1964-10-28 - Likely Rider Business
Summary: The Defenders gets a new member!
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The W. Jefferson Pawn Shop stands in a well kept block of artistically enriched Spanish Harlem. Reno was sorting things to shelves and was, at present, sorting a few boxes of things into categories. He was moving a box of super balls that came out earlier this year into a big big pickle jar (sans pickles and juice of course). "Hey Primo, you are just in time. Lemme tell you we got a bunch of these for free. Some kid at a toy store let them all loose at once and now they're fighting a bunch of lawsuits for safety reasons and just got rid of em. If nothing else, they work man." He pulled one out that had red and orange sparkles in it with a grin bouncing it to Robbie. "Here, this one matches your head man."

Robbie would look over to Reno when he talks to him, scoffing when he tosses him that super ball. "Yeah yeah, shut up, Reno." he grins at him, just showing each other some brotherly-cousin love. He starts flicking his keyes into his palm, something he did when he was in thought, even though he pulls up one of the chairs lyin' about. "So, how's business?" he asks curiously.

He's wearing his signature black leather jacket with that upside down white U decal on the front, a red T-shirt underneath, coal-black jeans, and combat boots….clearly the kind to roll casual all the time. Out front was his dodge charger.

Matt Murdock is traveling across Harlem and is about to get into a cab… . 'this one matches your head, man"… The lawyer from Hell's Kitchen straightens and tilts his ear back towards a building a half block down.

"Listen, Mac. You gettin' in or what?" Matt's focus goes back to the cabbie and he shakes his head. "No, thank you. I'm going to walk." Rather than head straight towards the store, he instead heads for an alleyway, where he disappears from view.

Pawn shops: boutique shops for the poor.

Jay peers into the windows of the shop before he enters with the slight lollygagging emphasis of his feet and watchful peek around of someone who hasn't been inside a specific store before. Fresh meat. And some of the whitest around, to boot. Insert a chicken wing joke as despite the happenings in Mutant Town as of late, Jay still has his bright red wings exposed and (in a move of pure stubborness) has decided to not adopt a jacket for the cold weather, but instead threw on an insanely long knit scarf, long sleeves, and an actual pair of sneakers.

Eyes wide and clear as he meanders into the shop, whistling 'Spanish Harlem' softly to himself. Ends of his scarf dangle long despite being wound several times around his neck, peering over toward the nearest display to make his way in that direction. Hearing voices, he pokes his head around a shelf and lifts a hand high, politely announcing himself. "Hi, there." Polite cursory greeting.

Reno grinned and shook his head, "Primo, is a good day man. The sun is out, the birds is chirping, and they all think I look goooood, and they're right. Really though, fells good to be workin again. Morning's been alright. Weather's good. I mean all teh plants are dying but we don't really have any so that's good. You?" He was dressed to do business. He was clean and neat and was making the effort to look professional and take pride in his uncle's shop which will become a lost art in about 20 years. There was a double take at Jay though. Wasn't often oen saw Mutants letting their freak flag fly outside of "Woahwoahwoahwoahwoah, come on in here, man." Hewas waiving Jay into the shop with curiosity piqued.

Robbie simply smirked at Reno, not noticing Matt whatsoever, even less so when he disappeared into the ally. Though he does chuckle faintly by the time his cousin stops talking. "Primo, muy bien. Happy to see you in your element. Since when were you a plant guy?" he teases him, looking at the ball he had in his hand before setting it on the counter. Though…most interestingly is when Jay showed up. A mutant not hiding his abilities as a mutant? Curious.

Even more curious was Robbie's reaction…which was nothing but a little wave towards Jay to come in. He's seen -much- more strange things, and mutants didn't startle or frighten him, unlikely sadly much of the world. "There's room, Bienvenidos (welcome) chico." he smiles very softly at Jay.

Abruptly, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is just sort of there in the doorway of the pawnshop. His head is tilted down towards his chest and his hand is set down towards his hip where his billy club is located, but he's not going for it. Finally, he says something. Calmly. In a low, crackly voice. "I'm looking for someone."

