1964-10-29 - This one time, at 8-Ball
Summary: The Contingency Plan descend on 8-Ball for some pool time.
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Kaleb was in Attilan for too long and dammit he needed to have some bro time and get his shark on. It was the one thing their place didn't have: a good pool table. Besides there was some subtle joy Echo got about giving his money to their own community. That and he was bound to make him money back anyways as few could shark pool as well as a sonic who could see angles. Let's leave the telekenetics out of it. They super cheat. Or that gal that can make you think the ball is an inch to the right. THOSE PEOPLE withstanding, and even then it was still fun. "Boys, let's rack em up."

You know who knows pool almost as well as a guy using sonic powers as his personal cheat code? The plaid-wearing, Juke-box thumpin', Kentucky-bred slice o' cornbread that is Samuel Guthrie. Hell, he aint seen a pool table that didn't have a custom stain all around the rim from the beer bottles. Speaking of which. Beer bottle in one hand. He doesn't even let it go as he snaps a cue from the wall and sets its butt on the floor. "We playin' teams?"

Don't say the 'A' word. Jay might /actually/ implode, like the birth of a neutron star. Cautionary tales about mutants holding back. Or he'll just shut up and drink like a good boy.

Jay glances around the bar immediately upon entry, eyes sharp while he seems to look for someone or something in particular, wings shivering in a tremor of motion momentarily. He heads directly to the bar to grab a round of bottles just as generic as the one in his brother's hand for everyone else, coming back with a number of them held between his fingers, handing them out. "Teams? You mean everyone against Kaleb?"

"Okay, so who is going to trust I don't cheat?" asks Billy, glancing around, though his attention falls upon Cannonball, and then looks over to Kaleb, "Whosat?" in a murmur into his ear. Billy is dressed in his usual casual attire of jeans and a t-shirt, the shirt being a rather bit on the skinny side, or the closest he can find in this backward century he finds himself stuck in.

Vic chalks his pool cue and flashes Kaleb a grin. I bet I can beat you without telekinetics," he says, trying on trash talk for size. OldVic used to be a trash talker extraordinaire, but it's just so not Vic's nature. He then says to Billy, "I know you won't. You're an honest guy." He's in jeans and a t-shirt that's on the snug side, himself. Twinsies. "You want to be on my team, bro?"

Kaleb was way too well dressed but that was his trademark: vest, and hell the hat was even in play today. Echo was sportin high style in their beloved terrible town. When Jay suggested he take them all on he made a motion with one hand like 'bring it'. Though when Billy asked there was a rare, but lax grin, "Billy, if you beat me I'll know you're cheating." Smug. As. Hell. He took the beer from Jay with a 'thankee'. and gestured, "That… is Sam. Brother of Jay." He was… was he doing introductions? Was the world ending? "Vic an' Billy. They're…related." Okay he was doing it poorly, but he was doing it. "And if my brother…s…shows up you'll know."

Cannonball holds his hand out for Billy with a smile on his face that dimples his cheeks and squints his eyes. "Sam Guthrie…but some call me Cannonball." He winks and squeezes firmly, then pats the side of Billy's shoulder. "Vic and Billy brothers too, huh? We should have brothers versus brothers at some point. Ah dun much mind what team ahm on as long as we play fair and fer the next round. That's how ya do it."

Jay makes his rounds, passing out bottles to each and keeping one for himself, which gets set down on the edge of the table immediately after a drink. Jay wobbles his hand back and forth toward Sam when Kaleb explains that Vic and Billy are related. 'Sorta' says the gesture. A faint lift of his serene smile toward Kaleb, Jay folds his arms loosely over his chest and tips sideways in Sam's direction, cluing him in. "Kale can't really help but t'cheat. It's sorta a knack with his powers. Could probably blindfold the guy an' he could still whup us." A whisper of a chuckle while he fixes his best friend with a knowing look.

If we're going to talk clothes, the season's turned colder than Jay can properly handle. Though as a form of passive-aggressive protest, he has refused to change into a jacket and cover his wings up again. Instead, he's chopped the back clean out of a long sleeved shirt and has grabbed knitted gloves and an obscenely long knitted scarf wrapped about a million times around his neck and still dangling. It's ugly and multicolored, but he makes it work in an eclectic way. His momma probably made it or something. There's a black feather stuck in the stitches of his scarf, sticking up by his jaw in stark contrast with his pale complexion. He's even traded out for a pair of sneakers, much to his displeasure. Brrrrrrrrr. Winter /may/ kill him.

