1964-10-22 - American as Apple Pie
Summary: Sunspot and Lorna meet and get apple pie
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It would be a beautiful morning day, blue sky with a few clouds hanging above, sun was out, birds were chirping, people were talking, albeit more secretively, due to the nature of Mutant Town. An only slightly chill breeze that would be perfect for being outside hangs in the air, which brings a particular mutant wandering about this time of day.

Roberto da Costa would be walking about Mutant Town, seeing the state of the place and the people there. If he even encountered someone with a more physical mutation, he didn't seem afraid, and rather saw those he did with a sympathetic and understanding smile. After all, he was a mutant too. He wore a dark jean jacket with a brown hoodie underneath, black pants, and just some standard tenneshoes. His hair was a little messy today, but that adds to his charm somewhat as his dark eyes look about.

Clearly something stirred in him. He hadn't really had the chance to really -explore- Mutant Town, so this was a bit of an enlightening experience for him. Though anyone there who paid attention to the news and the like could tell that he's a bit out of place, being a millionaire and all.

Many people had no TVs here in Mutant Town, so Roberto da Costa wasn't likely to be recognized unless he'd been in the papers or on the radio recently. And even then, people in Mutant Town were weary of those that didn't appear to be mutant at first glance.

Lorna for her part, wore her green hair bright and proudly. A leather jacket, a pair of jeans and matching boots made up her outfit for the most part. And at the moment? She was chasing down a little mutant kid that had taken something from another in the community Center. The green haired girl chased the kid down, grabbing him by his shoulder and breathing heavily. "Hey, c'mon. You know better than to steal stuff. C'mon Harvey. If you really needed it, wouldn't I make sure you got some?" The little kid had green skin, and his hair was jet black and long. He sighed, and nodded with a pout, and handed over the little bag of candies he'd stolen from another kid.

Lorna smiled, ruffling his hair and tugging him to go back inside.

"C'mon lets go apologize, hmm? And then you can help me bag the other treats for the kids for Halloween. And if you test out a few pieces here and there for quality control, that's totally cool too. Yeah?"

The little boy grinned up at a bit sulky still but nodded and headed back inside. Lorna's green eyes lifted and caught sight of Roberto and she arched a green brow upwards. "You look a little lost. Need some help?"

Roberto would turn his head to the sounds of Lorna chasing the little boy, actually taking a few steps to probably help before she ended up catching him well enough on her own, and he gives her and the young one a little smile…and then…whoa, she's pretty. But he plays it off really well, surprisingly enough, and just rubs the back of his neck a bit.

"I am a little lost….haven't really been here as much as I'd like. There's a community center here right?" he asks curiously, trying to make good conversation. "If you could help show me around a little bit, well, I'd be grateful." he smiles warmly, poor soul was truly a bit lost. But hey, if someone can help him out, it'll surely make knowing the place go a little easier…..right? Strangely enough, he seemed to be completely unafraid or fazed by the little green boy, in fact finding him perhaps a little adorable.

Lorna nudges the little kid back toward said community center and seems content to wait until the kid vanishes from sight. She shoves her hands into her pockets and stands there considering the stranger for a long moment. "Yeah, there is. Usually its the only building that doesn't look like complete crap around here. It's the main point of contact for donations and charities." She murmured, not having really moved just yet. He didn't appear to be a mutant. But that didn't mean much.

"Also it's the only phone for some people and only TV for a few blocks in some cases. Not everyone around here can afford those." She stepped toward him, holding out her hand.

"My name's Polaris."

Roberto would watch the boy leave as well, smiling a little at the young man until he vanished from sight, that is, until his eyes moved back to Lorna. He listened to her carefully, nodding a few times. "Right. I was actually planning on helping out a bit to fix up some of these houses. Given, some mutants have destructive powers like more or less me, but I think it'd be good to help out a bit in this way." he smiles to her a bit. hey, he could do it too…he's got the money.

When she introduces herself, He extends his hand, but instead of giving just his codename, he just introduces himself "Roberto da Costa. Friends call me Bobby, mutants tend to just call me Sunspot." he smiles to her, giving her hand a gentle, but good shake.

