1964-10-25 - How to Cremate a Bagel Without Even Trying
Summary: Hajime gets someone to open up, and a toaster gets fixed at the Community Center.
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Hajime doesn't often wander into Mutant Town during the day, his day is usually filled with classes or work, but today his professor had taken a personal day so Hajime had decided to do the same. His father won't be expecting him home any time soon and he was always given the day off at the restaurant when he had classes, his family just assuming he'd use the whole day for school work or what have you.

He wanders into the community center, hunting someone who looks just as awkward and out of place as he does to talk to. That's the way one properly makes friends right? Just collect those as uncomfortable as yourself.

Mutant Town, while friendly to Mutants, was not a friendly or safe place. The town was on hard times, funding was low though thanks to various groups like Worthington Enterprises and Capstone Intl. there was still hope. Well…there was relief. For parts of the city. The Community Center in particular and it was here that Kevin was stopping in between errands and trying to avoide as many people as possible. He was smiling, he seemed friendly enough, but seemed to be the only person not engaged with a game. He, on the other hand, was engaged with taking the kitchen's toaster apart.

It's easy to spot the person less social than he is. There's one mutant in here that isn't playing a game or talking to anyone else. Instead he seems to be dismantling a toaster and that's intersting enough in and of itself. So that's the person that Hajime cautiously approaches. You never know if the person standing alone killing a toaster might actually want to be honestly left alone. "Has the toaster wronged you?" He wonders aloud when he gets close enough for the other man to hear him.

Wither looked up and blinked, not startled out of fear, but entirely unexpectant of someone engaging him. He was neither flashy nor particularly noteworthy really. The plastic handled screwdriver stopped poking at the innards, and Kevin looked over the valley of crumbs that fell from the device all over the table as he worked. Green eyes blinked at Hajime and it occurred to him that he may wish to answer before he appeared to be super weird. Ugh, this stuff didn't happen to Bobby. He bit his lip and the guy was still standing there so he ventured answering, "Well Ol-…Miss Ethel was havin problems with it and a new toaster can get pricey so Ah' thought Ah'd take a look at it and find out why the lever doesn't spit food back out when it's done. it won't toast bread, it cremates it."

Hajime stays the course, waiting for an answer. It's clear that he'd done a good job at identifying the person that's the most awkward in the building by the time it takes the other man to answer him. He doesn't let anything show on his face that he thinks the pause is weird. "Who doesn't enjoy cremated bread? I thought that was just the way one toasts bread" Hajime says, leaning slightly against the table where the other man is working with a smile that's meant to relax the other. /Meant/ to at least. "That's quite kind of you. Are you good at fixing things?"

Wither tilted a side nod of his head, "Well, people who wanted to taste it Ah suppose." A smile formed and he went back about taking the basket track apart with a quiet hmmm. "Well, Ah'm alright I guess. Wouldn't say Ah'm better than most, just got a lot of expierence working on things. Besides, she takes care of a… well someone Ah know." He wasn't about to call anyone friend at the drop of a hat and didn't quite know where Elixir would fall on the friend/pal/buddy chart. "They helped me out, so Ah'm … trying to help back Ah' guess. Gets me out of the house." He looked up and paused in his eork going faintly pale. Green eyes blinked at Hajime and he looked mildly embarassed, "Um… Ah'm Kevin. My apologies. Y'all got a name?" C'mon Kev, you were raised right.

Hajime listens intently as the other man stammers through his explanation of why he's doing something so nice for the community center. He nods, keeps a smile on his face despite the way that the other man emits part of his explanation. When asked if he has a name, Hajime tries and fails at hiding a small laugh. "I think I might have one to give you. It's 'Hajime'." The man has a similar accent to Jay's though so he's betting he'll struggle with the pronunciation. "It's alright to call me 'Jim' if you like instead." He offers the other man a hand to shake upon introduction.

Wither fought with that one. and an eyebrow went up, "Hagee May?" He was hearing that wrong like Barbara Ann. He quint faintly. Yup that's what he got but nodded, "Y'all go by Jim? Well, Ah'll work on the other. Ah' mean you can call me Kev or, Wither, or whatever works for ya." He eyes fell to the hand and bit his lip. He didn't have his gloves on him right now and said, "Ah'… Ah can't. It ain't you. It's not a race thing." He called it out and looked around. Gloves were in the other room. The look was sincerely apologetic, "Ah, um, Ah' can't shake hands. It's just a thing. Y'all came down for a reason. What brings ya?"

