1964-10-27 - Finally Reunited
Summary: Gwen and Gidget have a heart to heart finally.
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It had been weeks since Gidget's…well, her meltdown. Gwen had stayed away because…well, because.She had no idea how Gidget would handle having powers of her own, and the guilt of deceiving her had preyed upon her like little else.
She should have told Gidget the truth.
But still…once more. She would seek Gidget out once more, apologize to her again. And if she was turned away…then so be it. She would have tried her best.
She stepped out of the Sting Ray, looking at the front og the boutique with a tired smile.
The toughest choice…is usually the best one.
She look a deep breath, then opened the front door and went inside.

Another day at the studio and she was feeling more comfortable to be at work over the few weeks. Taking a deep breath she would lean on the desk of her receptionist and finish some paperwork. That door was still unlocked because well….oops. She had been trying to figure out her life to say the least. Oh well…..

When that door opened she just called out as she sat there. "Sorry….I'm actually about to wrap up….." Looking over finally she'd see…Gwen! There was a smile on her lips as she sat down her pen. "Hey!" She'd turn and then walked over quickly and gave her a tight hug. "I'm glad to see you!"

Okay…she was being hugged. That had not been one of the ways she had seen this go. She had been expected to be glared at, spit on, huffily dismissed…maybe even getting just close enough to blow herself up and Gwen with her.
The embrace wasn't even in the top ten responses.
"Uhhh…Gidge…" Her mouth was struggling to explain, to apologize, to ask for mercy, but it was all jumbled-up and crazy. She had to get something out. SOMETHING.

"GidgetI'msorryIliedtoyou!" her voice said in a riush of words melded together.

She would blink at the vomiting of 'I'm sorry' and took a step back. Gidget would raise her brow a bit then chuckled. "Okay….did you…..kill a pet of mine or something?" Folding her arms she would just shake her head before sitting on one of those plush seats. "Girl sit down….." Patting a chair next to her she would smile. "It's…it's okay….I was done being angry a bit ago…."

Gwen blinked. "What? But…but I called…no one answered. I thought you knew it was me somehow and didn't want to talk to me. I thought you were angry at me for what I did. And then Ray,,," She looked to the chair, making her way to it before sitting heavily, wringing her hands. "I didn't want to take the chance of leading him to you. I thought that…on top of everything else I had done…"

She'd tilt her head a bit then sighed softly as she shook her head. "I….I went to Europe for work for a bit. Then I was with….someone but he's gone now so…..I'm home." Looking off to the side she would just shrug a bit. "It's fine. I'm fine. I can….can handle my self a bit. I've been practicing…." Putting a hand on top of Gwen's she would just nod a bit. "I'm just glad you're here….."

Gwen looked at Gidget and was suddenly overcome with emotion. She sniffled, trying to fight oof tears. She felt…exposed, but it was all right.
"I didn't…I just assumed the worst, because that is what happens. I…jeez, I wish I could tell about everything that happened to me.." She shivered violently.

She'd put a hand on her shoulder then pulled her close. Gidget just hugged her and sighed a bit. "It's….okay. I was hurt…and sad….." Closing her eyes she would tilt her head a bit as she whispered softly. "Calm….down. Let's just….breathe…" Licking her lips she would pull back to look at her then. "You're okay….alright?"

Gwen looked at Gidget, then sighed. "I don't know. I'm…I'm in trouble, and I don't know whwere to turn, and I don't want to drag anyone else into it…"

She would frown a bit then just shook her head. "Gwen…." Wiping her face she would just nod firmly. "Tell. Me." Now she was stern….unwavering. "I'm not as helpless……tell me. How can I help?!"

Gwen looked to Gidget, then whispered, "I…don't know. He called me. Ray. He said I had to bring all the biogenetic samples the the Clarisin file. If I didn't MJ would be dread,

Frowning a bit she would just stand up. "Not….cool…." Taking a step towards her off she would hesitate but….made her way in there. "Come on….." As she was walking she was starting to unzip the dress she had on as she did. "Lock the main door then come in here…." And there it went as she started to take off her jewelry and sat it on her desk. "He has Mary Jane?"

Gwen moved to quickly turn the deadbolt to the front door, then moved quickly back to Gidget, her eyes blinking as she saw Gidget removing her dress. "No! No…but no one is safe from him. He could take her at any time…"

"Well good…." She'd slowly walk over to a mannequin that was covered with a cloth. Taking a deep breath she'd yank it off and then revealed…something that looked like a Three Musketeer. It was rather archaic looking but ivory and red. But..was that a cape? Noooo. More like….a long scarf. Running her hands over material she would then look over to her. "Where is he then?"

Gwen sighed. "I don't know. But he wants me to get the samples from the police evidence locker, from the bombing." She pauses. "Wow…that's really something…" she says quietly. She blinks, trying to refocus. "He is going to call me in a few days, arrange a meeting. He says if I don't follow through…he says he'll spoil her in ways that will make her wish she was dead."

Gidget would start to get dressed in that costume slowly, almost if she was nervous. "Thanks…." She'd slowly pull that one to reveal that it was rather fitted to her body now. "You're a cop's kid. Phone records? Something?" Making her way over to that cutting table she grabbed something black and pulled it over her head….that too fit her head like a glove. Pulling up that hood she'd take a breath and turned to face her friend, looking like something out of a French palace in the days of old. "Needless to say….let's go find him…..screw this."

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