1964-10-24 - Seeing Fireworks
Summary: Bobby and Lorna's second date? Bobby takes a risk. Others arrive shortly after to chat.
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It would be about night time now in New York, with a beautiful sunset just now fading under the horizon to bring a the curtain cast of night over the city..and half the planet. But eh, that's how it works. The Dinner crowd that may have been there for mutants is looooonnngggg gone, and in the end, it's still Lorna and Roberto doing their thing, just walking and talking.

They were actually walking down one of the sidewalks after playing with some of the mutant children that Mutant Town had taken in, and as such, Bobby was all smiles. "Man..that was fun. Hey, thanks for spending time with me again today. Glad to see you haven't gotten sick of me yet." he says with a little grin, before he looks up to the sky, watching as he felt time literally fly by because he was having so much fun with this…amazing woman. "Looks like it's dark out…want to try that thing we did earlier again?" he looked to their hands.

Lorna was hard pressed to admit that she'd been enjoying herself. She didn't want to admit that, because it meant that she hadn't been happy in a long time. That she hadn't been around another person for that long a timea whole afternoonin over a month spoke volumes for how starved for contact with another person. Even if she didn't necessarily know him yet, or if he was trustworthy. She still kept him at arm's length. No longer an open book. There were more secrets that she kept rather than shared now.

Still, she had been able to forget some of her emotional baggage for a time while with Bobby. Her chest wasn't tight with anxiety and fear that dogged her when she was alone. She loosened up the longer she was out and about and nothing horrible happened. It was strange. It was pleasant.. and she found herself smiling throughout the afternoon as they waited for the sun to set and the children at the park to go home.

As the sky darkened and the park cleared out, she glanced toward him as he mentioned wanting to test out what had happened earlier again. She arched a green eyebrow upwards, tossing her hair back with a tilt of her head. "What, are you sure that's not an excuse to hold my hand again?"

Bobby would nod at her with a small laugh, the kind that was exuberant and infectious. He turned his big brown eyes of his to look into those green eyes he always found so captivating, even though he only knew her for a short period of time. "Well, I mean while holding hands with a beautiful woman is great, I think it'd be nice to you know, give that aurora borealis thing another go? give it justice?" he smiles to her big and warm, pausing to turn to face her.

In truth….since he started seeing her regularly…well, regularly as in the second day in a row, he was tight in the chest, nervous, always trying to impress her or just keep her around. It wasn't often he…felt this way about someone. Thus did he not want to lose this like he did others. and for some reason, even though it's only been a superbly short amount of time, Bobby felt happy with her, and cared deeply. Quite peculiar indeed.

This is when he extended his hand to her, and took the other out of his pocket, "of course, the choice is yours. I don't want to do anything you're not comfortable with." he gives her that warm smile, and his eyes didn't stray from hers for a single moment.

Lorna's lips twitched faintly as Bobby teased back and she shrugged lightly, green eyes falling to his hands. She rolled her shoulders back and as he extended his hand she reached for it with her own and closed her fingers around the warmth there. Her own were a tad cool- poor circulation perhaps, or the fall's chill. Either way, as her hand remained curled around his own, colors erupted around them.

Green eyes narrowed faintly and she exerted a pulse of magnetism around herself, and the colors deepened, swirling around them both, changing and flickering from reds to greens and faint hues of purple. She grinned, glancing back up toward him.

"It's beautiful, don't you think? Some people go their whole lives without ever seeing it."

Feeling even her chilled warmth in his hand, Bobby's own would feel warm…almost too warm, like sitting by a warm fire. Though when he sees the light, a emits a small portion of his own natural light to give it's colors a more effective tint, really making it glow. His eyes were all around it, and at her words believing it to be beautiful, Bobby would turn his own eyes to her once more.

"It really is….how lucky are we?" he smiles to her warmly, before something stirs in him as if to take that risk, take that chance, but he hesitates…the constant thought of 'what if?' grabbing his mind in a stranglehold, but he keeps his eyes on her, though eventually he returns it to their hands, his hand giving her’s the faintest squeeze of affection, one of romance.

His eyes return to her once more "This is….amazing. I've never seen anything quite like it."

Lorna watched the flickering lights with a look of wonder, watching them twist and turn and mold into different colors and shapes. "I never thought my powers as something.. beautiful. They were useful.. or not in any given situation. A part of me.. but I didn't think of them as particularly .. beautiful." She murmured, watching the lights dance around their clasped hands.

A smile warmed her features and she exhaled a breath, green eyes flickering back toward Bobby. Even as his hand squeezed her own she didn't pull back, merely remained. Further comment trailed off as she watched: him, the lights..


Perhaps it was a gut instinct, perhaps it was just how lost he was in her beauty, in how beautiful her heart was, despite what she clearly has suffered, but Bobby made a decision in that moment, a decision he may pay for, a decision he may never regret for the rest of his life. His offhand would wrap around her waist, and he would press a kiss to her lips.