Jay's eyes glaze over a little bit at the 'bienvenidos' and 'chico' in that signature way that non-Spanish-speakers all seem to glaze over. At least Jay wears a serene smile while he does it, sliding his hand back into his pocket after the quick 'hello, I'm here, not stealing stuff. Not trying to make trouble' alert. "Thanks. Chilly out t'day," innocuous small talk. Meandering over to a display of used books in the media section, Jay keeps right on humming Ben E. King's tune.

It's not until the guy appears in the doorway that Jay glances up again, looking away the next second, he doubletakes and stares. Slowly, his wings begin to lift and fluff up, making the young man's silhouette seem larger than it actually is. The humming ceases and lips fall open slightly.

Reno set the pickle jar down carefully like it was armed. It wasn't but he got those bouncy balls because someone got sued from one end of the state to the other by a score of people slippin on em and he didn't want to get sued while on parole. He wasn't certain, but was pretty sure it'd just end badly. "Heeeeyheyhey we don't want no trouble man." He whispered to RObbie, "Primo, I heard about this guy." Less quiet he asked curiously, "What kinda guy?" He looked to Jay and back to Daredevil and considered the odds but dismissed them.

As soon as Daredevil showed up, Robbie stood up slowly, his eyes on his…eye-slots? sure, eye slots.

Reyes moved to stand in front of Daredevil, though his movements were aggressive, they were defensive, moving in front of Reno specifically. Though he heard the words of his cousin, his eyes were ever forward, and for a moment there, his eyes looked like a fire danced in them…of the unnatural sort. He looks over at Jay, and nudges his head behind him…as if politely saying to get behind him in case this breaks down into a fight. He lets Reno do the talking because Robbie isn't good at diplomacy unless he needs something and the other guy is gonna die.

Daredevil opens his mouth to respond, but then pauses as Reyes moves in front of him. "You misunderstand," he says to Reno. "I haven't come for trouble. I came to give my thanks." His head tilts towards Robbie for a long moment as he mulls exactly how much information he wants to give up. Whoever helped him a few nights ago would probably like his details given up as much as Matt would. And judging by the odor, the man he looks for is right in front of him.

Jay gets the nod and quietly slips backward as instructed. The sound of his shoes scraping across the floor a bare whisper to him, though likely not for the Devil. The same said for the whisper of feather friction around him as his wings shiver and shake out, slicking back as he conscientiously moves backwards through the pawn shop, into Reno's general viscinity. The red-head places himself between Reno and Robbie while the latter steps up to Daredevil. Passive, sure. Innocent-looking, absolutely. Though there is a protective angle to his stance; feathered appendages lower and stretch slightly, forming something of a shield in front of Reno.

Reno looked to man in the red suit. He looked to his cousin and then just folded his arms on the counter. "You, uh, you cna flip the sign if you need to and come in and talk, man." This was bound to be none of 'those' talks. He looked at the counter though and there were three small black feathers on there which he picked up. Yes, no one look at the panic moulting! He looke dto Jay and summarized for him in the most understated way possible, "We have a really good neighbourhood watch. Unless you got a gun kid? You're prolly okay."

Robbie would just…look at Daredevil a minute. Before it clicked when he tried using his empathic abilities to determine innocence…which good news for the man before him, he was. "I remember you. You were at the building when we dealt with the Rats." he says straightly, even though he was a little surprised at Daredevil coming to give his thanks…which Robbie simply nods. "I should be thanking you for lending the hand…consider the feeling mutual." He looks to him, moving forwards, though not in a manner of aggression, and simply pats Devil on the shoulder, switching the sign from open to close with that little 'off to lunch! be back soon!' sign attached to it. "Alright….let's talk."

"I figured we worked well together. Something tells me that despite not being someone who seems like they would work with othersand to be honest, neither am Iit might be a good idea for us to be able to search each other out, if need be. In case we hit another episode like the other day." Daredevil chuckles at Reno's explanation toward Jay.

