1964-10-24 - Bats and Marvels
Summary: Carol and Bruce have a little heart to heart chat in the training area in Avengers Mansion
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It was a rather…quiet part of the day. No saving needed to be made, no avenging to be done. But that doesnt mean there is rest for the weary. Even at this hour, Sounds of punches and kicks could be heard rattling a martial arts wooden training dummy, the kind where every time you struck a a part of it, it would turn that direction, causing you to have to be as fast as how hard you hit it. Tests your reflexes. Bruce would be wearing a white tank top with black sweatpants and wrapping tape around his hands, though they look like they've been worn. It's clear he's been there a while, already building up a good sweat….but strangely enough, he doesnt even look tired.

In truth he was there for two hours, practicing his batarang throwing, his wing chun, analyzing a fingerprint of a killer, and now he was back on combat training. Though weight lifting could be next. he does not seem to slow down for even a moment, his attacks are technically sound, as well as powerful, if such a paradoxical statement could be made. Clearly, he was a master of martial arts. He also appeared to be moving out of the way of his own attack, adapting and switching between a multitude of different forms for simple training. Another interesting fact?

He was blindfolded.

Carol walks in from the hallway at that point, wearing rather casual jeans and a Air Force Academy sweatshirt. She grins at Bruce, also bearing two cups of coffee as she sets one down on the table, taking a seat and sipping the other while she takes a moment to enjoy the show.

Eventually, even the Bat could hear the sounds of Carol moving about. He had long learned to hone his senses….after all, one can't rule the shadows without having to have dealt with the possible usurpers. He pauses then, managing to block all the wooden blocks until they all stopped. and he turns, simply turning his head in her direction. "Am I taking up the space or are you here to say hello." he states in his more stoic voice, but there's a grin to it, meant to be more good-natured. He removes the blindfold, taking a small breath.

"Good evening, Carol."

Carol chuckles, "Enjoying the view, actually. Don't stop on my account Bruce." She sips her cup of coffee. "Figured you might want a little something, since it's typically the start of your day." She nods towards the other coffee, giving Bruce a wry expression.

Wayne would approach Carol when she speaks of coffee, merely a small grin given her way as he pulls up a chair, sitting down and accepting the coffee, giving it a little sip. "Guess we can both say we're enjoying the view now." he says a tad flirtateously. "Anything new with you?" he winces a bit then when he fully sits down, lifting the side of his shirt to apply presuure to an apparent wound.

Carol blinks, "Not nearly as much as with you, Bruce. What happened?" She narrows her eyes a little at Bruce, "And how bad is it?" And from the way she sounds, she's not going to ease off until she gets the real answer either.

Bruce would give Carol a small nod, "It's alright…I was hunting down a villain named Clayface. he murdered two chemical plant workers, who were working with him to try to cure his condition perhaps, liklihood they failed. got caught with shrapnel from an explosian he caused." the way he spoke, he was telling the truth..but he glanced to Carol, giving a small smirk. "Can't all be durable."

Carol nods, "Right, which is all the more reason you shouldn't be afraid to take the time to heal up, especially considering how much of an asset you are to the Avengers, Bruce." She smiles slightly, "Don't think I've heard of this Clayface person. Guessing something went pretty far afield with him."

Bruce would look up to Carol "I can operate as normal. This is a scratch." he says as stubbornly as he normally is…and sadly, he can back up that talk too. "Clayface is the victim of accidents. It's what falling in chemicals does to you. He turned into a malleable form of a clay-like substance. extremely dangerous." he nods a bit. "Regardless, he's locked up now. Let me worry about him…" he sips his coffee then, reaching over to give her hand a squeeze. "I'm fine."

Carol sighs, "Alright, Bruce, but just… be careful, would you?" She smiles and squeezes Bruce's hand back lightly, "Don't worry, I'm not going to be shadowing you every patrol you do. Obviously."

Bruce would nod, giving Carol's hand a gentlemanly kiss, letting his rest in hers as they talked. "So then, you never answered. What have you been up to lately? anything you'll need help on?" he asks curiously "and appreciated." he says on her not shadowing his -every- patrol, but now he knows she shadows him on a regular basis mostly…which he already knew. He just needs to -act- surprised.

Carol smiles a little, "Actually, not too much. Making sure the mansion is ready for the coming winter, so doing some weatherproofing and helping out with maintenance. Plus, trying to mentor Kamala when I can, which isn't something I'm really used to."

Bruce would nod a few times to Carol, "If you need help, I can lend a hand. Why do you think the Manor has been so sturdy all these years." he grins then, but when Kamala is brought up, the unmasked crusader would nod faintly. "Good. She looks up to you as if you were the greatest person in the world. Use that to your advantage…she'll learn the easiest from you, because she already trusts you above all." he advises, though not advantage as in selfishly…moreso to the advantage of Kamala. "You're a good teacher." aaaand that's all he's got in terms of a motivational speech.

Carol nods, "Yeah, I've done some training before, but this is a little different. Definitely not a drill sergeant approach that you need. Though taking her out for clothes and ice cream was fun. I guess I just worry that she worries too much. It almost feels like she has the weight of the world on her, and I don't know what to do to fix that."

Bruce would nod as she spoke, simply shrugging at this "That's how they learn, Carol. When she's in action, and how she acts in that situation will be the final factor. Nothing you can do can train her for that. It's something she needs to decide for herself." He would know…after all, he went through the same thing!

Carol smiles, "Oh I know… but it doesn't change how I feel about the girl. She's just… well, she's special. Even if she doesn't know it." She grins, "It's almost like she's a daughter that I never had."

Bruce would smile ever so faintly at Carol as she speaks her words, really listening to her. "I know the feeling. Not the exact circumstances, but I know the feeling. Just watch over her and train her as best you can. Everything else will come after." he nods to her, squeezing her hand affectionately as he sips his tea.

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