He decided that she was worth the risk, worth a possible slap, worth what could be after. Bobby was no coward, and if it has anything to show for it, his show of heart to her must have proved it…as well as his affection for her even in that short period of time.

If she allowed it to begin with, the kiss was romantic, like a lover would kiss a lover after they had been apart for so long. Warm, inviting, like he opened up to her in that one moment that would decide likely much of how things would be between them. His only wish is that he wouldn't regret it.

Lorna hadn't been a particularly physical person. Much less one driven by her physical passions. Over the last few months she'd drawn further and further away from others and into herself. She'd closed herself off so utterly, turned away friends and family alike in a path of self-destruction that few had weathered. If any.

Perhaps it was his warmth. The way he brushed aside her words about being crazy, or smoothed over her more prickly demeanor without worry of offense. Perhaps it was the gentle way that Bobby always made everything a choice. Never cajoled or pushed. Never prodded or made her feel guilty in the few hours they'd spent together.

Or perhaps it was that Lorna was just interested in the young mutant, and he was the first one to try to break down those walls she'd set up so firmly.

Either way, as his arm slowly slipped around her waist and drew her close, Lorna wasn't immediately put on guard. Though she was certainly caught by surprise as he pressed a kiss against her lips. Green eyes went wide, her heart hammered in her chest and she tensed briefly. As if heart-stoppingly fearful that the moment was too perfect, too sweet and warm for someone like her. That she'd awaken from a nightmare again any second and another pipe busted over her head. Alone.

But she didn't awaken to that fearful vision. And her shoulders relaxed at the warm, gentle kiss. Her eyes slipping shut slowly as she sank into the offered comfort, warmth and care he poured into that simple kiss.

And the lights that had swirled around their hands exploded outwards, curling around both of them to encase the whole of the area in the boundless twists of rainbows and light.


Bobby held her close when she relaxed, when she returned such simple affection as their lips shared in that dance of sweet caress. Though eventually, Bobby would pull away from the kiss just lightly, forehead pressed against hers. "Wow…." he says just a little under his breath like it was stolen away. he looked her in the eyes, happy and a warm smile greeting her.

"If you would permit me…I think I'd like to do that again." he flirts with her shamelessly, their bodies close, hearts racing. She would not be alone. Not as long as Roberto had anything to say about it.


Lorna's eyelashes fluttered open as Bobby drew back, her breathing shallow and shorter than before and she took the time to center herself. To calm the rapid beating of her heart that roared in her ears and pounded in her veins. She kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. For something bad to happen. But it didn't. Not when she was wrapped in the warmth of his arms and surrounded by sparkling lights that danced around them where their skin touched.

She blinked as he spoke, and exhaled a chuckle of a breath. "I dunno, permit? That sounds like you're trying to get a license for something." She joked, teasing lightly as she didn't break away from him. At least, not yet.

Perhaps that would happen later. Perhaps she'd backtrack. Break away and put those walls back up again in a panic. But for now? Now she let herself feel, to lean into the offered support he held out for her.

Bobby just smiles at her, chuckling at her sense of humor that he already found himself loving. He rubbed her back with his hands, showing her comfort and that nothing would happen to her while she was with him. "I don't know why…but I feel like I've known you forever." and he smiles lovingly at her, leaning in once again to press a more passionate kiss to her sweet lips.

and never once did he regret this moment, of being with this woman who he so easily fell for. though eventually, mid-way through the kiss, he would speak between their soft kisses. "Maybe, you can show me that house? Where you live if you like? I haven't seen it yet really." he smiles warmly to her with a soft chuckle.


Lorna arched green eyebrow upwards as he spoke and then even rolled her eyes at his words. "Okay Romeo, if you start waxing poetic at me, I'm gonna have to take your keys. Cause you can't be trusted to drive—" She broke off as he dipped in for another kiss and she flushed, turning pink as he broke off her second string of teasing.

Not that she seemed intent on complaining as she returned the affection. As he paused mid-kiss though, Lorna tilted her head back, peering at him through a squint of her eyelashes. "Wow. You don't quit, do you? Next thing I know you'll be asking for my ring size." She joked back, her lips twitching in good humor.

"I was thinking maybe we could hit up the bar. Get a beer or something. Play darts and chill a bit?"


Bobby would smile at her words, though even as they kiss he's just….beyond happy, as if words couldn't describe what he was feeling right now. With a chuckle though at her comment about asking for her ring size, his hands lower from her back to intertwine his fingers with hers. "Well…maybe now's a bit too soon for that you think?" he laughs a little bit, staying close to her as the aurora borealis flows around them still. "Still the most beautiful woman in the world regardless." he winks at her a bit. yep. With that kiss, Bobby was sold.

