1964-10-23 - Northern Lights
Summary: Sunspot and Lorna run into each other at the park
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It was a pleasant evening in a….rather awful looking park in Mutant town, but one can enjoy anything if you seize the oppurtunity. some of the mutant kids were out playing, some adults were off to the side being romantic, other adults were just watching over them or minding their own business in talks and the like.

Sitting on a seemingly worn down bench in the park wearing a black jacket with a black shirt with a white sun in the corner, blue jeans and tenneshoes, good ole 'berto would be sitting merrily, sipping on coffee as he puts a beanie on his head to help keep his head cool naturally with the cool breeze that hangs in the air, not wanting to use his powers all handy dandy. With a few sips of coffee, a frisbee flies at him and he catches it, then throws it off to the amusement of kids, which he just grins.

Otherwise, he's all smiles today, probably thinking of someone…but hes in a great mood. He does look around a bit though, seeing some of the diversity in physical mutations, but otherwise? he's just there, enjoying the peace..so far.

Today, Lorna was out checking the caches of first aid kids she'd stored in the park. She had made sure they were peppered all over Mutant Town. A precaution she'd taken on Josh's advice. After all, while he could bring people back from the dead, it wasn't something he had the juice for all the time. So the green haired mutant had listened and gotten to work on learning basic first aid. Anything to make sure someone she cared about made it to see another day.

She wore the same battered leather jacket and jeans today, a different looking shirt that might've been a pastle purple at one point or another, but was now rust stained through in different patches.

There were a few mutant children that recognized her from running the candy program at the Community Center and they were quick to make a bee-line for her in hurried questions about the party. They were hyper, and ranged all over in mutations, and Lorna bent to ruffle feathers along with fur and hair. She smiled, seeming to have all the patience in the world for the kids.

Then her green eyed gaze settled on Roberto sitting off to the side and she excused herself, making her way over. "I see you're still around. Haven't been scared off yet?"

Bobby would look up to see Lorna looking over him, chuckling faintly at her comment. "No, not quite. Much to your chagrin I'm sure." he gives her a little wink there, before he scoots over a bit, patting the blank space beside him in case she wanted to sit. "You can sit if you want to. I certainly wouldn't mind the company, especially you." he smiles to her bright and warm.

He looks back to the park to see the children running around. "It's nice to see you know…just people having fun. I see it all the time at Xaviers….but it's good to see that the school isn't the only bastion for mutants." he sighs happily at the sight, before looking back to Lorna. "You look beautiful today. Are you having a good one, I hope?" he asks curiously, another little sip to his coffee. mmmm well made. man he was a master.

Lorna arched a green eyebrow in his direction, settling in on the blank spot of the bench beside him none the less. Even if she tried and failed to keep her expression dry and less than amused, she clearly was. "You think you're real smooth, huh?" She drawled, leaning her forearms against the tops of her thighs as she looked out at the mutant children playing in the otherwise small, and rather derelict looking park.

Her lips twitched as she looked at them, and a smile blossomed over her features. "Yeah.. it's not always like this. But things have been quiet. And there's the whole it's gonna be winter soon. That and school.. well, I can't blame them for wanting to run around the moment they've got free time." She glanced back toward him, coloring faintly at the compliment.

She reached up to pull at her shirt and she arched a green brow. "Really? Covered in rust-stains and smelling like a greasy mess, that's attractive, huh? You've got odd taste." She teased, letting the fabric of her shirt go.

"I've been working in some of the apartment buildings. I can help fix pipes and wires a bit here and there. Make sure that everything's connected without having to break out the dry wall."

Sunspot would give Lorna a bit of a smile, chuckling a little at her words. "Oh no, I'm awful when it comes to flirting and the like. I may look like I know what I'm doing, but I promise you I don't." he laughs a bit then, knowing full well how bad he is with that sort of thing.

But he looks at her then when she pulls on her shirt to show him the rust stains and he dirtiness of the shirt in question. "mhm. Though I was more talking about -you- rather than your shirt." he chuckles "appearances are deceiving. You could be covered and sand, but you're still a diamond." he says as if it were sagelike speech. But when she speaks about fixing up the apartment buildings, he gives her a small smile.

"If you want I can help out. I know how that stuff works, used to do it all the time for people in Brazil mainly when I was bored." he chuckles a little, but it was an honest offer.