Hajime tries not to let the pronounciation affect him. He's heard Jay butcher his name plenty of times, he's gotten used to it at this point. When Kevin refuses to shake his hand, Hajime awkwardly drops it, he doesn't look offended at first so much as slightly hurt, thinking like Kevin quickly reassures him that perhaps the other man doesn't want to touch him because he's oriental. When Kevin quickly lets him know that it has nothing to do with that, his interest is piqued. "Oh? Is it your mutation?" Hajime asks before he can stop himself. It's probaly rude to ask about other's mutations but he's so curious on how everyone's works. "I.. uh…" It's his turn to blush now. "I didn't have class today because my professor is sick and I just.. really like meeting other mutants."

Wither chewed on his lip looking filled with subtle regret. He didn't like that his mutation kept him from people. It sucked. It pushed other people away and he couldn't make most people not feel bad about that, or get that look of pity reminding him he's cursed. When Hajime asked he looked at the toaster and back carefully. "Yeah. Mine… hurts other people. Ah' mean really it's not you it's, well, it's me. Ah' just don't wanna put that on ya. Ya know? If y'all're lookin t'meet new mutants this is the best place t'find em. Most people are alright too really. Ah' mean people are still people. Can't get around that."

Hajime listens when Kevin says that his hurts other people, he doesn't look like he pities the other man he looks so fascinated. He pulls his sleeve down over his hand, stretching it so it covers his whole hand and then bundling his hand up inside of it so that there's no place that their skin will touch and then he hands that stub over to Kevin to shake instead, with a big smile on his face. "Here, fixed!" He offers again, positively beaming at the other mutant. There may be plenty of other new mutants in here, but Hajime was interested in this one. The one that can't touch others.

Wither looked at rugged sleeve faintly distressed. He took a deep breath and said, "Not fixed, man. It's complicated. Here." He got up and held a finger to stay put and scuttled off back into the kitchen where he grabbed the synthetic gloves and came back fitting then on with a wiggle pig fingers. Kevin now extended a hand out and said in flat tone. "cotton shirt'. Like Ah' said, real pain in mah' ass."

Hajime drops his arm, removing his hand from the sleeve, blushing a deep red as his attempt to fix it didn't do anything at all. Though, he does look delighted when Kevin returns to shake his hand anyhow, he hadn't managed to annoy him off just yet. He takes the hand and shakes it. "Sorry, that does sound like a real pain." He gently tugs on the other man's hand to turn it so he can look at the glove if he's allowed. "Did you have to have these specially made, since they're the only barrier to stop it?" He asks, so curious.

Wither stood there, the bridge of his nose a bit red in embarrassment, Yes and no. Ah Meghan anything synthetic will do it: nylon, nehru, vinyl, metal, polyester, plastic? That's all fine really. Man, we're this like 40 years ago?" He whistled and have Cpt. Curious a smile, "it'd be mighty embarrassin' to say the least." he didn't say why, but he seemed glad for the small talk. "So y'all are, ya know, one of us, or got family or somethin'?" his turn to ask a pile of questions.

"I can see how it would be tricky all the years ago when synthetic fabrics didn't exist. So fascinating." He doesn't yet ask what Wither can do but the name gives it away a little, a hint that it's probably not something he wants to first hand find out on his own. "Me? I'm a mutant. No one in my family is beyond me, I've got a few older sisters and none of them turned out to be the disappointment I am, fortunately for them. I'm fortunate enough that mine isn't visible. Do… Do you want to see?" He hesitates to ask, but he does really want to show the other man his mutation.

Wither seemed sympathetic to the feeling of disappointment. There wasn't much to say on that front. For now the toaster was forgotten as they played every mutant's favorite game of show me yours. "Ah hear ya. But yeah, if it's not going to hurt you or…anyone." The floor belonged to Hajine with a curious anticipation.