Though he does smile when she invites him to hit up the bar, and he smiles to her warmly "I think I'd love to. It'll be fun." he smiles to her, sneaking another little kiss before breaking away, moving to her side. "I'm with you. Let's go have fun." he laughs a bit, goodnaturedly.


Lorna watched him carefully, even as he smiled and chuckled at her joke, taking her hands once more with his. She flushed pink at the compliment though, and looked shyly downwards at their entwined hands, watching the colors play and dance and spark. The lights were obvious now, and she couldn't help but wonder at them still. It would definitely make things more complicated if they held hands in public, at night. No passing as anything other than mutant at that point. But then again, Lorna had stopped caring about blending in months ago.

The charm her sister had made to disguise her hair color was gone. Unused. Boxes of hair dye thrown out.

Still, her mind returned to the present and she laughed softly as he stole another kiss. "You know, people always say they see fireworks when they kiss that special someone, but I bet no one sees lights like this." She gave his hand a squeeze, and grinned. "C'mon. Let's go get something to drink. We can play darts. I'll even let you win."


Bobby would smile to Lorna, happy that he was just with her. Though at this point, even though that when they touched, it would be clear that both of them were mutants in some form or another to the outside populace. But like Lorna, he long stopped caring, only guarding his status as a mutant to help the school and keep everything under control…keep unwanted people off his back. But he just goes and laughs when she says she'll let him win at darts.

"Heh, well, that wouldn't really be playing would it? Besides, I think you'd destroy me." he chuckles a bit as they head that way, and Bobby was smiling more than he has in a long time. "Though, if you really want to, you can. long as I'm with you." he smiles to her warmly, walking with her to the bar. "Though I do wonder what makes this happen.." he looks to their hands "Besides….heh, best fireworks I've ever seen."

Lorna laughed, again, Bobby's humor bubbling to life in her expression. It was infectious and built off his smiles. Lorna lifted their entwined hands higher from their side as the two walked out of the park. "Like I said before. The charged particles from the sun hit the Earth's magnetic poles and causes the light to .. well, do this." She glanced back to him, and then to the colors that swirled around their hands still.

"Your powers are solar based you said. And well.. I've always got a magnetic field around me. So does my father." She paused, and grinned, "But don't go holding hands with him. He's not a touchy feely kind of guy." Her expression sobered slightly.

"He encouraged me to read up on physics and geophysics specifically so I could understand my powers more. He helped me come up with the name 'Polaris'.."

Bobby would smile to her warmly at her words "Ai…..that does make sense." he says, using a little of his more base Brazilian accent. he stuck close to Lorna, and when she lifted their hands in the air, being a beacon to those who could possibly even envy them. "You're amazing, you know that? I love it." he smiles to her, giving her a little twirl then as if they were dancing.

He does get a little laugh when she says not to go holding hands with Magneto, shrugging a little "I mean, if he feels like it, he could throw a car at me if I said no." he teases her a bit with a wink, before speaking seriously. "In seriousness though, I wouldn't want to. You're the only one, lady." he gives her a playful bump as they walk, though when she mentions that he and her came up with the name 'Polaris', Bobby would tilt his head.

"So, Polaris isn't your given name? Well…can I ask what your other name is?" he asks curiously, looking her in the eyes as they just walk and get to know each other.

Lorna bumped him back with her hip, "I can throw a car at you if I wanted to. Don't sell me so short here. I can do more than make pretty lights and twist a nail around into little shapes." She grinned at him, eyebrows shooting upwards. Color still high on her cheeks as Bobby complimented her again. It was a sure fire way for him to gain a blush from the green haired mutant.

Still, as he asked about her given name she sighed, tucking her hair back behind an ear with her free hand.

"My adoptive parents named me Lorna Dane. I dunno what my birth name was. My birth certificate and everything.. well, safe to say the Nazis or the war destroyed it." She murmured softly.


Bobby would smile to her a little, leaning to give her blushing cheek a kiss. as she talked. "hah, I know I know I'm just teasing, promise." he winks at her a bit, before he hears her story about how her given name by her adopted parents, and he listens, really listens, to her story, before a soft smile crosses his features as he walks with his…girlfriend. It's weird to think of himself having one…after all, wasn't he awful at romance and all that?

Regardless, he gives her a little nod. "It's a beautiful name you know. It fits, I think." he says with a warmness. It may be even an unpopular opinion, but he was honest about it!

As the two exited the park, Lorna arched a brow upwards, a smile still on her lips—even as he ducked in to peck he cheek. The affection was, well it was still a marvel for the young woman. Especially given how very closed off she'd forced herself to become. Each interaction loosened something in the chambers of her heart, clicked something back into place slowly, achingly slowly. It was entirely possible that the next time Bobby saw her, she would react differently. For now though, she seemed to only be at ease.

The compliment on her given name had her glancing down, her lips pursing together briefly. "I always thought it sounded sad, 'forlorn' and all." She exhaled a breath. As they made it onto the sidewalk, the lights around their entwined hands continued, though they were harder to see beneath the street lights.

