1964-10-21 - Brazilian Coffee and Nuclear Holocaust
Summary: New Semester where the students get acquainted, re-acquainted, pick roommates and talk about the pending inevitable nuclear holocaust!?
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Saturday morning is an easy time for Hope to make the trip up to Westchester, catching a bus and making her way out of the city to make sure that no one's checked in for her at the Institute. Of course, Saturday morning also means most of the students are enjoying sleeping in, so when she makes her way across the lawn with a bag over her shoulder, she doesn't expect to have much company.

Saturday morning. Clarice is still not used to the quiet and the calm of it all - though someone decided to make a hell of a racket early in the morning. It awoke the maueve mutant with a start, immediately alert to start blinking. The laughter that followed soothed her nerves slightly, but it already had the woman awake, so she cleaned up, dressed and went outside. It's been a very long time since she's had a calm and clear place - where just the landscaping is nice, the view is serene. And she can try to build upon a world of destruction with new memories.

Wither was the source of that racket, or one there of unfortunately. Someone had too much fun in the last few weeks putting an ungodly amount of leaves piled up on the first floor and some great force got them out Out OUT! this morning. Kevin remained on a plastic tarp laying back on it like a picnic blanket surrounded by a field of snow. Snow? It wasn't snowing?! Closer inspection showed that wasn't snow but a ton of ash that was being caught by the wind looking almost lovely until it touched anything to leave a soot smudge on it. Bare toes wiggles in the breeze, and a hesitant hand waved to the ladies crossing the lawn.

Being at the mansion is always a little bit odd for Hope, just like being in Mutant Town. So many mutants, so many powers…it's something she usually has to adjust to. Another reason to come on a weekend morning, when fewer students are out and about. But both Clarice and Kevin are out, and new faces to the girl. "Hey," she calls over to the pair, raising a hand to wave as she moves in their general direction. "Guess the bus ran early this morning."

Looking up from her thoughts, Clarice looks confused for a moment. But she knows that isn't snow. She's seen ash before. Too many times before. Still, seeing others out and about without the need to be on guard has her confused for just a moment before she calms down. "Hey." she greets back to Hope, before glancing towards Kevin. "Weird way to get a tan." But she assumes he has the tarp out for a reason.

Wither pushed himself to a sit and bit his lip watching for a moment. The student body keeps getting more interesting. Kev? Kev looked like just a dude. He pulled his sleeves of his hooded sweatshirt down over his hands and folded his bare feet under him shying a grin, "It's too cold to get a tan. I was just asked to help with the leaves. Um, hi? I'm Kevin. I don't…I don't remember either of you from last year. Sorry."

"Good news is, you're not forgetting me," Hope assures Kevin with a lopsided smile. "I wasn't here last year. Or…I wasn't here. I actually won't be here for- I really need to stop trying to be delicate about this," she trails off, musing to herself. Instead, she drops her bag, rolling one shoulder. "I'm Hope," she introduces herself when she starts over, looking between the others. "Not really a student. I just stop by to check in on things, in case anyone came looking for me."

Something that Hope says catches Clarice's attention. "You too?" she asks with a lift of her brow in curiosity before she laughs. "Not really a student either. Guest of the Professor." she offers as she glances towards the bag. "Carrying your life on your back?" comes the question before she offers a shadow of Hope's smile.

Wither looked a bit hopelessly lost, no pun intended. The kid blinked and looked from one to the other. He offered the olive branch tentively, "A lot of us don't have a home to go back to. I mean, it's.. okay. Not that it's-" Jsut stop Kevin, just stop. "It doens't make you weird. Hi, Hope. Who's um, who is looking for you?" He looked from Hope to the other woman who was groovy looking but gave no name, and then hesitantly around the yard. The words 'come looking for' hit too close to home with too many Mutants these days for varied reasons.

Hope tilts her head at Clarice, considering her words. "Me to…something," she agrees tentatively before she looks back to Kevin to answer his question. "Hopefully the X-Men from my own time. I think hopefully. It might be better if they didn't show up here, for the whole sanctity of the timeline thing, but I'm pretty sure I'm needed back there, and I don't know who else would be looking, so…yeah." She looks to the bag, smile rueful. "Kind of a go bag. In case they were here and I needed to go home, you know?"

"You're own time.. if my X-Men show up, we have bigger issues." Clarice offers in her own tenative way, glancing aside for a moment as she folds her arms over her middle. "But yeah. Homes to go back to? Not so much." There's a glance to Hope. "Nuclear holocaust?" she asks, she tries. Then offers up her own. "Mutant uprising. I'm Clarice."

Wither blinked. Timeline? Time travel. Travelling in time now. From uhnhappy and unpleasant to…worse? He looked between the two women pitiably and sat very still and very very quiet for a moment and he took a deep breath. "How-" How does he ask this? "When did it-" nope not helpful. "Whose fault was it?" Either of them really. Though the thought struck him and the time novice asked, "Can't you just make a map and say oh this happens here and this here and just, I dunno, are we fixing it?"

"There was a nuclear holocaust," Hope nods slowly to Clarice. "But a lot of other things, too. It's…I've been through a lot of futures. Could be they crossed somewhere. There was one point where there had been some sort of mutant in charge, but…we had to leave there pretty quickly. Things went south fast there." At Kevin's question, she bites her lower lip, shaking her head. "It's not that easy, honestly. The present, the past, the future. It's all complicated, and what can be changed and how it can be changed is…Well, like I said, complicated. And trying to change it can do some really awful stuff."

"And some things may have already changed." Clarice adds as he the maueve mutant gives a shake of her own head as she glances over at the pile of ash that surrounds Wither's plastic 'blanket'. "At least all the leaves are gone. At least until they're back. Just opened a portal outside my door and sent them back outside." she manages with a shrug before she blows out her breath. Glancing towards Hope, she asks. "How'd you get here. Apparently my Illyana messed with my portal."

Outside of teh institute comes good ole Roberto "Bobby" da Costa, soccer ball in hand. He wears more casual clothes today, ditching the suit he normally wears when he's being a CEO for his company and instead wearing a hooded jean jacket with black pants and tenneshoes, and of course, a green T-shirt with the Brazilian flag on it.

Upon spotting Wither, Hope, and CLarice, Bobby would walk on over. "Hey hey hey." he greets, dropping the soccer ball to bounce it between his feet a bit. "How's everyone doing?"

Wither was not comforted by this and absently hugged his knees as they talked. The future was looking bleaker and bleaker. What could he say to that? It was preying on his own worst fears which were, Thank you ladies, now considered rational. It didn't help matters much that he fought against his stigma to little avail last year. "But really you can't stay here? I mean it's safer and you can help keep, all that from happening right? I mean you can't get much worse than "nuclear holocaust"" he added in helpful air quotes.