"I'm Billy… also Wiccan, formerly Aether." Shaking the hand, Billy grins and tilts his head to the side, consideringly, "Yeah, Vic's my brother. It's kind of complicated, but he is." He's firm on that, "Everything in my life kind of complicated." There's a squint of a look between Kaleb and Jay, "Thought I understood how Kaleb's power works but I didn't think it applied to…pool. My cheating would be easy to explain." He lifts a hand, and all the balls rise out from the pockets, and so does the triangle, and soon he's telekinetically wracking them with a quick grin, "But I won't do anything but that."

"One of these days we telekinetics should face off. That'll be an interesting game. Vic takes a bottle from Jay and nods his thanks. He takes a drink, then sighs quietly. He'll never be able to get drunk, but at least going through the motions is oddly satisfying. He watches the racking with silly pride. Brothers.

Kaleb stopped and looked to Jay bright blue eyes wide. His turn to have that Kellan moment of 'why didn't I think of that?!?' He would so be jostling Jay right now were he the touchy type. The head wobble of disbelief would suffice. Thought he looked to Billy. OH yeah. He didn't get the whole update. He summed up, "When that mouth-breathing human fuckwit kidnapped me and stripped my DNA to play tinker toys with? I came out of that with some form of echolocation. Jay, we need to do this." yeah no love lost for Pendergast. He might be a little more raw than he let on. He did tell Sam casually. "And Billy's the reason I got the name Echo. Not for sonics but because I kept having to repeat myself." There was a faint, faint grin at that. Truth was it worked both ways, but this amused him.

Cannonball takes a swig of the beer. "Alright, cheater, ya just earned yerself the spot of ref as we brothers face off. Then, whoever wins, you can seee if ya really CAN whup em." Sam grins crookedly and walks his booted self towards Jay. He wets his lips. "Didn't Ma send you a hunter's hat?" TOTALLY busting baby bro on not having that hideous thing with the ear flaps on, to static cling to his pretty, red hair and all. Sam obviously doesn't care about his own hair, since it sticks out at all angles. He has one of those padded vests on, because those are amazing.

Jay smiles easily to the motemallow, clapping a hand on Vic's shoulder as they pass and Jay takes his place somewhere off his brother's side. The dawning look of realization on Kaleb's face has Jay exhaling a whispering chuckle, eyes shining with humor. "What, you didn't realize? Dang. What've Ah done?" Clicking his tongue against his molars, Jay falls a bit more quiet when Kaleb brings up Pendergast with some colorful language. Feathers shiver and Jay drowns his opinions in a drink from his bottle. Sam declares the rules of the game and Jay goes with it, seemingly used to following his declarations without much dispute. He shrugs and nods, casting a cheeky smile over toward Vic. Should be fun. The mention of the hunter's hat makes the younger sibling actually groan. "Yeah. She did. It must still be in a box somewhere." In a box. Down at the community center.

"Mine isn't really telekinetics, it just looks like it." explains Billy to Vic with a minor shrug, and grinning. He ooohs at Kaleb, "Oh. Hm. I'm still not sure how that'd help you win at pool? Maybe I don't know enough of how echolocation works." He nods to Cannonball's suggestion, "Bro-teams, then Kaleb plays the winner?" He tilts his beer back, and immediately gets an 'eww' expression on his features, "…right I remember I hate beer now."

Vic grins at Jay, his cheeks dimpling. He just looks like such a nice boy. "It would still be an interesting game," Vic tells Billy, "but you'd have to stick to the faux-telekinesis or you'd wipe the table with me." He laughs quietly when Billy has his anti-beer revelation. "I can take care of that for you." He nods then to Jay and Sam. "Let's do this. Kaleb takes on the winner. No powers, a nice clean game. Who wants to break?"