Bobby just walked by her, intertwining his fingers with hers further even as the light seemed to fade their light away, at least for now, and this causes him to smirk a little "Ope, I think we lost a little bit of it due to the light…" he looks to the lamps around that were stopping their aurora borealis to dim, before chuckling faintly. "Killjoys." and he turns his attention back to Lorna, chuckling a little at her words. "Lorna…you're name is beautiful. Both of them. I don't see anything sad about it. Besides, it's sure as hell better than Roberto." he teases her a bit playfully, just being honest with her.

"Besides, I feel like names are just…names. Rose by any other name kind of deal. Don't make me start quoting shakespeare now, after all, you already called me Romeo today." he smiles.

Lorna glanced down at their hands, noting how the lights dimmed faintly under the street lamps. "Well, you see the northern lights at night, right? Makes sense it's harder to see in the light. Kinda like the moon—it's still there during the day, just harder to see." She murmured, squinting as she considered the twinkle. It was still there.

Still, as they walked along it was more or less quiet on the streets of Mutant Town. A few people were out and about, but it wasn't the bustling nightlife of the rest of the city. This was a place where people were wary and didn't exactly encourage a party vibe from the inhabitants. Still, a few mutants were out, and while a few glanced in the couple's direction. No one said anything, or gave them a dirty look. There were stranger things in this part of town after all.

She glanced back toward him as he talked about quoting Shakespeare again and she shook her head, grinning. "Roberto isn't that bad. I like it better than Bobby actually."


Roberto would give Lorna a small shrug "all true, all true. Besides, even if it doesn't look as neat in the day…fireworks are fireworks right?" he smiles warmly to her, and then they entered the bar, and Bobby would still give everyone a faint, yet no less sincere smile. "Evenin'" is all he says, clearly not ashamed or shy whatsoever.

Though when Lorna complimented his name, saying she liked it better than Bobby, he would turn a shade of pink himself, rubbing the back of his neck with his other hand "oh..really? you think so huh?" he smiles to her, taking off the beanie that held his hair all in place, and put it on her head playfully if she let him. "Guess we both have likeable names then eh?" he chuckles a bit as he lifts up two fingers, like asking for two beers.


Lorna waved a hand as they entered the door and smoke floated around them. She cast a glance around, and nodded to a few mutants she recognized— not that she particularly talked to them. But she had played darts with them at one point or another. And beat them. She glanced back to Roberto and she grinned again, as if she couldn't help herself. She led him toward the back where there were booths and benches set out and the tiny, grainy TV set hung above the bar.

"I dunno, I think your opinion is a bit biased there." She teased lightly, "But I am serious. Roberto is different. I like it. There's a million Bobby's out there."

Bobby would smile to the mutants around the place, catching Lorna's sights on a couple of them, but when she led him by the hand to where they would end up sitting, he would follow without really any kind of resistance, a small smile on his face. "This is a nice place…" though he does turn to look at her when she states her seriousness when in regards to his name.

"I am just a liiitttle bit biased. What can I say?" he shrugs a little there, but he does blush at her compliment "Heh…thanks, you can call me Roberto or Bobby if you want..I don't mind." he gives her hand a little kiss all gentlemanly like, letting her sit down first when they reached where they would sit, then sitting himself across from her, hand then returning to hold her own. "alright…so, we got beers on the way, a dart game to play where you will no doubt destroy me, aaaand TV. I wonder what else will happen tonight?" he smiles at her warmly "already proving to be the best in a very long time."

Lorna grinned as she settled into her seat, the same one she usually took whenever she came into the bar. There was something about just sitting in the back watching everyone else. She had a good view of the room at large, with her back to the wall. A dart board sat pinned to the wall opposite of the bar itself to the right of them and she waved a hand, gathering up the metal darts and opening up the dart board.

Her hand held up and the darts all flew over to her grip. She had finally let go of Bobby's hand as they sat.

"I told you I could let you win," She teased, and held out a few of the darts toward him. "Roberto." She winked as she said his full name rather than the shortened version.

Daire dropped Eggs and Coffee.

as Roberto sat down and Lorna brought over the darts with her magnetism powers, he would just chuckle. "Seriously…that's still pretty awesome." he says to Polaris as she winks at him and all that jazz, laughing a bit when she says his actual name instead of the nickname everyone tends to call him. "alright alright, I yield the name contest Lorna." He smiles to her big and wide. Though he does shrug a bit when she offers to remind him that she'd let him win, which he gives her a mischievous grin.

"Well, can't have that can we? Besides, it wouldn't be a game of darts." he laughs a bit, reaching for one "strange question, surely, but can you pass thae dart?" he chuckles at the statement…huh, didn't think he'd say that as darts floated in the air.

