1964-10-25 - Wrong Day For Crime
Summary: Small time criminals find themselves way over their heads in trouble.
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Midnight. Darkness has fallen over 'The City That Never Sleeps', but crime? Crime never sleeps. Even with the festive sounds of no fewer than five parties erupting light-hearted sounds into the air, the sudden screeching of an alarm breaks through all of it. The sounds are coming from a place called Farnham Saving and Loan, a smaller bank on the corner of the block. There isn't anything apparently fancy here, but the tiny neighborhood bank still holds quite a bit of money.
Barry Allen doesn't need super senses because he has a police radio. He's working in his lab when the 911 calls start coming in over his police radio. Thumbing the latch on his ring, he releases his red suit and dresses in a whirl of speed. And then he's off…ZOOM!

While an evening meal at Delmonico's had been nice, it was time for Dick and Helena to set aside their public personas for something more intimate. Well, as intimate as a Nightwing and Huntress can get. Travelling across the rooftops, Nightwing glances down at the watch on his wrist. "We should make it to the docks with a good hour to spare before the 'Andrea Martin' arrives to get a look at how the locals are setting up." he says over towards the woman travelling with him.

At least that was until as they are passing the block with the bank, the clanging of the alarm bell grabs Nightwing's attention. There's a glance over towards Huntress. But for a moment, it doesn't seem like he's going to divert - mainly because they both know that the Mafia shipment is important.

The Avengers have the benefit of getting direct updates on all sources of trouble, naturally, they don't always answer the call. Janet Van Dyne AKA The Winsome Wasp, certainly tries to answer all calls she can. That's why she's zooming away, already en route, albeit unlike most heroes, there's very little to herald her arrival. The buzzing of her wings easily swallowed by the sounds of the city, as she makes her approach to Farnham Saving and Loan. Already pondering clever banter! She's working on her hero game now that she's a pro.

Even as Police radiors blare that a bank was being robbed, Batman was already on route, reciving the transmission thanks to the bat-ears on the cowl. He stops at a nearby rooftop, looking down at the bank as he already starts to formulate a plan. "hnnnh." he grunts. Though something strange catches his attention, and much to his possible surprise, it's Nightwing.

He makes no move to greet him though, turning his head away from him and back to the Bank, leaping off the building to glide to the bank's own roof via a hardening of his 'wings', landing in short notice. Time to go to work.

Well Gidget was just making her way from the grocery store and decided a walk would be nice. Of course she did….and that was her luck. Hearing the alarm she would stop and looked around and saw it was coming from a bank not far from her. Sighing she would just look around and then crossed the street and kept walking down in that direction. Maybe….just maybe….she could just get back to her apartment for dinner. AS she got closer she would stop and then looked around. This was probably not the most apt route. Besides? She looked a bit out of place at night; though she was in that black fitted pencil dress she was wearing a black scarf around her head to cover her short hair and a pair of oversized sunglasses. Why? Well because she could…and she couldn't take them off with all those bags in her hands. "…can we…not today…?" Last time she got caught up in something…she dropped a sewing machine on a Rhino dude. But things had changed since then….and she wasn't sure how well that was going to go.

"I imagine the locals are setting up the same as they do everywhere." Huntress responds, keeping decent pace with Nightwing, even though he is probably far better at traversing local rooftops than she is. The bells of the bank, however, well…it's hard to ignore that, "You think we can fix this in less than an hour?"

The balaclava-clad bad guys are fast, blowing the hinges of the vault with shaped C-4. These are definitely professionals, working efficiently and on a very strict plan. Despite their 'professionalism' this is still more of a smash and grab. The criminals grab everything they can in short order, but they encounter another problem on their way out. There are five of them in all - no match for even a single one of the people closing in on the scene. The group of them rushes towards a powder blue Chevy Nova. Not bad at all for a getaway car.
The Flash is just that at the moment; a red streak and crackling lightning. Inside the aura where everything outside is moving in slow-motion, Barry sees a nearby hardware store. He vibrates his molecules to just pass through the front door, takes a tire iron from the shelf, leaves money in gratuity, and writes a kind note signed 'The Flash' for the owner who would otherwise be perplexed by a single missing tire iron. The streak of speed exits the building then and races back towards the getaway car.

