1964-10-22 - Witches, Pirates, and Vampires.. oh my!
Summary: Colleen, Robbie, and Danny go costume shopping for Halloween.
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So, Rand Corporation was going to be throwing a Halloween Block Party for the residents of Hell's Kitchen and Danny had convinced Colleen to go. This meant that costumes were necessary and so, encountering Robbie while grabbing drinks at the Cigar Factory before heading over to Chinatown, they decided to drag him along with them. Even if he didn't pick out a costume — he could help judge theirs, right? And so that is where the three find themselves.

having driven the pair to find themselves a pair of costumes and seeing the entertainment value, Robbie is easily brought along for the ride. "Alright, let's see what you two can find." Robbie would literally rather drop dead than wear a costume, and as such, he wears his trademark jacket, a white hoodie underneath, black pants and tenneshoes, ditching the boots and the chain (seemingly) for this visit. "anything in particular we're looking for?" he looks to Colleen and Danny, probably more amused of the possibility of outfit for the former rather than the latter.

"Nothing cheap." Colleen pauses, then clarifies, "Tacky. Nothing tacky." It wouldn't do to give Danny some bright idea about getting cloth of gold and diamonds and calling it a costume, right? "Preferably nothing that looks stupid, either. Beyond that…." She shakes her head, utterly idealess it seems.

Danny wanders into the shop and slides his hands into his pockets, taking a look around at the wide assortment of possibilities. He begins a slow stroll through the aisles and chuckles a bit as he looks over his shoulder at Colleen, noting her shift of phrasing. "I knew what you meant," he says. Then he glances over at Robbie and says, "We need to find something for you, too. You are coming. The whole team should go. It will be fun."

Robbie seemingly grins at Colleen, aptly entertained at what the possibilities of that could be worn by her, before he looks to Danny, giving him a look when he says their gonna get something for him to. "No way." he says simply "I don't do costumes." he says, but he also feels like this won't go well for him…two members of his team probably gonna coerce him to go in costume, and he takes a biiiigggg siiiiiggghhh.

"Why not?" Colleen wonders, moving down one of the other aisles, and heading straight towards the back like she knows just what she's looking for. "What do you think the kids would like the most? Witches?"

Danny doesn't press, though he grins over at Robbie. Oh, yes. Costuming of some type will happen. Danny has gotten it into his head that this is going to be a thing, and there is no doubt that stubborn streak has not seen the last of the light. However, Colleen distracts him with her question and he says, "Witches, ghosts, skeletons, scarecrows, werewolves, vampires, mummies.." He starts to go through the various stock type of monsters one might find in black and white movies.

Robbie looks to Colleen at her question, shaking his head a bit. "Don't look good in them." there were also reasons like just being a hardass and not wanting to do it, but he notices Danny's look and he sighs a bit. "Go above and beyond…" he sighs. just crossing his arms and keeping quiet.

"You could be a skeleton." Colleen informs Robbie, finding one of the mentioned costumes and tossing them over her arm, then she picks up a few more before she wanders over to what Danny is looking at, "Is there a dragon? Better than a werewolf or scarecrow."

"I think there might be a dragon over there," Danny says, nodding to the other side of the row that he is looking through. He picks upa couople of things and tucks them under his arm before he follows her over in that direction. There's a chuckle when she suggests that Robbie could be a skeleton and he says, "C'mon.. something else. Maybe a lion."

Robbie gives Colleen a 'really' kind of look when she says he could be a skeleton, but he doesnt seem anymore amused when Danny mentions he could be a lion. "Hell no." he says stubbornly, keeping his arms crossed. Though he does seem amused at what Danny could be. "He's already a kung fu guy, you'd think that dragons would be his thing…."

"Lions are good…I bet you they have a Fu Dog around here, too." Colleen ignores the look from Robbie, not even admitting to how terrible her suggestion of him being a skeleton might have been. She then glances at Danny, noting his hair before she shakes her head, "He's more of a lion than a dragon, maybe even a tiger."

