1964-10-22 - 'Round the school
Summary: Just another day at Xavier's
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Sam's around and keeping some tabs on Jay, so when he gets the guy's training schedule, he just makes sure he's here after that, to be able to catch him. He has a little bag of food in his hand…some sausage and rice from a southern place out a ways.

Training means a lot of ass kickery happening. And when you're dealing with someone who has increased endurance, that amplifies it by double, at least. Jay comes in from the rear grounds where he was working on some flight training, still barefoot regardless of the chill in the air, and though he isn't panting, there's still dampness at his temples and in spots where his white tee shirt is practically transparent where he's sweated through it. A little wild looking and windblown, he turns down the hallway and pops his brows upward in surprise, nearly bumping into his brother, "Oh sorry—Sam? Hey!"

"Heeeeey." Sam answers with a dimpled smile. "I…brought you some sausage and rice from the only acceptable restaurant around to cook it well. Just…thought I'd catch my bro and embarass him by claiming some family time." Here he winks. "So tell yer friends ya can't go out with them tonight."

Jay exhales a chuckle, the quick spark of humor touching his eyes for a shimmering moment before he glances down with a full-rock of his body pitching in that direction. "Yeah. All mah friends. Sure, Sam." Straightening up once more, the younger man claps Sam on the arm, smiling serenely at the blond. "That /smells/ like heaven on earth. But what're you gonna eat? That don't look like enough for the both of us." Teasing mildly, his gratitude is still broad and apparent.

"Well…ah figured we could split this and add a few things from the cafeteria, like…chips. I saw they have the ripply ones." Chips being a luxery that the Guthries back home never stood for. Or, when there were chips, they were the vastly inferior generic off-brand. Sam waggled his brows. "And I KNOW you have friends. Ya can't tell me different after seein' all those people at that little party."

Magma heads into the hallway, seeming to be heading in the vague direction of the cafeteria. She's dressed more appropriately for the weather today in a warm sweater and a long skirt, but she's apparently going shoesless.

Cannonball lifts his hand and outright waves to Magma as they also head towards the cafeteria. "You know her? Is she yer friend? Ya do live with some folks, yeah. Better'n' I do really. I've got some friends, but a lot of it is…surface stuff. Did ya see that Berto's back around though? THat'll be…good…I think."

"Hello!" Amara calls back, returning the smile and waves with one of her own as she catches up with the pair, since they all seem to be heading in the same direction at the very least. She doesn't crowd the pair though, instead waiting for them to have a decent few steps before her so that it doesn't border on invasive to peoples space.

"Ah, no, not really," Jay admits openly to Sam, his brows dipping together a little bit while Amara's footsteps quicken to catch up to them. Glancing backward once again, he smiles with a sheepish angle. "Howdy. Sorry. We weren't talkin' about you. Ah mean, we were, but not tryin' to be rude." Smooth, Jay. Real smooth. The red-head turns his attention back to Cannonball, brows arched. "He is? When did that happen? You two catchup? It's like yer whole ol' team is formin' up agian. Are y'all having a reunion?"

It's about then that Sophie steps into the hallway from the cafeteria, dressed in a navy T-shirt with the school's crest on the front in white and a pair of grey cotton gym shorts, with white tennis shoes on her feet. Seeing the group, she breaks into a sunny smile as she exclaims, "Oh, hello! Welcome back!" The last directed to Sam and Amara, naturally.

Cannonball nods to Sophie, "Thanks!" Then, he slows down before going into the cafeteria, looking over at Jay. That's when he realizes he's in the way, and he nods to Amara and steps to the side, too. "Sorry, Miss." He pulls the bag in front of him and supports it underneath with his free hand as he says to Jay, "We haven't really caught up. It was…pretty weird last night, actually. He seemed to be kinda pushy and bossy and upset with me. So, we'll see how it shakes out. Ah'd like to be on some team or another, though, by the time everything shakes out. How about you? They name yer team yet?"

"I didn't think you were." Amara points out to Jay, that smile slipping just a fraction as she comes to a stop, peering at him with momentary confusion before she glances at Sam. When he steps out of the way she nods, "Thank you." It's spoken carefully, and politely, but no less confused than her initial response to Jay was. Sophie gets a nod in greeting, however, that smile reappearing although just a little more subdued, "Is there coffee made?"

