1964-10-21 - Rooftop Convos
Summary: A rooftop meeting between Carol Danvers and Jessica Jones.
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It's a quiet night. Well, for a Saturday night in Manhattan anyway. Right now, Carol is actually sitting on the roof of the mansion, a few bottles of Coke next to her in a champagne ice bucket. Currently, she's just watching the city lights, the woman looking a bit contemplative for the moment as she's wearing just a rather casual outfit, not the uniform.

Jessica Jones lands on the roof a bit carefully. She's not crazy about flying - it has its uses, of course, but she's long since overcome the wonder part of it and gotten to the 'I don't want people staring at me' phase of her powers. She's wearing her usual leather jacket and jeans, shaking a few leaves out of her hair from some of the nearby trees where they blew in the fall wind.

"Hey there, Carol," she says. "Figured I'd swing by in case you felt like belting me in the mouth, still. I'm kinda in the mood for it," she mutters.

Carol blinks and looks over at Jess, then hrms, "Now that's tempting…" She tilts her head at Jess and waves her over, "Just, why'd you say that? I mean, not that it isn't true, but not many people understand that, you know?"

Jessica Jones sighs and grabs a seat, lighting up a cigarette and brushing her hair out of her face, "I didn't mean ta, I was just…caught up in it, I guess. Everybody was bein' rowdy an' I just…I didn't mean it to come out that way," she says. "I really am sorry, you know I don't…" she says, keeping her eyes down.

"I respect you," she says. "Maybe I had too much to drink before I even got there. I dunno. No excuse."

Carol Danvers nods, and reaches over and gives Jess a hug, since no one can see it, "Alright then. I mean, I'm not ashamed of it or anything, but I just don't want people getting weird ideas about me." She grins wryly and releases Jess, "Frankly, I don't think it matters when it comes to Bobbi or Sharon, anyway, so no harm done."

Jessica Jones laughs softly and runs a hand back through her hair, "Um, Sharon, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a problem, no," she says, returning the hug. "Bobbi, I don't really know her," she adds. "But yeah, I didn't mean…I already apologized, you get it," she says. "I just didn't want you to be mad at me because…well, cause I don't exactly have a lot of friends to begin with."

Carol grins, "But you're such a people person, Jess." She winks, and nods, "But yeah, maybe it's just having my brain expanded by that Kree gizmo, but I'm feeling a lot more open-minded about things. It's a bit weird.'

Jessica Jones shrugs, "I don't think my mind was ever that closed, but may be I'm just advanced," she grins. "I'm tryin' to be nicer. Failing most of the time, but that's pretty usual for me, huh?" she says. "I got…whatever I got with Luke, which…I don't really know what it is," she shrugs.

Carol chuckles, "Well, hey, he seems like a good guy. You could do a hell of a lot worse. Does he treat you right?" She tilts her head, regarding Jess with a bit of a curious look.

Jessica Jones shrugs, "He treats me like a person. We ain't exactly lovey dovey, it's more a…you scratch my back, I ride you like a stallion and then we go our separate ways kinda deal," she shrugs. "Which is kinda what I need. I've had the possessive kinda love an', well, I ain't lookin' for that again anytime soon. Too much baggage, too much cost. I'd rather keep it…simple," she says.

Carol laughs softly, "Well, sounds like it works, so can't argue with that. Though lovey dovey can have some fun moments, I gotta say." She grins, "But that isn't your style, at all."

Jessica Jones makes a face, "Yeah, I think I might have to throw him through the window if he tried anything like that," she says. "If I could. Man's heavy as a truck," she says. "He's been getting rousted by gangsters. Guys wanting to get paid off, figure they'll burn it down if they don't get what they want," she says with a bit of a snarl. "Might have to track them down and teach 'em a lesson."

Carol blinks, then nods, "I'll be happy to provide some help with that, if you want." She sounds a bit determined, "I always thought of Luke as a friend, and if he's something to you, that makes it doubly important to me."

Jessica Jones grins, "I'd be kind of crazy not to use you as back-up if things get hairy. You're like calling in an airstrike, though - probably shouldn't do it unless I know for sure I'm ready for the target to get straight up wrecked," she says. "I think Luke wants to try and handle it himself, because he's stubborn and foolish, but I'll shove my nose in one way or another."

Carol laughs softly, "Yeah, I don't want to get things escalated too far, but for you I'll make an exception. You should have seen the look on Batman's face when I was backing him up a few nights ago." She grins wryly, "He was a little annoyed."

Jessica Jones snorts, "Never met the guy, but most guys get a little snarled up when they find out the woman is not only watching her back, but stronger and more capable than they are. They like their damsels ready to rescue, not able to kick the shit out of them and anything else in their way," she grins. "Too bad for them, they'll just have to get used to it."

Carol grins, "Damn straight they will. I'm not going to second fiddle to anyone. Never have, never will." She shakes her head, "It's too hard as it is."

Jessica Jones lights a fresh smoke off of the first, "I dunno, you been hangin' around with Captain America and all that crowd - kinda hard not to play second to that. Me? I do all my own fiddlin', most of the time," she says.

Carol laughs, "Well, except for Thor, I'm kinda the 'powerhouse' of the team, which is fine by me. He and I work pretty well together anyway." She grins wryly, "Now, if only he didn't have that sorceress loitering around him all the time…" Her eyes dance a bit, as she tosses Jess a wink.

Jessica Jones shakes her head, "I stay far away from that magic shit. Superpowers are weird enough as it is," she says. "I don't need any bibbidy-bobbity bullshit making things any more complicated as it is," she says. "Punching people in the mouth works just fine for me, thanks."

Carol laughs softly, "Well, Thor doesn't do much for magic… it's just how he beefcakes it up I guess." She shrugs, and grins, "But yeah, it does get pretty complicated already."

Jessica Jones blows smoke, "So, wait, does that guy really think he's, like, a god? Or is that just the thing he puts on for the newspapers and shit? Because I don't know if I could take that seriously, face to face," she says.

Carol shrugs, "Well, I dunno, but he's literally from Asgard, and I've actually seen Niflheim and Hela face to face, so…" She grins, "Who knows, really?"

Jessica Jones looks skeptical, "Asgard? Where's that? Sweden?" she says. "I dunno, sounds like a bunch of weird stuff to me. I think I'm better off staying away from it. But then, I'm not a human fighter jet like you. I'm fine just dealing with scumbags and losers in the city proper and I'll leave the global threats to you and your pals."

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