1964-10-28 - Ice Cream: A Godly Treat
Summary: Diana of Themyscira returns to the World of Man, and encounters an unsual friend: Thor of Asgard.
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Night time, lights of Coney Island are the main draw, some out for fun. Some linger with loved ones. Some just go about their way as they finish their workday and head on home.

Another is a visitor from afar, a small wooden boat with peculiar Grecian carvingwith Mythological motiffapproaches the shore. Within only one cloaked and hooded figure, barely made out as a silhouette in the dark as the boat approaches.

Almost making it to shore, the figure is busy at folding a small sail and packing a few small items, judging by her movement across the small boat.

Normal people might disregard it as another fisherman returning late, or someone who took a quick boating escapade for lesuire. But someone like Thor, might sense an unusual presence about the figure. Traces of the divine, though she's not of Asgard, she feels somehow similar in a sense.

Thor is enjoying Coney Island's best export: food.

Arguably, food is one of the best exports of American culture in general, and the big God of Thunder is enjoying the fruits of that transplant. He's more or less 'disguised', wearing denim jeans and a rugged canvas jacket. But he's too big and too loud, even by the standards of New York. He has a strange turn of phrase and smiles at almost everything with endless amusement.

Also, he's most of a half a head over six feet, with shoulders like a Mack truck, and he's glowing very slightly with literally divine light.

"This is the 'funneled cake', aye?" Thor asks, holding the confection in front of him. The line behind is less enamoured— they've been there a while. He crunches into it, and his eyes roll upwards joyfully. "By Odin's beard, you are a /master/ of your craft," Thor says, putting several gold coins on the confectioner's mobile countertop. It's at least the third thing he's bought, and the fellow slips the gold into his pocket almost before it materializes.

"Hey! Some of us want a snack!" someone calls from the back. Thor gulps down his bite, then sweeps an arm through the air.

"Let them have a snack!" he agrees. "Snacks, for everyone, as a gift from me!"

He moves aside as almost two dozen people swarm the confectioner, leaving him wondering how pure those coins really are…

Thor, however, is distracted by something else. A strange presence, tingling against the base of his skull. He tracks his eyes slowly along the glittering lights of the docks, eating his funnel cake with steady deliberation. Someone… new, here. Something not of Midgard.

He starts walking towards the docks, unconsciously following the wake left in Diana's footpath.

Having sailed on a small boat, with no fanfare, Diana certainly wouldn't anticipate anyone awaiting to meet her as she jumps out to the water and pulls the boat the last few paces to the shore. She, like Thor, has a strange tingling sensation. Something about a presence that is not of Man's World, something more akin to home. Like the sensation she'd get on a very rare audience with one of the Gods themselves.

For now she just makes a mental note to be wary, as she goes about dragging the boat and looking for an inconspicuous spot to hide it.

She does catch a whiff of the fine deliciousness that Coney Island has to offer its visitors, and smiles softly to herself, "there is much good to be had, along with the bad."

Thor starts pacing in Diana's wake, as the woman from Themyscira hauls her water into the lapping, low shoreline around the wharf's edge. The big God of Thunder is an able tracker, and starts following the footprints in the sand. Little bits of confectioner's sugar fall into the lower imprint of the boot's heel. He narrows his eyes and follows onto the docks, then onto the walkways.

Diana isn't rushing off to be somewhere, and Thor's so intent on following the quarry's trail that he catches up to her almost fast enough to blunder right into Diana's back. He comes up short at the last moment, arms pinwheeling to check his forward momentum before he knocks someone over! He rocks back on his heels at the last possible moment, and gives Diana a look of unguarded curiousity.

"Hail, stranger!" he greets her, jovially. A mortal would hear archaic English; Diana would hear the ancient, unblemished tongue of Themyscira. "Do my senses decieve me, or are you a newcomer to this land?"

You know that feeling that someone is watching you? That's akin to what Diana senses when Thor draws near enough, and she turns just in time to watch him approach, nearly too much. Her instincts are to draw sword and defend herself, what with the divine presence about him, but his demeanor luckily is so forthcoming that she withdraws the first option.

Ensuring her cloak is well wrapped about her form, the hood covering her royal tiara, she offers Thor a welcoming smile. "Hail indeed," she replies in kind, nodding at his assumption. No point playing game with one who clearly knows the answer to his question before it was asked. "One could make the claim, I did not expect to be welcomed…but I appreciate it. You're not from around these parts, are you?" She asks while her blue eyes dart over Thor's impressive form, studying him quietly.