"Um, well. How do you feel about using cockroach DNA and combining it with human DNA in order to survive nuclear holocaust?" Hope asks Kevin with an awkward smile. "'Cause, uh. That happened. Although, to be fair, all of it happened because of someone trying to change the future, trying to change it from something that was bad for him. And he figured that if it worked, then everything would reset, so it was fine to do anything to achieve that end." Which is right about when Sunspot shows up, and she clears her throat, straightening up and trying to act like she was talking about something totally normal. Like music. "Good. We're good," she says lightly.

"Wow. And here I thought being put into slave and breeder pens to be used as genetic fodder to make more powerful mutants was bad.." Clarice offers, reaching up to touch the tattoo that is under her eye. "…not to mention what they fed us." she shrugs. "Like Hope said. It's already changed. We just have to be more diligent in what happens and.. keep an eye out. You have someone looking for you? I doubt anyone will be peeking in from my time, to be honest." Then when Berto arrive, there's a little demure and she nods to Hope. "Shopping. I hear it's great here."

Thankfully, 'berto missed most of the talk of nuclear holocaust and the future and all that, but he does tilt his head when he sees everyone acting more reserved for some reason, like Clarice. "well, happy to hear everyone's doing good." he looks at Wither and gives the young man an upnod. "So, what conversation did I interrupt?" he smirks a little, not afraid to call himself out a bit.

Wither could answer that question for Roberto though he didn't mean to, "Everyone's going to die?" His mind was starting to take off in a few directions, and the terrifying part is Hope and Clarice might call most of them 'old hat'. He hugged his knees tighter and jut listened and tried to learn whatever he could right now like this was some bad dream. Maybe in an hour he'll wake up on the lawn and none of that happened. That's be cool. That never HAPPENS in the X-mansion, but it'd be neat if it wasn't an omen of total disaster. Oh Sunspot was here. A hand lifted and he offered, Hey Roberto"

"I mean. Not…everyone?" Hope rubs a hand at the back of her neck, looking sheepishly back at Roberto and Clarice. "Seriously, it's not something for you to worry about. I mean, I come from, like…forty years in the future, at least. And the timeline is complicated, this might not even be the same world I'm from. I, uh." She looks back to Clarice, belatedly answering her earlier questions. "I'm pretty sure it was an accident with an emerging mutant who couldn't control their powers that sent me back here. Which is why I'm hoping my people are looking for me, because they actually need me to help stabilize that."

There's a little laugh from Clarice. "Know a mutant calls himself Apocalypse? Big blue brute." the woman offers. "If not. Well, nothing to worry about at the moment." There's a grin offered to Hope. "Power interactions, am I right?" asks the maueve mutant though as she looks towards Berto, her smile grows fond for a moment. At least here he's not forever trapped in fire form.

Bobby would blink a few times as he listened to Wither's opening statement, giving him kind of an 'oooooookkkkkaaayyyyy' expression, before responding to his greeting. "Hey Kev." he says with a calm, yet warm smile, and then he looks to Hope. "oh, future stuff. Stuff I'm not good with…" he rubs the back of his head a bit, but he does look to Clarice, offering her a warm smile in return. "How goes?"

Wither grew quiet and focused on trying to look cool and not hyperventilate. Justin and Sam wouldn't hyperventilate. They'd say woo or 'well we'll just gettum' or… something cool. His chin rest on his knees and tried to just be… not himself. "Sorry they're um, they're from the future and it looks like that apparently." He pointed to the blanket of white ash around on the ground.

"Not all of it," Hope tries to reassure Kevin. "Just…big swathes of it. But that's why we're- Well, that's what I'm for," she says with an awkward smile. "To make sure those futures don't happen. And I'm pretty good at it, so." Clarice's mention of Apocalypse gets a sharper look, but she doesn't pursue that path just yet. Instead, she looks to Roberto, offering over a hand. "I'm Hope," she introduces herself.

Roberto would nod a few times to Wither, "ah….right." he just kinda nods there. Need more coffee to have that kind of conversation, before he looks to hope at Wither's introduction. "Roberto da Costa. friends call me Bobby." he smiles a little bit, extending his hand for a shake and bowing his head softly. He looks then to Clarice at her words of Apocalypse. "huh. so, doom future." he chuckles faintly, just gonna take that in stride.

"Someone using my name in vain?" the /real/ Bobby asks as he steps out onto the patio. No idea what anyone's talking about but he caught his name as people are wont to do. "Nothing momentous happening that you all can waste time standing around the backyard?" Pause. "Exactly the way I like it. But where's the booze?"

Wither felt slightly ill. Still he chilled out on teh plastic tarp surrounded my the piles of ash on the lawn that blustered a bit like fresh fallen snow. For those that knew him, yeah, he broke down a whole lot of something. On a related note most of the leaves were missing from around the grounds that were piled up in the halls. He chewed on his lip and tentivly pointed to the blonde, "She's Hope. Maybe the onl hope, but Hope." see? He was being super helpful.

"Nice to meet you, Bobby," Hope nods to Roberto, still looking apologetically back at Kevin. "Really, I didn't mean to- Don't let one or two or even a hundred possible futures make you think there isn't a good one. That's what the X-Men are for. To give people hope. To show them that there's a better way, right?" As ice Bobby comes out, she stiffens a bit, nodding once toward him.

Instead of arriving from the direction of the building itself, Amara is heading in that direction, coming from further out on the lawn. It gives everyone a good length of time to see her coming, as well. She's dressed for being outdoors, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with her hair up in a ponytail and a pair of tennis shoes on her feet.

Roberto would turn his head to Iceman Bobby, and would give him a small wave. "Hey Drake, and as for booze, no idea." he shrugs lightly, but gives a little smirk to his fellow X-Man. His eyes turn to Hope, nodding at her words. "I'd listen to her Kev. You think too much into it and it'll drive you loco." he shrugs a bit, kicking the soccer ball between the sides of his feet.

Though his eyes find Amara and he gives her a warm smile, waving her over once he sees her.

"And no one says the future is set in stone anyway." Bobby points out. "Or that Hope's even from the future. Our future, that is. She could be from an alternate one like that girl Clarice is. She's the pink one if you haven't met her yet." Half turning, he gives Hope a nod. "I see you found the place."

Wither was slightly consoled but was out of his depth there. Kev tried to stay quiet and not let the torrent of words exit his face and humiliate him so he let the other guys do the talking. His eyes drift back to Amara and the lip chewing was replaced with a bit of a smile, "Aw, hey Miss Amara." Looking back to Iceman he blinked and looked back to hope and Clarice, "They set you up with a place to stay yet?"

"I'd already found the place," Hope shrugs to Iceman. "I'm just checking in, in case anyone from my time came looking for me. This is the first place they'd probably go looking. I'm actually staying in the city," she explains to Kevin, pointing a thumb back over her shoulder. "I don't want to bring any heat down here."