There's a little bit of an amused smile from Danny at the talk of dragons, but he doesn't say anything about it, at least not for the time being. Instead, he goes poking around through some of the other costumes before saying, "Come on. Up to the dressing room so we can see what you've come up with." He glances over at Robbie and says, "There's a chair up there. You can be judge."

Robbie would nod a bit at Danny as he says that he can go and be a judge, but he also looks to Colleen, giving her a small grin. "Heh, you're right, he's got the hair for it." he shrugs a bit, following them up to the next floor, where he takes a seat.

"Doesn't he, though?" Colleen replies, that smile growing as she starts up towards the second floor, her arms full of mostly normal costumes, and one or two less normal ones that she passes on the way up. Once at the dressing rooms she moves into one of them, pulling the door closed to start working on trying things on, "So are we dressing based on his judgment?"

Danny drags his own pile of costumes into the other room and says, "Sure. I mean, we are subjecting him to this, and we're going to make him wear something. He should at least get to judge for us, right?" There's rustling and movement and adjustment as Danny puts on his first costume: He's got on a warlock costume with a red robe and a deep hood and a twisted staff that goes with it, with some kind of a withered hand at the top holding onto a green glowing orb of some sort. It's pretty simple.

Robbie just keeps his arms crossed in that hardass sitting position, sitting with his chest against the back of the chair. When Danny comes out, Robbie opens his mouth like he's going to say something, then just shuts it closed a second later. "Ah….huh. Yeah no." he gives that costume of Danny a thumbs down.

A few moments later Colleen steps out as well, a large floppy witch hat on, and the sort of terribly itchy black dress that would potentially be attractive, if it weren't for the fact it had an even stranger lace collar at her throat. There isn't any props beyond the hat, however. When she spots Danny she lifts a hand to cover her mouth, laughing.

Danny smirks over at the both of them and says, "Yeah.. no." Then he looks over at Colleen's costume and then glances at Robbie, deferring to Reyes to make the call on that one. He shuffles back into the dressing room to take off the weird warlock outfit and pick out something else.

Robbie would smile faintly to Colleen when she came out in her witch costume, and is actually in approval of it, but he could probably see if she was uncomfortable or what not, so he just lifts his hand in a thumbs up, then lowers it. "I'm gonna leave that one up to you. I think it looks fine." he shrugs. What? she looked nice in it. Little attractive, but he doesnt know what Colleen's speed is.

"Okay, so we'll keep this as a maybe." Colleen decides when she shakes her head, still looking too amused by Danny and his costume as she turns to head back into her own dressing room to change into costume possibility number two.

The next costume seems to take a little bit longer to get into because there's some wrapping involved. When he comes out, this time he's dressed head to toe as a mummy complete with a big oval-ish head with big yellow eyes looking out of the black shadow. The costume itself is stepped into and zipped on, and then extra bandages added around here and there to trail and tatter. He spreads his arms a little, waiting for judgment.

Robbie nods simply at Colleen "smart move." before he looks over at Danny, managing to stop a laugh before it breaks through, and he just lowers his head, extending his arm and giving Danny a thumbs up for that one. It's too good to say no. "Good one man….good one." he laughs a bit, lifting his head back up to look at him. "You're trying hard arn't you…"

Mummy! Too bad Colleen's costume is taking too long for her to get to see Danny's mummy costume. In fact, she's taking a really, really long time to change into her own costume in fact.

Danny has to use both hands to lift the giant almost football shapped head off his shoulders. He grins, his hair a mess from being inside the head of the costume and says, "I kind of like this one." Then he says, "What do you mean?" The head is set on a box next to him and he leans his arm on it, waiting for Colleen to come out so that she can see his and he can see what her next choice is.

Robbie laughs a little, waiting for Colleen now, though wondering if she has a version of 'stage fright' if she's taking this long…then he remembers she's a woman, and so he lets this slide. He looks then to Danny at his question. "Because it looks legitimate man." He laughs a bit.