Thor laughs, loud and hearty, at the question. It's a brassy sound that turns a few eyes towards him, which he ignores with his endless well of overconfidence. "Nay, gentle maiden; I am a visitor to these fine shores," he tells Diana. "Which, by my reckoning, makes two of us," he tells her, a little pointedly.

The sword at her hip is not missed in the gestalt glance he flickers towards her. A warrior, this one, definitely, despite his unmarred flesh. "I am Thor Odinson, Prince of Asgard," Thor tells Diana (and everyone within thirty feet). "A visitor to the lands of mortals, and here to enjoy the succulent victuals they offer." He glances at the food in his left hand, which is shedding confectioner's sugar with each broad gesture he makes. He swings it towards Diana, offering the flour-based bouquet to her.

"Care for a bite? It is called 'a funneled cake'."

"I'm afraid there's not much gentle about me, but I appreciate the decorum," Diana says, "if you'll excuse me a moment…lest you want to lend a hand…?" A warning or invitation, but she apparently prepares to unfurl a long piece of cloth she means to toss over her boat to better cover it. "Now there's an amusing coincidence, I did not expect to be greeted by royalty, when royalty saw me at my departure."

To that honor, she lets go of the errand at hand, leaving the large piece of cloth unfurled, when in turn she faces Thor, but rather than bow she extends her arm, "Diana of Themyscira, Princess of the Amazons." She laughs at the unlikely meeting, "do you have a mission in Man's World?" Diana asks curiously, wondering just how far a coincidence can continue to astound her.

The offering of nourishment, is a good distraction, particularly after a long journey at sea with the same bland meals to sustain her. "I will gladly take your offer, Thor Odinson," the smell alone is quite enticing, and then she reaches to take a bite, her fingers painted with traces of powedry sugar, and for a mere moment her eyes flutter, "by the Gods, these men, they create wonders!" Did Thor offer a bite? Or did he mention she could have it all? Diana doesn't quite remember as she hurriedly samples another bite.

Thor brightens at Diana's introduction, and he bows to her in greeting. It's a courtly bow; one reserved for addressing a person 'of equal rank', and he's clumsy enough at it that the big fellow clearly finds rare occassion to dip his head to another.

"Though I am not ambassador to the world of mortals, let me welcome you as one who dwells here often." He nods at the boat, and hands Diana the funnel cake. "A journey across the seas by longboat is a tiresome task. Rest yourself a moment, I will attend to your… ship."

He drops into the water without any concern and makes sure the boat is pulled up to the tideline, then expertly moors it to a nearby pier. The oilcloth is pulled over the craft and secured, and he walks out of the water towards the dock, where Diana stands.

"Mortals are short-lived," Thor says, unconsciously excluding Diana from that group. "They leave their mark not in personal deeds, but in the lessons they pass on to future generations. The art of cookery is far and away their greatest accomplishment," he says— still speaking perfect Ancient Greek.

"I have not a mission, save perhaps as part-time ambassador," Thor explains. "Asgard watches over Midgard as a wolf does her pups. I am fond of the mortal realms— perhaps over-fond, at times— and long have I been an erstwhile guardian of these lands."

Diana's visage lights at Thor's embrace of her introduction without directly challenging her claim, leading her to reciprocate his courtly bow, it's a breath of fresh air not having to explain oneself. Not that she plans on introducing herself as such to all, but Thor, he was not of Man's World, there was no point playing a charade. "I understand you've garnered expertise enough to serve as guide? I should like to make acquaintance with one who could help me find my footing in Man's World. It's been…" she looks a moment past Thor, into the lights of the boardwalk, and sighs, "far too long."

This would normally be the part Diana would insist to do the task on her own, and that she needs no helping hand, but alas, she's already tasted of the funnel cake. With Thor readily leaving it in her hands, she has no choice but to accept his offer, if only to devour what remains of this fine achievement in confectionary work. "Mmmmm…I thank you for your help, it is most appreciated."

