1964-10-27 - No More Nightmares
Summary: Lorna awakens to nightmares and Bobby tries to calm her down enough to go back to sleep.
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It would be in the middle of the night on that cool fall season day, outside one could hear the wind blowing to a point where it could have been the wind that was howling. At this hour, everyone was asleep, including those in Lorna's house. Roberto and Lorna had talked the night away, speaking of their desires and encouraging of each other….though finaly it was with a promise that Bobby stayed the night.

Though not in bed with Lorna, he'd be sitting on the floor leaning against said bed to be respectful of her, his eyes closed as he slept. Though every now and then he would awaken, and rise to be sure that Lorna was still surely in rest and was safe from all nightmares and cruel things, and a kiss to her forehead would follow, before he sat back down, and returned to sleep, watching over her.

Though now it seems that time had come again where Bobby ended up stirring, running a hand half-awakedly through his hair as he looked around…here's hoping she doesn't have a nightmare.

Lorna didn't immediately show signs of a nightmare beyond a furrowing of her eyebrows. She shifted, turning over in her sleep, the blankets tangling around her. The house creaked once… and then a deep, rolling sound of a shudder followed. Just as Lorna's expression twisted further and a whimper escaped her. Her hands clutched at the pillow, going white knuckled in their grip.

And then came the screams.

Not just from Lorna, but also from the metal in the pipes, in the supports of the house as everything shuddered from the foundations upwards. Car alarms went off outside. Lights—-from the street lamps to anything remaining inside flickered. The light bulbs in the bedroom popped and snapped. The outlits sparked and crackled with power.

And Lorna Dane was now screaming in her sleep, crying out and thrashing wildly.

Bobby would be wide awake once he heard those screams. He would stand up, looking around and seeing the house completely at her mercy….and many things outside. Bobby would cover his face as lightbulbs lit and popped, and as such, Bobby immediately moved over to Lorna, his hands on her shoulders.

"Lorna! Lorna it's alright! it's just a dream!" he says soothingly, attempting to calm her even when all hell breaks loose all around him. He would move the hair out of her eyes to look at her even though she screamed "I'm here…it's alright, I'm here." he tries to maybe calm her dream…but then again, he has no idea how dreams word really aside from mind stuffs…..but anywho, Bobby attempts to calm her.

Lorna awoke with a start as Bobby tried to wake her, his hands on her shoulders were all that stopped her to come up violently swinging at him. Her body jerked though under his hands as her eyes flew open and a magnetic pulse flew from her. The lamps that had remained on the nightstand flew to smash against the wall. The few picture frames that remained on the walls too, went flying. Above in the ceiling several pipes burst through the dry wall above—and they were saved from being completely soaked only by Lorna's insistence on turning off the water before they had gone to sleep.

Even Bobby himself would feel the violent push on anything metal on him—if he happened to have anything that is.

Those pretty lights that appeared whenever they touched produced the only source of illumination in the room. As not even the streetlamps outside had any light to add to the night's darkness.

Lorna whimpered as she finally came to, reaching up to clap her hands against her features as tears streamed down her cheeks. "B-Bo-bby?"

As soon as she woke up and that magnetic shockwave flew outward….it's a good thing he wore minimal metal, but it still had that violent push to him. But his strength that he held on to the bed kept him from flying through a wall most likely. As soon as her fit stopped, Bobby would give a bit of a relieved breath that she was alright now, and those lights swirled around them again.

"Hey, hey, I'm here. I'm here." he wraps his arms around her immediately, holding her close for comfort. "Are you okay? Just a bad dream…" he caresses her hair a little bit, just giving her all the comfort he could….though he looked around a little bit now. Wow, she was not kidding about tearing up that house. Though he looked back to Lorna as she covered her tears with her hands.

With a soft kiss to her forehead, he'd smile softly "No more tears Lorna…I'm here, I'm here."

Lorna curled into Bobby's offered embrace, shaking and trembling in his arms as she sat there sobbing softly. Whatever her nightmare had been about, clearly still haunted her, Bobby's presence beside her or not. But there was only so long she could cry for, only so long until her fears settled back behind the walls of her mind to haunt her at a later time.

It took quite a while.