Kaleb said drily to all of them, "Ooooor maybe I've just been playing billiards all my life? Ya know I can actually do things. It may not be cook at an egg," Because cooking was an affliction? "Yeah that's fine. I'll take next game. We can cycle." Apparently it was mutants with pool queues, though he handed his off to Jay and sat back. He took one more swig and went, as the impartial party, to rack the set. At least they didn't look violent.

Cannonball lifts his cue and then settles in at the far end of the table. He sets his beer down, thumb curled around the neck with his cue nestled against the bottle's neck as he lines it up. Easier than putting out your fingers in a splay maybe? He leaaaans over, stretching out his levis, then rams the cue into the cueball, which then barrels into the other balls haphazardly, sending them scattering. Seems about right for a guy named Cannonball. He rights himself and grins broadly. "There we go."

"Well, it seems to work some way. Kale can do a bunch of stuff you wouldn't think. Blows mah mind how much you can manage with sound," Jay observes complimentarily to his swiss army knife surrogate brother, taking up his bottle and tipping it in Kaleb's direction. He meanders a step closer to take the cue when offered. "You can be the ref and our drink gopher (go-fer)." Flashing a slow smile at Echo, then over to Vic; eyes dancing with humor. The suggestion not a serious one, but amusing. "Sam wants to break," Jay volunteers him accurately, gesturing toward the straw-haired Guthrie with his cue. A nod as Sam lines up just like Jay's seen him do a million times before. Leaning against his cue, Jay's serene smile stretches a little more while he watches the balls blast around the table wildly. "Good break," murmuring evenly.

Billy flashes a grin over at Vic, "Well, it *would* be an interesting game." he agrees. He leans against the table a bit and watches Sam break, nodding his head with appreciation. He offers his beer to Vic though, because really, this is an acquired taste that he has never gotten around to acquiring. He gestures for Vic to go first, though.

Kitty drifts into the hall and toward the bar. She pauses, looking around the room for any familiar faces.

"Nice break," Vic says, flashing Sam a smile. He takes Billy's beer, coveting his two bottles as he drinks from them each in turn. He walks up to the table and leans down, lining up a shot. It's a pity Kellan's not around, because those jeans are tight. He cracks the cue ball and it slams into the solid three, sinking it. The second shot he misses, though. "Solids," he tells Billy, like Billy isn't right there and able to see what's going on.

Kaleb preened… maybe a litte (a little) at the compliment from Icarus. Drink go-fer? Yeaaaaah that's not going to go well. But hey he was delegated, This he did use his powers for. "You. Bar…woman. Lady." He didn't say 'servant'. He pulled out- holy shit a fifty? It was folded neatly and tucked into her hand with an arched eyebrow. "Open me a tab. Keep this table drowning, yeah?" THere was a nod as if dismissing her but hey she could pay her rent now so there was that.

Cannonball makes his way around the table, checking out all the balls from the various angles, to see which ones are lined up to get pounded into a hole. Cornflower blue eyes drift around the table and then he sucks on the end of that bottleneck, draining it of its froth like a pro before setting it down on the nearby circular tray. Another smile and he leans on his cue, now on the complete opposite side of the table as he waits for the opponents to ruin all his plans.

"Nice shot, Vic." Jay compliments simply to the competition, glancing over to Sam momentarily as the winged young man starts to meander around the table. "Looks like we got big ones, Sammy." Not that Sam needs to narration either, but it's something to say while he rounds the table at a casual lope, setting his bottle down on the rail of the table. A flash of a broad smile cast in Kaleb's direction appreciatively; that single dimple making the briefest appearance. "Be nice to the lady, Kale," Jay chuckles into his words and ends up near Sam anyway, tilting his head to one side before he picks his shot.

It's kind of funny watching Jay line up his shot if not for the top-heavy appearance of his wings looming over him, then for the fact that the large appendages lift up and away from his back like a bird begging, so he can lay down his cue smoothly. Lining up his shot with a couple of smooth strokes in practice before shooting with a loud crack. The balls bounce around a little bit, but nothing goes in. Jay shrugs to Sam.

So, the guy at the door does not fit in. In fact, he might as well have COP stamped on his forehead. It's the suit, and the watchful eyes, and those intensely practical, heavy-duty shoes, nothing like the fancy leather of the Wall Street crowd. For a wonder, however, he does not flash a badge….and the bouncer must know him, for he lets the man pass without hesitation. The cop beelines for the bar, picking out a corner.