By the time Thor completes the task for her, Diana is licking her fingers. That must be how the term "finger licking good" will come to be. "Where did you get this 'funneled cake'? I shall have to make a return visit!" While to some Thor's words may sound as dismissal of great action mortals have taken throughout history, Diana is actually one who can relate to it. While she hasn't tasted much, some of the most delicious morsels she ever placed in her mouth was a creation of mortals. "I will not refute that, Thor of Asgard." As Thor winds up mimicing her sentiment about the humans, Diana walks closer to him, looking at him with something of a squint. "Have you mind powers, Thor?" She wonders aloud, it almost seems like he is saying things that would endear him to her, which makes her have some doubt of how sincere they are.

There's not a language barrier, but it's clear that Diana's question bumps up against the side of Thor's understanding. He gives her a blank look at her question. "Powers of the mind? Nay, fair maiden," he says, shaking his head eventually. "My power is in my thews, in bicep and thigh," he explains. "I know but a little of the modern world of mortals," he hastens to inform her. "I can but speak of the coast here, the city of New York— the lands immediately about the embassy, and those cold climes of northern Europe, where my people last were known when we dwelled among the mortals."

"I admit to being unfamiliar with some of the lands in this mortal realm. Where is Themyscira? It must not be far from these fair shores, for you to have pulled your way here on sail and oar," he remarks.

"I apologize for doubting you, Thor of Asgard, I just found it remarkable how you could speak of my very own sentiment as if you had knowledge of them." Diana does look somewhat relieved, it would have been a great disappointment to have such a fine man turn out to be an agent of those who would disrupt her mission. "Themyscira lies beyond the veil, out of sight and out of reach of mortal men." Well, it's not quite a precise statement anymore, not since WWI, but why change the slogan when it rolls of the tongue with such ease. Letting one arm out of the grey cloak that keeps most of her form hidden, she reveals an impressive muscle mass as she flexes, "I too, am gifted in physical prowess…" albeit one look at Thor, and she's quick to note, "but the important thing is that I am here, in Man's World…there are those who scheme its destruction, and I will have them stopped." She stalls a moment, looking Thor over once again, as if trying to judge his character. Would he relate to the other side of her mission? It's never easy to tell with men. But then he is not of Man's World, surely he would be able to relate.

"There is lack of balance in Man's World, they place their women far below their rightful station…I mean to work towards amending that."

Thor never misses a chance to show off the guns— he immediately rolls up his sleeve and flexes his arm next to Diana's, and there's a moment of mututal, silently grunting tension as they do their best to one-up each other. Thor's biceps are large enough to balance a small car upon, but Diana likely has the better tone and structure.

He laugh merrily, conceding neither victory nor defeat, and relaxes to his upright, swaggeringly confident posture as the walk resumes. "Aye, the mortals are frequently facing vast and towering perils. Would that they could manage them alone, but few among them have the doughty strength of arms to match the mightiest of their foes— save a few," Thor concedes.

"It is the way of mortals to place themselves on stairways, always one above, one below," Thor says, shaking his head. "Too swift to place others below, instead of raising one another up. Any may rise to a position of virtue and prominence in the lands of Asgard, if they have the courage, wit, and boldness to do so," he says. "My own retinue boasts two women of great warrior's reknown, and few would dare cross my mother with blade, magic, or wit," he chortles. "Even my father, God of Gods as he is, knows well to avoid the wrath of Freya All-Mother!"

While an Amazon certainly stands out amongst the women of Man's World, and Diana in particular, as the Champion of Themyscira may be more impressive than most of the Amazons. It would be quite foolish to claim that Thor is not easily the more impressive when it comes to muscle mass, she may have the better tone, and that perfectly sculpted look. But if this was a Mr. Olympia contest, she'd have no shot. She is not so full of ego to not make this concession, as she looks at Thor with a playful grin, before lowering her arms, "I'd like to hear about the rigorous training one would partake on Asgard, if you would be willing to regale me, Thor."

As Diana becomes more at ease around Thor, her carefulness with her cloak reduces, and he may catch glimpse of her armor glinting in the moonlight or a flash of man made light, as those are abound on the boardwalk. "I would not blame them, there are some of my world, such as Ares, God of War, who would often intervene to their detriement, they face great odds these mortals…but there is beauty in them, and ingenuity, you have tasted this funneled cake, have you not? And have you ever had an 'ice cream'?"

When Thor speaks of how things like on Asgard, they sound much more familiar to Diana than the ways of Man's World, "indeed! One's place is earned with merit! One's place is lost with demerit! Never on a whim! Never on aesthetic!" Then Thor mentions his retinue, and his mother, and Diana all but laughs jovially, "I should like to meet these warrior women at your side! It would be my honor." She doesn't ask to meet his morther for the simple reason that she's likely still on Asgard, whever that may be, and at that is a Queen. One does not demand to see a Queen, one is summoned. As a Princess, Diana is well versed in the ways of a royal court.

