1964-10-29 - The Rider's Primo
Summary: Gidget gets to hang out at the bar with the Rider and his cousin.
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Well it was time to actually go out and not be at work for once! Dressed in a simple black fitted dress and heels, she would make her way into Luke's bar. Looking around she'd see if her buddy was around but alas….nada. Sighing softly she would just slowly sashay her way over to the bar and plopped onto one of those stools, crossing her legs.

Now though she was off, she had a small portfolio tucked under her arm as well has a clutch. Setting them on the counter she'd look around and then grinned as she slowly leaned over the bar. Fiddling around she searched for that bottle of wine Luke often kept hidden and voila! Those heels in the air she'd laugh as she slowly slip back down an popped out that cork. "….there you are…."

Robbie would arrive at the Cigar Factory in his '63 dodge charger, rolling up with that massive hum of the engine. Exiting the vehicle wearing pretty much what he always does, what with his leather jacket and dark red T-shirt, coal black pants, and combat boots. He was wearing his driving gloves today.

With a breath though, he pushes open the door to the Cigar Facotry, though blood stained his hands…apparently Ghost Rider was busy earlier in the day. "Whew….heya Gidget. How goes?"

Reno would love to be perched on Robbie's shoulder through all that but then he'd have a tan on just one side and that's no bueno. Not at all. He was following in behind Robbie shaking his head. "I dunno what to say, Primo but yooooou need a beer." He stopped and sloooowly panned Gidget's way. "Allo mamacita."

Hearing that door as she was finally shifting down her dress to turn and grab a wine glass, she'd raise her brow a bit. Seeing it was Robbie her eyes went a little wide as she stared over at him. "Robbie….?" Glancing at his hands but she'd say nothing she as she parted her lips to say something but then saw someone else. Blinking she would stare at him but gave him a smile. "Hi there…." She'd make her way behind the bar and then grabbed a towel before slowly walking over to Reyes. "….you uh….need this? There's a sink back there too…."

Robbie looked over to Reno "Just be happy it was fast. Lotta times they try to run…only get taken down tired." He looks then to Gidget as she walks over to him, accepting the towel. "Gracias chica. the towel should be fine. thanks." he smiles to her warmly, rubbing off his hands as he walked over to the bar.

Though he looked between Reno and Gidget, smirking faintly when Reno apparently was looking to flirt.

Hey, she moved! She is pretty, she's nice, she moved. Still the better dressed and less bloody of the pair shook his head. "Yeaaaaah, but you, Primo, you gotta look after you too or this whole thing is gonna wear you out." He looked to Gidget and gave a side nod to Robbie, "You got a beer back there for a guy who like saved a bus fulla nuns?" Sure it wasn't a bus full of nuns but it was like it and Robbie earned some downtime.

"You're welcome…." Smiling over at him she would then nod as she made her way back to her seat at the bar, crossing her legs as she looked around then poured herself a glass of wine. Those brown eyes would finally look over to Reno and chuckled a bit. "I…don't know what bin they're in. I don't work here but I'm sure we can dig around…as long as we pay…." Gidget would then look to Robbie with a smile. "Bus full of nuns, huh? Hrm…."

Robbie just shakes his head at Reno "I'll be fine Primo, I've suffered much worse than that." he got hit by a car. Twice. These guys were jerks…. But! he looks over to Gidget and just smiles at her, but he decides to fuel Reno's ego juuuuust this once. "Sure, a bus full of nuns." he winks at Gidget at that before he has his hands wrapped and he pulls out two beers: one for him and one for Reno.

"Here you go Reno."

Reno took the beer and pulled out a couple bucls to pay for them. Hey, he was being good. "Heeeey I ain't the bus nun saver, but I won't say no." He nodded to the lady withthe remedies and offered, "Reno. Reno Cordova. Seems you know my cousin Robbie." He perched on the stool and looked around. "Man I gotta meet htis Luke guy. I keep hearing about em."

Looking between the two she'd say nothing as she just chuckled a bit. Sipping at her glass of wine she would stay quiet for now until Reno spoke up to her. Smiling softly she would finally reach out a hand and nodded. "Nice to meet you, Reno…" Looking over to Robbie then she would chuckle. "Is this the cousin you were talking about last time you were here?" A tilt of her head she'd then look to him with a nod. "I do. Pretty well…" She'd give Robbie a wink then nodded. Wasn't her place, right? Plus wasn't her style to just blurt out stuff.

Robbie would smile to Reno faintly, moving back around the bar and sitting down on one of the seats right next to gidget. "Yeah…this is him. He's a smooth talker though, so watch yourself a little.." he teases Reno a little, perhaps ruining his swagger, perhaps not. Though he does smile warmly to Gidget when she winks at him, before he looks then to Reno.