Lorna smiled as she waved over the darts toward him, and arched a brow. "Hey, I can help it, iron things just want to listen to what I have to say. It's really an unfair advantage when playing darts against someone." She glanced up as the beers were served and she picked up her own with an easy, relaxed manner.

"So," She sipped at her beer, leaning back in her hair as she flung a dart up into the air and the dart landed soundly in the center of the dart board. "When did your powers manifest? Did we talk about that yet? I mean, sometime it's not so good a thing for people.. So you don't have to answer if you don't want to.."

Roberto would smile at Lorna a little at her words "yeah yeah, alright. I suppose I -am- at a bit of an immediate disadvantage." he chuckles a little bit, though at her question of when his powers manifested, he gives her a little grin. "When did my powers manifest? oh, I remember like it was yesterday. I don't mind answering that. After all, I don't have a reason to be secretive about it really." he shrugs.

He would begin as he puts his forearms on the table "I was…back in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I was actually in a really…really…really bad place to manifest my powers. It was during a soccer game for my high school, and a player on our team was….a little…racially tense, to put it nicely. So I got tackled to the ground with a few other kids by about…maybe four boys? Then…well, I was on fire. or rather, I literally was fire. burned a few kids, but no one died. after that, rest is history really." he chuckles faintly.

"Can I ask you the same question?" he asks curiously.

Lorna smiled over the rim of her beer glass, listening with care as Roberto leaned forward to rest his forearms against the table top. She flicked another dart toward the board and glanced back to him as he started in on how his powers manifested. She winced in sympathy at the tale of being tackled by a bunch of boys and then quite literally being on fire.

His question about her own powers had her shrugging. "I dunno. I was kinda .. well, I've always had them for as long as I can remember. I mean, it was little things. A paperclip or there. Accidentally knocking over my parents pots and pans when I had a tantrum as a kid. I don't.. I never had a single moment that I can say 'ah-ha!' that's when my powers showed up.. I never had my life without them." She sipped at her beer, her lips pursing together.

"My father suggested once that it might have something to do with being a second generation mutant. There's not a whole lot of them running around though, so it's hard to tell."

It's about then that Sophie and Lizzie come in from the street entrance, Sophie her usual smiling, upbeat-looking self. As her eyes adjust to the lighting, she spots Lorna sitting with Roberto further back in the bar, and gives them a wave. She's dressed in a nicely-fitting, new-looking pair of jeans and an off-white peasant blouse decorated with embroidery in blue and black.

"Let's go join them," she says to the shorter of the blonde pair, her wedge-heeled ankle boots making a subdued *clack* against the floor as she heads that way.

Wedge heels. Because Sophie needed to tower another three inches over the diminutive Elizabeth Mayhugh. She's an incredibly pale thing, like ly a stranger to regualr sunlight forh er own safety, with brillint piercing azure eyes and a rather impressive height of 4'11 - if not impressive the way that she would probably prefer. Nyx buries her hands into the pocks if her black leather jacket, nodding when Sophie suggests they go join Lorna nad Roberto.
"Sure, s'fine," the girl half mubkles with her rather distinct Brooklyn accent evincing itself when she does. She even ventures a wave for Lorna and Roberto's benefit. Nyx definitely isn't the gregarious one. Or even one to smile.

Roberto returned the attentiveness that Lorna gave him when she started telling how she got her powers, giving her a warm smile. "ah…gotcha gotcha. Hey, that's completely alright Lorna." he smiles a little bit at her. Sometimes I wish I was a second generation so I could have learned my powers sooner…but eh, it is what it is." he gives her a small nod at that, taking a sip of his own beer now, picking up a dart and chucking it at the board….actually making it close to the bullseye where he was seated

"….aaaaand that'll be the only time I hit it that good….ever." he chuckles a bit, little surprised at himself that he was able to even do that…. he shrugs a bit then, before Sophie and Nyx catch his attention, and he gives a little wave at the two ladies. "Oh hey Sophie! it's been a while…though I feel terrible that I can't say I know the woman with you." he rubs the back of his neck a bit with his free hand, standing up to greet them, and introduce himself to nix "Roberto da Costa. Friends call me Bobby." he smiles to her "if you want, you can sit down?" he looks to Lorna as he moves over to sit by her to make room. on the booth for the newly arrived.

Lorna glanced toward Roberto as he spoke about wanting to be a second generation mutant too and she shifted her grip on the beer glass, dragging her fingers over the condensation there. "I did get a bit of a cheat card there compared to others. I won't lie, having known who and what I am for years did give me a bit more time to get used to it." She smiled, which turned into a full on grin as he flung his dart and it almost hit center. She clapped and 'whooped' softly, "Good job, but—"

She waved her hand then, sending the remaining darts from the table up into a cluster around her first dart. "You should've let me let you win," She winked.