Kitty stares at the fifty dollars being pressed into her hand. She strongly considers pocketing the cash before honesty kicks in. "Uh, I think you have the wrong person here."

Vic watches Billy take his shot, and the game so far remains more or less even. He looks up at the newcomer and his brows lift. "Officer," he says. Unlike any other time Vic has seen a cop, he sounds sincerely happy. Oh, hey there, guy who arrested me for vandalism. "I remember you! Hey!" He waves amiably.

Kaleb boggled at Jay almost with dismissive comment "I'm-" He stopped. No. Jay had a very good point. A point that he relented. "Yeah okay." He looked to Kitty confused. Why- why wans't she doing as… this was not computing. Echo objectivly offered to her, "Well that depends. If you make the beer over there come over here then it is not, is it?" He didn't care much who did the manual labour so long as it wasn't him it seemed. "Don't get cocky, Guthrie, or the mote's gonna smoke ya."

Cannonball arches his brows when Kaleb tries to tip Kitty and then he starts chuckling, "Hey, ahd take the cash…" he offers towards her as he lifts his cue in her general direction as a way of saying hi in a familiar manner, a little smile to go with it. "Gotta behave now, boys…we got us a lady and an undercover nearby." He looks the cop up and down, then shifts around the table again, clunk clunk clunk. He will take generally good shots when its his turn. Nothing supernatural about his abilities, besides…that being a thing they could do on Friday night.

Jay remains oblivious to the entry of a cop into the works. Largely because his clear conscience leads him into naivety on the regular, so he's not looking for it. A slight pop of his brows and a smile when Kaleb relents to his point, winking at Echo. Atta boy. "'Don't provoke the motemallow', Ah know," Jay tips his head toward Kaleb and loosens the bind of his scarf around his neck a little bit, the black feather stuck in it shifting to nestle into his hair; a bit of irridecent black contrasting with the red. Vic calls over and waving at someone excitedly like a happy puppy with a new friend. Jay blinks around and leans in Vic's direction, "Friend of yers?" Eyeing Kaleb while he tries to convince Kitty that she works there. "Miss. Ah'm sorry. He, uh, doesn't get out much? No, that's a lie."

The cop at the bar, conscious of the eyes on him, takes off his glasses and rubs the bridge of his nose. The very image of a man fending off a headache. "Delano," he says, and his voice is crisp, the accent distinctly Brooklyn. "It's Detective, now, actually." He replaces the glasses, turns that stare on Cannonball. "Not undercover," he says, "Offduty. I'm here the same reason you guys are." He flashes the lack of badge at his belt by flicking aside the bottoms of his suitjacket…..he's a mutant? In the NYPD? One willing to out himself here, anyway.

Kittyshrugs, smiles and pockets the money. "I have nothing to do with the beer. You need to talk to that guy over there." She points back at the bar. "But if you really want to hand me cash I'm not going to argue." She nods back at Sam, "Hey, what's happening?"

"He arrested me a few times when I was younger," Vic says with a happy smile. "We're just shooting some pool," he tells Felix. "Want a beer?" He holds up the bottle Billy left. It's still mostly full. He wages his cue at the brothers Guthrie. "That's right, don't provoke the motemallow." He surveys the table, then leans over and takes his shot. Clack! The cue hits the seven and spins in place as the seven banks and falls into a side pocket. "I'm on fire," he declares. Then he misses the next shot. It's a good thing Billy's carrying his weight, here.

Kaleb rubbed a finger to his temple. "That's what I gave you the money for." He held his hand out for the fifty spot back. If she wasn't going to do the job he wasn't, for certain, going to tip her. His eyes looked back to Jay narrowing. See what happens when he tries to be nice? Unhappiness.

"What in tarnation is a mote-mallow?" Sam asks with his words just drawling out like a slow pour of honey made by bees in overalls. "So…he's a cop and you and he…have a record, then?" That seems to amuse Sam, that the detainer and the detainee would become friends like that. "Off duty means ya can join Kal'bs team when were dun. Once he sees Kitty ditch the $50, though, he tries to hand off the cue to Jay. he casts Jay a bit of an apologetic look…but…$50?! That's a lot for a Guthrie and Mama could sure use that dough. Or he could use it, to get her somethin' nice for Christmas. He tries to take the $50 from Kaleb. "Ah'll get it, City boy."

