1964-10-23 - Back to Reality
Summary: Cousins Robbie and Reno catch up on life now that Reno's out of the birdhouse.
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Another lunch afternoon in the Cigar Factory. The noon crowd was pouring out and it was an hour before the factory workers from the am shuffled in. A face that hasn't been familiar to Harlem poked back in poking his nose in this direction and that looking foooooor someone? He dropped to a seat a the bar and rest his elbows on it.

After Reno entered, Robbie wouldnt be far behind, parking his dodge charger in a good parking spot by the entrance. Wearing his signature leather jacket with t upside white u decal on tge front, unzipped to reveal a plain red T-shirt underneath. He also wears black pants and combat boots.

he seems to enter rubbing theback of his neck a bit, and looks to be looking for a good spot to sit.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when Emily appears in the picture, but, there she is, at a barstool, smoking and enjoying what looks to be a cola. She sits at the edge of the Cigar Factory's bar, small and inconspicuous. Of course, it helps that she has *magical* nifty powers to go unnoticed — that's what helps her get into the joint — but after, she just remains mundanely out-of-sight. That is, until someone notices her.

Hard to say exactly what Emily's up to, except scoping out the place, perhaps. Seems kind of young to be in a place like this. Not that patrons are often carded, mind, especially if they aren't seeking an alcoholic drink. Which Emily probably didn't do.

Eh. Odd, young women in New York City isn't an odd occurrence. Especially not these days: kids these days, sheesh.

Reno was a nervous, nervous bird. The heel of his foot bounced waiting and sure there were a lot of cars, but few that sounded like they were trying to eat people. He'd left the black gloves on, not that he drove. When Robbie walked in Reno was relieved and widened a grin, "Aaaah, primo!" Well well well, it was true they let the bird out of the cage. He looked good; shaved, cleaned up, nervous as hell for that cop minding his own business outside.

Robbie would look around until he heard his cousin. Turning his head to Remo and giving a small, yet sincere, smile. ?Hola primo, como estas? You been good?? He gives him a once over ?you look good ese.? Unlike reno tjough, Robbie wasnt nervous, but then again, he was never one to be afraid.

Reno gave his cousin a hug walking over there. Fmaily. It was a cure all for the weary. He laughed and patted his stomach, "Eeeeh they fed me whole I was in there. Good thing I eat like a bird tho. Maaaan the food was terrible. How's your brother? Tio? How bout you man? You look like you're doin alright for yourself." He gestured to the stool.

Robbie would smile to Reno, patting hik on the back. In a time where he hasnt been able to see his hermano or his tio, seeing Reno was quite relaxing. He laughs a but at his words, following him to some seats. ?Well, thats how tgat syatem works man. It aint a hotel.? He grins ?ive bedn good. Ive got a job at that Triple A auto and body down tge street. Got good friends. Im doing alright.? He smiles then, though he doesnt date talk about Ghost Rider…yet. %r ? you been staying out of trouble, Reno?? He says with a smirk.

Reno eased a grin and laughed, "Yeaaaah. I mean I'm tryin, man. I don't wanna go back that's for sure. Tio said I can come work for him since I got a good business sense for these things. Keeps my nose off the street. It's good though. He needs help and it's somethin I know. Glad to hear you got good friends thoughI'm finding." He considered that thought and hte last two years with a laugh, "Eeeeh I guess mi hermanos could be a bit better."

Robbie would smile warmly to Reno, giving him a little shrug at his words. "Good. because if you end up in a spot where you end up thinking you gotta go back, I'll be there to knock you senseless." he says seriously, but in a brotherly way, giving his shoulder a rub as he sat down. "So then, least it means I'll be seeing more of you eh? How is tio?" he asks curiously, crossing his arms over his chest like he normally did in a resting position when he sat. "and you do have a good business sense. You could sell ice to a penguin." he chuckles a bit…though he does turn his head like he heard a whisper, but he pays no mind to it, instead giving his cousin a smile. "If you need a place to stay, you can live with me unless Tio feels generous." he grins lightly.

Reno laughes, but the look was grateful. A hand went over his hair carefully and he said, "No, don't touch the hair man. That's my trademark, primo." He held up two fingers and pointed between teh two of them. Drinks, over here man. There we go. He nodded and siad "He's doin good. Just hard for him right now. Tia went back to visit my mama. So, ya know, nice to look after him. He wrote me even though he couldn't come to visit ya know. I just… ya know don't worry. Means a lot to me. I don't want to disappoint him and be nice to sow mama that she don't have to worry." His eyebrow arched and he joked but was serious, "That'd actually be great man. He's generous but he don't have alot either he's doin enough for bme and I proooomise not to sell your stuff." He winked. Hey, say what one will abotu him but he is a damn fine fence. He jsut had shitty friends.

