1964-10-22 - Curious Cat and the Fortune-Telling Cards
Summary: A late October evening at the Circus, and Tigra decides to consult the cards…
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It's definitely fall in the Big Apple, and though the chill in the air doesn't bother Tigra, it does give her the opportunity to wear somewhat more concealing clothing. In this case, high boots, long skirt, sweater that would be baggy on someone with a slimmer figure, light gloves, a trenchcoat and broad brimmed hat. Her tail is tucked away carefully, for while she's not hiding who and what she is, she is keeping a lower profile. There are other options if she wanted to hide. She's visiting the circus, though, and wants to be able to catch all the sensations open to her…without someone thinking she might be part of the sideshow.

Even at this time of the year, the Circus is open and crowded. The animals are well-cared for, kept in warm places that the audience can easily access. And near the entrance, the oversized vardo - coloured wagon - belonging to the resident fortune teller is definitely open for business, as the woman herself (dressed how North American audiences would expect someone of that profession to dress) stands outside her home, watching the crowd and smiling to any who look in her direction, performing a little shuffle trick with her cards enticingly.

The feline Avenger pauses at the sight of the vardo, and grins a little, wondering how authentic it actually is. Well, she doesn't put much faith in ordinary fortune telling, but it can certainly be an enjoyable experience. Given that, Tigra steps over that way, green eye sbright beneath the brim of her hat.

Part of her agreement with Management is that Amanda has to play up her heritage. She doesn't really like it, but she understands the necessity. They need to make money. She smiles at Tigra. "Sastipe," she offers, dipping her head a little. "Hello! Are you interested in scouring the future?" She flashes the cards, letting them pass from hand to hand easily enough.

Tigra pauses when she's addressed, and tilts her head a bit. "Sastipe?" she asks, not recognizing the word. "And I'm certainly interested. Forewarned is fore-armed." She wiggles her two hands. "Metaphorically speaking."

Amanda Sefton smiles warmly. "It means hello," she says. Happy at the acceptance, she walks up the three small steps in front of her home and pushes the door open, gesturing for Tigra to join her. "After you," she insists. And once Tigra's inside, and only then, does Amanda walk inside her home, firmly closing and latching the door behind the both of them.

Tigra climbs the small steps with an easy grace, looking around the inside of the wagon with open curiosity as she removes her hat, then gives her orangish hair a brief shake. She glances at the latched door, but doesn't let it concern her. "Very cozy,"she says in approval.

Amanda Sefton can guess at the wary look. "Just so we don't get interrupted," she explains. "It happens often enough." The initial room of the vardo is set up with a table and chairs, divided from the rear with a heavy curtain. With a hand she gestures at a chair while taking her preferred seat. She then places the cards between herself and Tigra. "Would you care to cut the cards?"

"That's what I was thinking," Tigra says in response to the explanation. A latch, not a lock. And one she's confident she could break easily if needed. The tigress doesn't feel trapped. She takes the indicated seat and then reaches out to carefully cut the deck, trying not to nick any cards with her claws.

Amanda reaches for the deck and flips the first card over.

Page of Swords.

"This card represents you, as of this moment." The card displays a woman clad in red and yellow with flowing auburn hair holding a sword to the sky. "The card represents curiosity but restlessness and points towards someone who is very energetic." She flickers her gaze to Tigra, looking for her reaction, or perhaps for any questions to be asked.

Tigra leans forward for a better look as the cards begin to be dealt. She grins a little at the card, thinking of swords, and curiosity. "Seems reasonably closed," she says, still grinning, enjoying things as they get under way.

The second card gets flipped and places across the first. Amanda looks surprised, but she tries not to let it show much. She's not good at that. "The Tower," she murmurs. The card depicts the archetypal Wizard's Tower, snapped in twain by a lightning strike. "A disaster or upheaval. Some kind of change to you - perhaps ages ago, perhaps more recently - in its way, opposes you and what you strive for." When was the last time she had the Tower card so immediate? She can't think of it. Surely nothing recently.

The third card is then flipped and placed above the first two. A woman stroking a lion's head encouragingly.. but upside-down. "Strength, reversed." Her gaze looks back up to Tigra and her words soun more like a question than a statement. "Do you find yourself plagued with self-doubt or accused of a lack of self-discipline?"

Tigra lifts an eyebrow at the explanation of the second card. While it's possible the fortune teller is guessing, based on her appearance, the fact is that it certainly rings true. Especially the concept of opposition. Self-doubts, that also rings true. "Not as much as in the past," she says, "but it's certainly something I've dealt with before." Interesting. Might be someone with a gift here, she thinks to herself, settling in to pay attention as the rest of the cards are laid out, and to reflect upon the results later.

And more cards come. Amanda deals out cards that hint at Tigra's past and current situation, as well as things to come. And that card comes up again. The High Priestess. Always the High Priestess in a helpful role. She'd hate to be arrogant and assume it always referred to her, but it's happened more than once… Still, she deals the cards and the evening wears on, and she becomes more than happy to answer Tigra's no doubt impending questons.

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