And then Sophie and Elizabeth appeared in the bar, heading toward them and her smile faded. She waved toward them both as the women arrived and she stood, digging into her pocket to pay for the beer out of habit. "Hey girls, nice to see you again. Sorry.. I was.. uhm.. just leaving. I've gotta head out on patrol. It's getting kinda late and the baseline gangs like to try to raise a fuss around this time of night if they're gonna do something. I'll see you around." Her gaze landed on Roberto and she flashed him a strained smile, almost as if she was putting the walls he'd knocked down between them back up.

"I'll see you around, yeah?" Green eyebrows climbing upwards as she stood awkwardly before making to lean in and peck him on the cheek and then duck away to leave the bar.

Sophie gives Bobby a quick-but-fierce hug while he's standing, saying, "It's good to see you!" As she's letting go, she continues, "Seems like your class is coming home to roost. I've seen Doug around, and I ran into Sam briefly, but he was on his way out and we didn't have much chance to talk." Gesturing to her companion, she says, "And this is the fabulous, in my not-at-all-biased opinion, Lizzie Mayhugh. She joined us earlier this year, just before the start of the summer." There's a certain delight in Sophie's eyes as she's making that introduction.

Then as Lorna's making her exit, Sophie turns to her friend with a warm smile and says, "I'm glad we got here before you left, at least. Be careful out there. I've missed you. We need to catch up. Soon."

And once Lorna's left and Lizzie's seated herself, the taller blonde joins the other two in the booth.

"Bobby," Nyx greets quietly, briefly inclining her head toward teh young man as she does. Blue eyes dart between Sophie and the rest of the room in alertr but relatively casual way and she nods once as Lorna passes her. The sitting is a bit of silliness as both Lizzie and Sophie appear to prefer to be seated second bu somehow the girls seem to work it out without needing to speak. Nyx takes a deep breath. "…Hey," Nyx offers somewhat helpfully then. "Haven't really caught you around here before."

Bobby would smile to Lorna as she kissed him on the cheek and started to walk off, albeit he got slaughtered in darts just like he predicted…a fire user verses a magnekinesis user…yeah, darts arn't his ally. But he smiles, and waves off the lady he's spent all of the past few days with. "I'll see you soon Lorna, very soon hopefully." he says as he watches her leave, smiling big and wide.

Though he gets a big hug from Sophie, pretending to be strangled in her arms "hah! good to see you too Sophie. Yeah, Doug, myself and Sam all came back around. Honestly, It's good to be back at the school…especially just taking a break from running the company…" he sighs a little bit, that was not all it was cracked up to be you know? but still, he does manage a smile. "It's alright though. I'm happy to be back."

Though his eyes now move to Nyx, smiling to her "Pleasure to meet ya Lizzie. You're going to have fun at the school. Good people there." he sips his beer a little bit "anything I can get you ladies? I'm buying tonight."

"I'll have what you're having," Sophie replies to Bobby, adding, "Thank you. So how have you been? Anything exciting you've been up to that you'd like to share?"

"…I guess I'll just a Miller," Nyx responds slowly, looking between Sophie and Bobby as she does so. "It's prety cool so far, I guess. Definitely feels weird not having to hide from people so much." She shifts her weight slowly and draws a measured breath, her gaze fullly affixed to Bobby now. "Still too many windows," sheadds before shaking her head once. "Anyway…" She lets Sophie pick u p the thread by asking questions.

Bobby would smile warmly to Sophie and Lizzi, nodding at their orders as he calls out to the bartender "ey! two millers por favor!" the Bartender simply gives him a nod as he starts working on the drinks, before Bobby returns his attention back to Sohie "I've been good, really good actually. Just, uh, took a risk, and now I think Lorna and I are a uh…ya know…" he rubs the back of his neck as he gets all sheepish.

But he shrugs after that "But other than that…dealing with the company. Came back because Sam, Jay, and Douglas all told me they'd find me if I didn't…sooooo that's a thing. Besides, I missed you and everyone else. Though I do need to speak with the Professor soon…just see how old man X is doing." he nods a few times. "But I've been good…really good. How have you been? anything new in your world?" he says as he asks the same thing to Nyx really, though he does chuckle at her comment of too many mirrors. "yeah….that's true. little bright for my taste." he laughs a bit.

At Bobby's confession of him and Lorna being a maybe-probably-thing, Sophie's expression lights up with delight once more. "You and Lorna? /Magnifique!/" How to tell Sophie is being sincere in an emotional reaction: She breaks into French. "I'm happy for both of you!" She slows down, and gives the Brazilian a mock-dangerous — or maybe not so 'mock', really — smirk across the table as she adds, "If you break her heart, you will regret it."

But then she's back to cheeriness and light as she confesses, with a cat-got-the-canary grin, "You're not the only one to find yourself a beautiful girl who's too good for you. I did, too." And she turns her head to give Lizzie beside her an adoring look.