Slowly, she straightened from her hunched, clinging position she'd had. Her hand rising to rub at her eyes as she sniffled, and made to try to disentangle herself from Bobby's arms. "I'm fine." She croaked, her voice raw and rasping from sleep and her sobs. She made to try and reach for the tissue box on the night stand—something she kept in easy reach. As well as the glass of water there. It was sheer luck that hadn't been knocked over along with the lamp.

Bobby held her close to him until she stated that she was alright, and even though Lorna reached for the tissue box, and likely successfully, Bobby would look her in the eyes, a warm smile there as he wipes tears from her eyes. "You don't scare me." he says playfully as he keeps near her, all in good humor to help the soul recover.

Though he does look around with a small whistle "you really weren't lying though…." he says at the damage all around, before his attention returns to Lorna. "You can talk to me about it if you want…the dream I mean." he offers "I may not be able to help…but it's good to have someone to talk to ya know?" he reaches for her hand now to give it a squeeze as those lights swirled around them.

Lorna blew her nose, and wiped at her eyes. A soft cough escaping her from her crying and she grimaced, "I could level this house and kill everyone in it by accident, Bobby. I've killed people before that way. How are you not scared of me?" She whispered, her green eyes lifting back to him in a critical way. "And that was before I actually started training my powers. I've only gotten stronger Bobby. If I'm not careful, and I lost control? I don't know what could happen. My father has a power radius of miles. Miles, Bobby. If I ever get that strong, I could level blocks of this city." She hissed.

And then she slowly, made to pull back, away from him. An arm wrapping around her waist. "I don't want to talk about it."

Bobby would look right at her as she spoke, his eyes never leaving hers as she even moved away from him in a huff…he knew she was upset, but even after she moved away, Roberto was bold, and after perhaps a few minutes of perhaps thinking about it, he scoots over back next to her. "Well…I'm told I'm hard to kill. If something ends up falling on me…well, I suppose we'll figure it out. Though…if it was a custom house without metal…." he ponders this for a moment perhaps to tease her, but it could be a good idea. Regardless, he looks on over to her with a kind smile "Does he know…man, that's a little scary. I'd hate to be the guy that pisses him off…." he shrugs though "But hey, you won't lose control. You're strong like that. Don't worry, I'll keep you sane." he smiles to her, keeping close to her but keeping his hands to himself as well.

Lorna seemed content to let him scoot after her, even if he was close enough for her to feel his body heat without actually touching him. The lights were gone again, bathing them in darkness. Slowly, Lorna seemed to calm enough that she reached out with her powers. The metal above twisted, bent and smoothed back into its proper places. The pipes once more as they should be—it didn't solve the problem of the dry wall, and left a gaping void in the ceiling above.

The picture frames that hadn't been utterly shattered, were put back into a corner-all of which were iron or steel. And the lamp parts that were iron as well shuffled off to the side and away from where someone might step on it.

Her hand fell back, and she glanced toward Bobby with a frown. "I am not living in a house without metal. It'd be impossible to build anyways. Even log cabins need nails, right?" She arched a brow and elbowed him, and blew her nose again. Her lips twisting together briefly.

"I've had that power.. the reach before. My father and I figured out that if we worked together, we could effectively double the other's powers. He could take control of my powers, add them to his own. It was too much for me when he gave me his powers. The Professor had to knock me out."

Bobby smiled to her warmly as she started to fix up the house a little bit, the metal parts anyway. Though even as he looked around, his arm would return to being around Lorna if she let it, even after she elbowed him, which earned her a comical little 'oof!'. though he chuckled at her, looking up towards the ceiling. "In the morning I'll help you fix that dry wall. I know just how." he smiles to her.

Though even as she talked about not living in a not metal house, he would chuckle a bit "Well…depends on the log cabin. Trust me, I know ways to keep a building together without metal. All you have to do is give me the chance." he smiles to her warmly, albeit playfully. But it's when she starts talking that she and her father could amplify each other that he leans forward a little bit

"That's alot of power I imagine Lorna…I hope you didn't hurt yourself in the process." he leans then and kisses her cheek.

Lorna glanced side long at him as he slid his arm around her again, and the twinkling lights once more appeared along the edges of her magnetic field where-ever their skin touched. She tried to look some what disapproving, but it was in vain. Especially given how she relaxed against him.

"How could I run a kitchen without metal? Hmm? Or do you want to wake up to a room full of knives zooming through a wall when my powers reach for the next available thing?" She arched a brow, some of her dry humor returning. It faded though, as he mentioned the power and she nodded.