Well, that solved the question on whether or not he was a mutant. That answered a few questions. Lorna smiled, and returned the shake with a firm motion of her hand. "Nice to meet you." His name didn't seem to ring any bells or at least, she didn't react to them. However, their hands sparked with a hint of color that was lost as Lorna dropped her grip without noticing.

"Sunspot, eh? I assume you've got something solar powerwise?" She arched a brow and stepped back, gesturing him forward as she started to walk down the sidewalk.

Robert gave Lorna the warmest smile when she finally gave him a smile, and he nods appreciatively. "Likewise, Lorna." though he too didn't notice the extraordinarily brief mixture of beautiful color that faded as fast as it came. He would follow her at her question and her gesture to walk with her down the sidewalk.

"Yeah…pretty much anything heat related is my thing." he shrugs a little. "mostly just fire, but I can do light and all that jazz. I can't complain." he smiles at her, though at her question, he himself becomes curious. "So, Polaris, what can you do?" he asks, assuming she's a mutant. which wouldn't be wrong, but no pain in asking right?

Lorna smirked faintly as he asked what she could do as they walked. A hand dragged through her hair and she shrugged lightly. "Oh a little of this, and a little of that. Magnetism and anything on the electromagnetic spectrum." She glanced back at him and gestured to the community center to the left.

"Here's the Community Center. We were working on getting the candy for the kids together. We host a Halloween party a bit before Halloween for them. Safer that way. People tend to get weird around Halloween and it's harder to keep security here. Masks and costumes and stuff.. You won't really see kids out here around then. Too many baselines wanting to come in and look at the freaks."

Green eyes flickered back toward Roberto and she continued on past the Community Center.

Bobby would give Lorna a small look when she says that she can control magnetism and the electromagnetic spectrum, he just gives her the warmest smile once more. "That…is seriously cool, I won't lie." he shrugs a little, even though he could do some pretty awesome stuff too. He turns his head to the Community Center when she shows it to him, and he gives a small nod.

"I can make a candy run soon and get you quite a bit if you need. Smart to do it a few days before Halloween…lest you get more curious members of society down here…which won't end well." he shrugs a bit though. His brown eyes meet Lorna's when she looks at him, and he follows her to wherever they were going next.

"So, I would assume that you live here or the city?" he asks curiously, might as well make small talk so it's not an awkward silent walk.

Lorna grinned, and wiggled her fingers, Bobby would feel a slight tug on anything metal on his person. From his jeans to the zippers or buttons of his jacket. Just enough so he could feel it, before she let go.

"We've got enough candy, candy is easy to get. But thanks. It's more like medical supplies and other basics that are harder to get around here. Supplies get lost, orders go missing or delivered to the wrong place.." She shrugged lightly and grumbled under her breath. "No one wants to be tied to Mutant Town on their business contracts." She rolled her eyes and made a face.

"I live on the outskirts. More toward the nicer part of town. My father bought it sometime ago and it's more or less on the border. Property value dropped a bit with the neighborhood, but I'm happy with it."

Bobby was wearing a little bit of metal, zippers and things like that, so he feels the weight of Lorna?s pull, which makes him go ?whoa? a little bit. ?Okay…noted, noted.? He smiles giving her a playful bump as he shows her his powers now. he simply ignites his hand in his solar form flame, showing her that much before it shuts off. ?I think you beat me in the powers game.? He says with a flirty smile.

When he heard about medicine and supplies, he nods a few times. ?I see. I can grab some of that for you. I have a few contacts.? And that?s all he says in that before hearing of her Home. ?Ah, I see. Well, maybe I?ll see it sometime.? He offers with a small shrug towards the future.

Lorna watched Bobby light up his hand and she blinked before grinning. "Groovy." She started forward again, rounding the corner as she nodded to a diner on the street corner. "These guys have a good apple pie. Though I'd avoid the meatloaf special if I were you. It can be a bit questionable." She twisted around to look back at him, her hands back into her pockets.

His comment about seeing her home sometime had her arching a brow upwards. "Hmmm, maybe. I guess." She drawled, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

Roberto would give Lorna a small smile as he worked his powers and she complimented it, following her on the way around the corner, because why wouldn't he? she was a fun one. But his eyes go wide when he hears apple pie. "They have -good- apple pie?" he asks with a smile, looking a bit mischievous about that. "I need to eat there sometime then."

