to Colleen then, turning to face her and meet that gaze, "I never thought you weren't capable." His own blue eyes hold hers for a moment or two and then he says, "Buy your cheap car." He leans back then and says, "I'll just buy a rat and roach infested walk-up and have it exterminated and renovated in your name, then." He tips back his bottle of beer and glances around the bar, attention landing on Bucky for a moment and studying the man, recognizing him perhaps from the Wanted posters. He studies him, but not for so long as to be considered staring.

Robbie would seem to be having a mental or spiritual war with imself. it was as if the Spirit was confused, but was too stubborn to let Robbie talk him out of it. A single glance at Bucky, and he knew his soul through the powers of the Rider…Vengenace called like a ringing bell.



But Robbie would take a deeep breath, before Colleen mercifully steals his attention, and he gives her a small smile. "If you can do it, I'd have to agree then." as in please don't try to slice me with that sword, I really don't want to introduce you to the other guy. "But just accept the gift. It's what friends are for." yep, became instant friends when you walked in that bar sweetheart.

"What…that…" Colleen practically stares at Danny with her mouth hanging open when he agrees about the car, but then decides to just buy a building instead. She eventually snaps her mouth shut, reaching for her beer once more, "Fine. Buy a building and remodel it…That's a very good idea." She then shoots Robbie a look, not quite seeming to agree with his "help" in the matter it seems.

While he's keeping a clear eye on the door, he doesn't seem to be really waiting for anyone in particular. Bucky's nursing the beer for now, and making idle small talk with the bartender. His voice is low and gravelly - someone's clearly a long time smoker. Even the booze doesn't seem to be doing much to erase that weary look from his face.

Danny stares back at Colleen, and that little grin tugs at the edges of his lips. Is he serious? Possibly. He chuckles at the look that she shoots over at Robbie and shrugs his shoulders. He returns to his drink then and stops antagonizing her for the time being. Small mercies. He looks over toward Robbie then and asks, "You okay over there?" He notices the deep breath.

Robbie just downs a little bit of his drink, nodding a few times. "Yeah…yeah I'm good." he looks back over to Bucky, eventually giving the solemn man a small wave. "Good company over here if you want friendly discussion." is all he says, before looking back to Colleen….crap. she's upset with him. be ready to dodge a sword.

But he looks back at Danny when he asks his question. "Yeah…I'm good."

Colleen seems to assume he's serious, or at least means it even if he might not be able to back up what he suggests. She takes a swallow off her beer before she glances towards the newest one to be waved at, watching Bucky for a moment before she turns her attention back to the pair at the table, "So, Danny's bike?"

It takes Buck a moment or two to realize that Robbie's addressing him. His expression's gone neutral, but there's that wariness in the pale eyes….though nothing in Robbie's appearance hints that he might be law enforcement. So he picks up his beer and comes padding over. "Uh, sure, about what?" The accent's Brooklyn, and his gaze darts from face to face, taking them in, each in turn.

When Robbie motions Bucky over, Danny glances up and over in that direction, watching Bucky approach. He nods his head in greeting when the man comes up to the table, "Bikes, Cars, Inappropriate gifting, urban renewal, charity work, beer, and how long it's going to take before Colleen smacks me." He grins a little and says, "I'm Danny. This is Robbie and Colleen. Make yourself comfortable."

On the topic of Colleen whacking people, Robbie pipes up. "Probably about two minutes tops." he smiles faintly over at Colleen, before he belatedly welcomes Bucky. "What he said." then he looks to Colleen. "Yeah, he wants something fast but not loud, which is something I can work with." he shrugs a bit. Well…Robbie was law enforcement…of a kind….sinisterly so. but not the kind Bucky was thinking as he sips his beer. "Have a seat if you want."

"Hi." Colleen speaks up when she is introduced, then she laughs, shaking her head, "I'm not going to slap anyone…so you both can just relax." Note, she said nothing about the possibility of stabbing someone.

"I'm John," he says, simply. "But I generally go by Jack. Pleasedtameetcha," Why, he doesn't explain. Obviously, to those who can read such things, lying like a rug. He makes a little side to side wag of his head, as if reviewing the subjects on offer. "About all of that I can comment on is beer, bikes….maybe inappropriate gifts."

Danny isn't, at the moment, aware that Colleen is packing anything she could stab him with, and so he has no particular reason for trepidation. He nods in agreement with what Robbie says about the bike, "I don't need it to make a lot of noise. I'm not really trying to impress anyone with the sound of it. I just want to ride fast," he admits. There's a grin over at Colleen at the promise of safety for the time being. Then he nods to Bucky and says, "Make yourself at home, Jack." Does he notice the lying? Possibly. There's the slightest twitch of an eyebrow. But he doesn't comment on it and seems content to call the man Jack.