Jay tilts his head slightly in Reno's direction though his eyes remaining queued on the pair by the door. Lowering his voice likewise to the guy behind the counter, "Got no doubt of that, but this fellah's normally a couple neighborhoods over. Got friends down there." In the most understated way possible, that's one way of putting it. Still, Robbie seems to decide that all's well, tension in the air dissipating. With the air clearing, wings slide closed again, settling straight on his back once again and allowing the young man some room to breath. Pivoting half way on his foot, Jay takes his eyes off of Daredevil and Robbie to turn toward Reno. A hand scoops through his hair a couple of times in a self-soothing moment, casting an apologetic angle of his usual polite smile to the guy behind the counter. "Sorry. Little tense lately." Understandably. "Ah can, ah, mosey if y'all need to talk."

Reno eyed Jay and an amused grin came to him. A finger itched behind his ear and he passed something off to Jay; one small black feather?! Reno didn't make a big deal out of it but it might give some answers on why he was entertained or interested in getting the red-winged man into the shop. He shook his head, "Naaaah if it gets toot oo personal they'll jsut head up to the rooftops. THat's where all people in sweet outfits hand out. " He pointed to Matt, "The Daredevil, the Batman, that Spider-guy. You gotta read a paper. Rooftops are super fahionable but I'd think you'd know that, si?" Jay had wings he assumed he did or should use em. Looking back to the Devil in Red and his cousin and back he offered, "There's a few people who like to keep the place nice. You ain't alone. Can always leave a message here if needed. Primo is a very busy guy. City is full of micies."

Robbie would look at Daredevil, looking back to Reno at his comment and simply giving him a nod, already giving his primo a the full scoop on that whole team thing, before he looks back to Daredevil. "Funny, I was thinking the same thing ese. A few of us there already made the decision to be more active in helping each other out…keeping these streets clean of those cabrons (motherf***ers). Care to join the band?" He refrains from telling them the team name, but he does look to Jay "Offer goes to you too ese. Could put those skills to use." he looks at his wings. Though not discriminatory, it was an offer! "and that's up to you."

Daredevil has long since been opposed to teaming up with others. He's heard about the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and all of those other teams. Truth be told, they've never held much appeal for him. He was so much more close to the ground. But over the past few months the dangers have grown and the need for more allies has become apparent. Finally, he nods, "I think I would. Thank you."

A feather? Jay arches an eyebrow at the offering, eyes jumping back and forth between Reno and the offered gift, as if he can't decide if this is supposed to be a joke at his expense or not. A second later, Jay exhales another breath and comes back to himself. Not to be rude, he reaches out to take the feather and seems amused, if a little embarrassed and dips his head in thanks, obliviously. "Heh, thanks." Slipping the feather into the tight stitching of his scarf right next to his jaw, letting the black shimmer in contrast with his own fair complexion. The obvious joke about rooftops greeted with a wider stretch of a smile. "They're great places to hang out. Get sorta crowded, dependin' on where you are." Jay jokes mildly with a speculative squinting of his eyes. "You ever been relaxin' on top of a church an' been interrupted by a couple folks dukin' it out? Ruins a perfectly good date out."

Humor lingers, left overs as he swings back in Robbie's direction when he feels that voice directed at him. His expression falls slack and humorously wide open and naive. "Pardon?" Caught off guard, wide eyes flicker between Robbie and Daredevil, then back to Robbie. "Uh, s-sure? Ah mean, Ah ain't opposed to the idea. Though, Ah ain't /real/ useful, all considered."

Reno chuckled to Jay and shrugged, "Yeah man. Few times." He parks on Churches? Doesn't everyone? He didn't seem to make many qualms about this. Bein a bird was hard man, even half bird and Reno? well he had a bad habit of just trustin people. It's what got him into most of his messes. "This place aint' gonna keep itself clean, trust me, I know. Still even eyes and ears, kid? Contributes a lot." Hey, he wans't brave but he could organize thoughts and sell an ideal. He upnodded to the Daredevil. "Reno. Nice to meet you, and hey, please be careful out there man."

