1964-10-29 - Calling In Favors
Summary: A favor granted, a favor asked
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He's been a busy little bee, has Barnes. Training with SHIELD, maintaining what passes for him for a normal life. Quite content to take orders from whomever Peggy has designated his superior. But it's not too very long after that favor asked that he's more or less lurking around her office door, waiting for a spare moment from her. His eyes are bright, so presumably it's good news he has for her. He looks odd in SHIELD fatigues, with that long hair tied in a tight knot at his nape.

Peggy, for her part, is in the office. She's busy working on paperwork. Honestly, a lot of any given day is paperwork for her. She's in as much of a relaxed state as she lets herself get into most times; her heels have actually been slid off under her desk. Her secretary will notice Bucky lurking, and smiles. "I'm pretty sure the Director is in there, Agent Barnes. Sure would be a shame if someone wandered in while I was getting coffee." She'll move to do that, since he hasn't requested any actual official meeting.

He gives the secretary a conspiratorial grin, and then raps briefly on the door - only waiting for a reply before slipping in to present himself before her. Parade rest, almost, old habits die hard….but that impish glimmer in his eyes belies any attempt at formality. "Director," he says, crisply.

She looks up, as Bucky comes into her office. "Bucky?" She asks in surprise. "I mean, Agent Barnes. What is…how'd you…" She pauses. "Sorry, no one told me you were coming."

Bucky can't help but grin at her. "It's entirely personal, ma'am, nor a formal appointment," he says. "Won't take up but a moment of your time." She's seen him do that in the past - turn on the charm to edge around some awkward obstruction in terms of military hierarchy. And now he's doing it to her. Or trying to, anyhow.

She manages a smile. She probably recognizes what he's doing. And she doesn't seem to be bothered. "If it's personal, then it's not "ma'am", Bucky." She nods to the chair on the other side of her desk. "What's on your mind?"

He settles himself, that grin still in place. "First the good news. I did give Sharon a talking-to, and she listened to me. You may've heard already via official channels, but I'm pretty sure she'll be back on the right side very soon."

She shakes her head. "No, I haven't heard anything yet." Which means it hasn't happened, because there's nothing relating to the cross-index of Sharon and SHIELD that doesn't cross Peggy's desk. "But thank you for talking to her. I really do appreciate it, Bucky." She smiles. "Get you some tea?"

"Sure, please," he says, nodding. Not disappointed by hearing there's been no official movement. He can go hassle Sharon more later. Then the somewhat self-satisfied little smile fades into something a hair more uneasy. Only when tea is properly made does he venture on the real reason he's here. "So….I hadn't planned on playing on personal ties at all, but….Ifigured I'd give you a chance to level the playing field immediately and not keep owing me for managing to herd Sharon back into the fold," He pulls a face. "Man, she has a complex where all of us SSR vets are concerned…."

"She does." Peggy shakes her head. "I swear, she needs a good spanking. Because she certainly didn't get it when she was a child." She'll hand over the tea, then looks back over. "What do you need?" For a change, it doesn't sound suspicious or anything like that. Peggy trusts Bucky.

Bucky stirs sugar into the tea, spoon clinking against the cup softly. He glances up. "The Soviet clones we've got in custody. I know that whole thing is beyond my current and future clearance. I'm one step up from the guy who maintains the toilets. But….no matter who made them and how, I'm the closest thing they have to kin."

Peggy nods. "And….?" She prompts. "What is it you want me to do?" Her expression is carefully neutral as she sips her tea.

"I just want access to 'em," he says, simply. "I've had it with the guy we've had here in New York all along. Matvei." Which is the name Bucky gave him, since the concept of individual names at all had apparently boggled that one from the get-go. "But we've got the six we brought back from Quebec. Some of 'em are sane enough to talk to, or so it seems."

She considers. Not long. Peggy Carter is not a woman who needs a lot of time to make her decisions. "Not alone. I don't want the risk of…programming…being an issue. You go in with either Sharon, once she's back, or a Level 7 or better. And you go in with a knockout anklet. Sedative strapped to your leg, radio-triggered." If it's on his leg, even Bucky's metal arm can't tear it off faster than the partner agent can trigger it, or so she hopes. Even then, it's risky. But she's willing to give it a shot for Bucky. "Beyond that…done."

He hesitates a moment, considering the options on offer. Which amount to 'take it or leave it'. Doesn't take him long, either. "Yes," he says, without a hint of protest. "I agree." They've had him run amuck and break out - caution is warranted, even if he's now a card-carrying Agent.

Almost anything else, she wouldn't have even blinked. But the chance of the programming risk is high. "Good. If Sharon gets her head out of her arse, I'll send you with her. Otherwise, you get any Level 7 or higher to sign off on going with you, and I'll give it the clearance."

His smile reappears, pleased, softer now. "Excellent. It'll be a good way to bring her in faster. Tell her I need her help." Sharon might still have a soft spot for the sergeant, after all.

Peggy smiles. "It's almost like I might have ulterior motives." She takes another long sip from her teacup. "And Bucky…if you have trouble getting someone else to go along with it, I'll go with you." She makes the offer.

Bucky gives her a conspiratorial grin. "Ulterior motives? You? Never. And I'll keep that in mind. I promise not to abuse the privilege, scout's honor." HE lifts his free hand in the appropriate gesture - was he ever a boyscout?

Peggy smiles. Of course he was. He and Steve both, probably. They still are, one way or another. "Get out of here, Barnes." She says, warmth in her tone. "There's family issues to sort out."

He drains the cup of tea in one long swallow, adam's apple bobbing, sets it delicately down on her desk….and then he's up to his feet again. "Yes, ma'am," he replies, all cheerfulness. But then, he's gotten what he wanted, hasn't he?

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