When Colleen finally comes back out she's wearing a "dusty" old tattered looking suit, with a wig that has a fake forehead in it, and fake bolts in her neck, and platform shoes that are very obviously too big for her.

"Frankenstein, nice!" Danny says when Colleen comes lumbering out of the dressing room with a chuckle. He then puts his mummy head back on so that she can take a look and give her vote one way or the other. His voice is muffled from the inside when he says, "I probably won't get recognized in this one."

Robbie looks at Colleen and just shakes his head, giving her a thumbs down on that one, though he is mightily amused. "That's gonna be a no from me Colleen." he chuckles at her "Unless you really want it, then go for it." he chuckles faintly while shaking his head, looking back at Danny. "It's too good man…"

"No?" Colleen glances over at Danny, waiting to see his full response to her costume before she shrugs, reaching up to pull the wig off, shaking her hair out before she then shakes her head at Danny, "I think you're both right. It's too good, and no one would recognize you…which since it's your party, would probably be pretty bad."

"Well it's Rand Corporation's party. I don't really need anyone to recognize me until I give my obligatory little speech at some point, and I could take the head off then," a pile of cash points out. But then he grins and says, "I'm putting it on the maybe list." Then he shuffles back into the dressing room to try on another.

Robbie would smile at Colleen, shaking his head a little when she says no to the outfit. But he looks to Danny next, shrugging a little "He does have a point. He doesnt really need to be seen until he wants to be. But then he's gone, trying on another outfit. "Right."

He looks then to Colleen "guess it's round 3 for you miss." he smiles at her.

"It looks like it is round three." Colleen agrees, pausing long enough to kick the too large shoes off before she heads back into her dressing room. It takes longer to take off the Frakenstein costume than it does to put on the next one. When she steps back out she's wearing a dress that is straight out of a cheesy Western.

Danny resurfaces from his own changes and when he comes out he's wearing a robin hood costume, complete wight tights, and fake bow that doesn't look like the string is taught enough to even fire a fake arrow with any accuracy. He looks over at Colleen and then down at himself and he chuckles before saying to Robbie, "What do you think?"

Robbie would smile to Colleen as she returns to the dressing room, though he looks then to Danny…busting up laughing. "Definately not, hell no chico." he laughs even still, actually having to cover his mouth a bit before he calms down. "No no no." though he does look to Colleen when she comes out. "Well, better than the Frankenstein one…but I think it suits your fancy a bit. I have no idea on that one." he laughs.

"Nice tights." Colleen offers her own opinion of things, grinning at Danny and his costume before she looks down at the dress she's wearing. "It's alright…I really don't have a preference." She then shrugs, crossing her arms over her chest, "I didn't really get to do Halloween when I was living with my grandfather. He didn't believe in it…so the last costume I remember wearing I think was Dorothy."

Danny looks down ath is costume and chuckles at Robbie's outright refusal on it. He laughs just a little and then he says, "Alright. We'll put this one in the No pile." He then looks over toward Colleen and says, "It's not bad, but you look like you need a bonnet."

Robbie would just shake his head at Danny, before he glances on over to Colleen. "he's right ya know. Could use one. Put it in the maybe pile I say." he nods a few times.

"Alright, maybe pile it is." Colleen replies, a hand lifting up to touch her hair before she turns to head back into the dressing room, "I'm running out of options in here, just so you two know." Running out, but clearly not out yet!

Danny laughs, "I'm running low in here, too.. but let's see what we've got." He then heads back into his changing room, and it doesn't take him too long to swap from the costume that he was in. This time when he comes out, he is dressed as a vampire, complete with fangs that show when he grins, and a fitted black suit with a red tie.

Robbie would give a small smile to Colleen as she retreats into the dressing room for about the fourth time now, giving a small nod. "Noted. Well, we'll decide for sure when you're done then." he gives a nod, before he looks at Danny "Oh Christ definately not." he tells him straight up. But then he takes a minute to really -look- at the costume "actually….nevermind. Looks good." he gives a thumbs up.