Thor's brow starts to furrow heavily when he hears the name 'Ares'. That's a name that bears some weight, and the look he gives Diana is one of sudden, wary curiousity— for the Gods of Olympus are well known to the Gods of Asgard.

But she mentions ice cream, and Thor brightens instantly. "Aye! I have had their iced cream, and the confections they bake— many can be found here in their Coney Island," he says, sweeping his hand around their immediate surroundings. "I am astonished that the heads of state and their mightiest warriors do not take regular repast here. I can think of no other cuisine I would prefer that these mortals offer!"

"You might well meet Kelda Stormrider, my Shield-Maiden; she dwells often at our Embassy here in Midgard," he tells Diana. "And my good friend and ally, the Lady Sif. She is to return to these lands herself, soon."

"Tell me more of your land of Themyscira, friend Diana," he encourages the woman. "You are Princess of that realm? I know not of the king of those lands," he apologizes. "Shrouded in mist and a veil of secrecy— yours must be a land of grand and ancient enchantments!"

Judging by the wary look across Thor's visage, Diana understands that to him the very mention of Ares is not nonsense. She will not need to convince him what a threat Ares poses, and that is good. She loathes being taken for a fool when she made the claim in her past visit to Man's World.

But now is not the time to be dour, she has just arrived here, there will be plenty of time to be serious later on. "Then perhpas you should show me! I should like to sample more!" Diana encourages Thor's enthusiasm, and starts to walk towards the stairs.

Along the way, she nods at his assumption of grand and ancient enchantments about Themyscira, but does smile somewhat playful at the expect lording of a King above all. "I'm afraid the one is charge is no King, but a Queen, my mother, Hippolyta. One of the Amazons greatest warriors…she has lead our people into mighty battles and great glory. We pride ourselves on our martial prowess."

Thor leads Diana onwards, and it's hard to say if it's the well-armed woman with the face that could launch a thousand ships, or the divinity radiating off the mountain of a man next to her which ably clears the path ahead of them. Not far away is one of the more permanent booths set up in the long rows, and ICE CREAM— 31 FLAVORS is painted overhead in bright, cheery colors.

"A Queen!" Thor remarks, sounding pleasantly surprised to be corrected. "To rule such an island, of warriors, she must be a general of no small worth herself." He seems to otherwise find Hippolyta's status unremarkable. "A Queen, of Themyscira— a land of the Amazons," he says, making sure he has the words right. "It is well to meet another warrior from a distant land. The ways of battle among mortals have changed greatly," he tells Diana. "Once it was fought in close quarters, with sword and spear. An enemy was rarely furthur away than the sling of their weak arrows. Now, battles are fought without mortals laying eyes upon each other. Great cannons sling their shells across the sky, delivering death to the unseen." He snorts his disdain. "'tis a poor way to wage war. What honor is there in slaying a foe in such a fashion?"

He steps up to the counter and digs for coins again, handing the merchant a single gold token. Either Thor doesn't understand rates of exchange, or he figures everything's for sale for a gold coin. Nevermind it's a week's worth of wages, at least, which he hands over— intriciately stamped with symbols of Asgard upon it. The merchant eyes it, eyes Thor, bites the coin, then sticks it in his pocket and starts serving up a bowl full of ice cream.

Thor seems to want one of everything, and settles for most of a quart-sized bucket of at least six different flavors.

"She is the best I have seen with my own eyes, to be sure," Diana will readily admit to that, she has learned so much from her mother. There are others she has learned from, but now was not the time or place, and the knowledge far too personal. But she is most comfortable admitting her mother's prowess in battle. As warrior and commander.

When Thor laments the degradation of warfare in Man's Worldeven though men themselves may think of it as progressDiana cannot help but concur with the sentiment. "They have taken valor out of the battlefield, it is a travesty, allowing the unworthy to eliminate the worthy, without a fair fight. It is cowardice. It may be part of the reason that Ares does not fancy their kind," it suddenly occurs to Diana how offensive this degradation in terms of warfare must be to the God of War.

Noting the large portion that Thor has selected, Diana asks testingly, "are we to share this treat worthy of Gods? Or is that just for yourself…?" One could never know, Diana had yet to witness an Asgardian appetite.