Walking through the doors of the bar would be good 'ole Roberto (AKA Bobby)! He looks around a bit as he appraoches the bar, looking for perhaps a good drink. Though he does look about and find a few people he recognizes, thus does he accept the beer bottle he receives and walks on over to the group. "Hello everyone. Having a good day?"

He's wearing a blue jean jacket with blue jeans, a dark red shirt, and tenneshoes. Going full casual today.

"O-oh…" Jay's voice catches a little bit, looking confused as Vic explains how he knows Felix. The mild-mannered, feathered fellow tilts his head slightly to consider Felix, eyeing his belt when gestured to it. "A mutant on th' force?" A tone of muted awe and respect, a serene smile spreads across his face once more. Vic offers Felix a half finished beer and Jay's feathers shiver slightly with motion. "We can do better than that, Vic. Hey, Kale?" Jay tries to steal his friend's attention and nods over toward Felix. "Can we buy the detective there a brew in appreciation?"

The unhappy look from Kaleb makes him blink owlishly. "What happened? What Ah miss?" Taking Sam's cue in a little bit of a daze, he generally leaves the situation to his brother to handle it; trusting his diplomacy skill. He's got like a +4 CHA. It's fine.

The addition of Roberto to their vicinity. "Oh, hey. Sam said you were back 'round. Good to see ya."

"I used to be patrol. Arrested your boy there more than once," Felix's voice is dry, clipped…but there's what might be amusement in his face, the cop's mask slipping a little. "But no hard feelings, right, Delano?" he asks, giving Vic an upnod. "And no, thanks. Number one, I like whisky, number two, no bribing an officer off-duty." Yeah, he's definitely ragging on Vic. Jay's question has Felix laying a finger to thin lips, a little theatrically. "Of course not, citizen," he says, voice going even flatter, the gleam in his eyes brighter. "There's no such thing as a mutant in the NYPD. Right?"

Kitty digs out the $50 to hand back to the cranky man, only to have it plucked out of her hand by Sam. She blinks a little in surprise. Both at the suddon gain and loss of money, then at the conversation from the officer at the bar. She wonders why he would want to hang around here if what he's saying is true.

"That's me," Vic tells Sam. "I'm a mote of consciousness embodied in a human form. Not exactly a mutant, but my powers make me close enough." He gestures at Kaleb and Jay with his stick. "These guys think I'm soft and fluffy, so mote-mallow. In their defense, I guess I am." And to Felix, he says, "No hard feelings, Detective. I was guilty." Anyone paying attention to legal hubbub on the street might know that Vic Delano ended up in big boy's prison and was beaten into a vegetative state in the showers. He was never expected to survive, then one day he woke up and walked out of the hospital. He offers Kaleb an encouraging smile. "I can go get brews if you want, man." As his line of sight finds Kitty, he inclines his head to her. Ma'am. "Hi there. I'm Vic."

Kaleb didn't get his $50 nback but the table was going to be taken care of, "Sammy, just make the beer on teh table all night and that's yours to keep." He looked to Kitty. See? That's how we do it. The words that came out of his face was, "Seen you at college." Now the communication bwtween Felix and Vic had him at a total loss and Billy wasn't fast with input and Sam was playing bar back. It was bestie he looke to carefully, "The hell jut happened, man?"

Cannonball drifts over to the bar, and he's there a few minutes, talking to the bartender. By gestures going on, its clear that Sam's just doin' a little math and they agree on a place the other man will set the beers so Sam can fetch them. Then he saunters back over to the group and takes his turn. CLICK-CLACK…THUNK. He takes another turn, then smiles over at his brother. "Keep up tha good work there, Jay." Another look at the cop, then Vic, then cop then Vic, its like he's trying to figure something out, before he just non-challantly leans on Berto's shoulder, like the man is a railing. "Hey…ya still rich?" he teases with a dimpled smile.