Spotting the wave, Amara lifts her own hand in return, waving back to Hot-Bobby, not Ice-Bobby, and begins to make her way to where they have all grouped together. "Hello.." She calls once she's closer to them, offering Kevin a smile in greeting as well before she nods to the other two, looking them over curiously.

Robert would smile a little when he sees Wither -finally- smile when Amara arrives. Something to tease him about later no doubt, before he turns to the newest member of the present party. "Hey, how goes?" he smiles to her, passing her his soccer ball just to be fun and playful.

He looks then to Hope "You're staying in the city? Hm, I wouldn't relaly worry about bringing 'heat' here." after all, he was the fire guy…Amara being magma gal. yes, by his words, that was definately a pun that he doesnt even really notice.

Returning from her short reprieve, Clarice coughs a little. "I prefer magenta." comes the response from behind Bobby. "Though I suppose the tattoos are pink." A smile is offered. "I am still looking for a roommate here. But I can sleep wherever, really." she shrugs, not exactly used to having a room.

Bobby glances behind him to give the girl a nod. "Magenta, sure." he agrees and looks back to Hope. "How would they know you're here?" he asks curiously. "And if they could travel in time, wouldn't they have done it already when you were stranded all those times in the future? From what you said, it's not easy right?" Amara gets a quick smile but most of his attention is on Hope.

Hope takes a deep breath, pushing it out slowly with a slight roll of her eyes for Iceman. "They'd come here first, because this is where mutants are, and it's a place we have in common. As for when they'd come, I'm pretty sure I ended up here because an emerging mutant's powers were out of control. Which means their ability to pinpoint wherever anyone goes is…going to be a little rough at first. And that's assuming they can get their powers under control. The last couple times I wasn't able to get there, things went…poorly." Her jaw sets at the last and she looks away, shoving down the concern that flickers across her features.

Wither turned faintly red at the top of his ears. Hey, he was smiling though. Amara? Not scary and welcome sight. He folded his hands one atop the other looking to the people standing and talking finally offering, "You know you guys cna sit if you want. I'm not contageous."

"I'm Amara." is offered to those whose names she hasn't caught yet, eyes shifting back and forth between them all before she frowns a moment at Hope, "While I feel your attempt is noble, you are here, are you not? If you are endeavoring to be not where they would look because there are mutants here…would you then not be better avoiding here all the time…not just at night? Seems more that being here where there are others that can help would be more logical." She lifts a shoulder in a quick, faint shrug though, moving over next to Roberto, "I heard that you could get very good coffee."

"Clarice." comes the response fom the magenta mutant as she offers a brief smile. "Seems I lucked out on the standing out in the crowd pool today." she gives a little roll of her own eyes and pushes some hair over an elfin ear. "if they show, then they show up and we'll try to figure it out. Though I'm waiting to see the postcard. Hi from the future. We have donuts."

Roberto would smile to Amara when she came up next to him "I can make a mean cup of joe. After all, some of the best coffee around hails from Brazil." he gives her a small wink, before he glances to Blink, giving her a nod as she makes introductions. He then looks to Hope though "Hm….alright, you make a fairly good point. Don't mean we're gonna stop inviting you or something." he shrugs, though he does smile at Wither "Hm? if you want." he moves and takes a seat near Wither, apparently not afraid of his powers.

Bobby just looks dubious at the explanation but isn't going to argue what he knows nothing about. Time is messy. "Right. Well, I'm off. Anyone need anything, you know where to find me." And in case they don't, he makes a vague gesture toward the mansion behind him which he now turns to head back into.

"Hope," the redhead introduces herself with a nod to Amara. "And again, it's complicated. It's been my whole life, though, so you can trust that I sort of know what I'm doing with it." Reaching down to grab the strap on her bag, she moves to settle on the tarp with Kevin as well, sitting cross-legged. "So, uh. How are things here?" she asks in a bid to change the subject. "What's it like?"

Wither nodded to Clarice offering in solidarity, "Donuts? Donuts were good." The timid mutant smiled with a nod to Sunsopt as equitorial Bobby sat down. A couple years of being treated like you were contageous by most people did make one tired and a little lonely on the friends front. See? He sat and is totally not-dead. Looking up to Hope he offered a sympathetic look, "It's not that we don't trust you. THat just sounds awful and we sort of… don't wnat to see a billionty people die." You know, like one may. "It's pretty good here. I can't speak to the food but the school's… the school is nice. They try to fix things at least. Give us opposrtunities to see what we can do instead of can't and sort of feel normal-ish."

There is a bit of an upwards tilt of her chin, but Amara remains silent on the subject of the future and the bad guys from it. Instead she glances at Bobby, giving him a nod in agreement to the matter of who has the best coffee. She doesn't sit, however, but she doesn't seem to be not sitting out of any sort of avoidance of Kevin and his potential contagiousness. No, instead she turns her attention to Clarice, "You said you were looking for a roommate?"

Robert gives Amara another warm smile, before he looks to Wither at his words. "The school is a nice place, I'd have to agree. Besides, the food is actually not bad." he says before he pauses at Wither as he keeps talking about mass death. "Will cut that out? We'll be fine. You worry too much." Bobby says with a small smile, shrugging a bit. He does smile warmly to Hope though as she asks questions and sat down with he and Kevin.

There's a smirk to Hope. "They worry about the billionity people…" Clarice offers and then shakes her head. "Suppose they're alive where I'm from." If you can call it that. Then Amara grabs her attention and her cheeks brighten for a moment. "Didn't realize I said that out loud. I am. The Professor's offered to let me stay, since I don't really have.. anything. Basically came in in my combat uniform." Yes, they slinky green dress looking thing, opera gloves and collar and belts was a combat uniform. "And still have a lot to learn about here."

"Normal," Hope echoes Kevin with a wry smile, tasting the word. "Now that, I don't know much about. But it sounds like it's nice, I guess." Her smile quirks again as she draws her knees up toward her chest, wrapping her arms around them. "See, the food was the part I wanted to find out about, personally." Girl has priorities.

Wither gave Bobby an admonished side glance and looked down with a murmur, "Sorry, man. I didn't… You don't-" He stopped right there and sighed relenting a nod. He flinched at the discussion of food but said no more on that. "Think of it as new normal where hopefully we continue to stay not hunted." There he was trying not to let the minutiae overwhelm him. They didn't see the world in a constantly dying state. They didn't have nightmares about destroying every living thing on the planet by accident. Well half of them likely didn't. The other half needed to continue not to.

"I'm afraid you did, yes." Amara replies to Clarice with a nod, her eyes taking in the slinky green dress for a moment before she lifts one hand up, fingertips brushing against her jaw as she bites back any comment about the outfit, and instead glances over at those sitting on the tarp.