"Yeah…Luke's a cool guy. Muy Bueno. One of the nicest guys in Harlem honestly." he shrugs a bit "He's got a good rep too, scumbags don't come near this place…usually."

Reno nodded and took a drink off his beer. Good end to a good day, but something vaguely had his attention bringing him to look back over his shoulder a few times. "How'd you guys all meet? Just sittin around… the um… the area?" His brow furrowed and he paused and swung his head around to look at the guy sitting off to teh side reading the paper.

She'd let out a soft giggle at tht. "Smooth talker, huh?" Looking to Robbie she would wink at him playfully. "I'm sure it runs in the family…." Leaving it at that she would look to Reno and nodded a bit. "I think it was here….with Luke…." Gidget looked back to Robbie with a smile then. "I think…that was the first time." Looking back to Reno she would chuckle a bit. "He was super quiet at first…didn't say much first. Taking another sip of her wine she'd then tilt her head. "….you okay?"

Robbie smiled at Gidget as she recalled the time they first met. "heh, yeah…smoothtalking and general diplomacy isn't my thing. I leave that to Reno." he chuckles a bit. "Well…I had just moved here. Best keep to the vest, especially with Harlem's reputation." he shrugs then.

he would look over to Reno "She was chatting up a storm with Luke, had a little bits and pieces of conversation with her, but you know how it goes." he looks over at the man with the newspaper, eyeing him too, before looking back to Reno. "Bueno Primo?"

Reno was gettin super fidigety in the fingers on his left hand. He was listening. "Hey that sounds like a good start to a- No, Primo. No I'm not." He didnt' finish that thought and said rather soberly, "Luke have a phone?" He waited for confirmationand winced. "Primo, if he starts punching me, gemme a steak for my eye yeah?" He had zero illisions of his fighting skills. It was Gidget he politely said, "S'cuse me a moment." He got up and carefully approached the construction worker on the side and asked carefully, "Ummm you have a mother right now? She not feelin good?" The guy was hostile and defensive trying to figure out why the nosy guy had his beak in his business. Reno held up both hands as an effort to pacify him, "There's a phone here. You need to call her. I dunno why, call it one of those Jesus things, I dunno. There's a phone in the office." The construction worker gave him a long look but as he apparently did have some nature of someone with health issues in his family he opted for the phone. Reno helpfully pointed the way. Once gone he let out a slow breath.

She'd just shake her head at Robbie before looking to Reno. Watching him fidget and finally leave to go talk to the guy over there, her brow would raise. Sliding from her stool, she'd move closer to Robbie as she just nodded as he excused himself. Leaning in she would speak softly. "…is he like you too….?" Gidget would just nod a bit before she watched him almost get into with he work but….he finally got it sorted out. Leaning on the bar next to Robbie now she would just stare at Reno now. Licking her lips she would seem to be curious but kept it to herself. "So!" She'd smile as she nodded slowly. "What were you saying? Good start to a what?"

Robbie looks at Reno at his question of a phone, and he would nod. "Yeah, just around the corner of the bar." then he would watch Reno, making sure that guy didn't make a move. Though when he was hostile at first, Robbie just barely got out of his seat, prepared to drop a fool, but then He sees Reno doing something…being an intermediary huh? Not bad. Robbie would sit back down and look…actually pretty proud of Reno, before Gidget get's his attention.

"Yeah…he's alot like me. Though without the flaming head. He can see spirits and stuff like that. He'll probably show you what else he can do." he shrugs then, though he gives Gidget a playful bump with his shoulder.

Reno was far less jovial on his return and worked to keep a neutral face. He put 5 cents on the counter and slid it over for Gidget who was keeping the place honest. With that the guy was out of the office and grabbing his coat. He stopped trying to fish his wallet out and Reno chirped at him, "Just go, we got it." He sighed and admitted to them. "His mama just head a heart attack. It's um. well these things happen." Just never fun when they do. He finished his beer trying to shake some things off. Sincerely he said to Gidget, "Hope we get to run into you soon. RObbie? I'm a go make sure the guy gets home alright." It was the drawback for him; he didn't much care for knowing all the bad htings, but he could and chose to do something about that. It was what he had to work with.

She'd nod as she just shook her head a bit. "Look….I'm not going to ask your cousin whom I just met….to show me his tricks…." Gidget would watch then as the man tried to pay but before she could say anything Reno already had it. She'd smile over at Reno then on his way out. "Oh I'm sure we will! It's a small bar…." Chuckling as her left she'd then look back to Robbie with a brow raised. "Not going to follow your cousin out?" Reaching over to her handbag, she would start to pull out money. "I may head back to my apartment myself…."

Robbie would nod to Gidget a moment, leaning to kiss her cheek softy. "Yeah…I'm gonna make sure nothing happens to him. I'll tail him. You get home safe yeah?" he smiles to her warmly as he grabs his gloves and walks off, opening the door and getting into his car.

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