1964-10-21 - Favors
Summary: Bobbi's cover is blown while in South America. And a certain merc shoots up the scene.
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It is a lovely evening in Caracas, and the outskirts of the city have a certain tropical, lazy charm. Now, the country became a democracy just three years ago and there has been instability. Two coup attempts, communist guerillas, rampant corruption. The usual. Maybe a little better than the usual in the region, because at least Venezuela is not a dictatorship right now.

But the country is still pretty troublesome. It is easy for certain terrorists organizations set shop and start their criminal projects. Biochemical weapons here. They even have a couple Nazi war criminals in the staff wanted by pretty much everyone.

Including SHIELD.

Which is why Bobbi Morse was here. As a research assistant/secretary, recommended by the local neo-fascist groups (some of which are retainers for the CIA and therefore willing to do favors for SHIELD). So far so good. Security is light and in a few more days Bobbi will have all organized SHIELD can sneakily grab the scientists and blow up the lab.

Unfortunately someone else had a grudge against those war criminals and was willing to spend a few hundred thousand dollars to make sure they are dead. So Slade is coming, fully armored and armed to the teeth. He is only waiting for the sun to set. Ten minutes now.

Bobbi Morse had done a seemingly endless amount of missions over seas as of late. This trip to South America was hardly what she would call difficult or tiresome. At least she had hope that she'd get home within the next week or so. Back home, and hopefully back to see that cheeky grin of her husband's again. It was difficult for Bobbi being married, even if she'd been careful to keep records wiped and traces leading back to Clint hidden. It was a bit paranoid, but better safe than sorry.

Her cover was easy, a Ginessa Vasquez from out of the country. Recently transfered from another facility to here. Nothing she hadn't done already. A bottle of hair dye and thicker accent, and a pair of glasses completed the change. Simple and basic.

The agent finished up the lab test she'd been working on for most of the day, cleaning up the various slides she'd had under the microscope and taking careful notes. A glance around the lab confirmed that in this part of the building at least, people had cleared out to go out for dinner or were working in another part of the compound.

The door of the lab opens pretty suddenly. Usually people knocks before coming, but Alberto Ruiz, the head of security, is a rude, obnoxious bastard. Of course his name is not Alberto, and his German accent, although faint, is still present in his voice. He is bald, in his late forties, stocky and slightly overweight, but still pretty strong.

"A Miss Vasquez. As lovely as ever," he starts, speaking Spanish slowly. A younger guard comes with him, and strangely, he carries a shotgun in his hands. Ruiz moves around the lab, as if inspecting it. "Or should I say, Miss Morse?" He pulls a gun and points at the woman. "You are coming with us," he growls.

Looks like someone ratted Bobbi.

But suddenly it doesn't matter that much, as the sun vanishes, the gates of the facility blown up. Someone used a bazooka? The whole building trembles and a few test tubes fall and shatter on the floor. Ruiz and his partner look startled, and the older man grabs a walky talky from his belt.

Bobbi froze as the door opened up to reveal the head of security and along with another guard. Her hands slowly rise as she chattered on in Spanish with the expertise of either a native speaker or a very well trained spy. She played the confused woman for all of a beat, ready to drop down between the lab counters and reach for the metal baton she'd stashed away beneath her the leg of her pants.

Of course, she didn't have to wait long, as soon as there was a tremble—no matter who or what caused it. She was moving. The woman dropped to the floor, reached for her baton, and struck out at the two armed men. One sweep of her foot here. A smashing of the steel rod against flesh there. She moved fast, trying to disarm them from their guns first and foremost.

Obviously Ruiz didn't expect much resistance from the spy woman because she caught him paying attention to the talkie and she sweeps his feet, sending him sprawling to the floor, a yelp of surprise. He reaches for the gun in his belt, though.

The younger guard is slightly more alert, and raises his shotgun at the woman. A second too late, as the baton his temple hard and he goes down. Unconscious, probably concussed.

And just then the windows explode onwards, sending glass all over the lab. Counters explode as machine gun fire hits the walls. Someone is shooting the facility with a M60 machine gun.

Said someone is currently walking through the gates, ignoring the light arms fire that comes from the dozen or so guards/terrorists. Armored in black and brown, and holding the M60 in a hand, he just fires through the plaster, brick and wood of the facility walls.

Cover blown, Bobbi wastes little time with checking to make sure that her glasses were in place. As Ruiz goes down and Bobbi knocks the other guard out, the normally blonde spy turns her attention back to the vaugely German-looking man as he goes for his gun at the hip. "Oh no, we'll have none of that—" Anything else of course, is broken as the machine gun fire explodes the lab's windows.

Bobbi dropped into a roll, covering her face as glass shards exploded all around and bullets whizzed through the air. A curse came from her lips as she kept low to the ground and glanced back at Ruiz and promptly made a go for his gun. And maybe his radio too, if she wasn't too pinned down by automatic gun fire.

Ruiz is also seeing cover under a table, cursing in German as the broken glass cuts his left hand and his exposed belly. He aims the gun at Bobbi, but the first shoot goes over her head. "Freeze, bitch!" He yells. "This is your fault! I bet that guy is your friend, uh? Tell him to stop or I will kill you!"

He is panicking, but he is armed.