"Really?" Nightwing asks, a brow arching his domino masks as he glances towards Huntress. "Alright. We'll see if we can wrap this up and still make the docks in time." he responds towards her and alters his course. Of course, as they go, he gives a soft warning. "He's here." He doesn't need to say who, Huntress knows well enough that Nightwing means Batman as he takes out a grappling line to swing across the street to the other building, landing on a roof not too far from the caped crusader. There's a quick nod to his head before he notices the blur. "Looks like we have a speedster."

"We'll go around back in case there's a second group." Because criminals can be smart and divide up.

When the group is approaching their getaway car, they can hear a voice seemingly out of nowhere, unless they've keen eye sight to spot the tiny Wasp, "not today! Drop it or I'll drop you!" If anything, being threatened by a voice one cannot place usually gives good reason to pause. If only to make sure it's not a case of imagination running wild.

Batman would soon land, though he looks as the racing lights ahead as a particular speedster makes his rounds. "Speedster." he mumbles softly to himself as he rises, though as he sees men moving for the car, regardless of whoever is speeding through, Batman makes a move, throwing a few batarangs to try to hit the car as he pursues, hoping to dissuade some of the robbers from entering said car as he approaches them from the air above.

As it stands, Batman is studying the situation on the move, willing to adapt to catch these guys….even if he may have to potentially face a speedster…after all, they come in all shapes and personalities….and it appears that multiple people were converging on these guys….this was really not a good time to rob a bank.

Him? Great. Which, might be a great time to introduce herself to the man, but when Nightwing moves off, Huntress waits for a few moments before she smirks, and turns to continue on the path the pair had been on before. Without him present, it means she gets to play by her own rules on the docks, right? That might honestly be her line of thinking as she so very subtley sneaks off.

Gidget would watch all that was happening and she just knew….no way she was going to get past this. Those eyes went wide behind those sunglasses as she saw a blur. Shaking she would realized it wasn't who she thought it was and would just watch. Stepping back she would just watch and slowly started to creep down that sidewalk…but stopped. Reyes was right….she had too big of a heart…but hell….that was her. Stoping she would turn and then looked around a bit. As she stared at the car…it started to tremble….and shake. Her head went down a bit as she seemed to be looking at the ground but suddenly that hood would open up and…the engine would just….fly up, out and slam onto the ground next to it. Chuckling she would just sigh as she slowly started to walk back down that sidewalk. I mean….what's the worse that could happen?'

The group of five freezes in place as they hear the voice…from seemingly nowhere. One thing a disembodied voice will definitely do is get a group of criminals to start looking around in a panic. The precision in which 'The Bat' tosses those batarangs manages to knock the gun from one of the criminals' hands. The fastest draw, obviously.
The batarang plinks off of the gun in slow motion for The Flash. As he speeds past, he limbos under its trajectory and zips around the Chevy Nova in a blur. Plucking the gun from the air as it falls, he quickly disassembles it and leaves it in pieces on the ground with all of the ammunition emptied from the clip. The streak of red then zips around the car at blinding speed, undoing all of the lugs holding the tires on. When he's done, he stands across the street from the criminals, twirling the tire iron in one hand. Gidget's powers causing it to tremble and shake make the car first drop a couple of feet as it suddenly loses all of its tires. The criminals don't seem to be inclined to put up further fight, instead looking absolutely terrified as they're assailed on all fronts by vigelantes…and super-powered ones at that. "Man. Where is Triple-A when you need them, right?" The Flash taunts them mildly from across the street.

Wasp takes a moment to fire a few bio-electric shots at the thugs who still holds their guns, just to get them to drop it with a shot of pain in their gun hands. "Boy, you guys sure picked a bad time to be…well…bad, huh?" She doesn't know the other guys, not the speedy one, not the ninja one, and certainly not whoever just flipped that car's engine in the air! Boy, that's an exciting one, she actually needs to fly out of the way to keep safe.