"I wasn't saying I wouldn't mind having you as a roommate." Clarice offers quickly and chuckles. "I mean, if you want." she shrugs her shoulders as the young woman folds her arms about her mid-section to take in more of the conversation. Her attention moves to the tarp where the others are. "There's very little these days that can be thought of as normal. Comes with the powers, probably. Though I was born with the skin and ears already."

Bobby gives Wither an apologetic look. "Sorry…didn't mean to come off as aggressive. Just don't want you scaring yourself is all." he nods a few times, lowering his head a little as he runs a hand through his hair, looking between Clarice and Amara "Well, any talk of rooming together seems to have gone nicely." he sighs a moment, before his eyes fall upon Hope once more. "You can always stay here." he nods simply, extending the invite with a kind smile, even though she refused.

it's nice to have options open.

"Thanks, but I've actually got a good place in the city," Hope assures Roberto with a flicker of a smile. "Some people helping me try to work out some things in case my people can't get to me. But I check in here pretty regularly. At least once a week, just in case. Wouldn't mind getting to know some people. And…I could use the practice," she admits, looking speculatively between the others, trying to match the feel of powers in her mind to the people around her.

The back door opens, and Doug steps out. He has a little brown paper bag, and he looks around — and then he spots everyone on the tarp. "Uh. Uh." He rubs the back of his neck, and cants a look over his shoulder at the door. "Hi, everyone!"

Wither nodded accepting Bobby's appology. A shoulder shrugged. "Yeah, it's just. I see that stuff all the time here. I just, ya know, need it to be illusion and not be true." He looked up to Amara and said, "Better roommate Clarice than that cranky girl that makes stuff clear so people run into it all the damn time. You'd never find anything in your own room." There, an attempt at humor. There. He looked around and squint an eye. "Miss my old roommate. When people avoided our room it wasn't because of me." He chuckled and shook his head. SOmetimes bullies had their uses.

"Oh, yes." Amara glances back at Clarice, remembering what it was she was talking about originally before getting distracted, "I do not currently have a roommate, if you would like to share." She glances at Doug when he appears, offering a smile before adding, "And I do not turn things invisible."

Robert would be looking between everyone, though he gives Hope a small nod at her words "Alrighty. If you ever need somewehre to go, our doors are open." he nods a moment, before his eyes move to Wither, smiling at his acceptance and his words. His attnetion moves now to his fellow heat user in a sense, Magma/Amara, and gives her a small smile. "maybe, but that would be cool."

Then Doug appears "Hey Doug, good to see you so soon." he nods.

Gabriel has been absent from the Institute for a while, first on a personal mission having… something to do with his still unclear origins, and then with some of the other senior students and instructors on a recent mission. They took the Blackbird and everything. But all such things come to an end, and evidently they all made it back alive. At this moment, it seems like he was out on Logan's little bit of property, and appears walking back from the cabin toward the main building. Noting a small gathering, he stops at short distance and nods. "Hello, everyone. Is there some kind of gathering?"

"Don't mind sharing a room with you." Clarice offers to Amara with a grin before her attention turns to Hope and she does bring up a rather important question. "So.. what are your powers anyway?" she decides to ask her new roommate first. Since that would seem to be the more reasonable to make sure that they aren't going to have weird power interaction.

"It's a very important gathering," Hope answers Gabriel, grin flashing. "Roommates are being chosen, apparently. The drama of it is thrilling." She looks from Clarice to Amara at the question of powers, also interested in the answers. In fact, she seems a little distracted at the moment, sifting through the various powers around her and making sure none of them try to spontaneously manifest.

Well I mean she doesn't have to worry about Doug. Being spontaneously able to talk to Roberto in Portuguese isn't exactly impending chaos. Anyway, Doug keeps the paper bag behind his back with one hand as he approaches the others. "Heyyyyyyyy, Red!" He says, to Hope, "Fancy seeing you here!" He looks back to Roberto and says "Yeah, I was just going to go for a walk… you know? Why wouldn't I be around? Lot of leisure time at the house right now. Maybe a little too much."

Wither was a bit nervous, but he was enjoying people sorting out day to day shit. Nothing was breaking, people weren't almost exploding in the danger room, and the authorities weren't demaning anyone be handed over. Banner day. He looked at Clarise's question and striped red across his cheeks. Yeha he was not answering that one first. He did offer, "Yeah, Bobby, tell her."

Magma glances at Hope, her brows furrowing just a little, and there is the smallest and briefest of moments of uncertainty before she replies to Clarice's question about powers, "Fire." It is…a rather simplified answer, however. There is, unlike with Doug, a danger to her kind of power, but she mostly seems to have it under control, and isn't about to combust. Literally. "Yours?"

'berto looks around a moment, but he nods at Doug's answer. "Trust me, I know that feeling…." probably one of the reasons why he's back to staying at the Institute for the most part. He looks then to the conversation between Clarice adn Magma, he would chuckle faintly at Magma's answer though, only in the case of similarity of their powers. but he doesnt comment on them.

"I use solar energy to pretty much use fire, anything with heat really. control temperature, throw fireballs, beams at things. Ya know. Even make myself the substance." he was open to show and tell when it came to powers…after all, the Institute helped train mutants too right? might as well. He does chuckle at Wither though "Thanks for throwin' me on the spot pal." he says goodnaturedly with that smile.

"Oh. I was unaware. I had been staying with Logan first, and then with Jean," Gabriel answers Hope… perhaps a little too factually. "Although I am uncertain of my arrangements now, having been absent a time. But I am happy to be here once more." His head turns back and forth amongst the gathering. "Drama?" The look is repeated. "Everyone seems quite calm. It seems like a good thing, to be able to live and train amongst your comrades." And for whatever reason, that single word answer from Amara does draw a glance, which shifts in turn to Robert. "It seems we have a number of energy manipulators, with some commonalities among us. It would be interesting to train together, perhaps."

"What, I thought having magenta skin and pointed ears was a power." Clarice gives Amara a wink before she offers up a well-natured smile. "I'm a teleporter. Myself, others, things, what have you." she offers with a bob of her head. "Not much of a matter manipulator as well.. breaker of physics?"

Hope props her chin up on one fist as the others answer, a wry smile curving at Amara's look and Gabriel's response. She's definitely storing away the information about who each power belongs to. And Doug's, at least, she recognizes. "I'm a power mimic," she adds for herself. "I can do whatever the mutants around me can do. And back home, I can help stabilize emerging mutant powers, but I'm not sure if that would work here or now."

Doug shrugs his shoulders, once, and then says "Aw, you all know what I can do." He looks around the group, and raises his eyebrows. "I wasn't sure I'd ever be around a gathering like this again. S'nice." He looks up, and extends a hand to Gabriel. "Hey. Doug Ramsey, class of 1960 - 'New Mutants' cadre. Here to teach language classes and computer theory."