"Too good for you? That's a pretty high bar to set," Nyx replies somewhat drily, though her general casual disdain can't help parting for a brief grin. She takes a deep breath then, resting her weight all the way back against the seat behind her ,and looks up at the ceiling overhea.d "You and Lorna, hm? That's cool. Honstly, I don't know her all thet well but hse seems nice and she's Sophie's friend. And so are you, apparently. SO…" A shrug follows andthen Nyx rests her gloved hands on the edge of the table. "So, are you coming back for classes since they're supposedly opening a college branch or something or just dropping in?"

Bobby would laugh a little as Sophie appears more than excited and happy for he and Lorna, bowing his head a little "Obrigado, Obrigado (thank you, thank you. Portuguese) Sophie" though when she goes all that mock-dangerous threat of breaking her heart, he sahkes his head "I wouldn't dream of it. but if I did…trust me, I'd make myself regret it." he nods a few times with a smile, before the next revelation of Sophie gives him pause as he looks between Sophie and Lizzie "Oh? congratulations! I'm happy for you Sophie dear. Though we really need to play chess again soon. You always beat me, but it could be fun." he smiles warmly to her.

He looks then to Lizzi, giving her a smile "She's got a big heart. She helps out mutant town all the time. I think you'd like her. I know I do." he chuckles a bit, before shrugging at her question. "I was thinking about coming back to take college classes. Just learn more while I can right?" he shrugs a bit, clearly with a plan.

"That's what I'm doing," Sophie replies to Bobby, with a nod. "I was happy when I first heard about the Professor's plan to expand into a college curriculum. I was thinking that trying to attend a more… ordinary university might prove awkward. It's good to not have that worry. And it's a godsend for the students who are less able to pass."

Turning to Lizzie, she adds, "And don't listen to him, he's being modest. I might have won /most/ of our games, but Bobby usually made me work for it." Looking across at Bobby with a playful grin, she adds, "He's smarter than he looks. All that Brazilian charm, he makes people underestimate him."

"I literally learnedh ow t play chess over the summer, so.." Nyx shrugs. "I can't even make you work for it. That's impressive enough," she relates to Sphie before glancing over at Bobby once more. A moment is taken to study the man from hed to toe before she takes a deep breath. "So… What kind of powers do you have…?" She asks. "I mean, if that's fine to ask. You know."

Bobby would smile at Sophie warmly once more when she and he apparently are on clear agreement on Xavier's plan to make college classes available. "I'm happy we agree on that. I dunno if everyone's on board with it though. I recently found out about it…and here I was just coming to visit. Now I'm gonna stay, see if I can help out too while I'm at it." he gives a small grin at Sophie at her words. "Well now, don't give out all my secrets now. Besides, I wouldn't have to try so hard if you weren't the french goddess of chess." he laughs a bit as he sips his beer. All good natured fun of course, and Lizzi and Sophie's drinks arrive as the waitress drops them off. "but thank you for the compliment." he smiles a bit, before he looks now to Nix.

"To be fair…we have played many…many…-many- times, and about what, 58 games and she's managed to beat for 35 of them last time I counted?" he smiles at Sophie then, before he looks to Nix, igniting a little flame on his hand. "I'm a solar hyper-battery who can control fire and heat energy, in a sum up." he way….WAY. oversimplifies, but it is what it is. "I would ask what is yours, miss Lizzie, if you wouldnt mind me askin'?" he smiles to both ladies warmly.

"No, that would be my mother, with regard to chess," Sophie replies, with a smile and a laugh. "She and my father are both terrifyingly good. I got an early start thanks to them." She picks up her glass and takes a sip, then turns to Lizzie and grins, waiting for her to answer Bobby's question about her powers, or perhaps demonstrate.

"Well. We seem to be polar opposites," Nyx notes quietly, tilting herhead slightly as she does. "I - create things. Shadows, I guess?" As she s's speakiking the shadow of Bobby's beer stands up. It detaches from the can and forms itself into the likeness of a litle black bear. Black in this case is literal - shaped or not it remains a shadow. Nyx doesn't look at it. "Practice," she add.s "Lots of practice."

Bobby would grin a bit to Sophie, chuckling a little "fair enough, fair enough." before Nyx steals his attention, giving her a little nod. "oh…that's interesting. he sips his beer though. "so…I'm light, and your dark? interesting contrast. You're gonna fit in just great at the Institute." he looks then to Sohpie "You are keeping her out of trouble right?" he winks then.

"As much as she keeps me out of it," Sophie replies, with a grin and a laugh. "It's been quite the last few months, though. Meeting Lizzie, graduating the high school program, falling in love, getting invited to join the grownups' team, knocking Victor von Doom on his armored ass…" She smirks a bit at that last bit.

"Skewering robots," Nyx notes, shaking her head as she does. The girl reaches up to take her beer and sips on it for a moment before she continues to speak. "I cause more trouble than I get out of," Liz admits after a moment. "But these days I usually try to just keep out of the way and let everyone else cause trouble. …Like Doom and fucking bots" She makes a face.