Batman would land on the ground, giving those robbers an intense staredown. "Surrender now. Final chance." he glances over to the speedster, no other greeting to the man is made however, before he looks back to the group of thugs…because clearly, they were severely outmatched. Batman had already contacted the appropriate authorities to come get these punks…not that police weren't already on their way.

Gidget would look up a bit and just over to where the infamous Batman was standing. Though not seen with those large shades on, her brow would raise. Looking around she would then look up at a streetlight. "….mon dieu…." She really just wanted to get home without incident. With that she would glance at the light pole and it started to whine and creak. Shaking her head she'd close her eyes as she tilted her head and then shot those eyes back open at the gunmen. The lightpost would whip around wildly before bending over and wrap around three of the robbers causing a stir she was sure. "…oh hell…" Muttering herself she was grumpy….she missed two of them. Eh….screw it. Three out of five aren't bad right.

The criminals don't respond, but they don't hang on to those guns long either. As they're drawn and stinging shots hit hands, just as many guns clatter to the pavement. "Okay, okay!" shouts the 'leader' of them. He puts his hands up and already starts sinking to his knees. They're still unable to see Wasp and they can only hazard a guess at their car coming even further apart. "We surrender!" Indeed, the remainder of them follow their leaders suit, clearly well aware that doing otherwise is only going to make this so much worse.
The Flash dips his head in a nod towards Batman. He'd heard whisperings about the bat, but had yet to actually see him until tonight. He stops twirling the tire iron and instead just holds it at his side while he observes. It's Gidget he looks towards no, looking with surprise as she manipulates the lamp post to wrap around the criminals. While he doesn't give any verbal response, he does whistle long and low. The criminals, of course, are wrapped up…somewhat neatly for the police.

"Hey, good job guys, nice of you to put the baddies in their place," Wasp cheers, before buzzing closer to the ensnared criminals, who can now see her more clearly as she's flying closer to their faces, while wagging her finger at them, "that's what you get for being naughty."

Batman looked then to Wasps's general direction as she spoke, unable to pinpoint her due to how freaking tiny she is. Before a simple sigh catches his features. He had already researched the Flash…in depth. You never want to be unprepared when facing a speedster…even if there's no worry about it…but Wasp? he….kinda sorta barely knew. Regardless if she was an Avenger or not.

Thus does he turn to Barry as the goons surrender. "The Flash, I presume." he says stoically as he approached, serious as ever, and like a shadow did he approach, cape enshrouding his batsuit armor…his only flesh visible would be his mouth and chin and some of his cheekbone.

She'd watch them all converge and just smiled as she let her bags slip to her elbows as she pulled that scarf tighter, adjusting her sunglesses. She'd clear her throat then turned as she smiled. "Good job guys!!" With a small giggle that tall drink of water would then sigh softly as she walked a bit before crossing the street behind the heroes. "Nice to know I can walk around in peace….right?" Smiling brightly she would look to the robbers and smirked a bit. "I guess…someone didn't like you ruining their evening…."

When Batman draws closer, The Flash vibrates his molecules so his face is blurry on top of masked. He's seen Gidget at this point, though he doesn't know who she is and he's seen The Bat. What he doesn't see is where the disembodied voice is coming from. Super speed does not make one any better at seeing small flying women at night, unfortunately. As he's addressed, The Flash responds in a calm sort of tone. "That's me. So you're the Batman. I've heard about you. Who's the invisible one?" Looking to Gidget then, he lifts one hand to give her a little wave. "Anytime!"

"I'm not invisible! Just small," Wasp answers the question for the Flash, as she moves to land on his shoulder, poking a finger at his cheek, "see? Right here!" She then turns to look at the Batman and Gidget, "so, either of you know who made that car's engine fly into the air? Because that was amazing!"

Batman doesnt seem surprised at Flash's vibrating molecules to hide his features as well as that voice of his…but regardless, Batman knew he did this quite a bit when speaking with witnesses or the like. Yep…description fits fairly perfectly. "hm." is all he offers to the Flash when he identifies the Bat. Though at his question, Batman would simply look in the direction of Wasp, where she was poking Flash in the cheek.