Much like Danny it doesn't take her long to change into the next costume, and one might argue that it's hardly a costume for someone like her. She steps back out of the dressing room wearing a yellow satin cheongsam. She gives Danny's newest costume a curious look, then she grins, "Not bad.."

Danny laughs at Robbie and spreads his hands to his sides, going, "Seriously? Definitely not, and then okay? What changed your mind?" He looks down at himself as though he now has no idea whether the costume is a good idea or not. He looks over at Colleen's costume though and both brows go up. "Wow.. that looks nice," he says in mandarin chinese.

Robbie would smile at Colleen, nodding a few times. "Definately a yes, miss Colleen." he teases her a little bit, before Danny steals his attention when he speaks Mandarin. "..is that, what is that Chinese?" he asks curiously, not versed in the language himself. "Geez…guy of many talents much…" but then Reyes answers Danny's question to him "I dunno what changed my mind…I think it's the facial features that complete the look…hmmm."

"Thank you." Colleen replies, spreading her hands out to the side before she turns herself around in place before she drops her hands back down to her side, "You need a bit of blood on those fangs, though." She suggests, lifting a hand up to point at Danny's mouth before she nods to Robbie, "Yeah, Chinese."

Danny didn't even realize he'd spoken in mandarin until Robbie points it out, and then he coughs just a little bit and says, "Yeah.. I said that looks nice." He translated back to English. Then he considers his own costume and says, "I think I could go with this one. What do you think? This one or the Mummy? Those are the two I'm debating between." Then he looks back over to Colleen, waiting for the two of them to decide.

Robbie would nod to Colleen, then he looks over to Danny "I would have to agree with Colleen on that one. Need to look more Dracula like." he nods a few times, before Danny asks if they could choose between mummy or dracula, Robbie takes a few moments to think, before answering "Dracula." in his opinion, then he looks to Colleen "I'm stuck between witch and that fancy outfit Colleen. You look great in both."

"Dracula." Colleen seconds the vote, nodding in agreement with Robbie about which one she prefers. She glances at what she's wearing, then over her shoulder towards her dressing room, "Alright…so this or the witch one?"

"Alright, Dracula it is," Danny says. "I'll get a little blood for the fangs, some white makeup to make my pasty self even more pasty, and wahtnot.. and I think I can touch it up for the night and make it a finished thing." He then glances between Robbie and Colleen, "Well, Robbie's supposed to be the one to make the call, right? That was the deal?"

Robbie would shrug a little at Danny when he asks him to make the call in reference to the rules they made "okay now okay…that's a hard call." he ponders a moment. "Personally, I think the Witch outfit is more Halloween in feel." he shrugs a bit "Honest answer."

"Witch costume it is, then." Colleen grins at them both before she turns on her heel to head back into the dressing room, calling over her shoulder, "You want to make your eye sockets look like you have black eyes, too. Be all creepy…And what are you going to be, Robbie?"

Danny nods his head and says, "That's true enough," when Robbie makes his call. He did say that the judge got to pick and then he grins, "Why do I want to have black eyes?" he asks Colleen but he's already heading back into the dressing room to get changed and put all the other costumes back into their bags to put in the bin to be returned to the racks.

Robbie would look to Colleen, giving her a warm smile before she asks her question at him "…do I really have to dress up?" he asks defeatedly, lowering his head to rest on the chair he's sitting in.

"Yes, you really have to dress up." Colleen answers from inside the dressing room, gone only momentarily before she steps back out, the rejected costumes draped over one arm, "It's a Halloween party…it's sort of expected, right?"

"Yes you really have to dress up," Danny calls out from within the dressing room, eventually coming back out in his jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt, the dracula costume having been kept as well as the Mummy one. He might use that for something else later. The rest are put in the bin to be returned.