Robbie would glance to Colleen, giving her a once over before speaking softly, eyes darting to what she had in that messenger tube. "slapping is not what I'm worried about." he gives her a small wink, before he looks to 'Jack'. yeah, that lie didn't work, but he takes it in stride. "Well, nice to meet you Jack. we'll take all you wish to share on that account, mind you." he smiles softly, before looking to Danny, nodding and happily smiling when he appears to have remembered right. "Don't worry, speed demon, we'll get you set up proper."

"Nice to meet you, Jack." Ask no questions, and you'll hear no lies, right? Colleen isn't about to call anyone out on their choice of name, if she even actually noticed the lie itself. She then glances at Robbie when he mentions not being worried about the slapping, "You heard what the big guy said…No reason to invite the idiociy, right?" She grins again, then glances at Danny, "Why fast?"

"You all ride?" Buck asks, quietly. Motorcycles seem the safest subject among those offered, at least for now. "I usedta, when I was in the Army. I was a bike scout, for a while, in fact." That's closer to the ring of truth, even if it's nothingat all like the whole story. A swig of his beer, and he sets it back down. More inclined to finish it, now that there's company, it seems.

"I have no doubt," Danny says to Robbie, seeming to trust Reyes' skill even sight unseen, all confidence. He glances between Colleen and Robbie, clearly missing whatever they're referencing. Then he says to Colleen, "Why not fast? Feels like flying. Take it up to some of the winding highways that are more empty, upstate, maybe." He shrugs his shoulders a little bit. "Get out of the city for a bit and just go ride for a while, don't stop." He then looks over toward Bucky and grins, "A little, though I don't have my own bike.. yet. Reyes is working on one for me."

Robbie looks to Bucky, giving him a small nod at his question "I roll with anything that has an engine. I have a car and a motorcycle, though more often than not I ride the motorcycle." he shrugs a bit. "and yeah, I'm building this guy one." he smirks a little to Dany, at least a little happy that he seems to put his utmost of trust into his skill.

Robbie then turns his head to Colleen at her words, chuckling a little. "Fair enough, fair enough."

"Not me." Colleen replies with a shake of her head, "I don't even own a car." Yet. She takes another sip off her beer, giving consideration to Danny's question before she shrugs, "I suppose that I can see that. But why not take up actual flying, like in a plane?"

"Lot more expensive," Buck notes, pragmatically. "Lot harder to get a license. My girl's got a bike, we go riding sometimes. I wanna buy a new one myself, when I get enough saved up." He cocks an eye at Robbie, thoughtfully. "Maybe I could pay you to fix one up, if I get a used one." Read: hotwire someone else's.

When Colleen suggests actual flying, Danny's smile fades slightly and he takes a swallow from his bottle of beer but doesn't say anything. He lets Bucky answer with a much more pragmatic answer, instead just listening to the conversation around him for the time being.

Robbie would give a small smile to Colleen and finishes her sentence "Yet." and he gives her a little wink before he looks over to Bucky, shrugging a little. "I can make you a custom one for cheap if you want." he shrugs "But if you buy a used one, I can fix it up for you too. Up to you." he smiles softly to him, though his head turns again like he heard a sound, and he closes his eyes -tight- a moment, before seemingly fine.

He looks back to Danny when he goes quiet…he knows news, for the most part and how Danny came back…and how he was lost in the first place. He just pats Danny on the back to be comforting and that's the end of that.

Colleen might have missed the news, and why planes are bad. She doesn't indicate that she has any idea what she just said that was wrong, just that something she said was wrong. She frowns a fraction, but is saved from too much thought when Robbie points out yet, "Right, yet."

The idea seems to please Buck, and he nods at that. But Robbie's expression has him asking, more quietly, "You got a headache? I get 'em, sometimes. I've got aspirin on me, if you want some."

"I was in a crash when I was a kid," is all that Danny says in explanation when Robbie pats him on the back. "I'm just not overly fond of flying," he admits and then moves right on past it to say to Bucky, "What kind of a bike are you looking for? Something fast? Something loud? Cruiser?"

Robbie looks up to Bucky when he asks his question, and the doomed soul just shakes his head a little at his aspirin offer. "No gracias….just happens periodically…I'm alright." Ghost Rider was getting cranky apparently, making noise in that head of his. "I gotta run…" he stands up from the booth and puts a solid amount of money on the table to cover drinks for Colleen and Dany, seeing as Bucky already paid his. "I'll see you soon Colleen, I'll let you know when your bikes done Danny..nice meeting you Jack." he nods a few times, before walking out, holding his head mildly, but made it look like he was running a hand through his locks.

"I'm sorry." What else could there possibly be to say to that? Colleen looks suitably sorry for mentioning it, and when Robbie gets up to leave she nods, "Oh, yeah. I suppose just look for me here, or I can find you about that car."