Wither listened with some fascination to the group. The kid wore his heart on his sleeve. Was he a lil jealous of Sunspot? Yeah but who souldn't be? He can race a train and bench a cow and blast stuff! "Wow lot of fire in this group." Curious. WHen Hope said she was a mimic he might have grasped 2/3 of what she said fixated on that point and looked very wary of her. Curious he asked, "Can you… can you take them away from other people?"

"While the colors are very pretty, I do not think they count as a power themselves." Amara replies to Clarice, taking her comment just a little too literally for a moment before she smiles. The potential of a teleporter, though, causes her head to tilt a moment and her mind to wander before she glances towards Gabriel, straightening just a bit, "I am always willing to train…"

"Gabriel," he introduces himself to Doug, reaching to take the offered hand with an oddly enthusiastic smile. Earth culture socialization! He's learned this! "I would appreciate a bit more assistance with the use of Earth technology. Even though it is not as advanced as what I was originally trained on, that makes it no easier to grasp." So, if anyone was wondering about the occasionally overly-formal language or weirdness, the Earth references might make it a wee bit more obvious. "I… should inquire, actually, as to my official school status, although I have been working with the senior instructors. My enrollment has been nontraditional." Then another friendly smile is offered Amara. "I am especially interested in… thresholds. What people can output or absorb, maximal thresholds."

"I don't know what you can do." Clarice answers Douglas honestly, looking towards him in confusion and then smiles. "At least now I understand what Bobby used to say to me about being the fastest pizza delivery girl in the galaxy." there's a small laugh at that, but the smile she had saddens a bit, the reflection shown in the pools of emerald that fill her eyes in place of irises and pupils.

Hope shakes her head to Kevin. "They still have their powers. I just…have them, too," she shrugs. "Makes this place or Mutant Town kind of overwhelming sometimes," she adds. "Usually I can control them enough that I don't start spontaneously manifesting powers, but sometimes if one's particularly strong or I'm not being careful, they slip up on me. I can help with adapting to the tech," she offers to Gabriel. "I've been working with Tony lately. Things are…mostly bigger or more mechanical and less computer-based than more advanced tech, but the principals are mostly the same."

Doug interjects. "In London, I spoke to Doctor Kavita Rao, one of the top researchers into Mutation in the world. She mentioned that there is research into, ah, ways to suppress the expression of mutant powers. She said she wants to provide therapy for Mutants whose powers limit their ability to interact with the world — or put others at risk. I told her that it's a narrow step from that to forced 'cures'. But like most doctors, she's fixated on the good… still, she did help me a lot."

Wither glanced to Amara and Gabe. That was, welll that was curious. Hope though, well that was another story and his jaw tightned thoughtfully. "You might want to sit more over, um, there then." He looked to Bobby who knew what was up and back to Doug, "Doooo you still talk to them? Like, call em talk to them? How'd she help you out?" Never did say what his mutation was but apparently it wasn't as cool as fire or flying. He chewed on his lip thoughtfully. hrmmm. "Hey, Clarice, it's okay to miss people. And yes, you'd make the meanest pizza delivery gal ever."

The mention of learning about current technology gets Amara's attention for a moment, but she then offers her name to Gabriel when he offers his introduction to the group, "Amara." She seems to consider the question of thresholds carefully before she nods, "Perhaps sometime, then, there can be training." This seems to encompass more than just Gabriel, however, as she glances around at Bobby, then her new roommate as well before she glances at Douglas' mention of a therapist, her chin lifting a fraction once more before she moves to find herself a place to sit finally.

Bobby then looks to Gabriel as he makes introductions "Roberto da Costa. Friends call me Bobby." he smiles, and to those that would know, he was the CEO of Da Costa International, a Brazilian based company, but has a presence all around. He does smile faintly to Wither at his words and pats a free spot next to him for amara or someone else to sit. "Here's a good spot." he gives an understanding nod to Kevin, not responding to Doug's statements, but he does listen carefully.

His attention does return to Gabriel though, answering late "I wouldn't mind training with you if you like. I need to stay sharp too, or I'll get rusty." he nods a bit with a smile.

"The mechanical interfaces are challenging, yes. Otherwise, the major differences seem to be in power. I understand even fission is relatively new, and has yet to be widely miniaturized." Way to make Earth sound bad, Gabe! "I have heard of Mr. Stark. Perhaps I should meet him also? I never had any engineering training, but I recall some of the fundamentals of Shi'ar technology, and perhaps he could put it to work in helping Earth catch up." Thus, despite whatever far-off origins, he seems to be rooting for the local team! Doug's comment is worth of one of his own, albeit said like one who's been a test subject more than patient: "It seems a… universally popular area of study."

Nodding at Amara, and soon Bobby also, after they make their introductions, he agrees, though clarifies: "Of course, training exercises should happen with supervision and in designated areas. But I will look at scheduling some time."

|ROLL| Cannonball +rolls 1d20 for: 3

Cannonball is not trying to kill anything! He's trying to land it all smooth in front of this whole crowd of people. You know…big man on campus, showing off for old friends and new people. ZOOM, ZOOM!! He streaks through the sky a few times, then comes down to land in his boots, snug jeans with loose bottoms, and a flannel shirt, topped off with a pair of large goggles on his face. However, things do not go as planned, and what should have been a smooth, curved landing ends up coming in too low, so that he digs a rut in the grass, and shoves up a pile of dirt and distressed weeds when he finally comes to a halt. There's a moment where he's just still…contemplating how to handle the misjudgement, or if, maybe, he can just teleport. Yeah. Maybe thats an ability that he hasn't manifested yet that could just do him a favor and manifest right now. That'd be awesome. But, he rallies and goes for the good, ol' smiling, dimpled face as he turns around and jokes before anyone can leap on him like snarling, mean, teenagers, to say, "Heyyyyy, who dun put the grooound up so high?"

"Mister Creed said I should always be keeping to my toes, so he was always training me." Clarice admits, rubbing the back of her head. "To use my abilities on offense and defense, and how to fight without using my abilities as well." she starts to respond, when Sam comes crashing in. For a moment, the briefest of moments, Clarice probably could have teleported Sam to safety.

Or the middle of the lake.

Heads or tails on which one she probably would have picked as the girl startles slightly but quickly calms down and smirks. "You may want to look into better glasses?"

"I am one hundred percent certain that Mr. Stark would be all over that," Hope snorts softly at Gabriel's offer. "The better question is whether or not he should, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't really have anyone telling him that right now, so, uh. Maybe we give that a few weeks or something." At Kevin's suggestion, she tilts her head, rifling through the powers in her mind, taking the feel of them until… "Ah," she nods, only to shake her head right after. "No, no need to worry. I won't just start…you know. I could be in for some training, though," she perks up a bit. "Haven't had a chance to really go at it in ages." She nods to Clarice. "Same with Nathan."