Though when she turns around to face him and gave him that charming kind-of-maybe-possibly-happening smile, Bobby blushes faintly, realizing what that may mean "Oh um, could also…ya know…erm…" he was awful when it came to flirting, but eventually he steels himself after a breath. "Well…we could go out to eat sometime if you like…" you're already on that path man, gotta keep going "But of course, we don't have to either. Could stick to the walks." he smiles, referencing her showing him around.

Lorna laughed softly, "Yeah, good apple pie. Best in Mutant Town. The chef has like four arms. It's pretty neat." She glanced toward the diner and back toward Roberto.

As he continued and blushed, her grin only widened. "Well, if you want to, it's not like I'm forcing you to walk around Mutant Town with me either." She was enjoying just the lightness of flirting with the young man. Even if he seemed awkward.

"Anyways. There's a couple of places around here that work as safe houses if needed. Caches with first aid supplies. If you need it."

Bobby would laugh a little with her when she talks about the chef having four arms…thus is his cooking epicly spectacular. "Oh really? man, I'll have to check it out then sometime. alright, I'll buy then." when she perhaps joking agreed to going out with him.

"maybe not, but I can't say I'm not enjoying it. It's been fun so far." he smiles to her a little, enjoying her company probably about as much as she was enjoying his, maybe even moreso. "What can I say? the place has charm." he winks to her a bit before he looks around when she mentions safe houses.

"Alright. Sounds good, I'll see if I can grab anything extra to put in stock." he nods a few times. Nice guy, seemingly.

Lorna continued with her dry amusement even as Bobby agreed to pay to take her out. It was perhaps the silliest date offer she'd been given, or asked? It was hard to say. Even more so that she didn't seem to find herself caring that she'd sworn off men a few days ago. So much for that.

"So, are you new to New York, or is this just one of the first times you've ventured into Mutant Town?" She arched a brow as she walked backwards, keeping an eye on Bobby.

"And do you have a place to stay or do you need one?"

Bobby would smile at Lorna, surely this would be an interesting date day to be sure, but clearly fun was being had by all. Lorna was kind and beautiful, from what he'd seen, and her trick with magnetism is seriously cool. He's definately interested in learning more about her…and he can't help but feel a strange romantic attraction.

"Nah, not new to New York. When I was younger I went to Xavier's Institute, and people can still really find me there. Temporarily speaking, I presently live there…but, I wouldn't mind a place to stay away from home in case I get sick of it or need space." he shrugs a little at her. "why, do you have something in mind?" he asks as he follows her, moving a little quickly like he was gonna chase her before he stops, just being a little mischievously playful, no harm or threat being posed.

Lorna blinked, her amusement fading somewhat as she considered him thoughtfully. "The Xavier Institute? I went .. I used to go there." She murmured, "Dropped out.. The Professor is great. It's a good place for mutants to get help." She murmured, and shrugged. She grimaced faintly, and dragged her hand through her permanently tangled green locks. It was due in large part of her magnetic fields, always making her hair float about.

"But if you needed a place, I could look into finding one around here if you need it. I mean, there's a few places that are set up for people anyways. New comers. People trying to keep their head down. That kind or stuff."

Bobby didn't seem judgemental when she tells him that she ended up dropping out of the Institute, he does look saddened that he juuuust missed her. "Oh really? sorry to hear it. I think we would have been good classmates." he smiles to her a bit, but doesnt seem to hold it against her. "so, can I ask why you left? you don't have to answer that. Everyone has their reasons, and most times they don't want others to know." he shrugs a little, staying at her side as they talked.

"Only if you feel like looking. It's not an urgent thing right now, but having a place to go to if all else fails would be nice. Maybe I'll come down and we can work together on that. I'd hate to make you do it alone if you chose." he smiles warmly to her.

Lorna shrugged lightly, "It's the typical sob story. Couple of baseline labcoats wanted mutants. I got caught. Had to be rescued. The stuff they did messed with my head. And it was just the last straw really." She exhaled a breath. "One too many people playing around in my head in ways I don't like and.. I just.. yeah. I was done." She murmured softly. Her smile and good humor fading.