"I know it's a lot of power. I .. It didn't hurt me. I dunno how to explain it really. It was slippery, like trying to grab a huge wet bar of soap that wiggles around. Normally my powers are easy, they're there and just waiting. But all that power.. it was like.. no, it was like trying to grab the sides of a giant balloon with just my hands. You can't get a grip no matter what." She rubbed the back of her neck and grimaced.

"And it was.. it was intoxicating too. Knowing and sensing so far. I only had it for a brief while, maybe five minutes.. but it was crazy." She shook her head and glanced back to him. "It sounds crazy when I say that, doesn't it?"

Even though Lorna tried to be disapproving to him, her paradoxically leaning against his comfort seems to convince him that this was completely alright, and so does he continue to look shameless in doing so. Regardless, Bobby listens to her words about running a kitchen without metal, and he would 'hmmm' a little. "Good points..good points….could make sure the knives are dulled…" he teases her in return, this clearly now turning into a joking situation between the two. At least it appeared to be helping to calm her down.

at her words though that her powers were intense and it didn't hurt her, Bobby would smile to her, shaking his head at her question "I see…I don't know if I can really imagine that, but I can understand the difficulty in attempting to control it. I would probably feel the same thing if I was in your position…all that power, right at your fingertips..but it's too much. The Professor is smart…he was working with your best interest and protection in mind, I would say." he nods faintly, and when she asks him if he thinks she sounds crazy, he would chuckle, leaning in to press a kiss to her lips.

"I think you're amazing to have even had that much power for even a minute. I'm glad it didn't hurt you."

Lorna fell silent as he spoke, her head tilting into the crook of his shoulder. She stretched out a hand to slide along his arm around her, settling against his hand. The kiss of course, drew an answering affection from her, her eyes slipping shut briefly. She sighed against him, and leaned back to peer over him again. "Yeah.. The Professor tries his best.. I appreciate everything he did for me. Even … even if I dropped out." She grimaced.

Bobby would smile warmly to Lorna as they kissed, enjoying their intimacy and mutual affection until they similtaneously broke the kiss. "He is a caring person…if you wish, you know you can always return…with the severe stress of keeping out of your head without permission." he shrugs then, and caresses her long locks with his fingers.

Lorna's features twisted with a grimace as Bobby spoke of her return to the X-mansion and she shook her head. "No. I can't return there. Just… don't ask that of me. Please?" She pursed her lips together and glanced down at their hands, watching the way the lights flickered around their entwined hands. "And it's not because of the Professor, okay? It has nothing to do with him…" She exhaled a breath.

"He was more of a father to me than my father was.. and I.. I still can't go back. Okay?"

Bobby would give her a kind of a sad expression, but he nods a few times like he understood "Alright…I won't bring it up to you again. I just wanted to say that alright?" he kisses her cheek softly, their lips dangerously close as he keeps his arms about her. He glanced as well towards their hands…the real fireworks..seriously. then he nods a few times "I won't bring it up again." he declares.

"You can always talk to me about anything."

Lorna's eyes slipped shut as he pressed a kiss to her cheek and she ran her thumb against the back of his hand. "There are people there that.. that I should never be around again. Let's leave it at that." She murmured, her voice rough from her nightmares still. And she yawned, making to sit up. Her free hand rubbing at her eyes.

"I think I'm gonna get dressed and go out. I don't think I'm going to sleep the rest of the night." She muttered, making to drop his hand and search for where she'd discarded her clothes from the previous day. At least, that was her intent. Though it was clear she needed more sleep. It had hardly been four hours since she'd tried to sleep.

When she tried to leave, Bobby would hop off the bed "ooohhhhh no you don't. You need your sleep. Can't keep going off of, what was it? like three hours? four tops?" he asks her curiously, crossing his arms a bit. "I understand that's why you won't go back….it makes sense. I won't force you." he smiles to her, approaching her to press a small kiss to her lips. "Please go back to bed? or at least try to sleep?"

He asked her with a warmth in his voice, but as usual, it was an option for her…though it was clear Bobby really wanted her to go back to bed.

Lorna paused, her hands around the leather jacket she'd summoned to her hands through the metal clips in the sleeves. It was held clutched between two fists as she slowly turned green eyews back to him as he made a very reasonable, and rational request. After all, she had been neglecting her sleep. Most nights when she'd had nightmares particularly, bad.. she'd just gone out and waited for the sun to rise.