Jay's got more of a bashful, finding his way feel than his elder brother. As evidenced by the apologetic smile slid Amara's way. "Ah'm not sure, but Ah can get it movin' if ya like?" Apology via coffee. Jay angles out of the way as well, sliding up next to Sam while he explains the encounter he had last night. A confused shake of his head and dip of his brows. "That dun sound like Berto. Must have some kind of a burr up his backside. He'll come around." Though the question about his team is actually given a shrug and slow shake of Jay's head. "Ah…don't really got one, actually. A team, that is. Aside from the guys in the apartment, Ah'm just sorta driftin'." Jay's wings shiver, whispering conspiratorally behind him. Sophie's arrival results in a broad smile, however, glinting with familiarity. He asides to Sam, "Now /that one/ Ah know." Lifting a hand up. "Miss Sophie. You hear about the mic night at 8-ball comin' up?"

"It was getting low, so I dumped what was left and just made some fresh," Sophie replies to Amara, with a grin. Then Jay's mention of the open mic grabs her attention, the pretty blonde perking up at its mention. "I hadn't, but I have now," she answers him, that bright smile returning. "You going? Want to work up something together?"

"I'm sure that I can figu…" Amara starts, but comes to an abrupt stop when Sophie declares fresh coffee is being made currently. The smile that spreads across her face at this news is positively beaming, "Thank you…I shall go to get myself some of this fresh coffee then."

Watching as his brother gets called off, meandering his happy backside out to the back yard, Jay smiles softly to himself and shakes his head. He waits for Sophie with a serene smile resting level on his features, slicking a hand through his hair while it dries out from his training session in the yard. "Yeah, Ah'd like that. Ah know a few other folks who are going to be there, too." His brows lift upward very minutely, trying to communicate something with that emphasis, but it's not clear. "So Ah'd like to work somethin' out together." He clears the way for Amara into the cafeteria, heading in that direction after to follow after, still waiting for Sophie.

Now with people to talk to, Sophie chooses to reverse course and head back into the cafeteria with Amara and Jay. Looking at Jay with a slightly-raised eyebrow and a bare hint of a sly look, Sophie asks, "Oh? 'Be there' as in performing, or as in, there to be your audience?"

Wither was coming out of the Cafeteria whnen he noticed the clump of students in the hall. He blinked and those green eyes went wide and he ofered a faint smile before asking, "The trainin project or y'all talkin about the buildin project?" So many y'alls in one little hallway. He looked to Amara and turned slightly red at the top of his ears thumbing, "They jsut, um, they finished coffee and these itty bitty muffins if you wanted to try those. Doug is swearin by em."

Magma's got no idea what this subject of performances is, so she remains quiet, pausing outside the cafeteria when she spots someone down the hall. A hand is lifted, waving to them before she glances at Kevin when he appears, smiling at him, "Perhaps another time…" She points towards the person down the hall, evidently trying to get her attention.

Jay nearly bumps into Kevin as they try to share a doorway, instead the red-headed southern boy steps back, flashing an apologetic smile to the other one. "Sorry!" Glancing sidelong while Amara is waved away, there's a whisper of relief that shivers all the way down his wings. He murmurs to Sophie, "Ah just about swallowed my entire foot around her a second ago. Mah third mutation must be super human dumbassery—pardon the language."

Straightening up, Jay's attention turns back toward Kevin, brows arching upward. "Huh? Oh! Neither actually. We were talkin' about the open mic night down at the 8-ball down in M.T. comin' up. There's a trainin' project and a buildin' project?" Curiousity piqued.

Noticing the other blonde's confusion, Sophie says, "Oh! Sorry, Amara. The 8-Ball is a bar in Mutant Town. They do an open mic night sometimes where anyone who wants to perform can get up and try. A while back, Jay and I did a song together without having practiced together or anything — We'd only just met, actually. And it came out great." She pauses for a moment to grin at Jay as she adds, "He gets all the credit for that."

When Jay came around the corner the shy grin turned to surprise and the hands came up trying to keep distance from skin to skin collision. Breathe. GOod! He nodded to Amara, "Umm yeah sure. Sometime." He looked to Sophie and Jay looking interested. He hadn't really been to Mutant Town but a couple of times and that did interest him to see more of it. He looked to Amara, "Like an amphitheatre for oratory but all indoors. It's pretty neat." He looked to Jay and said, "Yeah, need to get mah' hands on a movie projector. Have to figure out if the school has one or if we cna get or borrow one."

There is a wet squish-squish sound. After a moment, Cypher rounds the corner, wearing a shower cap and a towel tied around his waist. His bath sandals go squish-squish-squish as he hurries by. "Excuse me, comin' through!"