"So yeah. I left." She grimaced and lifted up a hand to adjust her jacket.

"I help mutants out that show up here. I do what I can around here. If it's organizing supplies or making sure people have what they need.. Making sure baselines that are causing trouble stay out too.."

Bobby would put a hand on the back of his neck "Yeah…kinda how I got brought in too, to be honest. Found out I had powers in a soccer game for my high school. Parents sold me out to labcoats, ended up getting rescued by the X-Men, and the rest, well, is history." he takes a step closer to her as if to offer comfort. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories or things you'd rather forget. I didn't mean it." he is quite sincere with how he says it too. His arms are only a little widened as if to offer a hug if she needed one.

But he does nod at the fact that she helps out around town however she can, and he gives her a little nod. "Well, if you need a hand, give me a call yeah?" he offers.

Lorna looked rather hesitant to embrace him and infact simply chose to keep her personal space. She forced a smile and shrugged, "Like I said, it was the usual sob story. I haven't met many mutants that haven't had to deal with shitty humans out to experiment on them." She grimaced and shrugged, exhaling a sigh.

"I'm sorry to hear about your parents though.. That's.. that's rough." She pursed her lips together as she continued to walk on.

"I'll hollar if I need it, though I haven't met a baseline that I can't handle. Even if they've got guns.."

Bobby figured that Lorna would prefer to keep her space, but it's always nice to have it as an option right? Least to his knowledge, hugs tend to make people feel better, but he's not a pressing type, and as such, returns his arms to his sides whilst walking at hers to wherever destination they appear to be headed next.

"It's alright. I mean, it happens." he refrains from telling her his families all died off from strange reasons, all of which he had no hand or clue of, but he does shrug a little, walking with a small smile. "Well, I imagine if they had guns, you'd be able to handle it. Metal and all that…but you never know." he shrugs a bit. "I realize I've been asking you many questions. If you like, you can ask me whatever you like, just so it doesnt sound like an interroga-" he suddenly pauses as he starts one hell of a coughing fit, which lasts about ten straight seconds. It's not anything deadly or fatal, it's just a side effect of experimentation when he was young and as such, though it's rare, it's still a pain he has to deal with.

"sorry about that…lungs trying to kill me." he jokes.

Lorna drew closer as Bobby bent double coughing. She waited for him stop before speaking. "Hey, you okay? C'mon, lets go into the diner and get some water and some of that apple pie—yeah?" She stepped back, giving him some space.

"It's okay as far as the conversation goes. I'm.. not good at the whole communication thing." She grinned sheepishly, and scratched the back of her neck.

Bobby would nod at her offer, standing up straight to smile at her "Yeah…side effect of those labcoats I told you about. I get them every now and then, but it's not contagious or fatal…just a pain in the ass really." he states with a small shrug, but at her offer of going to the diner for apple pie and water, Bobby just lights back up "alright, sounds good." his grin widens, giving her a warm smile. "I'm okay with you that close, by the way." he gives her a little flirty wink.

"Really? I think you're doing pretty great so far." he compliments, before he gestures forward in a 'ladies first' kind of way, even though he'd be walking at her side.

Lorna smiled again, pushing her hair back behind an ear. "You're not a biased source at all, are you?" She teased, a flirtatious hint in her voice. Even as she led him back down the street to the diner.

She leads the way up the stoop to the diner and holds the door open with a wave of her hand. Her powers keeping it propped open for Bobby to follow along with. She waved to the hostess, greeting her warmly and asking for a booth for two along with some of the apple pie.

Bobby would smile warmly to Lorna "Not at all." he smiles at that hint in her voice, and really noticed the attractiveness when she moved some of her hair behind an ear. Wow. she was stunning. But he keeps that information to himself for now…because it'd be creepy if he just out and said it.

When she opens the door for him though, he smiles with a soft chuckle. "Talk about convenient." he smiles to her warmly, walking through the doors to be met by the hostess, who guided them to a nice booth where they could sit and chat….and have glorious apple pie. "Nice place..has a certain charm about it."

Lorna settled into the booth with the warm familiarity of someone that was a regular. "I eat here way too often. I can only bake cookies really. My father is a much better cook than I am and since he's .. gone.. well, here is my main stop." She flashed a grin toward Bobby.