Lorna hooked another fine green eyebrow upwards at his comment about flirting and she shook her head slowly. "That is so cheesy. Still not as bad as someone telling me that I have a 'magnetic' personality." She rolled her eyes and leaned back on the bench, turning her gaze outward to the park again.

His offer to help out around Mutant Town had her shrugging lightly in consideration. "If you want to. Though don't go around telling people you're helping out 'cause you're bored of all things." Her lips twitched faintly as she spoke and her gaze swung back toward him.

"Most people here are extremely proud and don't like getting something for nothing. No one wants to be a charity case. Even when you need it."

Sunspot would smile to her a little "mmaaayyybe." he chuckles a little at her. "Though you beat me by one second on that you know…." he winks at her teasingly. "Though you know…if you want to, we can go out on a date like last time? though maybe perhaps with something else in mind this time?" he chuckles a bit.

He does shrug a bit at her words involving chairty. "I just like to help just for the sake of helping….I tend not to like favors and such in return…acts of kindness should be free after all right?" he smiles to her a bit, though looks just centimeters away from putting an arm around her like those cheesy movies just to be silly and flirty at the same time.

Lorna blinked, and then laughed softly at his words, and then slowly shook her head. "That wasn't a date. That was my showing you around, as a new mutant to Mutant Town and it happened to involve apple pie." She murmured lightly. Her arms folding as she leaned back on the bench.

"I don't do dates anymore." She crossed her legs and turned her gaze upwards to the sky above. It was robin's egg blue, with puffy clouds high above. A good sign that it would stay cool and crispy as fall should be.

"And it's good that you like to help out, I do too. But I'm just giving you a heads up. People aren't going to just let you help out if they feel like there's something they can do in return. Don't take it personally. It's just how things are around here."

Bobby would give Lorna a little look at Lorna, tilting his head at her at her words "shhhhh I dunno what you mean. I thought it was fun." he says with a small, mischievous grin. But he nods understandably at her words, but it does beg the question though.

"Can I ask why? I'm not creepy am I?" he teases a little, but it was a serious question. He did wonder if she was just suffering from bad past relationships or what. Regardless, it was one of understanding. "….you don't have to answer that….I'm just curious. Find myself, ya know….erm…" and of course, he sucked at saying he liked people. poor sod.

Lorna glanced back to him, and grimaced faintly. "Last date I went on ended with me drugged and in a lab." She exhaled a breath and looked away. "So yeah. I don't do dates anymore. That and every time I do, it never ends well. Not for me or anyone around me. Trust me. It's better that way." She murmured softly, stretching her arms over her head.

"So no, you're not creepy. Promise." Her green eyed gaze swung back around toward him and she flashed him a brief smile.

Bobby looked at her, taking all that information in as she speaks on why she doesnt date anymore…that explains that, her last one ended her up in a lab. Though he does nod a few times, he does look off to the distance a little. "hm…I see." he starts getting mischievous though. aaand at her words of him not being creepy, he takes a breath.

"whew, I was scared about that for a minute. I'm not…good with ladies to be honest." he admits, chuckling at the thought. "But I still think you're awesome soooo." he makes a gesture of his hands as if to reword his previous question. "At least we get to 'hangout' right?" he smiles to her. "what's…something you just like to do for fun. Like a hobby. No jobs, no responsibility. What would you do for fun? just whatever you wanted." he asks curiously, wondering what hobbies or favorite things she likes to do.

Lorna glanced back to Bobby, and grinned. "I play with my powers, what else?" She leaned down and concentrated for a moment, a breath, two. And a loose nail came rolling down the way toward her from some pile of trash somewhere. It flew up into the air and zoomed to her outstretched palm and she leaned back against the bench. She held out her hand, glancing toward him.

"My father taught me how to shape metal." She murmured and as she spoke the nail stretched out and morphed, balling up and then twirling and twisting. She glanced toward Bobby, arching a brow.

Bobby would smile at her, giving that nail a look as Lorna dragged that bad boy through all that trash. Huh, resourceful. He watches intently, leaning forward a bit actually to look at the metal. "Wow….must be a good teacher if he taught you how to do that." he turns to Lorna then, giving her a warm smile. Before he does some showing off himself. Leaning back in his seat, he outstretches his hands and in between them, a fireball is made, perfectly shaped…and moldable. making it flat…crooked, needle-like. "Not as good with it as you are…but I can shape it a bit." he smiles to her.