Robbie would sigh a little, rising from his chair and unzipping his jacket to reveal his white t-shirt underneath "Right….can't I just Ghost it up…." he sighs a bit, recalling his transformation into the Ghost Rider before he tries to wander off to get a costume or a few…

"That wouldn't be a costume." Colleen points out, moving to dump the rejected costumes into the bin before she shakes out the witches costume before starting to fold it carefully, then she tucks it beneath her arm. While Robbie goes off to find himself a costume, she glances over at Danny, "Did you ever talk to that priest about the party?"

"No, you can't just ghost it up," Danny says, flopping into the chair that Robbie had vacated to wait for him to go and find something. He seems to agree with Colleen that it does not qualify as a costume. He grins then and looks over toward her. "Yeah, he helped get me a list of some shelters, non-denominational and otherwise that could use the most help. The companies that advertise at the party will make donations and they will be distributed to those that are in need."

Robbie would groan "son..of…a…*mumble mumble mumble*" he says as he picks out a few costumes before he returns to the group with a few, taking off his jacket and setting it by Danny "Don't lose this." and as he said that, his eyes danced with fire. he was dead serious.

….then he went into the dressing room to get changed.

"Did he?" Colleen wonders, finding herself a place to sit as well, legs crossing as she glances at the jacket left by Danny, then back up, "That's all very good. Your fancy lawyers are already working on getting the building situation handled, aren't they?"

Danny nods and says, "Yeah, the real estate acquisition is in the works. They have to work with the local PD and it's going to take a bit to get the place cleared as a crime scene before we can get the OK to renovate it. What I did do, though, is find another building and started the process of renovating the vacant one. It's not too far away. We'll see if we can move some ofo the residents who are interested in going into that building."

Eventually, Robbie comes out wearing an adults pirate costume, just without the parrot and hat, bandana though wrapped around his head expertly, as he widens his arms "so?" he asks perhaps defeatedly.

"A second building?" Colleen looks a little surprised, but it is a quick, brief sort of look before Robbie steps back out, and she looks over at him. She nods, a smile spreading across her face, "I think pirate is a great costume. What do you think, Danny?"

"Yeah, a second building.. so that if people want to relocate rather than wait to have their units renovated since most of that building is going to be a crime scene for a while.. Not all will want to go but some might," Danny says, and then Robbie comes out of the dressing room and he looks back over at him, grinning. "See, that's the spirit! That works for you!"

Robbie seems to growl a minute, "alright….sounds like this one's the winner…" he turns on his heel, thank god that's over! and he closes the dressing room door behind him to get dressed. he knows for certain they won't let him let this one down.

"Seems reasonable…" Colleen observes slowly at the idea of a whole second building. Then when Robbie has once again gone into the dressing room she leans towards Danny, her voice lowering, "I don't think he'll smile the entire night."

Danny glances over at Colleen when Robbie goes back in and grins as she leans in, her voice lowering. He laughs just a little bit and says, "I bet he will. Even just a little bit." Then he leans back in the chair. He does keep an eye on Robbie's jacket though, making sure that no one comes and wanders off with it thinking it's a costume piece.

Robbie comes back out in his jeans, tenneshoes, and T-shirt, with the costume in question slung over his shoulder as he retrieves his jacket. He looks at Danny and Colleen with a bit of a look, before he just shrugs "alright…let's go."

Colleen pushes herself up to her feet, nodding, "Let's go." She agrees, taking her costume and heading back down the stairs, starting to pull some cash from her pocket to pay for the costume.

It doesn't take too long, now that the decisions are made, for them to all pay for and go strolling out of the shop with their costumes. "Now we just need to get Carlos to get one," he says, grinning. "Then the whole team will be outfitted. I bet we could convince Luke to get in on it too." Uh oh, Danny Rand is on a Halloween mission.

Robbie would shake his head "Luke will probably say no. Unless you get him like a hat or something." he shrugs a little. "Carlos on the other hand, would be easier. He'd probably be all in." he shrugs, slinging on his jacket.

"Why wouldn't he want to?" Colleen questions, but doesn't seem invested in the response as she pays for her items, taking her bag and head on the way with the pair of them.

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