"So. I guess, the only question I really have is why you decided to come back around to New York?"

Bobby would smile to her warmly at her words "Only cookies? well, maybe I'll be able to try them out? I'm told I'm a great maker of coffee really." he laughs, and in truth, he's actually a great cook…problem is he doesnt think he's good. He does smile though when she grins at him, becoming lost in those emerald-like eyes of hers.

At her question however, he would smile. "Well, I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I own my fathers company since he and my mother passed away. Right of succession I guess. But truthfully…I missed home. well, my new one anyways. Besides, I have too many friends here who threatened me if I didn't come home." he says that last bit with humor in his tone.

Lorna shrugged lightly, leaning forward slightly and propping her chin up with a hand. The waitress brought out the apple pie, sliding one plate in front of each with a smile. "We'll see.." She tilted her head faintly to the side as she spoke and reached for a fork to break into her warm apple pie.

"Hot chocolate is still better than coffee anyday." She murmured and fell quiet as he spoke about where he was from. His mention of friends threatening if he didn't come home made something in her smile fade and she looked down at her plate.

"I'd say sorry about your parents, but you already said they sold you out to some labcoats. So I dunno if that's the right thing to say exactly."

Bobby would give Lorna a little smile as she spoke, and then the pie showed up, and then he was happy as one could be, rolling up the sleaves of his jacket and making sure, you know, that he had napkins and all that set to limit spills before he reaches for that fork and takes a piece of pie to nom on.

"While you're not wrong….brazilian made coffee is where it's at. I actually never tried making hot chocolate before." he ponders that, making comedic faces like he was thinking. Though at her words of apology, and he nods a bit. "It's alright. It is what it is right?" he shrugs a moment, going silent a bit before he speaks again.

"So, ummm hmm what to ask you." he looks into her eyes a bit with a charming grin and sharp eyes, before he speaks. "I dunno, what was home life like?" he asks a bit.

Lorna blinked once as she continued to nibble away at the pie, quite happy to let silence hang for a few beats before she spoke again. "I dunno if Brazilian coffee is any different than other coffee. I just know it all smells so good and doesn't taste like it smells." She grinned and then glanced back down to her pie in thought at his question.

"Well, I was adopted. My parents… my adoptive parents live Upstate. They don't really get the whole mutant thing. They're good people though, and they try." She grimaced and set the fork down, waving over a waitress to order some of the hot chocolate she'd said she prefered.

"My father.. my birth father is a mutant. We kinda share the same powers. I'm a second generation mutant I guess.."

Bobby would nod a few times at her with a small chuckle. "You should try out my coffee. It's as good as it smells. But I'll leave that choice up to you." he nods a few times, though he stops eating when she actually speaks of her home life and how she was adopted and how that all worked out. "I see, sorry if it's a sore subject…" he says, rubbing the back of his neck a little. Man Bobby, just asking the wrong questions today.

"Man, you're dad must be cool too. To this day I don't know if my father or mother was a mutant." he shrugs a bit. "Hey.." he leans forward a bit "Being second gen is pretty cool. Be proud of it." he smiles big and warm.

Lorna chuckled softly, "They love me, it's not that sore a subject. They just.. they don't get what it means for me. I guess. It's part of who I am. I would never give up my powers or what I can do. Not for anything. But growing up.. they had me dye my hair and try to hide what I could do. They were scared. They had no idea what was going on or why the baby they adopted had green hair." She sighed and shook her head, and the waitress brought over a mug of hot chocolate with a smile as usual. Lorna thanked her and picked up the mug to scoup a spoonful of whipped cream up with her spoon.

"My father.." She exhaled a heavy sigh, "My father is Magneto." She murmured. If Bobby had paid any attention in the past year or so.. Magneto had helped save New York from a frost Giant attack… as well as been accused of attacking protestors when a riot started.

It was messy. Though in Mutant Town he was seen as bit of a local hero.

Bobby would smile to Lorna, listening to her words about family life and how it was a tad complicated in terms of understanding each other. "I see…I wouldn't know that struggle, I'm afraid. But way to go. You shouldn't be ashamed to be who you are." he smiles encouragingly, very pro-mutant this one. But when she says Magneto is her father….He goes drop jaw.