"Wasp." he greets with a small nod.

"You guys uh….have fun waiting for the cops. I really should get these groceries home." Gidget heard that tiny voice and new that maybe…her cue. But that curious nature of hers got the best of her. "Hmm? Oh…I don't know. I though it was one of you guys. You all seem to have a reputation that proceeds you so…." There was a shrug as she shifted those grocery bags on her arms then. "But amazing? I don't know about that….it was pretty cool though." She'd keep her head a bit low and then nodded as she watched them. "Didn't expect to run into this on my way back from the supermarket….."

Barry is a touch startled by the poke to his cheek. It's a good thing that Barry's reaction time is the same as the time it takes light to travel the length of two hydrogen molecules. His face stops blurring when Wasp makes contact, but his identity may still be a mystery to the Bat for at least a while longer. He is still wearing a mask, after all. For the moment, he just relies on shadows. "Whoah," he intones, sounding rather surprised as he shifts his blue eyes to look at the tiny woman on his shoulder. "How the -heck- are you doing -that-?" The car engine flying into the air, at least for the moment, seems to be of secondary concern. "You would have had to have shrunk your atoms or removed some or…" He actually lifts a finger to try to poke at her as if not quite believing she's real. Gidget draws his attention again and he nods to the woman. "I don't know. Pulling the engine out of a car and flinging it into the air? That's…something."

"I go by Winsome Wasp, catchy for the papers, and well, I'd like to think I'm winsome," Wasp says with an endearing smile, before waving her entire argument off with a wave of her hand, "but Wasp is short and to the point, I like it." She does giggle at the Flash's question, "well, how you do your fast as lightning thing?" She retorts, wearing a smug smile at her own cleverness. Wasp looks warily at the huge finger approaching her, taking a step back across the Flash's shoulder, as she warns, "I get that you think you're dreaming, but, careful with that finger? It's kinda big!" She grins up at him, not that it would hurt her having him just touch her, but she doesn't need to let him know that.

She soon takes to the air again, fluttering between Batman and Flash as she looks at Gidget, "yeah, I think it's much more than 'pretty cool' I think it's pretty groovy!"

Batman just looks between all of them, tilting his head a moment as police likely draw near. "Hnnh." is all he says a minute, watching Barry's vibrations stop when Wasp touches him….hmmmm so that's perhaps how it stops definately…. he hmmms a moment, before looking over at Gidget, narrowing his eyes a moment at the sudden heroic act….and his only supporting evidence is that she -very- conveniently showed up and is talking rather nonchalantly to the heroes.

She'd look between Wasp and the Flash, holding back a blush as she nodded a bit. "I guess…it's pretty cool…" Looking to her grocery bags she'd then look over to Batman. Looking at him from behind those sunglass and scarf she'd chuckle a bit. "….you don't talk much….." Smiling softly she'd then look back to the other two. "Well….which ever one of you guys did the crazy stuff with the car and….light pole….far out." Shifting her sunglasses she would then nod a bit as she smiled. "Know….I met Spiderman once…..I dropped a sewing machine on some rhino face guy's head. That's about as cool as I can get….y'all are just epic."

"The Winsome Wasp," Barry repeats, giving a slow dip of his head. "I can definitely see that." He doesn't chase after her with the finger or anything, but rather remembers his manners and deigns to not poke at the spritely woman. "I meant that it's great for the papers! Not that I think you're…" He clears his throat and turns colors. "You are! I just didn't mean…" Finally he mutters under his breath. "Oh God, shut up already." Clearing his throat, he's happy for the change in conversation then. "Good point, though! That's probably kind of a rude question." He looks to Batman again, but his eyes eventually fall on Gidget once more. "I don't know anyone who can do anything like that. If it wasn't any of you, I'm afraid we'll probably never know."