"Definitely won't hurt you, I promise. So I've got a couple." He holds his palm out. "Can you hold your hand like this? It won't hurt you." If Wither follows the instruction, then Hajime hovers his hand over top of Kevin's own, after a moment a ice cube in the shape of a perfect triangle drops into Kevin's hand. While he's distracted by the ice, Hajime snaps the fingers on his opposite hand to bring up a small flame. "Fire and Ice, I'm the guy you want to invite on your camping trip. Can keep all your food cold and also cook it for you."

Wither left the glove on; green eyes locked and fixed on the active hand as the ice cube dropped into out of the ether and into his hand Kevin's ungloved hand reached out to pick it up. It was fine. The interaction wss entirely normal but for the ice cube should not have formed by rational standards. Kevin's expression was one of wonder, "woah! Hey if we need a heating cooling guy we can say we know one. woooooah, this is cool. it's really cold!" which was a stupid thing to say about ice, but manifesting it perfectly functional? that was really something else!

Hajime brings around his flaming fingers for Wither to see as well before he extinguishes them. He smiles a little bashfully when Kevin seems to be excited by his mutation. "Thank you, I'm better with the ice than the fire. Also, having the conflicting mutations can get a little exhausting, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to yours." He looks down, suddenly a little shy. He doesn't want to toot his own horn too much. "I am resistant to frostbite but I can still freeze my own fingers if I'm not careful."

Wither just thrned the 4 sided ice-shape over in his fingers with a wry grin. "Ya' can keep our sodas cool, that's for sure. It was melting though. His eyes followed the dancing flame with a bit of a more relaxed smile, "It's… it's not a contest, man. Ah' mean hard is hard. Ah' got some idea about what it's like havin your power drag ya around. Sounds kinda tiring. How'd you find out about em?"

Oh, this is a touchy subject. Hajime shifts his weight between his legs while he wonders whether or not he should tell Wither the truth. He was young when it happened right? Kids do stupid things. "Well, I may or may not have gotten angry with my mother when I just barely hit puberty and burnt her, not /bad/ but enough to upset my father something fierce. I tried to fix it with the ice." He looks down at his feet. He hadn't told anyone this story before. "I was young, just thirteen, stupid, you know?"

|ROLL| Wither +rolls 1d20 for: 2

Wither went pale and listened. His brething shallowed and Kevin lost colour in his face. Apparently, yes. Yes he knew. His gloved hand and his other one retreated to his lap as he listenined; fingers squeezed around the screw driver. Now was not hte time to fall apart. Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit. The toaster, toaster good. He could fix the toaster. He asked quietly after a pause, "She alright? Your mama?"

Maybe this was a bad thing to tell the other man. He always thought it was and that's why he never told anyone. "Yeah, she's okay. I only burned her a little, I didn't set her on fire, so much as scald her, but my father reacted as if I had set her and the entire house on fire." He looks over at the other man and takes a step back. "I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have told you that. I should have made something up. I didn't mean to upset you."

Wither chewed the inside of his cheek and didn't address the issue at hand and instead just focused on Hajime, "Ah'm really glad she's alright. Maybe it's difficult for em because… Ah dunno. Some people just get scared. It's just how the world is. They get scared, we get moved, life goes on regardless of our opinion really. Ain't your fault."

Hajime nods. "I think you're right. He did get scared." Hajime rubs at his arm, at the place where the scar from his father's attempt to keep him from ever using his powers again resides. He still hadn't shown anyone that. "She doesn't treat me any different, I couldn't do a thing to make my mother think any less of me. She's a good woman. I was just little, having a tantrum."

Wither squint and looked to Hajime, "Uhhhh a tantrum is when a kid wants something and is told no. What y'all had was a traumatic experience." he actually has a tone of agitation that he was working on holding that in and just sighed and worked on the toaster and switched topics. "We should really do somethin about these walls being grey. They're kinda depressin. Maybe we'll have to do that as like, some sorta project or… something."

Hajime doesn't know how to respond to that. He hadn't exactly meant to hurt anyone, he hadn't even known that he could at the time. It was /just/ a tantrum until it wasn't. His heartbeat picks up a little bit while he contemplates what to say next as he backs away a little more, retreats into himself as well, because sharing wasn't something he usually did. He rubs at his arm a little more. "She did, yeah. It was my fault too, you're right. It's why I'm not so good with the fire… I never hurt anyone with the ice." He says quietly. "I think maybe I should go now, I'm.. I should get home." That's why you don't share with people you just met, Hajime, they'll tell you the truth.