Bobby does nod to both of the ladies when they mention Doctor Doom and that's about their limit of keeping out of trouble. "all fair, all fair. Happy you two have gotten yourself involved somewhat in helping out the world, even with trickster scum like Doom." he sighs a minute, before sipping his beer. "hm…It really is good to see you again Sophie. You know, someday, you're going to have to take me to France like you promised." he teases her a bit, before he looks to Nyx "happy Sophie's at least mildly trying to keep you on the straight and narrow." he laughs a bit playfully.

"I don't know about that, but we do our best to keep each other whole and happy, and we always know we have each other's back," Sophie says, smiling. "And, well, that's part of what the school is about. Having each other's back, and knowing we can depend on each other. I'm glad we /both/ have that now." She picks up her glass again and salutes Bobby with it. "Glad to have you back around to be part of that, too. You, and Sam, and Doug… I know you must've caught up with 'Yana, but have you spoken with Dani since you got back? She's met someone and spends most of her time off-campus, but she's not far away."

Bobby would smile big and warm to Sophie, chuckling a little as he lifts his glass to her in return "glad to be back Sophie. I've met up with the boys, even got back in contact with Kevin. Though, I actually haven't seen Yana around…apparently not hte real one anyway. There's a younger one running about….or something? I dunno." he shrugs. "But Dani I haven't really seen either…though I'm hoping I'll see her around soon. Otherwise? Jay's the main man I haven't seen yet."

"Yes, 'White Magik' — No one's sure what's going on with her, not yet," Sophie says, nodding. "/Our/ 'Yana's been spending a lot of her time in Limbo, trying to figure it out. Whether this is somehow a younger her, or her parallel from another timeline, or… We just don't know. But we need to make sure she stays safe until we do." She shrugs, then continues, "I need to meet up with Jay, too. I think he and I are going to try to work something up for the Open Mic Night coming up here. We sang together at one a while back, without having practiced together or even heard each other before that night, and it really, really worked."

Bobby just shakes his head at Sophie's words. "I'm game with protecting the Yana lookalike, but I won't pretend to understand magic and parrellel dimensions and all of that." he understood it erfectly, it's just something he'd rather not think about, which he takes a looooong swig of his beer. "I remember that! You two did fantastic." he smiles to her warmly "sadly, I'm not too good of a singer…except in Portuguese." he shrugs a little.

"He's /really/ good. Better on guitar than I am, too. But we meshed really well," Sophie says. "Now we need to pick a song or two and actually practice first and see if we can really wow people." She pauses for a moment, as if trying to decide whether to give voice to her thoughts. In the end, she does. "Ever feel… I don't know, 'guilty' isn't really the right word, but close enough for you to get what I mean… about being one of the lucky ones? Able to pass for human without anyone knowing, unless you use your powers in front of them? I look at Jay, and he's got this amazing musical talent, he could be a star, but… I don't know if the world — certainly not this country — is ready for a mutant to be making records. And I don't see him getting invited to perform on Ed Sullivan." She shakes her head. Not so smiling, now.

Bobby would nod a few times at Sophie's words. "Jay….is an amazing, musical prodigy. and at times….yeah, I do feel lucky that I can pose as your everyday, average joe. If I could change the opinions of the world I would…but these, are repressive times. But, I see more people becoming more open-minded and more active in wanting to change things…so maybe, given time, it can change." he smiles then warmly to Sophie "I'm glad though that he has friends like you to really catch him if he falls." he shrugs a bit.

"It's how I was raised. But you know that. Mom and Dad saw what happened to friends of theirs back when the Nazis came, because they were different — Wrong religion, wrong skin color, wrong… who they loved. They taught me better, even before they knew I was a mutant. And then came the school, and the Professor, and everyone else that little me looked up to, and learned from. Jean. Rogue. Sam. Dani." She pauses for a moment, before adding, "You. You all taught me, you all showed me, that we all have to look out for each other, care for each other, be there for each other…" Sophie Rousseau, True Believer, ladies and gentlemen.

Bobby would smile to her, listening to her speech with a careful ear..though what he wasn't expecting, is that he help teach her the values in life of protecting and watching out for your fellow man, and as such, he gave her a light bow of his head. "Truly, Sophie, you are a good woman. Never let anything cloud that perfect joy of yours." he smiles warmly to her as he takes a last sip of his beer. "alas, I gotta go now. Need to check in with the Professor." he smiles to Sophie, actually giving her a traditional French greeting (two kisses on each cheek) but of course, this was out of respect for her culture and not at all a flirtatious or seductive act. Completely chaste. "I'll see you soon, Sophie. Farewell Lizzie, it was excellent to meet you. hasta luego (see you later)" and with a wave, off he goes!

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