"Magneto is your dad?"

he says softly, but then he smiles, Magneto totally not being a super supervillain yet, and so he smiles happily at her. "Wow, that's seriously awesome. Unless that's not awesome for you….is there a right answer to this?" he says somewhat humorously, attempting to draw a smile from her.

A twitch of her lips followed and Lorna shrugged as she reached up to drag her hand through her hair again. A nervous habit perhaps. "Yeah.. it's.. I love my father. When he's home. Which is rare to say the least." She grimaced then, and picked up the again to finish off the crust of her apple pie. She still had her hot chocolate to work though.

"Kinda funny though, when people .. mutants find out. They're always asking to meet him rather than me. I had a guy sit down, talk to me, and then by the end of the conversation was giving me his phone number to give to my father."

At Lorna's words of her meeting a guy whose apparent sole purpose for meeting her in the first place was to find a way to meet Magneto, Bobby just laughs a bit, before looking at her "Well, if that was his intention, he really didn't deserve to be your friend, if you don't mind me saying." he didn't really have the intention of meeting Magneto, but time does what it wants.

"If it helps, I'm more interested in you." he says calmly, not realizing the romantic weight the words could have. he takes another bite of the pie, closing his eyes as he humms. "I might be a regular here. This is good pie."

A faint color of a blush bloomed over her cheeks at his comment about being more interested in her. Green eyebrows shot upwards as she turned her gaze down to the mug of hot chocolate in front of her. She smiled after a moment and glanced back up at him. "Yeah, the pie is some of the best in the city I think. At least, to me it is." She coughed lightly and picked up her mug to sip at it.

"So what brought you over to Mutant Town? Just the fact it still exists or just .. curiousity?"

at her words, Bobby would smile a bit, taking another bite of said pie as he scarfs that one down in the most polite way possible, if it's even possible. "You may see me here very often then." he smiles to her warmly, brown eyes locking on with her green and somehow becoming entranced by her. But her question steals his attention "Mainly? I had only been there once, and that was looking for a friend of mine a few years ago. Strong mutant, not a mutation he likes. He touches something, and it withers away." he shrugs "So…I decided I needed to check this place out more in depth." he nods a bit, looking at Lorna then, back in her eyes.

"and let me tell you….I haven't regretted it for a second."

Bobby's warm brown eyes made Lorna's stomach knot faintly as he kept them locked with her own verdant gaze. She cleared her throat, breaking the eye contact awkwardly before she sipped at her hot chocolate again. "I can't say I've seen a mutant with that mutation still around here. I would know. I make a point of knowing as much about those types of mutations. It's good to keep an eye out for those that can protect themselves or not." She tapped her fingers against the edge of her mug.

"I mean, people do talk here. For all it's a shit-hole part of the city, it's still home. At least for now." She smiled weakly, glancing back toward Bobby as he caught her eye again, and his comment about not regretting having come almost brought another blush to her cheeks.

She shifted, glancing down at her mug. "So, can you heat like drinks and stuff without making the ceramic over heat and shatter or is it more of a single setting type thing of 'really hot'?"

Bobby would smile to her warmly, watching her eyes until she broke their somewhat intimate staredown. "Oh, he's at the Institute now. Kevin's a good kid though, but he's careful. He does good at the school. Great place for him to keep safe." he nods a few times. But he notices her blush when she recalls his comment, causing him to smile brightly at her.

Though to her question about heating coffee and all that, he nods. "If it has to do with heat, trust me, I can do it. That said, would you like for me to heat up your coffee a little?" he smiles.

Lorna blinked about the mutant having been taken to the Institute and she slowly nodded. It made sense after all. Someone with that level of destructive powers would need more help and guidance than most. It was exactly what the Professor kept an eye out for. His bright smile had her reflexively flashing an answering one and she slid the mug of hot coco over.

"Hot chocolate. Not coffee. Remember my whole 'coffee is made of lies and deceit' thing?" She leaned forward, interested to see him work his powers on the mug. At least, if it broke, Lorna knew she could pay to replace the mug. It wasn't particularly nice or expensive.