Wither swallowed and just hyper focused on the toaster. He brushed the crumbs off the table, but on contact with the bits of stale burned bread they instantly turned into a blackened silt and just brushed away like dust. The solidity was just non existant, but hey, the linolium tabletop was free of crumbs. "Y'all… y'all are fine. jes'…let's change the subject, yeah?" Breath. Breathing is good. "If ya could jes' fly anywhere i teh world, where'd ya go?"

Hajime is shocked that Kevin doesn't want him to leave. He bites his lower lip and then takes a small step closer, engaging again. "Okay. Anywhere? I think it might seem really cliche, but I'd like to go to Japan, to see where my family is from. I mean, I can speak it, the language. I would be able to fit right in and I could see where my parents grew up. I think that I'd also like to see what Australia is like." He answers, easily changing the subject. "I'd like to just /fly/ in general. Where would you go?"

Wither slowly took a breatha nd looked up. he stared at Hajime and offered the olive branch quietly, "Ah' don't think that's stupid. I think it's the perfect reason. Ah' don't think my family's from anywhere to go back to but… I dunno, Bobby makes Brazil sound really cool but I think I'd ruin it." He considered thoughtfully and widened a grin "I wanna go to the moon. I can't hurt it."

When Wither says he'd ruin it, Hajime frowns slightly. "I highly doubt you could ruin an entire place, Kevin. You're not ruining here right now. You're fixing a toaster to help someone else out, for one. And, I mean, you've worked out a way to keep from hurting people now." He offers gently gesturing to his gloved hands. "The moon would be cool. Or Mars?"

Wither took his ungloved hand and touched the table. "Plastic." He laid it on the toaster and then picked up the other glove. "Metal, synthetic. Anything organic? It just… comes apart. Rainforest has enough problems, Ah' don't think it needs me. The moon though? Ah'd totally go to teh moon. Moon King Kevin." He paused and nodded, "Yeah Ah' think it sounds alright. Mars would be even more neat. That's that red one right?"

"You haven't told me what it is that you can do, I'm sure that there has to be a benefit to it. That maybe you could make a bad situation better in a way. I can set stuff on fire, but I can also make a fire in the cold. Or I can help cool someone from a fever with my cold touch." Hajime says, feeling like he's walking a fine line right now. "Yeah, that's the red one. Or there's also Saturn, if we could live there, it would be cool because of the rings."

Wither looked a bit uncomfortable and twitched a frown. Quietly he murmured, "Ah' did. Ah told you, anythin not artifical comes apart. Plants, trees, cloth…people." He shrugged and looked around finally offering, "Saturn sounds pretty. Maybe that's what Ah should do - go be an astronaut." He chuckled with a smile that didn't reach his eyes but there was a smile.

"Oh, well, I wasn't sure if that was all of it. I'm sure there's a situation where that could be useful." Hajime leans on the table trying to think of a situation. "Like, a weed, you could get rid of weeds. You could get rid of something that was contaminating something else." He tries to make the fellow mutant feel better about his power, one that made it impossible not to use it only for destruction. "I'm sure you could be. You're also good with your hands, to fix things like a defective toaster. You are not your mutation. You are you."

Wither looked to Hajime and shook his head, "Maybe. All that talk about nuclear power? Gonna help out more people, gonna change how we go heat, power, war? Just can't go near it? Kinda feels that way, but y'all didn't come here to hear me grouse on. What we can do is figure out what to do about these grey walls cause man, it's a bit of a drag."

Hajime smiles. "I don't actually have the ability to spontaneous combust paint. Isn't there someone you would have to ask in order to paint them?" He says when the other man changes the subject again. Clearly his mutation was a sore subject.

Wither looked around and considered this. "Huh. I dunno. I'm more a sculptor, not a painter, but there might be some people that got a gift for it. These people are creative. Maybewe put Saturn on the wall. Let all the mutants that don't fit on Earth have a lil extra space all their on"

"It really does sound like you're incredibly gifted with your hands." The ones that he seems to think cause only destruction. "We could invite others, is there a bulletin board here somewhere that we can make an event? That could be a lot of fun for everyone, especially the younger mutants."

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