"Oh. When my powers started to develop, while I was in Europe, I had… call them spells. "Disassociative episodes, panic attacks, attention problems. There was so much information I was trying to interpret that it was just overwhelming. Dr. Rao discussed treatments with me. She said she felt like the episodes would stabilize, and they have, but she also suggested some non-traditional things I could try. She didn't want to try putting me on things like Miltown or Valium given that Mutant powers, especially cognitive ones, make those kinds of medications… unpredictable, so she gave me information on medication techniques, yoga, and—uh." He looks at the paper bag in his hand. "Other… stuff."

Then Sam crashlands. And Doug doesn't even throw up his arm to shield himself from the spray of dirt. "Hi Sam."

Wither covered his face and quint when sam crash landed from any residual ash caught in teh cloud of dust. "Sam the ground is always ground level like the room is always room tempreature, man." It made sense to him. A hand rubbed at teh back of his neck thoughtfull. "Ummm I think that's fine for y'all but yoga ain't gonna help me with what I got, Doug. Maybe I'll ask Doc. McCoy about the other. See I … guess. Training sounds fun. Have to get a new suit to do that in. I out grew the last one."

Gabriel smiles brightly at Hope, at least at first, till she gets on the whole 'caution' and 'responsibility' tract. Fortunately, he's not quite like Tony! "There is wisdom in that. Your planet has only recently been exposed to the mere reality of extraterrestial life, let alone it's… scale, the scope of galactic civilization and its politics. It would be best not to bumble into things all at once. Still, I wish for Earth to be ready to defend itself."

Obviously there's a pretty big gulf between him talking about intergalactic nonsense and people arguing over room assignments. But he seems oblivious to it, and turns with a smile as another one of their lot nearly crash-lands beside them. "Ah, hello." Then, generally: "It seems everyone is interested. I will see about scheduling some Danger Room time." And possibly he means *right now* as he turns and starts toward the main building.

Unlike Douglas, Amara does actually try to shield herself from any flying dirt and debris, her arms lifting up to protect face and hair before she straightens. There's a quick check to make certain she's not suddenly covered in ground before she glances in Sam's direction, frowning momentarily at him before she sits up straighter, turning back towards the group, nose practically in the air as she sniffs slightly, "Right..what were we talking about?" Loose ends, conversationally speaking, since the one she'd been talking to ran off to make schedules.

Bobby actually jumps a bit in startle when Sam just kinda….appears. "Sam…for the love of god…the ground is the same every freaking day until you show up." he says a little steamed since he just got jumpscared to high heaven. Even still, he returns his attention to the conversation at hand, and he gives everyone a small smile when he sees Gabriel about to take off. "alright, sounds good."

He looks then to Amara, sighing a little in apologies to her about Sam's more expressive power. AKA smashing into things.

"I.. think we were talking about being roommates?" Clarice asks in a bit of confusion. "Then everyone started talking about powers and training. Maybe I should head inside for a bit." she admits quietly.

"I was trying to talk about food, but things definitely got sidetracked there." Hope has priorities. "And then the rocket-man here came in for a landing. Danger room," she echoes, looking after Gabriel. "But no Shi'ar tech, or else he wouldn't be talking about it. What do you guys train against?"

"You gonna fuss at me about being surprised? When you were playin' a durn bugle in mah room?!" Sam stands up and starts dusting himself off. "Also…good to see ya." He takes a deep breath and then wanders on over towards Doug, Kevin, Bobby and Amara…and whoever else is nearby to those. He still has some dirt on his jeans. He shoves the goggles up into his straw hair, making it stick out every which way. "Hi there, name's Sam." Dimple grin.

Doug looks up at Sam, and says, wryly, "We've met." He says, "For those who haven't met him, this is the legendary Sam Guthrie, whose early years as a student led Professor Xavier to make sure he had the phone number for a really good, really discrete roof repair expert." He smirks, and lets his hands drop to aside, with a rustle from the brown paper bag in his left hand. "Let me just… go get rid of this."

Wither bit his lip and was still contemplating some sort of medical therapy for killing his genetic expression however that worked. He never did say what his was and didn't seem inclined to. His smile warmed and widened a bit at Sam and Doug's retort. Green eyes shift from Bobby and hen back to same before listening to Clarice and Hope discuss food. "Hey, Amara, you ever get your coffee?" Kevin smirked and said "Yeah now he has the number to an emergency lawn care guy on hand." He was trying to keep the humor in that.

"Like I was saying, yes, I don't currently have a roommate, so if you are wanting, you are welcome to come stay in my room." Amara offers to Clarice, a hand brushing at her leg, even though she managed to not end up with dirt on her. When Sam wanders over, she points at his jeans, "You've got some ground on you still. It might be the ground that mobilized the movement that caused the rough landing, you should see about that." Then Doug and his bag are brought back into the equation and she stares for a moment, "What is in the bag?" Subtlety? Thy name is certainly not Amara. But, coffee! She shakes her head, "No. No one has brought be any coffee yet."

Bobby just smiles at Sam "Hey, you have to admit that was funny." he shrugs a little though, looking completely guiltless. "Good to see you too man." he grins a little, patting a spot next to him for sam to sit down on the tarp. Though he gives a small nod to Doug as he goes to dispose of whatever's in that bag.

He looks to Kevin, getting the hint "aaaallllrriiiggghhhtt. Gimme a few and I'll go grab her some." he chuckles faintly. hopping off the tarp. "Be back in abit…..I'll just grab enough for everyone."

"What, you want coffee?" Clarice asks with an arch of a brow. "I could just blink into the kitchen and back again. But that's frivilous, and Mister Creed frowned at me when I was frivilous with my powers. Said it made me lazy." She glances to Hope and grins. "If it's like where you came from? My training was against the others on my team. You?"

"Just me and Nathan," Hope shakes her head to Clarice. "That's all there was for most of it. Just me and Nathan. But Nathan was…" Her chin rises, jaw setting with pride. "Nathan was the greatest soldier in history. He kept me alive when no one else could have, from the time I was born. And he taught me how to keep myself alive, in case he was ever…" She trails off at that, the tilt of her chin lowering until she's looking at the ground. "He fulfilled his mission."

Sam looks at Amara when she mentions his pants. He looks down at them, then back up. A casual shrug follows. He doesn't seem to mind being a little dirty. When Bobby hops up, Sam takes his seat and leans back, eyeing Doug and his mystery bag. "Yeah, Doug, what's in the bag you are secretly trying to hide that you have? And…why are we on a tarp around a pile of ash?" At that question, he does look over at Wither. "Its…just…blankets or something, right?"