"Pleasure, man," Buck says, lifting his hand in farewell. The left, the gloved one…well, he's lifted his glass with it, at least once, so it's not crippled, apparently. To the others, as Robbie's out of range, he notes ", I don't care what he says, he's got a headache," There's ready sympathy in his tone. Then to Danny, "You know, just something tough, reliable, pretty fast. Doesn't have to be flashy or loud."

When Robbie suddenly gets up and heads out, Danny says, "Surething. You've got my number." Then he looks back to Colleen and shakes his head with a bit of a smile, brushing off the whole plane thing, and then says, "I can give you the info for the garage so you can find it." He doesn't offer to take her there, or buy her the car this time, just give her the address so she can find it on her own. He nods to what Bucky says, "Most likely. But, for whatever reason, he doesn't want to take anything for it." He glances after Robbie again for a moment, a flicker of concern, but then he turns back to the table. "Yeah, that's what I'm looking for.. fast and reliable. I know Reyes will do quality work."

"Yeah? That'd be great." Colleen replies, then starts to reach for some of the napkins on the table, pulling them over before she starts to check her pockets. A small pencil, the sort found in libraries everywhere, is pulled from her pocket and she offers it to Danny to get the information from him. "Why motorcycles?"

"Cheaper to run and easier to store or park than a full-sized car?" Bucky suggests. HE's almost finished that beer, and seems at least a little more cheerful for it. "For me, anyhow. I'm used to maintaining 'em a little, too."

Danny assumes that Colleen is asking Bucky about motorcycles, and so he takes the pencil and the napkin and he carefully writes out the address to the garage in neat print, the phone number to the garage beneath, and then he slides both back over toward Colleen. He finishes off the remaining beer in his bottle and then asks, "Another round?" for those at the table before he gets up to go and get himself another bottle, and Colleen and Bucky whatever they might want.

"Thanks." To the information, or to the offer of round two. Colleen takes the napkin back, carefully folding it up before she tucks it into her pocket. "Can't you just park a car on the street, though?" So asketh the person that has clearly never owned their own car.

"Nah, I'm good." That question makes Buck grin, almost despite himself. "Not in most parts of New York," he says, "Not that easy. At least, from what I've seen." He's never owned a car, either.

Whether the thanks was to the info or the offer, Danny comes back with two bottles — one of whaver he was drinking and one of whatever Colleen was drinking. Hhe can't resist saying as he hands it to her, "You can pay for your cheap beer yourself, too, unless it won't offend you to let me buy you a round." He's clearly teasing, though. He retakes his seat next to her with impunity, and then says, "I've got nothing," on the topic of parking cars. He doesn't even drive his, let alone park it.

"No?" Colleen frowns a bit, then shrugs, "But there's more room in a car, so it makes up for that, right?" She reaches for the beer when Danny returns, pulling it closer to herself, "You are welcome to pay for a round…that's a lot different than buying a building in my name."

That has Buck looking at Danny with a raised brow. "You're buying her a building?" Skepticism, thy name is Bucky Barnes.

Danny chuckles a little bit when Colleen allows him to buy her a round, "Duly noted. One round, then. Maybe two." He then chuckles at Bucky and says, "She didn't like the idea of me paying the difference for Reyes to spruce up a cheap car for her," with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "I didn't say I was buying a building for her. I said I'd exterminate and renovate a rundown walk-up in her name."

"He did say purchase as well, but no..not for me." Colleen replies, lifting the bottle to take a quick pull off it before she sets it back down, "You understand why I won't let him pay the difference, right?" She gives Bucky a slightly suspicious look before tilting her head at Danny, potentially thinking he'll side with Danny just like Robbie did.

He mulls that over for a little. "Obligation can be hard to bear," he says, as judiciously as he can manage.

"There's no obligation if it's just a gift," Danny says with a slightly exasperated sigh. Then he says, "I'm not going to do it. She was pretty clear," and in this particular case it seems like he's not going to push the issue.

"Exactly." Colleen agrees, gesturing towards Bucky before she frowns at Danny, "Just a gift? I've never known anyone to just gift someone a car without expecting something in return. I thank you, for your offer of a gift, but my honor would not allow me to take it without returning a gift if equal value."

Bucky jerks a thumb at Colleen. "What she said. Reciprocity….a gift given that's way more valuable than what the recipient can give in return, it creates a sense of obligation. Doesn't matter how the giver means it."

"If a man has a thousand bags of rice and gives a cup to another, what then is equal value? The cup of rice means nothing to the man with a thousand bags. What has meaning is seeing the rice used by the man who is in need and will make use of it. One could argue then, is that a gift of equal value, is something that means little to the giver, but means everything to the receiver," Danny says, suddenly waxing philosophical. He takes a swallow from his bottle then and says, "But, it's moot. I respect your honor, and would do nothing to bring dishonor." That seems far more important to him than cars or rice.