Thor peers at Diana, a little uncertainyl— then at his bucket— then at Diana. "Er… if it is the custom of your land to share food, I certainly shall," Thor says, a little hesitantly. "But I am sure the goodman here will serve you up whatever you ask of him," he says.

The fellow behind the counter balks, but nods once. After all, Thor paid for enough ice cream to feed a platoon. "I don't know how hungry you are, mi— Lady," the man says, catching himself. Diana is clearly no one's 'miss'. "The big fellah, he can't seem to get enough. How about a nice waffle cone?" he inquires, reaching for a large, tightly rolled cone and poising his scooper over the buckets of cream suspended on ice. "You want vanilla, chocolate, somethin' with fruit…?"

Thor's face, furrowed in focus, turns away from Diana, and once she has her cream, he stays her attention by pointing the small spooon in his hand at her. It inscribes a small circle.

"Twice, you have mentioned the name Ares," he remarks, his good mood turned quite serious. When he says it, there is no doubt of name or title— whatever magic Thor works, his words perfectly convey the identity of the God of War. "It has been many centuries as mortals reckon time, since last I encountered him. 'twas in passing only— worshippers of Asgard travelled by longboat deep into the heart of Europe, and encountered vast armies tilting against one another in the great peninsulas of the lands around the Mediterranean sea. 'twas a war of vast and unthinkable scale, and the Norns spake often of Ares. The war carried naught to the lands of the Norse, and so violated none of our ancient pacts with Olympus. Now, it seems, he has returned," he scowls. "This bodes not well for the mortal realms."

Diana reads Thor as uncomfortable with sharing food, or at the very least reluctant, and so she nods, "I shall have my own." Albeit unlike a fitting Asgardian order, she only asks for a single cone, as the man behind the counter does very well to predict. "Indeed, a waffle cone!" Diana says with an air of fanfare one might think she was ordering a royal treat indeed. "Vanilla will do," she remembers it fondly, and is quite eager to taste it again.

Before long she's back at Thor's side, listening to his words, delaying a first taste of the ice cream she so waited to taste again. A true testament to her indomitable will power! Resisting the urgent call of delicious ice cream! "I may well have been a part of the very war you speak of," Diana relates in quiet whisper to Thor, "it was definitely his work…but I have bested him. At least that one time," she does lower her head at the accusation, and conveys solemnly, "on his behalf I must apologize, know that he had acted against the wishes of Olympus. Zeus would never allow a breaking of pact, made in good faith." It's not her place to make the apology, she knows that much, but having learned what she has in her time, that Zeus is in fact her father, she wishes to keep his reputation as good as it can be in the eyes of others. Particularly an Asgardian.

Thor gives Diana a speculative look. "Do the people of your land age so slowly, Diana?" he inquires, a bit of joviality returning to his tone. "'twas at least … a half a score of centuries past when his armies ravaged the Anatolie mountains," he tells her. "And I am sure if you were there, I would remember a woman of your stature straddling the battlefield."

He takes a big bite of ice cream, apparently immune to brain freeze.

"Bested him," he grunts. He stops his pace and examines Diana with a blatant head to toe— but it's a warrior searching another, and he peers at her face, meeting her gaze without any hesitation.

"Hmph. I suspected a touch of elder blood in you, Diana of Themyscira," he says, finally. "But few can say they have crossed blades with a cousin of mine and stand to tell the tale. You are no mere mortal, after all," he tells her. "I know not what Cronion seeks in the land of men, but my instincts tell me he would not send a champion such as yourself on a fool's errand. I must confer with my Father before I can commit myself to a cause such as this— there are treaties older than the stones upon which we tread that must be honored," he reminds her. "But if Ares is the threat to the world that your heart seems to speak of, then I am sure Asgard will stand aside Olympus once more, though it's been uncounted years since the ancient mountain stood aside the Golden City."

He wiggles his spoon upright in the air— a declaration of allied intent! "Come then, friend Diana— there is much to see of the world of mortals, and you are a visitor here," he tells her. "Have you ever tried 'hot chocolate'?" he inquires, leading the other divine being on an ambling, lazy path down Coney Island.

The rattle of the ferris wheel clatters nearby; lights glimmer in red and blue, and the laughter of the residents of the city nearby drowns out the soft lapping of waves as two gods stride un-noticed among the mortals they've sworn to protect.

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