Robbie would just give a small smirk to Daredevil. "We call ourselves the Defenders. You'll know whose idea it was in time." apparently thinking the name mediorcre, but effective in a sense of inspiration. "We meet at the Cigar Factory. You know the place." he nods simply as that small smile on his face remained. Huh…Devil of Hell's Kitchen joined the band….how about that? Though he looks then to Jay. "Everyone has their uses kid, even you. You're call. If you gotta go, safe travels." he says before his attention goes back to Daredevil. "Name's Robbie."

"Daredevil," Matt says in response and seems to doubletake as Robbie mentions the Cigar Factory. "I'll be by," he adds but something seems to be nagging at him. "It was good to meet all of you on better terms. We'll be in contact soon." Opposed to his far cooler entrance, the way he leaves out the front door matches his apparent bewilderment. Nevertheless, he is genuinely pleased to be allied with the Ghost Rider. Maybe soon he'll be able to figure out what in the world his deal is.

Jay takes Reno's answer as part of the joke and shrugs as well, mirroring the movement. "Momma always said that the trick to keepin' a clean house is regular upkeep." Taking on that analogy and adding to it, there's another glance around to all those accumulated, watching the Daredevil exit out the front door like every other patron, it makes him smile faintly and shake his head slightly. What a world we live in. His focus swims back to the two in the shop, it takes a second, but he seems to realize he's a little odd-man-out and hovering. Looking back to Reno, "You said 'Reno', raght?" Polite to a fault, he extends a hand over the counter. "Jay."

Reno pointed to Robbie eyes just WIDE! "Priiiiiimo, the Daredevil is a fan of you? You hear that? Aaaaw man, tu mama would be so proud of you man. T'hell with it., I am. Man I can market this." He loked to Robbie proud as hell of him and then back to the wingy mutant and back to Robbie. Fuck it. He looked to Jay and offerend with a dip of his head. "Hey man youss okay? Saw you poking around out there. You got some cajones walkin proud. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good thing. That trouble down in Mutant Town recently? There's some loco s out there though. Seriously, you alright man?" Solidarity, it counts.

Robbie would simply nod as Daredevil leaves the shop, before he takes a small breath, happy that didn't boil down into a fight….rather the literal complete opposite, and sits down where he was before. Though Reno's reaction does get him to grin a little, he shakes his head "Oi Primo, no el marketing, This one stays on the down low, comprende?" he says with a small grin "Feel free to nerd about it as much as you want though." he teases him, smirking a bit as he earned cool points somewhere clearly. Before his eyes shift to Jay "Heard about that too. You good?"

The excitement over Daredevil being a fan of Robbie has Jay peering at the fellow for a little while. Curious, but not prodding by any means. He remains quiet in solidarity, taking his hand back casually and sliding it into his pocket. All will come to light eventually, right? He does enjoy that radiant warmth of excitement that comes off Reno for Robbie, however. That familial warmth is something to bask in.

Taking a moment to suss out the Spanglish with context clues, Jay's serene smile remains in place, head dipping when he's complimented. He thinks it's a compliment at least. "Yeah, yeah, been trouble lately. Seems to happen every so often. Some square jokers get the wrong idea an' decide to cause some trouble, scare a lotta people an' destroy some stuff. Then that rag the 'Bugle' just has to make it all worse. Y'know how it is." Jay lids his eyes, feathers shivering in aggitation his expression underplays. "Ah'm worried, which is probably why Ah was a little tense with that fellah comin' in like that. Sorry about that."

Reno was brimming with giddiness. It was a subdued glee, but man he was just PROUD of this guy. Like a celeb wanted his cousin's autograph or something? So groovy. Reno looked back to Jay and cocked a grin at the mild confusion, "They call me Cuervo too. Means, aaaah, means Crow. You dor a name, Wings, or do I just call you loco rojo?" It wasn't mocking, it was an affectionate tone. Birds gotta look out for birds man. Except geese. He wanted no end of Canadian gang members.