It was running her ragged.

"There's no way I can sleep after my nightmares." She murmured, her lips pressing together. "I .. I close my eyes and it's still there. I need to get a run in. A walk. Something physical. I need to .. to exhaust myself so I don't dream—" And he was coming back up to her and snagging a kiss from her lips. Her eyes fluttered shut and she leaned against him. Her hand coming up to rest against his chest as she listed against him. Perhaps in testament to how exhaust she already was.

She at least managed to look torn by that point, her features crumbling faintly at his pleading tone and posture. Guilt flitered into her gaze as she looked him over. "You're not getting any sleep either."

Bobby still kissed her even after her words that she couldn't sleep after those nightmares. Bobby would smile though to her after the kiss. "Exhaust yourself huh?" he looks her up and down before his eyes find hers again, keeping her close as they appear to share another moment of intimacy, those lights surrounding them once more like a blizzard of color.

Though at her demand, or otherwise observation, he would smile to her, "I have an idea…" he says simply, but he does yawn a bit "We could both use the physical exercise.." he's not quite sure how to ask her if she wants to have sex, looking back to the bed then back at her, looking her in the eyes, but regardless, he kisses her again, deeply, passionately and his hands wrap around her waist to hold her close to him.

Lorna colored at the implication, her cheeks stained red in the sparkling light of the rainbows that danced through the air around them. She kissed him, and seemed content with that much, but then broke off after a few moments. She pressed her hands between them, leaning back as she tried to clear her head enough to speak. He made her pulse hammer in her veins, made her head swim. And Roberto's kisses most assuredly did not allow for clear thought.

"I.. erm.. I haven't.. ever.." She coughed, and made a hesitant step back. "And.. I..I er.." She glanced away. "I like you.. But.. I.. I.." She was clearly flustered. How had she'd dropped the jacket again? She shook her head.

"Not yet.." She finally managed to get out, looking back to him. She swallowed a dryness in the back of her throat as she considered him. "I'm .. I like you, Roberto. Bobby.. I just.. I need more time. To get to know you more. To just spend time with you more."

Bobby would nod to her a little after the kiss had ended, and when she made space between them, he would smile then. "I know…it was a bad idea…but it was an idea…I would prefer you not to leave the house, and get some sleep…but.." he rubs the back of his neck a bit. "Only idea that popped into my head…I've uh…never…you know, had that…either." he coughs into his hand thoug hnot his coughing fit. "I want to you nkow, to get to know you better, spend time with you. All the time."

He admitted this with a love in his eyes, a deep care. "So..if you want..maybe we could go on a few dates maybe?" though he does laugh at his earlier proposition a bit "Admittedly…it was the only thing that popped into my head. I'm sorry…I like you for way more reasons than a possibility." he admits.

Lorna seemed to relax at his words, her hands reaching out to drag over his shoulders as she returned to his embrace after he spoke and she just leaned agaisnt him. "No dates. I told you." She muttered against the fabric of his shirt. She closed her eyes as her arms wrapped around his waist in a loose hug. The lights once more flickering back to life.

"I'll try to lay down again. But you're coming too. No more of that floor." She hadn't lifted her head from his shirt and she bit back further comments as she simply seemed content to hold onto him there in the semi-darkness.

Bobby would look surprised that she was the one who hugged him first this time…but he seemed quite happy. His arms wrap around her to hold her close to him in that loose hug, his head resting on her shoulder near her own. "oh right…I had forgotten..what would I do without you?" he teases a little.

Though when she demands that he's joining her as she rests, he turns beat red, but he acquiesces to her request. "Alright…I'll happily do that for you. No more nightmares." he says as he kisses the top of her green-maned head. Though at times he did open his eyes to see those swirling lights.

Lorna gave him a tight squeeze of her hug, and then drew back. She shuffled back toward the bed, pushing sheets over and pulling up comforters. She scooted over, giving him space on the bed to slip between the sheets with her. She snuggled down, tugging the blankets up and over her person as she laid back against the pillows. The green haired mutant turned over on her side and watched, waiting for Bobby to slip into the bed too.

Her cheeks were just as stained pink as his, but thankfully it was dark inside her room, and hid the scarlet tint from them both.

"No more nightmares." She sighed.

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