The explanations are taken with a nod, and a smile is provided for both those that explain what they are talking about. But Amara doesn't notice that Jay seems to be more relieved when she's not near by. "It sounds wonderful." She murmurs to those about the mic night, then she politely excuses herself to move down the hallway to find out what she's being waved to over.

"You're bein' too generous, Soph." Jay murmurs low key, ruffling fingers through his hair until they scatter around his face. "Ah had a good partner to play off of, that's all." Doug rounds the corner and Jay stares, tilting his head to one side with a crooked grin. "Good lord, Dougy," whispering soft chuckles under his breath. "You leave any water in the shower?" Distracted by that quick appearance, smiling broadly in a rare flash of a full fledged grin, a single offcenter dimple appearing in one of his cheeks.

You just wait, Jay Guthrie.

A moment later, the squish-squish-squish starts again, and Doug comes back the other way, carrying a fire extinguisher. Squish-squish-squish-squish "This is exactly what it looks like, don't think too hard about it, hi Kevin, Jay, Amara, Sophie —" He goes back the way he came, SQUISH-Squish-squish…

"I hope this doesn't mean there's something in there he's running /from/," Sophie comments, with a laugh. Though bare-chested Doug does also get a momentary, playfully-appreciative look from her. But returning to what Jay said previously, she says, "There are projectors around, yes. Sixteen and thirty-five millimeter, I believe?"

Wither pressed himself to the wall and tried not to hamper traffic here backing slowly back into the cafeteria. Kevin squint to Jay and ventured, "Y'all are the one that's Sam's brother right?" He was almost curious to ask what happened and why he was wearing a showercap and towel runnign through the first floor. For fear of getting an answer he refrained. He blinked and called out, "Doooooogu… How'd you set a shower on fire!?" He looked to Sophie with a faintly distressed look but arched an eyebrow, "That's great news! If Doug doesn't burn the whole damn school down with water I was gonna try to build a drive in in the back yard. Ya know, for… mutants who are either too young oto go out or feel safer here. Thought it could be fun." He looked back down the hall and started following Doug. He had to know.

"Doug." And then Amara is off around a corner and out of sight.

Magma goes home.


Jay watches with curious confoundment when Doug wanders back through with that extra impliment. Way off from his initial assumption, the red-head slowly turns his head to follow Cypher as he strolls down the hall once more. "It's exactly what it looks like, but Ah still got no idea what it looks like." Looking over at Sophie with question marks hanging over his head. "Nothin' about that looks like good news." Exhaling a soft laugh.

Hearing his brother's name, attention swims over toward Wither, entirely unsurprised that his brother's been back for less than a month and he's back to 'Sam's little brother'. A pale smile, if a little resigned, but he nods and holds a hand out to Kevin. "Yeah. Ah normally go by 'Jay' though."

Wither looked to Jay and offered a gloved hand. "Jay? Kev. Kevin Ford. Nice to meet ya." He looked down the hall curious as hell but paused, "Groovy wings, man. I dig em." The walking stigma looked to Sophie and added thoughtfully, "who ahs the projectors? Library staff?" He blinked and murmured, "I think only Doug can figure out how to set water on fire… that ain't right." He sighed and said I'm gonna go help. I'll catch up with y'all later."

Giving Amara a wave as she heads out of sight, Sophie comments to Kevin, smiling "That does sound like a fun idea. Julie can probably help if you need it." She then turns again to Jay and says, "We should get together and pick a song or two to practice, then. But you never answered me before — the 'other people' you mentioned were coming?"

Jay eyes the gloved hand a moment, but then figures where are enough people with crazy things going on that he doesn't need an explanation for why he's wearing them. "Jay Guthrie," murmuring softly in return when Kevin gives his full name. "Pleasure." Taking his hand back and slipping it into his pocket, happy to hover around the background a little while, though his smile stretches a bit more over the compliment. Feathers shiver and fluff up vaguely. "Thanks. Nice gloves." Effortlessly finding something else to compliment on a whim. A fond little smile cast in Doug's direction, he shakes his head. "Good luck. Ah got the feelin' you might need it." While Kevin goes to help Doug out.

Jay turns back to Sophie and smiles a touch more, shrugging bashfully when she points out that he never answered. "You remember mah friend from the 8-ball that you met? Th' bouncer. Ah mean, he'll be there. Hey, you can come over some time when yer free. M'roommate's got a really large record collection, it's a thing of beauty. Listen to a few tunes, pick somethin' out."

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