1964-10-26 - Riding With the Rider
Summary: Reyes & Cordova catch up and share some secrets.
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After agreeing to show Reno what he had been hiding, and to show him the place where he would be staying, Robbie drove them both back to his apartment. The building itself was brick, both inside and outside, but tge actual floor of the room was hardwood, conplete with a guest room with a queensized bed, another bedroom thats more personaluzed, which would be Robbies room, and a few windows to let light in. Also of note, a television set as well as a small fireplace and radio was against tge far wall.

"Mi casa es su casa, primo. You'll have the guest room. You can stay here as long as you like." he says with a small smile, happy and willing to help out family.

Reno went a bit wide-eyed, "Wooooah, you're doin good for yourself. You have a TV and everything?" His things were still at Tio's for now, his mother having left her apartment when she went back to Puerto Rico. He didn't have a ton so that was okay and he lived with a gift for getting what he needed. He did not jump right into things, but took a look around. Finally he came back, with a concerned tone, "Robbie, you sure you're okay? You know I worry bout you, man. You, um, you want to talk about it or you want me to just get the answers cause that'… gonna be bound to happen. But it's your story man." He could touch anything and lift off its history from the most traumatic on back, but he was giving his cousin an option here.

Reyes would turn to Reno at him complimenting his place ''I do alright i suppose. Its mostly from money i get doing custom built cars and motorcycles. Its good…clean pay.'' And boy dies that make Reyes happy.

but when Reno asks him if he's okay, Robbie sighs a moment, turning his head to face him ''Primo….its…'' he takes a minute, grinning his coffee table as he set his keys down '' you ever hear of the urban legend nowadays? Someone called the Ghost Rider?'' He asks curiously.

Reno stopped looking around and gave his cousin a sympathetic look. "Scary as hell? Couple of the guys said they saw a demon. Flamey skull head. They say you can see your own death if he looks at you and if you don't blink you'll know how long you have to live and if you can stare for more than 10 seconds you know how many weeks of winter left there's gonna be. OOh ooh!" He was well informed. Of what clearly remained to be seen. "They also say if you shoot the Rider in the back you'll die but not after your family is hunted down." He stopped and looked to Robbie very worried. "Ooooh! Ohhhh you did not shoot at the rider did you? I don't wanna be hunted down. I got things to do like… breath and be…not on fire, Primo!"

Reyes just kinda stared at him as he spoke…wow, he was misinformed, but he had bits and pieces right. ''That?s the word on the street huh..'' is all Robbie says about that before he looks at Reno ''you may want to take a seat for this one…..'' he sighs a moment ''dont freak out.''
and thats when it happened. His head started to steam and his skin burnt off his body, turning into a kind of ash as it disdipated into the air, leaving only a skull engulfed in Hellfire, though the Rider didnt speak, meeting him only with a ghastly breath.

Reno offered, "That's the word about the prison yard. I think some of those guys might be untrust…worthy… though." Reno turned and just stared wide eyed and didn't make a peep. He didn't blink because he didn't want to die. He was getting zero on the weather front, however, right here in the living room was cloudy with a chance of screaming. He took a half step back and sat on the couch letting his bird brain process all of this. This…was…scary as hell. It was Robbie bt, ya know…

** *POP!* **

Reno curled forward like he might just somersault off the chair but instead folded like high speed origami, his hair extending into feathers, into a crow. A crow perched on the chair that was fire proof in case. He squaked, "You Robbie, or you eat my cousin? Que est?!…Que es, primo!?"

The Rider, and by extension Robbie, both noticed that Reno just turned into a bird. A bloody crow! While tge Rider breathes a moment at the crow, as if reading Reno?s soul and eventually coming to the conclusion tgat he was innocent, with perhaps persuading from Robbie. At Reno?s question, Reyes is about half in control of the Rider, so eventually it speaks in that demonic voice of his.

