1964-10-24 - Another Stalker
Summary: MJ gets into trouble again.
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Well, it's a brisk fall evening, and MJ is walking home from work. She's not an idiot, as she's sticking to well-lit sidewalks, hustling from the coffeeshop and going back to her dorm. And possibly muttering under her breath that maybe a car isn't a horrible idea after all.

Spider-Man is all worn out, man. There was a robbery in Chinatown, then there was a fight down on the Lower East Side. And that's not even to speak of the two bit second rate villain that he had to nab on the way home. He's tired and looking forward to getting to NYU so he can crash in his dorm and sleep through his first class tomorrow.

Mary Jane sings under her breath as she gets back to campus. The far end of it rather, opposite of where the dorms are. Grumbling a little, she takes a seat on a bench near the Quad, letting her feet take a bit of a break after working her shift and then walking this far back to campus. Her lips curl into a bit of a smile as she thinks of something, then shakes her head.

Spidey finds solace in knowing he's almost home. He lands on one of the taller buildings and notices a redhead sitting on the bench. It's MJ, he can tell a moment before he can confirm it. Under his mask he smiles a bit, but it's fleeting. He's been so busy being Spider-Man lately that he hasn't really made much time for her. Not for a lack of desire. Just as his romantic life picked up, so did his life as a superdude.

MJ blinks as she hears something, which could well be a web-slinger going overhead, though by the time she looks up there's nothing there. Then she hmms, and says, "Peter…" under her breath. With that, she stands up and starts walking along the Quad…

And, unknown to her, someone starts moving through the shadows, stalking her as she makes her way towards the dormitory, and home.

For a moment Peter wonders if all the sacrifice of being Spider-Man is really worth it. Sure, there's Uncle Ben and all that business about having power and having responsibility and all that and it's true, but as she gets up to leave it sort of hits them that he's missing out on a lot of his life.

And immediately he is thankful that he is Spider-Man, because he can see someone following MJ. He leaps off into the darkness, firing a web out to one of the buildings across the Quad.

Mary Jane doesn't seem to notice her stalker, at least not until he gets closer. Then she glances over her shoulder, seeming to sense something's wrong as her pace quickens a bit, trying to outpace the person following her without letting him know that she's aware of him…

Unfortunately, that's when the person behind her actually breaks into a run, howling like a wolf as the figure is indistinct in the shadows of the Quad, causing MJ to just panic at that point, running as fast as she can as adrenaline gives her a boost!


Just before he lands, the webbing is shot at the feet of the would be assailant in an attempt to affix him to the ground. "Now now now, Mr. Man. You keep your hands to yourself." He looks up to MJ, "I tell ya, Miss, this neighborhood just ain't the same anymore, am I right?"

Mary Jane Watson suddenly turns at the sound of Spidey's voice, and trips herself up, falling to the grass in a sprawl as she looks up. "Spidey?!?" She blinks in surprise, not expecting him there…

Her would-be stalker, meanwhile, is stuck to the ground, now flat on his face as he howls and twitches, looking like someone that's having a psychotic fit of sorts. Definitely not a student… not unless there's an Arkham Asylum satellite campus anyway.

Spidey fires a shot over the stalker's mouth to get him to pipe down, "Shut up for a second, man. Gosh, attention hound much?" He shakes his head and then tilts it at MJ. "You alright, miss?" he asks as he leans down to help her up.

MJ takes the offered hand, and picks herself up, "Yes, yes I am… thanks to you." She blinks, "Um, you're not stalking me, are you? I think this is three times you've saved my life." She grins a little, "Not that I'm complaining, though."

"No," Spider-Man shakes his head seriously, "No, that guy is stalking you. I just happen to live in the area and keep running into you. I mean, you're not getting into harm's way just to see me, right? Like, maybe that's reverse stalking."

Mary Jane laughs softly, "Nah, I mean, you sound…" She trails off, then shakes her head, "Nope, no danger seeking here. I get in enough trouble already I think. Peter would definitely be freaking out at this though." She mmms and looks curiously at Spider-Man for a second, as if thinking his voice does sound familiar.

"Well, then, be a sport and call the police, would you? Those webs should last about an hour. And when you talk to the cops, can you tell them that Spider-Man helped you out? They're always trying to bust me. Too many of those guys read the Bugle, I guess."

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