1964-10-27 - An NYPD Meeting
Summary: Gidget heads into NYPD headquarters and meets a new face? Or is he?
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Barry Allen is at work currently. The tall blonde man wears a pair of slacks, a white lab coat, and a tie. While he doesn't wear a badge, he does have a lamenent. He's on Gidget's side of the police desk when she walks in, waiting patiently on one of the desk officers to grab a file for him. Sure he could have grabbed it himself, but the officer had offered kindly. The police station is abuzz with activity as per the usual. Perps are brought in in handcuffs and the front doors open and close regularly.

Needless to say she looked like something out of a magazine but she was rather shy to be one of those girls. Wearing a pair of fitted black skinny pants, black cropped off the shoulder top and some black heels, that 5'10/5'11 frame stood at about little over six feet now. Making her way to the counter, she'd adjust that black scarf that tugged covered her short dark hair but she removed those black sunglasses to give a look around.

When an officer approached she would smile softly as she nodded a bit. "Afternoon! Hi….I was wondering if I could file a report for someone? Or if they need to come in." Yeah she was new to this. Heck she never had to deal with the police before really in her life. "He's at the hospital but he's a bit out of it. I'm not sure if I need to go to a different precinct or….what since it was by my house in Greenwich."

Barry recognizes the woman as an eyewitness from the foiled robbery a couple of nights ago. As soon as he sees her, he offers a quick smile her way, but lets her talk with the officer. The officer holds up a hand and shakes his head. "Nah, you can give us your report. Just gimme a few." He's terse, but professional enough. The officer heads away from the desk then to take care of, presumably, another piece of business.
Barry is around six feet tall as well - likely a hair over Gidget due to his own footwear. "I think they already closed that one," he comments to Gidget, setting his blue eyes on the woman to study her a moment. "Unless you had further eyewitness testimony…?" The look he gives her is more curious now.

Seeing that smile she'd just nod but looked back to the officer. Blinking she would just listen to him and nodded slowly. "O…kay." Biting her lower lip she would watch him walk off and just sighed a bit. "….maybe I should have just called my dad…." Murmuring more to herself more than anything she would pull the handbag that was tucked under her arm and sat it on the counter.
Turning she'd lean on the counter and just closed her eyes until she heard that voice and glanced over at him. "Closed what one?" She'd tilt her head a bit, frowning slightly she would watch him. "The guy that ran out into the street yesterday?"

Looking a touch worried by her words, Barry eyes the woman a few moments longer. His eyes squint then and he tilts his head a touch more to further portray his curiosity. "Ran out into the street?" he asks. Raising one elbow, he leans on the front desk a touch as if he's planning to stick around for a bit finally. "Sorry, I didn't hear about that one. What happened, if you don't mind my asking? I can't take your statement, but I am curious."

Gidget stared at him intently then as she frowned slightly. "What….were you talking about?" She'd slowly grab her handbag then as she sat up straight. "Know what…..?" There was a smile then as she turned to see the cop wasn't back yet and just looked to Barry. "I….I think I'll come back. He seems really busy I'm just on a lunch break so…." With that she'd just wave and slowly started to make he way out of the station then. "Just…tell him I had to run." He didn't have on a uniform but she was a bit oblivious at times. With what's been going on with her lately she should have come with a friend instead of alone. There's been too many instances of people saying one thing and doing the opposite.

"Well, the most notable recent thing that happened in the village was that foiled bank robbery," Barry replies to Gidget with a shrug. As the woman turns to leave, he gives her another curious look and then a mild shake of his head. "Well, alright then. If you're sure. Have a good rest of your day, ma'am." He gives another smile her way and then looks back over the desk, wincing a touch at how busy the officers seem to be getting people processed, researching cases, and filing paperwork.

She'd come to a stop and just sighed softly. If she didn't do this now….she knew it'd never get done. Spinning around on those heels she'd make her way back to the desk and nodded. "Oh?" Feigning hearing about it she would smile as she went back to lean on that counter. "I think I heard about that. Must have been what I heard going off when I was in my apartment….." Looking back to her handbag she'd pull those shades on and slowly started to fiddle with them before pulling them on slowly. "Did they catch the guys? I mean like….at the scene or did they get scared and run off?"

"The way I heard it," Barry replies, motioning with one hand as he turns back towards Gidget. "The Flash, Wasp, and The Batman made pretty quick work of them and left them gift-wrapped in a lamp post." A short chuckle passes his lips then and he shakes his head. "I just wish they'd lay off the property damage, personally." With a shrug then, he glances back towards the officers buzzing around the place on the other side of the front desk. "Seemed pretty open and shut to me. I wasn't assigned or anything, but it's always a bit of a big deal when the capes show up."

"One of them wrapped them in a lamp post?" There was a giggle as she then nodded a bit. "That's new. I guess you can learn new tricks as a super hero huh?" Gidget gave him a shrug then as she smiled softly. "And I'm sure they didn't mean to damage it." Note to self….go back and fix that lamp post. "I wonder why so many of them were there? I mean I live in the village and only person I've run into was Spiderman…..and that was kind of a fluke…because he got thrown into my apartment building."

