1964-10-27 - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Summary: Emma's back, and someone's got to pay… or just make her a drink.
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It's been a busy week, with fall slowly starting to settle into winter, but not just yet. The trees are mostly bare of leaves, though, with haphazard piles of fallen leaves on the lawn… when the kids haven't been barrelling into them, anyway. But for now, the sun is just starting to creep down to set, and the Professor is out at the gazebo. Holding a spiked coffee in hand, he smiles a bit, enjoying the end of the week and watching the sunset.

And then…you sense a famliar presence. At the front doors of the mansion, then entering in and moving through the house. Heading inexorably towards the gazebo at the back. There's no real attempt to hide her presence from you, though her shields are up blocking reading of anything more than her general presence. Even enough to guard her emotions, which isn't unusual for Emma. She rarely likes letting people sense those either, those who can, anyway. She's never been one to easily let people peek at her feelings.

Not that Charles would peek, no… of course, with Emma, there's a definite familiarity with her thought patterns. There is, of course, an unspoken invitation, as the Professor watches the sunset, sipping his coffee and waiting patiently for Emma to arrive.

She's unhurried in her pace…stopping to say greet several students as she passes through the school, then out the rear doors. And then…she's at the gazebo, stepping up to join you as she takes a seat primly on the bench near you. "…hello Charles. I'm back." she says. A bit unnecessarily, she realizes…but honestly, she had a moment where she couldn't think what to say next.

Charles smiles a little, "Hello, Emma." He rises, of course, the old school chivalry burned into him as he looks at her for a moment. Though not long enough to be considered rude, as his gaze, remarkably, stays focused on her eyes instead of drifting as most would. "It's good to have you back here."

Emma's chin comes up slightly as her ice blue eyes meet Charles' gaze. "I apologize for being absent for so long." she says simply, still…reserved. She's holding things tight to her chest, so to speak, but it's Emma who looks away first, glancing over the school grounds. "You haven't managed to burn down the school in my absence. Though I guess you've had some adventures in my absence."

Charles chuckles, "A few… mostly diving into the New York underground, which was an adventure to say the least. Fortunately, Jean and Scarlett were with me, and that kept things from getting out of hand." He gets a wry look, "And the school… well, I suspect the students have a pool going on when someone is going to explode the building, but so far so good." With that, he pauses, and looks at Emma, "No need to apologize, either, I understand things were… rough, there, for a while." He does sneak a glance at Emma as she looks away, his breath catching just a bit.

Emma carefully keeps her gaze over the lawn for the moment. She's aware he's looking…but she's not sure if she's ready to look back just yet. Besides…it never hurts to play a little aloof, hmm? "So Illyana mentioned. I also ran into Lorna…are you aware of what's been happening with her?" To most people, it wouldn't be obvious, but there's a slight bite to her words. The sort of thing Emma gets when she's…upset by something, sometimes.

Charles sighs, "I'm somewhat aware, yes, but she's been avoiding me rather effectively." He hmms and looks over at Emma, "Honestly, she's a big reason why I'm glad you're back. She always looks at me as Uncle Charlie, and doesn't confide in me the way she does in you."

"She hasn't been confiding in anyone, apparently. Since Erik apparently walked out on whatever crusade he's decided to be on this week. Months ago. She's been living alone. And she's in a very bad emotional place. It's starting to affect her control over her abilities…" she murmurs. "She's…changed completely from the girl I knew when I left."

Charles nods, "Well, she always would have a place here… if she wants it, anyway. With Erik having gone who-knows-where, I wasn't sure if she did." He leans back against the edge of the gazebo, and looks over at Emma, "And her control wasn't exactly that spot-on when he was here."

"Yes, but then she wasn't whallowing in depression and dealing with bouts of anger." She sighs. "…and it's not your fault…" she says, frowning to herself. "…you have an entire school to take care of, but she was one of mine. I should have been here to watch over her. So…I'll take care of that." she says, finally glancing over.

Charles nods, "I understand." He pauses, then reaches out, offering Emma his hand, "Did you want to talk, Emma? I can always get a second cup of my 'special blend' going." He gets a bit of a wry expression at that, as it seems instead of creamer he's just using Bailey's. Which works pretty well, all things considered.