Doug gives a short shake of his head from side to side. "…Just some cookies." He says, as he turns to start to skip across the patio towards the door. "I was just going to have a - um - snack - while I went for a walk. But I'll do it later!"

Wither was pleased with himself. He was making Roberto finally go get Miss Amara coffee. The shy myrth was shourt lived when Sam asked about the ask being 'blankets or something'. He looked a little crestfallen? No. Ashemed the word was ashamed. His jaw tightened and he said with sardonic tone back to Sam, "Squirrel Girl's army attacked me and lost." He squint and just let the sharp comment go murmuring almost apologetically, "All the leaves that were piled up in teh house. One of the professors asked if I could take care of em and I didn't want to ruin the lan doing it." Which results in jsut a field of ash? yikes.

"Thank you, Bobby." Amara offers him a quick smile when he pops up to go get the coffee, shaking her head at Clarice, "There is no need, Bobby will get it." She doesn't appear at all convinced of the cookie debate, but she doesn't press Doug on it, either. She glances down at the piles of ash, then offers Kevin a sympathetic smile, "You did a very good job with the leaves."

Bobby just kinda walks off to make a fresh batch of coffee….Brazilian style. It wouldn't take long for him to return, coming back with a whole tank of coffee, enough for everyone, as well as a few more cups. "Alright, get your coffee while it's hot." he pours out cups and hands some to everyone.

Then Bobby sees Sam in his spot, giving him a look. "steal my spot huh?" He grins mischievously, oohhhhh be prepared for that wake up call again sam…be prepared…but he doesnt mind it, and just kinda hops on, probably uncomforatbly sitting next to Sam until he inches away to his own spot.

"I probably could have sent the leaves someplace else.." Like the moon. But again, frivilous use. Clarice smiles over at Hope. "I'd disagree, but I'm biased in thinking the man that trained me was the best ever." she teases. "Maybe we'll practice against each other sometime? Since your power is mimicry, I can show you what I can do with them, maybe you can show me a new way to use them?"

Cannonball does eventually scooch over. Doug wanders off, Bobby returns…its a revolving door of people to pay attention to. When Wither starts to suggest that the ash is a pile of dead squirrels, he momentarily looks horrified, but at hearing that its leaves, he switches to bewilderment. the country boy lifts a hand to rub the back of his neck, thoughtfully. "Ahhh…that sounds…like maybe we're all having an off day. I fell less bad about crashing, now."

Kitty approached the group "Room for one more?"

"Sounds like fun," Hope smiles faintly to Clarice. "Worth a try, at least. Honestly, I don't have a lot of experience using powers or fighting with them. Most of my life it was just me and Nathan, and just about as soon as I realized what I could do, we headed back to our time and…Well, we were busy. So more practice with powers would probably be good. I mean." She grins, teasing back. "It's a crutch to rely on…"

After a moment, Doug returns, without that… not at all incriminating little baggie. Completely innocent cookies, that would not have left him a drooling, giggling mess. Yup. He'll save that for later, when he can put on the Stones' '12x5' and bliss out. "So…" He says to Hope, "You're from the future?" He pauses, and says, "I take it things didn't go well. But I'm kinda curious… what happened to some of us?"

Wither pulled his knees up and was not thrilled about the question of what it was. Constant distrust on the sly sometimes made one prickly about their work. Sam didn't intend it that way but Kevin was just a little raw. Coffee was coming and though that wouldn't do him much good it smelled nice. Kitty's approach was met with a nod, "Yeah Kitty. have a seat." Amara's encouragement helped even bring a bit of an ease back. "Thanks. The carbon will be good for the ground come spring, and Ah'm kinda amused there was aenough we could make snow angels mid-October." The question of portals to the moon got a look drawn to Clarice, "You ever been there? The moon? Can we go?"

"Thank you." Amara gets up to get herself some of the coffee when Bobby brings it back, then she retakes her seat, wrapping her hands around the cup before she glances down into the dark depths of the precious coffee. She takes a moment or two to do nothing more than have a very nice moment smelling it before she takes a sip, looking up, "Does that mean you're going to save the ashes for spring?"

Bobby just kind makes himself comfortable, though he makes it in time to hear things about ashes and all that. "No problem." he says to Amara, before looking at Douglas and Wither "already asking for spoiler alerts?" he shakes his head a little with a grin, he kinda didn't want to know, but he didn't say anything about it…so free for all!

Though he does look to Kitty when she arrives, making room on the tarp. "Always. Come on, more the merrior." he pats the empty space.

"…the moon I was on had a base on it. I.. don't think that's happened here." Clarice admits. The magenta mutant's expression fades and pales slightly. "I'm not exactly ready.. or very willing to go there again." she whispers quietly, her arms hugging herself rather tightly as she takes a couple of steps back.

"No, no one's made it to the moon yet," Hope shakes her head to Clarice, turning a faint smirk on Doug. "And I'm not opening that can of worms. Make your own future. You're the X-Men. You're heroes, and examples to the world, and crusaders for your people. Live that life, and the future will take care of itself."

"Ah can tell ya about the future. You…Bobby…have half a dozen kids in a giant mansion and ya end up…Mayor. Kevin here ends up inventing the best condom ya ever seen, and Doug here…gets imprisoned by the King of Spain." Future telling, Guthrie style. "And of course, I live forever in a beach house. And train crabs to help me build things."

Kittysettles herself on the tarp. "That coffee smells amazing! May I?" She gestures toward the coffee. Her ears perk at talk of the moon. "Yeah, no one's made it to the moon yet, but they are working on it."

"I should get going. I have a bit more training and looking around to do. Amara, I'll drop by later to move in. I need to get.. well.. toiletries." Clarice offers with a blush as she starts to move off. "It was nice meeting you all."

After Sam makes that quip, Doug nonchalantly reaches out to punch him in the upper arm. WHAP. But then he's dropping himself down next to Sam and Bobby. "You know what?" He says, as he nonchalantly drapes himself across both of his old friends, "I'll take it." He beams at Hope. "Though I doubt I'll ever be an X-Man. My powers just aren't geared that way."

"Whatever you say, Cypher," Hope smirks at Doug, leaning over to claim a cup of coffee for herself and waving to Clarice when she departs. She doesn't drink yet, lifting the cup to sniff curiously at the liquid inside. Hmmmm.

"Of course you can." Amara replies to Kitty, offering her a smile before she tilts her head, nodding in Bobby's direction, "He brought enough coffee for everyone, I believe." She starts to get to her feet, transfering her coffee to one hand as she raises the other to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, "I think that I might go find something to eat. Anyone else hungry?"