Bobby would smack his head a little when she corrects him that it's hot chocolate and not coffee. "ah! sorry, my memory is so terrible." he laughs a bit, when in fact it's actually pretty good. Once that mug was slide over, he would wrap his hands around it, and his fingertips would glow orange from the release of solar energy, and as such, the liquid inside soon returns to steaming like it was fresh out. Afterwards, his hands stop glowing, and he slides the mug back to Polaris.

"There you go." he smiles "let me know if you need it cooler. I can absorb heat too…willingly, of course." he shrugs a bit, though he takes a minute to just…look at her. "Can I say something? You are quite literally, seriously beautiful." he says, looking right into her eyes as he says so.

Lorna leaned forward over the table to watch him heat the mug. Her gaze intent on watching exactly what he was doing. An amazed 'oooh' escaped her as his fingers lit up with a soft orange glow. Her eyebrows climbed upwards and she smiled as he slid the mug back her way. She reached for it, pressing her fingers over the ceramic to test the temperature and inhale the aroma of hot coco again.

Though as he asked about saying something, her attention drew back and his compliment brought a stain of red to her cheeks. She blinked, losing whatever train of thought she'd had about his powers. About asking how he manipulated them to cause heat. (Was it based on a molecular level or was it a manipulation of energy to create heat? Or was it all light based?) Those questions of course were forgotten as she gaped at him for a breath, two and looked away.

She hadn't been out and out complimented like that for.. well, she wasn't sure. She couldn't remember exactly, even with her memory having been a hot scramble at the hands of telepathic nuisances.

"Erm.. ah.. Thanks?" She bit her lower lip, seeming to still be thrown by the sincerity he'd offered her. "Sorry.. I'm.." She licked her lower lip. "I'm not exactly used to compliments like that." She laughed, a little forced and awkward.

"Your powers are amazing.. uhm.. give me a second. I lost my train of thought.."

Bobby doesnt seem to be uncomfortable with how he said it, after all, he was absolutely entranced by her, giving her the warmest smile when she turned red and tried to look away from him, though when she thanks and apologizes to him in one go, he shakes his head "No worries. I meant it though…you, wow, really are." he says with no shame or uncertainty in his voice.

Though it's his turn to blush a bit as she compliments on his powers, running a hand through his locks as he tries to regain his train of thought "Oh, thank you…I mean, you have cooler powers than me I think…" he chuckles a bit "But thank you, I really appreciate that." he smiles at her, locking eye contact once more. "and no worries, feel free to take your time." he says warmly, inviting, and kind, and he takes another bite of the pie before him, humming a bit as he looks delighted.

Notes reached up to drag her hands through her hair again, her gaze continuing to flicker away and back at Bobby. Gosh, cute boys did not just show up and compliment her like this. Julian had told her he was taking her out and just .. shown up. She hadn't really had all that much time sit there and stew over whether not she was attracted to him. It just.. sort of happened. And that was the one relationship she still wanted to remember.

Now here was Bobby, handsome and intense.

It was easier to talk about his powers. "I dunno about that. But your powers are pretty groovy. Are you immune to heat then if you can absorb it? Fire? What about sunburns? Do you not get those? Is it more that you're manipulating heat energy or is it the light? Does it work down to the molecular level?" She arched a brow, leaning forward. That was much easier to talk about. And she had finished up her Freshman year of college with an intent on geophysics. Plus Magneto's demanded extra reading assignments.

Bobby was competely attracted to Lorna. yup, he was done. She had him at hello. No gift returns on that moment. His eyes pierced into her own, smiling at her with an inviting feel…the kind that one would hope to find when they return home in the day. Though when she leaned forward to talk with him about his powers, he smiles through all of her questions, not raising his hands as if to tell her to cool it, not looking annoyed, not giving her any negative reaction, and in fact looks happy that she's taken such an interest in his powers.

So what to do then? Well, if a beautiful woman asks you questions, you answer.

and so Bobby does, leaning forward to rest his forearms on the table, where he looks Polaris eye to eye with a kind smile "Hm, well, I am immune to all applications of heat, so yeah, fire doesnt hurt me at all. I don't burn, both as in fire, and as in sunburn. I'm solar powered." he starts to think when she asks him if it's heat or light, and if it works on a molecular level, to which he purses his lips and shrugs a bit "Well, both. I get my power from sunlight, and it works by absorbing heat energy…hmph, hard question…" he ponders a moment with a warm smile "as for molecular level, yes it does." he smiles to her. "Whew, great questions."