Robbie would look between Reno and Jay with a bit of a chuckle as he shakes his head a bit at their apparent conversation as they chat and get to know each other a bit. "Well….least you seem to have made another amigo, primo." he smiles faintly, looking between them, keeping his arms crossed as he flicked his key into his hand over and over again, that 'cling' sound must help him think or something….

Jay squints and smiles back at Reno, his eyes dancing with humor. "One of those words mean 'red'? Just guessin'." A quick flash of a broader smile in spite of himself, Jay tries a second time and extends his hand out to Reno. "Jay." A little bit more firmly as if to confirm that yes, that is his name. Offering the same hand out to Robbie in turn. "Pleasure. Looks like you made a buddy earlier, yerself." Jay upnods toward the door to Robbie with a faint smile. A glance back toward Reno. "So why they call you 'Crow'?"

Reno reached out and shook Jay's hand, though his eyes glassed over slightly for a brief moment glancing to Jay. There was a flutter of several emotions that slammed his head at once, but he stayed grounded and nodded to him looking to Robbie withthat look of 'I'm a do the thing'. "Yeha loco rojo. Crazy Red. You gotta be a little loco to strut like some sort of peacock after those riots." Screw it, he wa jsut going to cut the answer short. Daredevil was here, and he knew more about this kid than he let on. Renobent like he was goign to tie his shies but kept going folding like origami until there was just an actual cro unfolding with a half coordinated flap until, yup! made it to the counter. He looked to his cousin and puffed up proudly but paused and gave Jay teh side-eye like does this satisfy the question?

Robbie looked between them as they shook hands…though he sighs a moment when Reno gives him that look, subsequently turning into a Crow. Though if anyone looked at him with a 'what can you do' kind of face, he would shake his head lightly. "…you don't want to know what I do." he states blankly, before looking at Cuervo. "That's why they call him Crow."

Taking Reno's hand, there's a look of honest shock and surprise when the words 'peacock' and 'strut' are used for him. Blinking rapidly a couple times, Jay seems caught in a crosshair briefly. "Oh. Ah guess Ah didn't think about it like that. Ah used to hide all the time, but it ain't like I ever really fooled anyone. Ah just didn't grow up in a place where Ah could, an' it felt like runnin' around without mah pants on. But then Ah met someone like me who got kidnapped by some folks an'…Ah don't know, man. Somethin' just snapped in me." As much as anything ever 'snaps' in Jay. The mild-mannered man explains in even tones, though his feathers ruffle and fwip together. "Ah didn't wanna hide any more. It didn't feel /raght/ t'hide. Fer all the folks who can't be who they are because-a who they is, or they're afraid fer their kin, or are just afraid…" Murmuring sheepishly, though there's a thread that runs through his words spun from iron and gold, Jay shakes his head. "Ah didn't realize it looks like Ah'm struttin…gosh." NOW he has to rethink a few things.

Those thoughts would've preoccupied him if not for the fact that Reno crumbles into a fucking bird just then. Jay's mouth falls open and he leans over the counter to look down at Reno, just to be surprised back as the crow flaps up to the counter. Jay steps back and both of his wings go out, threatening a shelving unit as they puff up. Green eyes wide as saucers. "Y-yer a shapechanger!" That shocked expression turns to Robbie then, still agape. "You too!? Wha—" Shocked, sure, but quickly, Jay's expression blooms into a wide flash of a grin, his offcenter single dimple appearing for that 'aw shucks' feeling. "Smack my ass and call me 'Cindy'! That was incredible! What d'they call /you/?" He upnods to Robbie.

Reno taptaptapped talons on top of the counter as he pigeonwalked across it. He looked to Robbie with a shrug of his wings and back to Jay. OH he had an accent, but he was a Crow, not a minah bird. "Strutting… not a bad thing." Since he was there he picked at a couple of feathers and had himself a good stretch. He didn't stay that way for long and folded back, though was now sitting on the counter as he didn't do this on the floor. Person-Reno fixed his cuffs and just gripped the edge of the counter giving a worried look to Jay and back to Robbie, and back, "You looked a little lost man. I know how it is. I don't get to see many others like us man. Not the same. Is close. Sometimes is good to just know these things. Your friend got kidnapped? Woah man. They ever find them? And yeah, trust me we hear about that shit alla time. They come down here beause mutants, because they don't like Latinos, because they make up reasons man. Can't fold up the wings because someone else got an attitude. Do what I do; ruin their car." He smirked.