''Reyes.''And he flicks tge crow lightly square in tge forehead, something Robbie did to Reno alot, before tge Rider reverts back to Robbie, tge flames dousing, muscle and skin covering his head once more layer by layer until normality returns.

''So….you got tricks too eh ese?''

Reno has done a lot of things in his life. He was a little dishonest and he was good at swindling or enabling dishonest people, but he didn't have a mean bone in his body. He didn't want to do a lot of the shit he did, he was afraid to tell people no and was a bit easily provoked to comply. He hopped in place and wobbled at the *thunk* to the forehead looking no worse for the wear. He puffed up with a ruffle of feathers. "It's a long, long story, but …yeah… I didn't mean to bird out on your couch but like, I can't get hurt like this. Not really." He paused and caw-ed nervously. "I think it was like that or wet myself man. When did this happen?"

Robbie would cross his arms after staring down Reno a moment. Hes just happy he presented the right facts to the literal incarnation of vengeance to not attempt to murder the indestructible crow.

''long story for me too primo.'' He sits down on his couch, staring at crow Reno ''this happened a few years ago….remember mi hermano Gabe? My choices were either both of us die or I make a deal and gabe lives….its…a long story.'' He sighs, unwilling to explain it in depth.

Reno moved sideways to get a better look look at his cousin. There was a dip of his head and he stretched his wings a bit and talked, sounding like any corvid sounds, "Yeah. I know Gabe was okay but… is Gabriel okay?" He squint and contemplated flying over there. Screw it. He stretched his wings out and with a flap-flapperched on Robbie's shoulder and head butted RObbie. There was a flood of information that had his pointy feet scramble and start to just shake.

|ROLL| Reno +rolls 1d20 for: 1

Robbie would nod a few times at Reno 'Gabe?s alright….he?s just..'' then Reno headbutts him…which gives Reno a full host of information, inckuding what Robbie didnt want to tell him.

Reno would see how it started, how Robbie and Gabe were riding in his uncles…now his, charger and how tgey were attacked by a gang called the 5th Locos…a gang who was wiped out, every member murdered in one night. Reno saw how bullets riddled Robbie and Gabe…how tge car capsized, and…how Robbie died, being thrown from the car and smashing on concrete.

but this is where the story gets interesting. He could see hear what Robbie heard….a voice in thr darkness..asking him if he wanted vengeance, and how he said yes. He saw how a different Ghost Rider touched Robbie…who turned into the Rider then immediately following. Gabe lived, but was disabled, confined to a wheelchair.
asaand he saw the acts he committed as tge Rider, cleaning up the streets of the unjust, even killing, gangs, pedophiles, rapists, murderers…Reno saw everything up to this very moment.

Reno was a flurry of feathers and fell off Robbie's shoulder on to his back on the floor, unless Robbie's reflexes were so inclined to catch him. He looked stone dead; eyes frozen open and milk white. He was paralyzed just like that for a short tim where he relived the sea of emotions of fear, anger, anguish, fury, and disgust. Reno just lay inert for minutes. That was a LOT of information and a lot of strong feelings on the issue.

Robbie relieved much of it too, usually on a daily basis in his nightmares. Regardless, with an extended hand he caught Bird Reno, looking at him even as he looked stone dead. "crap..you didn't die on me did you?" he pokes the crow's chest "Come on…I know you can turn into a crow, but you can't die on me now." he doesnt know bird CPR, so he just kinda tries to shake Crow Reno awake.

Reno was inert for a few moments before reanimating and flailing in a throughly ungraceful fashion. Whatever stunned him was wearing off. He picked at a couple feathers with his beak and unfolded back, clothed, as he was before. Robbie was given a long look as Reno picked a tiny feather from his teeth. "That's messed up man. You like… you killed two dudes! that is two more than absolutely no dudes getting killed you do realize this." He took a deep breath and asked curiously, "Were they bad dudes? They looked like some bad dudes. Are you okay? Like that's a lot. You got people looking for you?"

turns out watching Reno return back to human form was a tad disturbing, but Robbie couldn't really say anything about disturing.

