1964-10-25 - Drinks and Plans
Summary: Robbie Reyes and Gidget decide to get drinks and have a small chat whilst making plans for later.
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Well needless to say….after this past week she needed a drink. And where better to go than her friend Luke's place! She had decided to stay at work a bit longer after Reyes dropped her off to catch up and well….because her receptionist was giving her the evil eye. Taking a deep breath she would then make her way in and plopped at the bar. Still in that fitted black wrap dress, she'd pull off her shades and looked around. Nope…no Luke. Darn. Oh well.

Robbie would enter the bar, stretching a little bit as he too just got out of work. Though upon seeing Gidget, he'd give her a warm smile. "Hey Gidget. How was work?" he asks curiously, offering to give her a small hug in greeting.

She heard the door but seemed to be in her own world. As she heard that voice she'd turn around and gave him a bright and warm smile. "Hey….it was okay. My receptionist was tired of me being gone so…." There was a shrug and she would then accept that hug, squeezing him slightly and then nodded. "How was the rest of your day…?" She'd then look to the bar and then back to him. "Coming in for a drink too I see….."

Reyes would give her a small chuckle, giving her a small hug. "Happy to hear it. Receptionists are jerks, life's a bitch like that. I wouldn't worry about it." he shrugs, and he shrugs when she asks him his day. "eh, it's going alright. I have Danny's bike ready, just need to find him at some point. Was hoping to see him here." he smiles to her warmly "ah, it is what it is. Here, I'll buy you a drink." he winks at her softly as he goes to do what he needs.

She would nod a bit then as she smiled. "Oh he has a bike too? Nice!" She'd tuck some of that long dark hair out of her face then tiled her head. "And I haven't seen him in forever. I have suits for hime but need to catch up to him." There was a shrug then but then she would tilt here head a bit. "Oh….thanks. Wine will be fine….a Chardonnay…." She'd set her handbag on the counter then as she watched him go about his business.

Robbie would smile a bit to Gidget as he went behin the counter to grab teh wine she wanted, setting the bottle before her and a few glasses for them to share. "I'll indulge with you I guess." he smiles to her warmly, pouring her glass and sliding it to her. "I used to be a bartender as a part time job." he shrugs a bit. "Brings back small memories."

She'd watch him go behind the bar and smiled softly. Propping her head up on her hands she would just watch him intently. "Please do…." She'd wait for him to fix that wine then slowly pull that glass to her and took a sip. "And really….?" She'd watch him intently then before she would smiling. "I never got to do that. I was so focused on school….I didn't get to do all the fun stuff…."

Robbie would scoff at her words a bit about getting to do the fun stuff, and he shakes his head a bit. "fun is most definately not the word I would use honestly. Got to deal with the scumbags too who always came to the bar. and that was before I could do anything about it." he shrugs.

"Okay…that's fair." She'd raise her glass to him and winked playfully. "Cheers? To a badass bartender?" Laughing she'd take a sip then as she nodded before exhaling deeplying. "So what else is up?""

Robbie would smile to her a little warmly, puring his own glass now as he lifts it to Gidget "to badass bartenders." he chuckles faintly, downing a little bit of his wine before setting it back down. "well, mi primo…my cousin, came back into town. Got released from prison a little bit ago. He didn't do anything personally…but guilty by association. Keeping him off the streets." he nods with a small smile. "Other than that…nothing really new. You?"

Gidget would smile and then nodded. "Well…as long as he's good." Smiling playfully she'd give him a wink. "Is he handsome like you….?" Her voice was a little low as she leaned in and tilted her head. Blushing slightly she would then sip her wine before sitting back a bit. "And not much for me. I'm clear for the rest of the day. Not sure how the rest of my week is….."

Robbie would chuckle a little bit "He's handsome, no denying that…but he has no skill in romance at all. More in love with falling in love than actually….being in love." he laughs a bit, but he does lean in to press a soft kiss to Gidget's cheek. "and alrighty. Maybe we can hangout at your place or something. have dinner." he shrugs.

"In love with falling in love? Hrm…." There was a shrug then and she would then feel that kiss. Blushing she would just smile before she would nod. "That….that sounds fun. I can cook something….." Trailing off she would then nod. "….there is also a nice club too I was supposed to go to wi….." Stopping herself she'd then shake her head. "Dinner sounds great actually….."

Robbie would smile at her a minute "yeah….bit of a clutz, but he's a good guy." he nods a bit, before smiling to her, curious what she was going to say about going to a club with someone, before she resumes her opinion of just cooking for them, and he gives her a nice smile. "alright, sounds good."

She'd chuckle a bit. "I've dated a guy like that…." Shaking her head she'd just sip at some more of her wine then nodded a bit. "But I digress. Dinner is great. Let me know what you like….I'll go to the grocery. Feel free to bring over wine or anything….." Running her fingers through her hair she'd then smile. "But if you don't want to that's cool. Or…if plans change….just call. I'll get it….." It was obvious she was used to being bailed on…a bit. "Or I mean if you don't feel like it…."

Robbie would eventually sigh, taking a big swig of his drink. "Gidget. Make whatever you want. Surprise me, if you feel like it chica." he smiles to her warmly, staying close to her. "I'll be there alright?" he moves around the counter and gives her a little kiss on the lips, arms wrapped around her and all. "Now, I gotta go find said cousin and make sure he's not selling parts off my car." he came on his bike today. "I'll see you soon Gidge?"

She'd blush a bit and then nodded as she watched him. When he moved around the counter she would just stare and then widened her eyes. When he kissed her, her eyes went bigger but she kissed him back. She acutally kissed him back! "Okay…." She'd tuck some of that hair and smiled. "Is around…..7 okay?" Sipping her wine she would then lean out and quickly peck him again on the lips. "I'll….make something good…."

After the exchange of affection between them, Robbie would smile big and warm at Gidget "7 is perfect. Don't worry, I know I'll love the food." he winks at her as he walks off, zipping up his jacket and exiting the bar. She could hear his motorcycle revving it's loud engine as he drove off! likely to do some Ghost Rider business….and of course, find his cousin.

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