Robbie just shakes his head at Jay's reaction to Reno's shapechanging ability….though the way he folded was a little creepy. But what can he say? His transformation is far more…disturbing, to put it lightly. Though at his question, he simply smiles "Robbie." he answers Jay, before he rises to his feet. "Now then, I can't stick around for show and tell." he looks to Reno for a moment, then to Jay, then back to Reno "I'll be back later. Hasta Luego primo, see you later Jay." he nods, flicking his keys into his hand a few more times as he exits the store, getting into his car to drive off.

Apparently he had places to be…likely Rider business.

Cuervo /speaks/ and Jay starts. He wasn't expecting that, left gaping once more, all the way until the man unfolds once more into a, well, man. Those bright eyes round as dinner plates. "Y-you can still talk when yer like that? Oh man. Does that /hurt/? M'uh—m'friend who also changes says it hurts every time."

There's a glance to Robbie, closing his mouth with an apologetic lean to his gaping demeanor and a nod. "Bye, Robbie. Thanks." For what? For not kicking him out, maybe? Or possibly Jay's not even sure as he looks back to the former crow. Skating his hands through his hair, broad wings fold back up and set comfortably with a sympathetic fwip when he sees the other fellow with feathers at least part of the time. "Wow…" Jay breathes the word and gives Reno a look over with new eyes from top to bottom.

Coming back toward the subject of his own social development and the situations surrounding it, Jay swallows down and nods a couple times. "He escaped, but they screwed him up. Those folks are still out there, too, that's the messed up part, ain't it. Wow. Ah mean, yeah. Ah've been all over the city to a number of pawns, got chased out of a couple since this whole nasty business started." A faint smile and exhaled puff of a laugh when he thinks about birds shitting on cars in protest. "Maybe Ah'll leave that to you. You get much guff 'round here fer bein' Mexican? Ah know the black folks get it rough. You catch th' same flack?" Because every Latino's mexican, right? He may be accidentally insensitive, but his concern is completely genuine.

Reno chuckled and shrugged, "Is a lil uncomfortable. Like shoulders popping in joints but it ain't too bad." He chuckled and said, "Puerto Rico, but yeah, sometimes. I mean there's a lot of us man. Lotta peoples from Cuba, Dominicans, adn this one guy from Jersey. He come by too." Reno nodded sagely and offerd, "Hey, good to hear about your friend though. Bad that the situation is, ya know, messed up. Glad they got away. World's full of messed up things. It ain't like it needs much help. Still, Jay, if you need, you got a friend in Harlem man. Birds of a feather and all." Just because Reno couldn't say no to bad people didn't mean he didn't know them for what they were. Jay wasn't one of these. He looked back to teh door and his face warmed into a grin, "Maaan, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is impressed with my cousin. This is /excellent/ man, I knew that kid would turn out alright."

Rather than being dismissive, Jay flashes a quick smile when he's corrected, murmuring as an undercurrent to the conversation. "Puerto Rican—sorry." Though it still comes out sounding exceedingly white with his accent. Listening intently, there's an occasional bob of Jay's head in understanding. That pun and all makes him smile once again, dipping his head bashfully, wings fwipping when mentioned. "Yeah. Birds of a feather." He looks up again, eyes shining with humor that that serene smile doesn't pick up on otherwise. "An' hey, likewise, you got a friend in th' Village, man. Ah work in M.T., though, so you ever find yerself down there, look fer me. Ah'm kinda hard t'miss." Eyes dancing with humor. Another glance back toward the door, then back to Reno, amusement turning to genuine warmth. "It's good to see you lookin on after yer cousin. Family. Got to stick together." Does his heart good to see someone else with close kin. Even if things started out rocky, it's hard to deny the upturn at the end.

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