Robbie would smile warmly to Reno as he talks "Oh right, right, your trademark." he lifts his hands defensively like ooookkaaayyy no touchie the hair. But he does smile warmly when Reno agrees to live with him. "Alright. there's two beds. You can sleep in the not so much used guest room. So be happy it's clean." he smiles to her a bit. "and don't worry, I get the feeling. You can stay with me until you can get your feet off the ground. I make enough, after all." he does smile a bit

"You can sell the spare parts if you want. Just try not to sell everything else yeah?" he smiles a bit, though he is sure to check Reno's soul with his Ghost Rider powers (not visible) to see if he was -really- on the straight and narrow.

Reno was earnestly trying. He got into this mess for refusing to hurt someone. Resell a Rolex? Sure, but he had no taste for guns or knives or violence. Hell he spent half of his time telling people, hey go call your abuela. She'll appreciate it, when he knows htey're not doin well. He wasn't a bad guy, he just lacked nay backbone to tell people 'no' when it was a bad thing. Hey, bad people are scary and he was no fighter. He was trying, he jsut wasn't perfect.

There was that other thing though, and he seen it before. He asked looking concerned; not scared, but with some rooted compassion for his family, "Hey, primo, if you weren't alright… you'd tell me right? Everything okay for you?"

Oh….world knows Robbie's gotten the crap kicked out of him by the spirit and physical world alike…and boy, was that a story.

Though, when asked if he he would tell him if he was okay or not, Robbie simply nods at him. "Yeah…Yeah I would." he simply smiles then…before he just goes silent for a minute, taking a sip of the bottle of beer he has before looking at him. "likewise…you know I'm here for you right?" though a lie could be found if when he said hed tell him anything. ghost rider and all that.

Reno nodded slowly and admitted to him, "Yeah, yeah, primo. Umm" He didn't know how to put this. He took a deep breath and took a drink. "You know that think I do? Maaaan bein in prison? You learn a lot about people you never wanna know." He looked over Robbie and gave him a look. "Ya look different, Robbie. We can talk about it later. Here? No mas."

Robbie would lock eyes with Reno, giving him an equally doubting look, before he sighs a bit. "Could say the same about you…." but he sighs defeatedly at his words. "yeah….we talk later. try not to freak out. Promise." he says with a soft sigh….

Reno blinked at his cousin. Was he worried? Yeah. HELL yeah man. He had some strange looking aura stuck to him. He sighed attenpting to bring some levity into it. "Hey I dunno man. You met my shadow? My shadow is scary as hell. I jump at that but how about I promise not to like hit you with a book or something. I'm pretty sure I can not throw thinks at you. BUT, butbutbut, if I scream like a nina? You have to swear not to tell anyone and you owe me a beer." He paused before taking a drink and shrugged, "And we'll sort it out whatever it is.

Robbie just gave Reno a look at his words, nodding a few times. "Met your shadow a few times, and watched you freak out because you're so paranoid." he teases him a little with a little smirk, though all in good fun as he takes a sip of his beer. though when he makes his promise, Robbie just kinda looks at him "okay man. si, si." he nods in agreement, perhaps defeatedly. "So, at least I know you still possibly scream like a pequeno(little) nina." he chuckles a bit.

Reno held out his hand yay high and said proudly, "Not muy pequena, just pequena. Like nine. s old. At least." He grinned wryly. If he was going to be picked on he's gonna take it and own it!

Robbie would laugh a bit, "fair enough, fair enough. Muy dynamico (very fun) eh? stay fun Primo." he chuckles a little. Not many people take pride in their more flighty nature. Gotta respect it at least….if you've got it…. "so then…want to find out now or later?" he asks curiously.

Reno looked to his cousin shaking his head, "Maaaaaan, we got nothin but time. It's a good day. Just enjoy the beer. I'm not running anywhere. This is a nice place. What's with the patch job on the walls? Man dude has a guy and what's the first thing they do? THey lower property values by puttling little holes in things. That's rude man."

Robbie would chuckle a little at Reno "alright alright ese. as for the patch job…well, someone I guess decided to run in here guns blazing. I was here and safe from harm, but still. Just the kind of town ya know?"

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