There are screaming outside. A few scattered shots. Barely 30 seconds and it sounds all the guards have been killed already. That is quite alarming. The facility is not large, but it is large enough the guards had many places to hide and shot. And there was a dozen of them not counting Ruiz and the unconscious shotgun guy.

Bobbi scowled at Ruiz, but remained ducked as she had. So much on going for that gun. Her hands remained against her head though, her baton gripped firmly in one. "Not one of mine." She deadpanned, arching a brow in his direction. "If it was one of mine, you'd be dead already and I would be outta here." She smirked, sassy to the last.

Even if she was at a clear disadvantage—no gun, crouched on the floor and with a gun aimed her way. Another random someone or someones shooting up the place and she was pinned down.

Still, Bobbi Morse had been in worse situations.. The truly troubling aspect was that someone had blown her cover..

"I don't believe you!" Yells the man.

But the door opens and his gun wavers, shifting to the armored figure there. "Albert Adenauer," the voice is distorted by the helmet. Bass. Deathstroke stands there, a bloodstained sword in his left hand, the machine gun at his right. "You are in my list," announces the mercenary.

"No, stop or I'll kill her!" The threat makes Deathstroke pause a second, and he gives Bobbi a consideration glance. Because really, what the hell? It is an odd threat from a rather panicky guy.

"Would you?" He replies. "How… interesting," he looks at Bobbi again, this time at the rod in her hand. Ruiz keeps glancing from her to Deathstroke, he is distracted.

Bobbi wasted no time assessing the situtation as the door opened to reveal who had been shooting up the place. When 'Ruiz' or rather 'Albert Adenauer' was distracted she moved, pulling herself up and then making to attack the German. Even if she needed to figure out who the armored merc was that was currently standing in the doorway and looking on at the two— that could wait until there wasn't a gun pointed her way.

Bobbi lunged, making a go for the German's gun arm and trying to crack the metal rod against it. Hard. All the while she tried to avoid getting shot at herself. A twist, and pivot, and she was attempting to put enough pressure on Albert's arm to break it if he hadn't yet dropped the gun.

Ruiz finally decides to shot Deathstroke first. His handgun is a .45 Colt revolved that might be powerful enough to pierce the mercenary's armor at point blank range. But when he shoots Deathstroke sword moves lightning fast and Bobbi can almost see the spark of the bullet striking the flat of the blade.

Then her metal rod hits the man's wrist and breaks it. 'Ruiz' screams and slams against the wall as the woman twists his arm.

The tall mercenary chuckles behind the helmet. "Nicely done. Are you Mossad or SHIELD?" He asks, although not sounding very interested. "You might want to step back. Bloodstains," he offers stepping forward. Again the sword moves almost too fast to follow and unless Bobbi reacts very quickly the security chief is losing his head.

The usually blonde, agent blinked at the sharp, quick movement of the blade that blocked a bullet at point blank range. But she didn't have time to do much more than arch a brow at the stranger that complimented her. Because of course, he was stepping her to step back and making to attack the German that had held her at gun point previously.

And Bobbi made a move that might be considered questionable to some agents, and less so to others. She stepped back and let the armored merc take the German out.

Albert wasn't her mission. And she had no interest in fighting to keep the man alive when he'd been prepared to shoot her or .. something equally distasteful. It was easier to avoid the blood spurts from the dying man too. And Mockingbird kept a wary eye on the strange man before her that was still standing.

"SHIELD." She offered with a shrug, glancing toward the door way to the shot up hall and back. The guy had inadvertantly saved her skin, and her cover was blown anyways. "Let me guess, Nazi bounty?"

Not many train their female operatives in martial arts, and Bobbi did not move like a Red Room operative, so Slade didn't have a long list of agencies to mention. "Good guess," replies the mercenary, pointing his sword at the woman. "Not planning to give me any trouble, are you?"

Apparently he is not going to kill her. She is still hearing cries of pain somewhere in the building, so he has not killed everybody. But he has definitely killed a large number of rather nasty people very quickly.

Bobbi arched a brow, "He was German and in South America. I dunno who else would be German over here unless they had some war crimes to avoid getting brought up on.." She glanced at the dead man and back.

"Plus you mentioned a list." She settled back on her heels, and snapped her baton into its proper place beneath her labcoat sleeve. Never quite taking her eyes off the stranger. "I don't plan to give you any trouble though. No. Your entrance gave me a distraction to avoid getting a bullet in my skull. So honetly, you did me a bit of a favor really." She tilted her head as she considered the merc.

"Did I? Good," Slade smiles under the mask. "Then, I am sure we will meet each other again," he steps back, saluting briefly with the sword, and then vanishing. Remarkably quiet considering he must be carrying thirty pounds of plate amor.

It is possible some keen instinct might be whispering at Bobbi's head that telling Deathstroke he had made her a favor could have been a bad idea. He rarely does favors for free. No, he demands a high price.

Bobbi's blue eyes narrowed faintly in consideration as the man spoke. She definitely did not like the way he sounded as if he were smiling. But she didn't make a move to interupt him. He was clearly dangerous and she needed to grab the intel she'd come for and get out of dodge. But she wasn't exactly counting on him vanishing so utterly silent and quickly either.

A rough exhale escaped the SHIELD agent and she cursed under her breath before she moved to get what she'd come for and try to salvage something for the mission.

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