1964-10-26 - Jotuns!
Summary: Sif and Kai reunite just in time to fight side by side.
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So. Its evening. A beautiful Evening. Stars are out. Its amazing! Its the perfect evening to be trying to hunt down an elf in a haystack, so to speak, and there's just the right amount of coolness to really make a sword sing in the air! The city has plenty of room, but the best place for running around dressed like a warrior princess is Central Park!

Kai should know better than to walk alone in Central Park ever since the Wild Hunt put the mark of prey upon him. Most of the time he gets left alone, but every once in awhile, some thug goes looking for someone to beat up, or rob, or worse. For now, he's at ease, just heading to the bookstore on the other side of the park with a bounce in his step. He's in his beatnik garb with a long coat against the autumn cold.

Sif found Midgard! It wasn't lost and was, in fact right where she and Morsstryke left it a few months ago. The sight of a woman in doeskin leather pants and stylized bodice was not uncommon. The sword strapped to her back was going to draw as much attention as the 6'2" teak skinned woman would be without it. She was looking for something, in this cae specifically it was Kai and she approached with efficiency. "It has been a time." There was notany lack of fondness in her tone with the greeting.

They do not get much time to chat. Almost as if prompted by their proximity and the chance to get to speak, there is the strange SCHMOOOP sound of a portal opening like a giant sphincter, if Frosty Giants could be considered the fecal product of the nine realms. Debatable. regardless, 8 of them start popping out into central park for no good reason. The lot of them, even, seem to be vaguely confused, but once faced with a not-ice realm, are automatically on the attack, creating weapons out of frost on their hands.

Kai perks up when he sees who it is. "Sif!" he calls, and he comes running toward her with the intent of leaping into her arms. She's Asgardian, he knows she can bear even his weight well enough. Then Frost Giants start pouring out of nowhere between them, causing Kai's steps to come up short. He doesn't stop to think. He places fingertips to the pendant at his neck and produces the two daggers that unfurl from it. "Look out!" he calls.

Sif brightened a wide smile at seeing her old friend with whom sh ehad news for. Sif caught Kai in one arm and it was about that time- oh frostbite. Invasion. Here in Midgard? Now? The War Goddess turned as she still had Kai's momentum and dropped him behind her so he might arm himself using her as a shield in the interum. Spinning back forward Morsstryke, the Strength of Mothers, was hefted into her hand and drawn. Most days she'd love to give the cursory surrender or be forefeit, blah blah blah. This might still be so had she not been dead recently and locked in endless combat with these bastards. "Don't worry, Kai, I won't mis any of them!" She calculated the situation as she ran in. Some might call this heedless, she called it efficient.

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Apparently, these particular Frost Giants are pretty awesome. Big. Strong. Nasty pieces of work, really. As Sif charges in, it looks like she's going to have her hands pretty full with this lot as 4 of them work together in their moves, which the other 4 seem to be less coordinated with each other and more like just brutes. Two try to flank her on either side. They almost seem to be /after/ her…offering her quite the challenge to defeat. They make gutteral sounds rather than trying to talk out anything.

"Don't have all the fun," Kai says, and he crouches, ready to spring into action. He runs for one of the giants trying to flank her, and he goes right for its Achilles' heels, both of them. One for each knife. Even though he isn't the best fighter in the world, the knives direct him, and he's worth with them in tandem enough he's not terrible in a fight, either. No battle cry, he moves swift and silent.

Sif narrowed her eyes. They were surrounding her? Good! It made it easier to fight in any direction she wanted! The advantage was hers, clearly, but she had to appreciate their generosity. "Best get in here. THey're charging us? Gooood we won't have to chase them down." Long limbs moved her deftly across the ground, half up a tree trunk that she could propel her self off of it and bring Morsstryke across the closest jotun to her.

The Jotun nearest to her can feel the bite of the weapon, and goes spinning to one side. The weapon in its hand is shattered, scattering ice all over the ground as it spins in a circle and lands on the grass. There is a bite in the air just being around them, and touching them is not advised! One of the Jotun swings its arms violently, trying to bat Sif across Central Park, but she slips past him by inches. Another Jotun is about to bring his ice hammer down when Kai cuts across its heels, pouring out a bluish purple blood on the ground. This does cause two to back off of Sif and come to attack Kai directly, jabbing at him with their spike weapons. Interestingly, the moment they actually see Kai…they seem to want to murder him so strongly!

Kai squeaks and ducks, rolling away. It's a good job he's so nimble or he could be flat as a pancake. "I'll keep them busy!" he calls to Sif, as if he's got a choice in the matter. He rolls out of the way again, then slashes at another heel, trying to sever that tendon. They're easier to fight when they can't stand up, after all.

Sif called out, "Focus targets!" She was starting to fall into her rhythm and that could be very good, and very bad for anyone who got too close. She bent back not trying to block the inciming attacks but moving with them to sap power out of their swing. One! Two! Three solid hacks! She was picking a target making anything that got two close pay dearly for the intrusion. THey were large, stalward, and not incompetant which meant a possible war of attrition wherein she would nickle and dime them down like hewing logs into toothpicks and this seemed to suit her just fine. We'll hope that Kai remembers that she detects motiona nd responds to it in battle and the whole 'sides' thing gets fuzzy.

|ROLL| Loki +rolls 1d20 for: 2

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The Frost Giants seem to be doing very poorly at dodging and at attacking, though they are still very dangerous. Who knew that Sif and Kai would be the deadliest combo since Thor and his ego?! Kai dodges one of the beasts, then cripples another one. Meanwhile, Sif is carving through hers like its Frost Giant day and they are pinatas. All their candy…aka guts…come spilling out as she whacks away. Its impossibly smooth, and those Midgardians who pause to watch the duo in their heroics notice how fluid the pair are against the familiar enemy. One citizen in particular seems to study how adept they are, before crusing away at a half speed, with glances over his shoulder. Before long, there are no giants left at all…just melting piles and the scent of their own sweat in the air.

Kai looks around for more jotun just in case they come spilling out of nowhere again, whipping this way and that as he catches his breath. His daggers are soaked in blue goo, and his coat is just ruined. It's a good thing he's got money now, even if it is someone else's. "I know better than to ask if you're all right," he says to Sif, then grins at her. He's disheveled, and he's been put through his paces, but he's the same old Kai. A little older maybe.

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