1964-10-23 - How Hard Can It Be?! (pt. 1)
Summary: Jeanand Kaleb catch up at school and decide to take onthe unthinkable for a project to Kellan's amusement.
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Kaleb was out for a time but at least placed a call into the school to let them know he was alright and that he'd have Kellan collect his homework. Lo and behold he was actually returned and booked an hour out to talk to Professor Grey; herald of watermelons. He was tired, but extremely put together which meant he was fine enough to be his particular and ornery self. Ornery but he respected the hell out of Jean so dialed it back. The nice thing about sonic controllers is they were never too loud, and to the contrary, usually too quiet. The words came though he didn't use his face to project them, "Hey. How are you?" Sure he had an agenda, but he didn't come to make it her problem. "How's…" He couldn't say her name without sounding condescending and judgmental, "Rosemary?"

Work was as work was; but when there was time to herself, Jean fancied herself a book or two from the institutes illustrious Library. Catcher in the Rye, is what she is kind of sort of but not reading, though it was the many surface thoughts of those who filter in and out the manse. New students. Old students. Volunteers and the like. She was effectively security for the sake of it, in order for protection.

But, as Kaleb's wandering mind comes into view, she puts the book down even before he entered. She knew that there was an appointment, but who in the hell would want to sit in a stuffy old office? At his approach, there was a generous smile, though.. that drops as well. "Still unconscious." She states quietly. "Though, I am able to talk to her as I would."

Kaleb was wearing the earplugs and in his bag, books and also that helmet of his. Not perfect these days, but living prepared in a constant state of awareness which he reasoned she more than understood in her own way, or at least that she got at before. He dropped into the chair across from her unceremoniously bringing an ankle up to cross over his knee. There was even an honest, brief smile in return. He wasn't awful all the time. His expression sobered with a nod. "Well… there's that at least. You alright?"" Her health was fine. That he knew. Seeing a student go through that and crawl into their head he had to imagine was quite a thing. An eyebrow raised slightly indicating actual interest and not trying to do that 'polite' thing that was empty and he had zero interest in.

There was a quick study, for some reason, Jean felt that he didn't come to ask about their overall health. She's grown in the past few months, exponentially so. If he's seen the things that she's seen..

"Oh. Fine. The usual." She states, though fingers now steeple in the oversized chair she sits in. She knew Kaleb wasn't the one to make nice at times, even if it really had to do with her. "You want to ask what you want to ask me or if should we just go off to the cafeteria for a social and probably cake." She purses her lips, her eyes scanning the room. "No ones around. I think I can make chocolate cake. Would be my first time though.."


Kaleb had started to master the dead stare. It would seem no that wasn't the reason he came. Gratitude? Concern?- woah, actual concern?! Maybe he was hit with a rock. The talk of cake pulled a faint, impish grin from him against his meaning to. "I haven't either. Who said we have to be responsible all the time? If it doesn't work out I'll yell at it." A wry grin formed at the joke and the imagining of frosting ev-er-y-where. He stood and shouldered the bag and he said, "We can do both. I was…" He tried to form thought, identify it, and give it a name.. He was more shit with 'feelings' than he was with words. This generally helped no one, least of all him.

"I was concerned. In the last three weeks I helped rebuild a city, keep someone from making rash choices, figure out science, be the accidental target of a political assassination- I'm fine," he quickly dismissed and interjected. Obviously not leading with that he seemed not to need to raise it to alarm, "but I realized a few things and the fifth one was: your job is incredibly difficult and thankless. But… full of some good advice and thought you'd appreciate an update that that lesson…. well it wasn't lost." His jaw tightened and shifted. He didn't know how to say it so it came out only, "A lot of people are okay." As the indirect of him following a great deal of her advice though he didn't go into how in particular. He gestured, "So… how's this cake thing work?" he really had no fucking clue.

"Sometimes you'll find that yelling gets you nowhere." Jean points out. "When I train, I try to use my fists whenever possible. You'll never know when there will be a time when you're unable to use your gifts as you're supposed to."

Though, hearing his words bore interest; she leaned forward just a bit, but she didn't bother reading his mind for the truth in all things. He seemed capable, he seemed like it was handled, he also didn't seem too stressed about anything, even judging by the inflections in his voice.

"Good.." She says with a happy sigh, at least -someone- was listening to her. Which was rare. "And.. really. Don't worry about Rosemary, she's going to recover one way or another.. its just.." She doesn't go too far with that, settling for a shake of her head. "Uh.. I don't know. I know there's flour.. egg.. milk maybe? There's a book in the kitchen somewhere. Pretty sure it's going to taste like cement.."

Kaleb eyed the look and tilted his head to the side and filled in the short gaps. "I bore a similar resemblance to the target. They possibly lived because of the mistake. It got fixed so in a sense? I guess I'm grateful it did some good. It's over, it's scary as hell, maybe we all learned something from this." He paused and chuckled offering her a smile, "You said we can't lose our heads over this stuff yeah? I'll save it for the big things like the stuff I can do something about. But… thank. for… the look." He got that look from Kellan and he knew what it meant. He wasn't going to throw away her concern.

The laugh was loose and genuine from him as the over-privileged young man admitted, "Fuuuuuck if I know what's in a kitchen or how it works. I tell someone to make cake happen and it happens. So, there's probably an assembly manual. We'll find it." He boggled, "Besides, we're smart. We build stuff."

Kalebwas doing his own classes, Kellan, he just iddn't have one scheduled right now and he and Jean left the library and were headed to the cafeteria on a mission. "I didn't find any Cake Blueprint Assembly Instruction Manuals(tm) on teh shelf, but how hard can it be? We're smart. We have powers. We got this." Confident by decision. He followed Jean though. Something might be scary, or sticky, or a tiny person with PBJ fingers might be running through here.

It was going to be fun. In a sense. She knew that there was still an inherit problem, but Kaleb wasn't going to come out of it in a.. verbal way. So this was going to take some round-a-bout coaxing.

With fun of cooking! (Which Jean can and can't do..)

"Powers do not maketh the man.. eth.." Jean points out, a finger into the air as the doors magically (or telekinetically) fly open to reveal the empty kitchen.

Sidenote: The mansion has.. tooooo many kitchens!

"But I know there is a book somewhere. I don't believe Crystal can make something like this from memory or scratch."

Kellan comes wandering down the hall from the opposite direction on his way toward the kitchen. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and a grey button-down, though he's finally dropped the prep school tie that he used to wear all the time at the beginning of the year. Noticing Jean and Kaleb making their way toward the kitchen, he lifts a hand in greeting to the both of them and says "Hey." The mention of a book and making something — that catches his attention, and he falls in behind them, curiosity getting the best of him.

Kaleb followed like the proud and haughty sunnovabitch that he was, but eh, at least unlike Hellion he remained pretty laid back about it. There was that. "Brother mine" he greeted Kellan. He knew him. He liked knowing where his brother was and frankly it was lowering his blood pressure greatly just being back 'in network' not even for any great reason, but just to be there. Echo dropped his duffelbag with his school books and the helmet incase loudness broke out. The sleeves were getting unbuttoned and folded back. wait, yes, he was preparing to… why was he headed to the kitchen?! Did he know what the word meant? "Crystal seemed pretty cool. Her dog is ridiculous though. So…we find a book."

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