A relatively-nondescript gold-and-white Pontiac Tempest wagon comes grumbling up around the rear drive, headlights panning over the little gathering before they're shut off. Dizzy looks over to her passenger. "I guess we could be crashing something," she says, popping the shifter into neutral and killing the motor. The car keeps going, anyway, under no apparent power, until it pulls up to the mansion's garage, and there's the mechanical-ratchet sound of a parking brake being set. Diz smirks over to Sophie. "Wanna check it out?"

Wither smirked to Sam, "So I get profilactics and you get crabs? You should have talked to me sooner man." The joke was there to be had. He looked to Doug and tilted his head, "You cna take care of things around here with me. I don't mind company, and y'all're useful enough." He chewed his lip and finally answered Amara looking back at teh scattered terrain, "Well I imagine someone will. I stopped going after I ruined my garden I, um, I sort of," He shrugged and didn't know what to say to that. "You got an apple on ya I'll show ya."

Bobby would nod to Kitty as she asked, pouring her a cup of coffee "It's Brazilian made, best around." he smiles, made by the main Brazilian there himself before handing it over to Kitty to enjoy, giving a small nod to Amora. "Sure, feel free to grab whatever for me. I'm not picky."

But at Sams words, without looking as if to expect it, 'berto just reaches over and whacks him right upside the head, shaking his head a little with a small smile. "Shut up Sam." he rubs the back of his neck a little at the ladies, embarassed a little.

A moment after that parking brake is set, a pretty young blonde, familiar to probably most in the gathering, comes flitting out of the garage, headed toward the group, skimming along in a mostly-upright, tilted-slightly-forward attitude, and moving at a leisurely 30 miles an hour or so. She's wearing a stylish Little Black Dress and heels, and is made up, hairstyled, and accessorized such as one might for a social function of some sort. "Hi," Sophie says as she slows to a hover near one corner of the tarp. "Looks like I missed something," she says, gesturing around at the ashfield.

Cannonball is punched and whacked and he squints his eyes and puts his hands over his head, protectively. "Hey, hey! Easy, easy, I'm still destructable like this!" He rubs the back of his head. "Ahm fine, don't need coffee or food right now, but thankya." He stretches his feet out and looks a little sheepish as he lets people calm down around him. "Don't make me haf ta wrestle anyone."

Magma takes any and all requests for food, and vanishes back inside the mansion without another word.

Kittytakes a sip of her coffee, "Oh, wow! This is really good!" She closes her eyes and savors the aroma. "So what's everyone up to? Aside from beating on Sam there?"

As more people arrive, Hope stands up, reaching for her bag and keeping her coffee in hand without drinking. Everyone else might be drinking it, but she's not sold yet on its drinkability. "I should check in for messages," she says, backing away from the others. "But it was nice to meet all of you. I'll look forward to talking more, maybe some training." She doesn't really wait for an answer, heading back toward the mansion.

Doug looks up at Sam, and then he waves an arm to Julie. He may have had one of those cookies… he's really relaxed, lying across Sam and Bobby's legs. Finally he pulls a battered old paperback from his pocket, and starts to absently leaf through it.

Julie is slower to exit the car, half-raising a finger as Sophie does a flying thing, …she hrms, pauses to light a smoke, and seems to concentrate on that, or the gravel at her feet, a moment. Glances up and appparently, with a wave from Douglas, decides to come over. "I didn't see nothing, if anyone figured they need to scatter for some reason,, really," she jokes.

Wither hesitantly waved to those leaving and then went back to chewing on his lip watching the others. He didn't take the coffee even though he'd pressed Bobby to get it, no pun intended. When Doug sprawled out he pulled his limbs back. Finally he looked to Sophie and asked, "Why are you so pretty?" It was then he relized the question did not form as intended and he turned a bit red, "In the sense of dressed up. What was the fancy for?"

Bobby would just laugh at Sam as he tries to defend himself "Yeah yeah yeah." and he punches him in the shoulder lightly, before waving off Hope and Magma "So long! see you ladies soon." he gives a small nod, looking then to the rest of the group, namely Kitty. "Oh just sitting around, talking about our powers earlier and picking on Sam and Kevin." he shrugs lightly.

Though he now looks to Wither….well he's…straightforward.

Sophie giggles at Kevin, sounding just a touch giddy. "Merci," she answers first, before explaining, "Another boring diplomatic function with my parents. At least the champagne was good." She giggles a bit more, before she alights lightly on her feet. "I may just be needing some of that coffee," she adds, looking a little embarrassedly aware of her slightly-intoxicated state.

Oh, a chance to brawl with somebody with super-strength and somebody with rocket powers? Let no one say Doug Ramsey is lacking for courage—he dogpiles on! Fair fights? Not in this school.

Julie comes along, eventually, casting a glance to Sophie with a smirk as the boys get to roughhousing. "One more Saturday night."

Kittyfrowns, Kevin seemed like a sweet guy, if a little shy. "I understand picking on Sam, but why are you giving him a hard time?" She gestures at Kevin. She looks over at the two new comers, opening her mouth to say hello before the sounds of nearby scuffle draw her attention. Upon seeing the dogpile forming she draws her coffee cup close to her chest and phases to protect the precios liquid.

Wither looked positivly terrified and scuttled back from teh brawl as fasss as he coul looking, hell, angry. "Oh my god, assholes, what the hell!?" He pulled his hands inside his sleeves and his bare feet back away from them. He grabbed his shies and backed up where his heel went off the tarp and instantly an enrite section of lawn jsut disintegrated to dust. His jaw tightened nad he put his shoes back on at a safe distance. Looking to Sophie, he muttered, "You do look really nice, Miss Sophie. Ms. Julie, Kitty good, um, good seein ya m'ams." He looked back at the bro pile and just shook his head and ran for the mansion frustrated.

Bobby was just sipping his coffee, but then he gets tackled with Doug and Sam and he falls over with a 'agh!', before he starts wrestling, pushing Doug's head towards the ground as he tries to squirm free "ey! watch it! before I sock you guys senseless!" he wrestles the boys, not paying much attention to else.

Rolling her eyes at the boys' antics, Sophie goes to pour herself some coffee. "Hey," she says to Kitty, momentarily envying her ability to take her coffee with her when she takes desolid form. Sophie could go airy if she wanted to be safe from the roughhousing, but not if she wants to hold her precious cup of hot caffeinated goodness.

Julie waves fingers to Kitty, and smirks a little, pausing to puff on her ciggy. "Ay, you boys let us know when you's done, getting along, how bout." The accent's New York Italian, the tone, fairly good humor.

Kitty doesn't seem too concerned about the roughhousing, but frowns at the patch of ash that Kevin created when he backed off the tarp and watches with the frown firmly in place as he stalks back toward the mansion. "Guys," she shifts her coffee to one hand as she leans to wave a hand at and sometimes through the squirming pile of boys. "Hey, I think you may have actually upset him." She gestures at the retreating back of Wither.

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