Lorna propped her chin up with both hands, fascinated to hear more about his powers. She flashed him another smile as she spoke, and she tilted her head to the side. A small laugh escaped her as he complimented her line of questioning. A single green eyebrow arching upwards in response. "So if someone locked you in a dark room, away from the sun would your powers still work? Or can your powers generate the heat and light on your own? Are you really just a big ol' battery?" She teased lightly. Amusement in her cheeks and in her gaze.

Clearly, talk of powers was something she was interested in. Something she honestly wanted to know more about. She loved to hear of other's mutations. To compare them to her own and learn more about how her own magnetic abilities acted as a result.

It was almost on par with her interest in Mutant Rights. And she had an easier time of maintaining eye contact when she spoke about such subjects.

Bobby would rest his hand on a fist as he looked right at her, his eyes never moving from her even if there was something distracting in his peripheal. She had his full attention, which is a rarity when it comes to good ole 'berto here. But when she throws another lineup of questions at him, he shrugs a bit "Well…if you threw me in a dark room, I can generate my powers for a short time because….well, I'm a big ole solar hyper battery." he laughs a bit at that. "I can run on making my powers work on their own, but only for…oh, about a week? before I'm just like your average human. Really debilitating really." he teases her with a wink, but he was happy someone took this much of an interest, but that's when he asks her questions of his own.

"So..electromagnetism..so you can control all kinds of electromagnetic fields, throw metal around, all that stuff? tell me all about it?" he asks her curiously, now it's his turn to be incredibly interested…which he was.

Lorna's eyebrows shot upwards. She wasn't sure what she would do if her powers drained so. There had been too many points in her life where she'd been locked away from anything. A room in Mojo's reality without windows or fresh air, much less sunlight. Then there had been.. well.. she didn't want to think about it.

Her focus returned to Bobby. "Huh. Well, good to know if you need to be rescued that you'll need a recharge." She flashed him a smile and as he asked about her powers she nodded.

"Yeah, I'm a giant magnet. I can manipulate anything with nickle, iron, colbolt.. a few other things metal-wise. Electricity can help boost me, kinda. It gets hard if I draw on the city's power directly—there's a lot. But I can stick my finger in an electrical socket and be okay. I can fly too." She grinned, and leaned back in her chair.

"I also know where magnetic north is. All the time. So. I guess I'm a compass, a magnet and a sometime battery."

Bobby would give her a little bit of a smile. Yeah, he could lose his powers if out of sunlight for too long, but he adds "or, if anything is heat-related around me, like a vent, electricity to an extend, laser beams, I can absorb the heat from that to recharge just as easily." he shrugs. so energy based items work too. Nice to know.

Though when she comments on the possibility of rescuing him should he find himself captured and left without his powers, Bobby would laugh "I'll be sure to thank you extensively if I find myself in that spot. I'd look forward to it even. Ladies can be badass too in my opinion." he smiles at her, an unpopular opinion in this time period that, but an opinion in itself.

When she explains her powers however, Bobby cannot help but smiiile at her "Wow, that is cool. you can really do taht?" though when she mentions flying, he grows all happy. "You can too? so can I. If I create heat updrafts I can propel myself through the air. Thoug hrecently I learned how to hover in place." he smiles to her..somethign to try outside probably. "well, if we have you, guess we can't get lost. That's awesome though. talk about gifted." he smiles warmly to her.

"after this, if you want, I can walk you home?"

Lorna reached for her hot chocolate, laughing softly as Bobby complimented her ability to save him should the need arise. Talking to him was relaxing. Warm. And it wasn't just his powers. She felt at ease now. She couldn't remember having laughed so frequently in the last few months. Of smiling so much that it was beginning to feel natural again. She'd been so angry. So depressed..

She chased that line of thought away as she downed the rest of her hot chocolate and nodded. "Yeah, I can fly, even make a car fly once or twice." She glanced toward the window, looking out at the dimming twilight of Mutant Town.

"I suppose you can walk me home. Yeah."

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