That, at least, draws a faint curve to her lips. "…I expect we should. To catch up, if nothing else." she says after a moment. "And I wouldn't say no to a properly mixed blend." she adds, amused. Her expression softens, slightly. "…I would like to hear how you've been, Charles. I'm sorry that….I left you in the lurch here."

Charles smiles a little, "It's okay, Emma… I mean, I hope it wouldn't be a habit." He gets a bit of a wry look, "I mean, if I had done something to offend, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't leave it any sort of mystery to me." With that, he gestures towards the mansion, "Shall we, then?"

Emma smirks. "It's not you, it's me." she says, a bit dryly. "I just…neded some time." She nods, then starts walking towards the mansion. "Let's, yes." She slows to let you catch up, or to lead her in, if needed.

Charles always walks alongside Emma, though he does get the door for her of course. "Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little curious." He grins, "I have been improving my sushi-preparation skills." Not that he wasn't that shabby before, but that isn't the point…

Emma rolls her eyes. "Oh god, someone let you cook?" she says, amused as she steps inside, heading towards the kitchen. "I suppose I can try some of this supposedly improved sushi skill later, then…."

Charles clutches at his heart, "Ah, a mortal wound, how can I go on…" He then laughs a little, giving Emma a wry look, "I can cook exceptionally well, thank you. I have been practicing." He grins, "I do keep what I need for sushi hidden in the kitchen. I don't want anyone else getting into my stash." He sounds rather protective of his sushi.

Emma hmmms. "I am suspicious, but it's really hard to mess up raw fish, within reason…." she murmurs. "Perhaps I'll try some later then. A cup of your special brew will do fine for now though for a talk."

Charles laughs, "You might be surprised, but you only have to ask, Emma." He grins and gets the coffee going once they arrive in the kitchen, a fresh pot of course, as he then pulls the Bailey's out of the fridge, "I was using this, but if you wanted something else, well, I do have quite a variety available."

Emma finds a stool to perch on, crossing her legs as she watches as Charles mixes things up. "That will do for this, I think…" she says, resting her chin on her hand as she rests her elbow on the counter. "We can mix and match later, perhaps."

Charles arches a brow, "Well, I look forward to the experimentation. For purely scientific purposes, of course." He grins a little, pouring out the coffee, and then a rather generous portion of Bailey's as he says, "And voila, mademoiselle." With that, he offers Emma one cup, keeping his own with the refill, "Salut."

Emma raises her mug. "Salut." she says, then sips from the mix, sighing. "Mmm…that will do nicely." she says, resting it in her hands, elbows on the counter. 'So tell me…what has happened? Did you find any new students since I've been gone?"

Charles smiles, "A few new ones. And getting some of the recent graduates more involved. Julie is still playing Q with the garage, and that works for me. Plus there are a few others." His smile fades a bit, "But more and more there's some troubling things coming out of Mutant Town. These 'morlocks' that were living underground were just the start, I'm afraid. Now the other shoe will drop."

Emma nods thoughfully. "…Lorna is there. I'm hoping in addition to helping her she'll be willing to tell me more about what's going on there. I've purchased a condo there…just in case. It might be useful as a safe house, if nothing else." she says with a faint frown. "Morlocks? I know there were always rumors about mutants living in the tunnels…what are you afraid this other shoe will be?"

Charles hmms, "Rumors I've heard so far, about anti-mutant groups making pushes into Mutant Town." He sighs, "I'm afraid it's turning into a powderkeg. And someone is going to light a fuse." His eyes narrow a bit, "But I'm not going to allow innocent people there to be hurt, not if I can help it anyway."

"Of course you aren't." Emma says, frowning. "Well….we'll just have to see about that, then. I'll focus on some of my old contacts in Mutant Town. Maybe I can learn more about whoever might be behind it." She tilts her head. "…but perhaps more pleasant discussion. For now. Rather than jumping back into the seriousness." She smiles. "I think the universe will let us stop focusing on the most serious things. For a little bit." And with that, she leans back…prepared just to listen. And talk. And fit back into her old life here again, with the school.

And Charles.

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