It baffles the hell out of Barry that he hasn't run into the web-slinger yet. There's a moment of consideration for that before he makes another note to himself: Spend more time near the Village. "I haven't actually seen any of them in person," he fibs, lifting his shoulders in another shrug. "but you hear word. Some of the guys on the force get a little upset about it. Me? Well, I've got a lot of friends on the force. No one wants to have THAT conversation with a co-worker's loved ones. Kind of a mixed bag, maybe."

Nodding a bit she would just smile softly then. "I've met a few in person. Interesting to say the least…." Hell….she dated one…..though that was short lived. "So what you're saying is….why risk their lives if you have people that are above average that want to help?" Gidget would smile a bit then but it faded slightly. "I always envied them…..even as a kid. I always wished I could do more to help…." Pausing, she seemed to be in thought then nodded. "Like my dad….he fought in the war….because he didn't believe in tyranny. Instead I was his princess….and never really got to do stuff to help because he didn't want me around that life." Closing her eyes behind those shades she would just sigh softly. "But things change and you meet people that change you…." Pulling those shades down she'd look over at him then with those brown eyes. "And take it from me….you can still lose one of those guys….super or not and it still hurts."

"I suppose it is a bit easy to put them up on a pedestal," Barry says, nodding his head in agreement. "I guess because they all seem mysterious and invincible." Nodding again, he lets another smile touch his lips. "Well, I wouldn't blame him wanting to save his child from that life. I've seen enough crime scenes that I'd have reservations about any child of mine joining the police force." He exhales a long breath, shaking his head. "It does change a person over time."

She'd just sigh a bit then nodded as she slowly pulled her shades back up on her face. "It is easy and what I've learned? They're not all invincible? A lot of them are just as squishy as we are." Looking back behind her to see that cop was still doing….whatever it is he was doing she'd nod. "So are you not a cop? You're here but….." Trailing off she would then lean in a bit to stare at him a bit. "….what made you assume that I was asking about the bank robbery……?" There was a tilt of her head then as she watched him a bit.

Barry lifts his brows at her question and then chuckles in response, shaking his head. "More like a permanent consultant, I suppose? I work in the crime lab, so no badge or gun or anything. I don't have a squad car…" Another chuckle breaks his sentence. "…or any car, but I live in midtown." He looks around briefly again before settling his eyes back on her again. "Process of elimination," he answers her question. "You said you wanted to report something that happened in The Village. I just figured if it was normal, you'd have just gone to the 6th. We cover Chinatown and Little Italy here, but we handle higher profile things. I just assumed you came in to give your take on the latest cape activity."

"Ah….so not an actual cop. I think it's safer to be behind a glass than behind a vest…." Trailing off she'd just look around and then tilted her head. "Oh…." Looking around a moment she seemed in thought. "I….I didn't think it mattered to be honest….." Okay so she was a little ditzy at times….or so it seemed. "I just happened to be out this way running errands….." There was a slight tilt of her head as she pointed to the door. "Maybe I should just go over there then since it's their jurisdiction or whatever, right?" Smiling softly she would stare at him a moment before chuckling. "And uh….my take? That requires me being out that late at night. I only go out if I need to get groceries or something….and even then, I try to make it quick."

Barry lifts his shoulders in a shrug yet again. "Oh no, it's fine and everything. The building's open to the public, so you're good. If it was just a case of somebody jumping into the street, though…" His brows knit a touch and he levels his blue gaze at her. "…our boys have bigger fish to fry than jaywalkers. Between you and I, you can give a statement, but it probably isn't going to be top priority. Now if he jumped out into the street and started taking shots at people, that's another story…"

She would nibble on her bottom lip for a moment then sighed softly. "I mean its…." She came to stop then and just nodded. Now she got while some people started to be vigilantes for sure. "…there's a bit more to it than that but….yeah. I think you're right….jaywalkers aren't exactly top priority." Smiling at him warmly she would then sit up. "Well since it's not so biggie….I guess I can wait until I get back to my area." Turning to lean over the counter slightly she would wave. "Nevermind! You guys are busy so I'll head to my station by my house…." Looking down she'd glance around but shrugged as she hopped to her feet. Straightening her shirt, there was a glimpse of something gold on her chest but it was a flicker as she quickly hid it. "Well thanks for talking to me….hopefully I won't run across you. No offense but….I don't need law problems in my life." Giggling a bit she would wave and make her way out. "Bye bye!"

Barry laughs and gives a roll of his eyes in response, though he does wave his farewell in return. "I mean - we have coffee and eat sometimes too. I can't promise we'll never run into each other again, but I doubt it'll be on the wrong side of the law." He laughs again and bids another farewell before he, just in time, turns about to receive the file he was waiting on. Back to work, it would seem.

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