Wasp has already figured out by now that Batman isn't going to say much, in a way, his focus was not unlike someone she knew. She does find Gidget's behaviour a bit odd, but let's it slide. If the girl wanted to say more, she would have. Instead, she turns to flutter infront of the Flash's visage, grinning as he stumbles with his choice of words, "oh? Hmmm…well, maybe it'll take us a bit, but we'll find out in the end, lots of smart guys are on the Avengers, if I tell them, they'll sooner or later run into that person again!"

Batman would glance to Barry as he starts to run his mouth a little bit, despite the fact that he buries himself possibly a little deeper than he already should havem which just gets a little glance from the Batman. Though when Barry talks to Gidget…Batman wouldn't out her, even though he already came to the conclusion that it was her.

Though the Bat now looks to Wasp, humming a little at her words in agreement, but ultimately, he remains silent.

"I guess not. But don't some of you guys stay hidden….?" She'd smile but then when she heard the A word, she dropped her bag. "…..Avengers?" Looking in the direction of the fluttering one she would clasp her hands together at her chest then as she took a deep breath. "…do you know….." Her voice trailed off but she would seeme to be flustered. She was closer now so it was more visible, there was a soft glow peeking from the collar of her dress. Taking a deep breath she would calm her self and she would smile brightly. "Do you know them? They seem super cool!"

"There could be something residual on the engine," The Flash suggests, giving his shoulders a small roll as he wonder aloud. Wasp hovering right in front of his visage causes him to cross his eyes a little bit, though. "…or if it was magnitized. Maybe there's scoring or something. The Avengers, huh? How's working with them?" The Crimson Speedster turns his attention then to Gidget once more, giving her a more curious look. Things start to click into place for him as well, but he like Batman doesn't say anything. "I've never met any of them personally before tonight."

With how to find the identity of the person that did the car engine flying trick settled, Wasp flies closer to Gidget, circling her once, before fluttering infront of her face. "Yes. Avengers." She repeats, before taking a bit of a bow mid-air, "I don't just know them, I am one! Hmpfh! Nobody ever hears about the little people," she pouts, after all she is rather a fan of publicity. "They are! But watch out for Tony, he's…well, he doesn't repsect women as much is one way to put it." She then whirls to face Flash, against zipping right close to him, lightly resting her hands on his nose as she exclaims, "awesome! I helped save the world from a doomsday scenario!"

Batman would look between all of them…eventually just pointing his grappling hook towards a rooftop and leaving when no one was paying attention to him. Thus if anyone turned to look at him…he'd do that infamous 'bat-vanish- technique. Though he wasn't unable to be pursued…he just clearly had other things to do perhaps? Besides…Batman wasn't the most polite person in the world.

She'd stare at the small woman and blink as she got in front of her. Blinking she'd step back and nodded. "I see. Yeah I've heard about Stark…." Tilting her head a bit she would then smiled softly. "Did you know a guy named Speedy…..?" Biting on her thumb a bit she would watch the woman now, not really caring if she gave herself up. "….he was a….friend of mine." Leaving it at that she would smile as she then looked down at her bags. "…whoops. I guess I am a bit out of it today. Work killed me today." Standing up with her stuff she'd see Batman just up and ghost up out of there. "…well then…." A brow would raise as she nodded. "He must be a riot at parties….."

The Flash nods in Wasp's direction as she speaks of the Avengers. There's more than a little curiosity on his part regarding the Avengers. When Wasp buzzes back up to him and leans her hands on his nose, he can't help but smile…but he also endeavors to hold in his breath a little bit. "Think they could use someone fast on the roster?" he wheezes out, so clearly trying not to send her flying with an exhale. When Batman grapples away, he turns his eyes in that direction and raises a blonde brow. He then turns his blue eyes again to Wasp. "He's charming," he jokes carefully before looking to Gidget again and grinning broadly.

"No doubt! I'll let them know you're interested," Wasp offers to Flash as she turns to look at Batman, only to realize he's no longer there. "Well, I will let them know." She grins at Gidget, and offers, "maybe they'll agree to meet with you as well? If you're interested." She thinks a moment, but doesn't look positive, "I may have bumped into him? Rings familiar, but not someone I see often," she comments of 'Speedy'. "Anyways, good job here, looking forward to see you guys again!"

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