As Reno accuses him accurately of killing two men, Robbie would nod "I did. and I still do…sometimes.." most times. but that was the Rider making the calls, not Robbie. though he didn't exactly ahve a problem with that. He hits them, and they stay the hell down. "They were. That dentist who got it a few weeks ago? A pedophile. professor? Well, he had blood on his hands. Very few people know I'm the Rider. None of them are after me." he admits.

Reno took a deep breathand, hell, he gave his cousin a hug and a slap o the shoulder. "Your secret's safe with eme man. Besides, someone's got to look out for you. I had to ask you know. I can like… I dunno I see em. I know he's there. Well, I see somethin man. Used to think I was hallucinating but they aren't supposed to talk. Not like that. It's weird. I touch things, I know things. I didn't mean for that to… ya know get weird. These friends of yours cool? They know nad they're like, ya know, okay?"

Robbie would nod lightly to Reno in appreciation. "Gracias Reno. Muchos Gracias." he gives him a few nods, looking sullen as usual. Being the Ghost Rider has worn him a little, but he's still the good guy everyone knows. "Well…that would explain how you can turn into a crow." he teases him a little, but he nods "You're secrets safe with me too. Yeah….they got abilities of their own. Good people…we recently joined together to help clean the streets if you can believe it..I'll introduce you next time I see 'em."

Reno offered a faint smile, "hey Robbie? " very very seriously he offered, "you still didn't tell me how many mute weeks of winter, primo. I didn't blink. you owe me." he couldn't not laugh at that. "I got this from mi papa. Guess Crow was with him till He got killed in the war. kinda grew into it, ya know? But maybe we are what we are because maybe to earn something. maybe we can still be the good guys. Maybe us. But," He thought about it and have it a good deal of thought. "can't let you fly alone. and maybe I want to try to help. "

Robbie turns his head to Reno, sighing a moment when he laughed and explained the nature of his powers, recalling his uncle only vaguely, knowing he got killed. "Guess that makes sense….." though he seems a little surprised when Reno says he wants to help him out "really? You're sure?" he asks him once more, perhaps a little in disbelief that he has a sense of courage…but he nods "Alright…you'll ride with me then." he offers a little fist bump to Reno to make it official. Rider and Crow!

Reno shrugged and blinked not having thought that through at all, or really feeling like he needed to. "Hey, family first man. You, Gabe, Tio? Man, you wrote to me. I mean now that I think of it I guess I could have flown off whenever, buuuut," Now he relized that? He really was terrible at the criminal thing. "You know I didn't want to do that to you guys. That and mi mama She would neeeever forgive me. so yeah man. I always ride with you. You don't even have to ask." He returned the gesture and grinned.

Robbie would smile faintly to Reno, chuckling a little "Likewise primo…likewise." and he gives him a warm smile, nodding a few times at him. "Alright…then you Ride with the Rider. The only one who does…" he chuckles, standing up as he flicks his keys into his hand. "I can help you move in your things if you need. what family does."

Reno offered, "And if you need someonet o find you better prices on parts you got a guy. Man, This is so much better than being in prison." He blinke nd squint laughing, "Not a high bar I guess, but ya know, gives ya time to thingk and listen to too much Johnny Cash. But yeah when Tio gets off work we cna do that. Oh, man, I'd really like to see Gabriel too. You guys still talkin?"

Robbie would smile to him warmly "Glad to have you here. and as for talking to Gabriel…yeah, I'm trying to get him down to New York actually…he's still in California so I call him from time to time." he sighs a bit. "and sounds like a plan. You'll see him soon, I promise." he smiles, flicking his keys into his hand still with a small breath. "actually…helping find better prices on good parts would be a big help if you feel like it. Never turn down a big help. Alright, I'm gonna make a quick run. Stay here, get comfortable." he smiles "good?"

Reno says, "Good"

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