Lorna's lips twitched, "He's strict. But he knows his powers better than anyone else, and I inherited them. So it's like I got a cheat-sheet to how magnetic-fields work." She lowered the nail back to the ground, now in the shape of a thin corkscrew that looped inwards on itself.

Her gaze settled on his hands as he worked the fireball into shapes. Her eyebrows climbed upwards as she watched, fascinated, clearly. "That's pretty good. I can't say I've ever seen anyone with fire power like that." She flashed him a smile and crossed her arms.

Bobby would give a kind smile to Lorna when she speaks. "Man, you had it good." he smiles to her big and warm. "You're awesome at it…seriously. Do it better than me." he smiles to her, before he claps his hands together, the fireball turning into like a sunflower of embers, floating towards the sky. His power was pretty, at least.

"So, what are your plans for today?" he smiles to her, but he nods at her compliment. "Gracias, chica." he smiles happily.

Lorna shrugged, "I just lucked out that I inherited what my father could do and actually met him. Before that? I could barely lift a paperclip unless I was upset. I had no control, and my powers came and went with my emotions all the time." She wrinkled her nose. "Some mutants awaken and manifest and what not when they're teenagers. I just.. I always had it." She dragged a hand through her hair, and glanced back at him.

"I don't really have plans for the afternoon. I was going to get something for dinner I guess.. then patrol. Maybe get a beer or something."

Wanda goes home.

Bobby would smile at her a bit. "Well, no such thing as luck I think." he smiles warmly to her. "If you want, I can always come with you? that is if you don't midn the company. and it totally won't be a date." though he offers her a wink, as if working around the word. Thus does his hop to his feet wit ha little stretch, lowering his hand down to help her up if she liked like a gentleman.

"Besides, I was kinda hoping you would turn up. I had fun the last time."

Lorna eyed his hand as he got up and danced around the word 'date' as if just not calling it a 'date' changed how things would go. And knowing Lorna's luck? It was likely going to end even worse. Though she was at a loss for what 'worse' looked like. Still, his words brought a roll of her eyes and a faint, dry smile to her lips.

"Just because you don't say it's a date doesn't mean it's not one, you know." Yet she reached for the hand, still warmer than a usual person's, and her fingers curled into his grip. There she paused, in the shade of the trees above, she could see the starting sparkles of.. something?


Bobby would give her a little shrug when she says that not calling it a date doesnt mean it will be anyting else than a date, but he does kind of go wide-eyed when he sees colors going around at their touch, holding her hand for a minute as he looks in awe. "is this…..?" He smiles a little at the vast display of color flowing so smoothly before their eyes.

"I wonder what caused this…?"

Lorna pulled herself to stand, keeping her hand linked with his own as she tilted her head to the side, watching as the colors shifted and changed. "I think it's the aurora borealis?" She glanced toward him, her eyes wide. "It happens in the far north. The different colors are what happens when the sun's charged particles hit the Earth's magnetic poles." She murmured, looking back to it.

"I bet it'll look better at night." She whispered, and made to let go of their conjoined hands. "The shade really doesn't do it justice."

Bobby would look at their hands, gliding his across hers because…holy jesus that was awesome. Then his eyes turn to look into hers, enraptured by her beauty and just her attractive qualities. "Wow…..I…um…" and then she releases her hand from his, though at her words, he smiles to her warmly.

"alright…let's wait until the night follows. If..I mean, you don't mind tolerating me until then?" he nudges her a little in play.

Lorna exhaled a breath, her hand falling back to her side. Her fingers flexed, and the magnetic field that naturally hung about her moved, invisible to everyone else. Still, now that she knew something was up in terms of Bobby and her's powers? Now she was curious. She wanted to test out her theories on what was going on. It required waiting, however. And as he spoke about her hanging out with him that long? She flashed him a grin.

"What, not going to get sick of me yet?"

Bobby himself couldn't help be be interested. It's never happened to him before….well, minus that time when he touched Iceman when both were in their respective 'power coats' as it were (Bobby being Solar form and Iceman going all Ice-mode). But this….this was something else entirely. and he just looked her in the eyes, though he did smile to her at her comment, shrugging a little.

"Sick of you? heh, never." he smiles warmly to her, his hands back at his sides as he looks around for somewhere to sit or something to do in that time. "ah, now then…what to do in that time…" he hhhhrrrrmmmms a minute, before smiling at Lorna. "any suggestions?"

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