"If you were to give me a cup of rice, because you had a thousand bags of it, then I would give you a cup of water, because I had a pond full of it." Colleen counters, lifting her beer upwards just a moment, "And with the rice and the water, you could have more rice, and…something." She shrugs a bit, taking a quick swallow from it before setting it back down, "So this building you are going to renovate. What are you then going to do with it?"

Another gesture from Bucky, as Colleen explains it far better than he can. But then he looks into his glass, which is empty, then up. "Well, it was nice meeting you," he says, mildly. "I should get going. Lot to do tomorrow. I'm sure I'll see you guys around here again soon."

Danny doesn't counter back, just letting it go at this point with a small smile and a shrug of his shoulders. "I'll stick to buying the round and leaving it at that," he says, clearly opting not to argue with Colleen. When Bucky gets up to go, he says, "Nice to meet you, Jack. We're around here pretty often. Drop by any time." He lifts a hand to wave to the man as he moves off, and then turns back to Colleen and says, "Well, the point is to renovate it and exterminate it to better the lives of those living in it, right? After that? Maintain it. Make sure it doesn't go to shit again."

"It was nice to meet you, Jack." Colleen offers Bucky, lifting her beer slightly in salute to him before she nods, "Well, sure…that'd give them somewhere nice to live. But are you going to charge the same as what they'd have paid before, when it was rat infested? If not, then they aren't probably going to be able to afford to live there, right?"

Bucky heaves himself up, leaving the glass and a decent tip behind. He knows what it's like to tend bar himself, after all. An upnod to each of them, and then he's got his hands in his pockets, making his way out.

Danny shakes his head, "I'm not going to charge them any more than before. The whole point is to go in and improve things for them and let them continue living as they had, but with a place that's safer and healthier so they can feel better about where they live, be healthier, maybe a little happier. What would be the point of fixing it up for them and then just making it so they couldn't live there?" He frowns. "That wouldn't make any sense."

"To make money, and hide it behind the desire to do good." Colleen adjusts the ever present deliver tube, pulling it across her lap before she adjusts herself in her seat so that she can face him, "People do that sort of thing all the time, you know."

"Sure, but why would I want to do that?" Danny asks, and there's something incredibly naive about him, that just doesn't get why anyone would think that his intentions were anything other than pure, just because they are pure. He either is just that good-natured or he's a really really good liar. He studies her for a moment or two and then looks out around the bar for a moment or two, just taking in the people there.

Colleen blinks once at him, then narrows her eyes for a moment before looking dubious. It is clear that she's just not entirely sure which direction that she should take this. "To…make money." She shakes her head a fraction, "But, fine…you're doing it for honestly good reasons. You should buy one of those community centers, too…they always are losing funding."

"Maybe I should," Danny says, "I bet Matt could help me figure out which ones are in the worst need. He has connections with St. Patrick's," as he continued to study the people around the bar for a few moments longer, missing entirely the blink and the narrow-eyed look. When he looks back over toward her he smiles and says, "I'll ask him next time I see him."

"Remove it from religion, if you can." Colleen suggests, "Not everyone that needs help is religious, and some might not feel right asking for help from a God they don't believe in."

"Well, Matt's contact just happens to be a priest at St. Patrick's. That's not to say that the centers that they know of are all religiously affiliated," Danny says, but he nods and says, "I'm not Catholic, myself, for that matter."

"Me either.." Colleen replies with a shake of her head, "I wasn't meaning to insult the Catholics, or anything, just saying…in my experience, a lot don't ask for help because they don't want to be preached to."

"I didn't think that you were, but it makes sense that people are more comfortable accepting help if they don't feel that they are either having to be preached at, or violate their own beliefs, or need to accept someone else's. Easier if it's not religiously affiliated," Danny agrees with her, glancing over and giving a small smile. "Sorry," he finally says, "About the car. I do respect your honor. I won't offer something like that again."

"It's fine." Colleen replies with a shake of her head, a hand lifting up, palm out flat towards him, "It's not really my honor that I'm concerned with, honestly. I've just always had to earn everything I have, and I wouldn't know what to do with something like that. Just…given."

Danny nods his head when she says that it's fine. He takes up the bottle and he finishes off the remainder of his drink. Then, slowly, he starts to get up. "Well, I should probably head back. I have a meeting early tomorrow morning." He smiles a little and says, "It was good to see you again, Colleen. Hope to see you around again soon."

"You too…and good luck with your charity stuff." Colleen replies, giving him a nod before she reaches down to start gathering up her own stuff, however she seems to be willing to linger to prevent any of that awkward goodbye, but then go the same direction thing.

"Thank you," Danny says sincerely, and then he turns and heads out the door, wandering off down the street, whistling a little bit to himself until a black sedan pulls up next to him and he gets in the back, leatting it take him home.

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