Bobby would give a little smile to Jay "Hey Jay. good to see you too. You been good I hope?" he asks as he takes a sip of his drink. He looks to those he doesnt know, namely Felix and Vic, and he gives 'em a warm smile "Hey. Names Roberto. friends call me Bobby." he also looks like a particular millionaire in charge of Da Costa International for any of those who are more newspaper and radio savvy.

Though he looks to Sam when he gets leaned on "heh, heya Sam. Yeah, I'm still filthy rich. You? got any more money yet?" he teases him back, and he gives a little wave to Kitty.

Explanation from Vic as to who the motemallow is, Jay smiles at him and amends toward his brother when he arrives back from playing barback. "That's why him bein' Billy's brother is complicated. His body ain't, but his consciousness got dreamed up by his folks," Jay explains to his brother like it's the most natural thing in the world. "Yer a big lump-a squishy sugar, Vic. Could give a man a cavity." Jay leans over, playfully elbowing Vic's ribs before he goes to take his shots. He's good, but not expert. Just a LOT of free time on his hands in a two horse town down south. He winks at Cannonball with a flash, straightening up once he finishes. A turn back to Kaleb, jutting his chin up toward Felix, "Vic used t'get arrested by that fellah over there. He's a detective, now. Unwindin'."

The angel-imposter regards Felix evenly, guileless and full of 'oh golly' and red dye #3. His serene smile a default expression, though it curves a hint wider, eyes dancing with humor. "Ain't no such thang Ah've ever heard of." Picking up what the man's laying down.

Jay's attention swims back in Roberto's direction, Jay meanders over to hand Sam his cue , thumping his own on the floor with a couple bounces and anxious fwip of his wings. Averting his attention from Roberto, Jay nods politely and lies like a cheap rug. "Mm hm. Doin' good." His feet trailing all the way back toward Kaleb. Standing near his friend.

Which is, perhaps, why Fel's focussed in on Vic. This guy shouldn't be walking around….but then, he shouldn't be a mutant cop, and yet, there he is. The world's a strange place, after all. He gets his shot, and raises it to Vic in a faintly mockng salute, before knocking it back. How much will it take Officer Unfriendly there to get really drunk, if that's his intent? "Exactly," he tells Jay, and his grin….slightly more friendly.

Kitty cocks her head to one side, looking at Kaleb, "Not sure I've seen you around. What are you studying?" turning to Vic, "Nice to meet you Vic." She pauses, "Although, I think I saw you in Central Park a bit ago?" At Bobby's comment to Sam she arches an eyebrow, "More than I have at the moment" She grins. She isn't sorry to have missed out on the $50. It would heve felt a little too dishonest to play waitress without coming clean.

"I think so," Vic tells Kitty. "That was a wild night." He grins at Felix affably, and there are dimples and straight white teeth. He doesn't look like he's had a bad time at all, and it was only a few months ago he just walked away from death like it was someone else's problem. He sets his cue aside to offer a hand to Bobby. "Victor Delano, but most folks call me Vic. I used to do bad stuff, but I turned over a new leaf."

Kaleb really just wanted someone to open a tab for him and make drinks go from over there to over here. He was really rubbish without a valet. He sat on his barstool and took a pull off hsis beer and did a double take recognizing Roberto. well well. Kitty got an answer though, "Architecture and lately? Imprompteau Poly-Sci. Really though I'm an architect." He pointed to Vic, "Physics there." He thumbed to Jay, and said with a wry smile, "He's a psyche major." Or at lwast Jay's become one over hte last two months. He clinked his bottle to Jay's. Thaaaaanks, buddy. His eyes were working on the math on Bobby and Sam. Odd. Oddly symmertic to his own friendship withthe other Guthrie. Ironic. He looked to teh cop and boggled, "Why be a cop?" This math didn't sort.

Cannonball shakes his head. "I still aint sure why he's a circle of water around a castle, but…Ahm just gonna attribute it ta…teenagers or somethin'." Sam teases and then shakes his head at Bobby. "Poorer than I ever been, Bobby. But…hey…that aint what really matters anyhow." He stops leaning against the other man and takes his cue from Jay. Then he steps forwards for another shot when his turn comes about. "Nothin' replaces seein' old friends an dmakin' some new stories, right? Kaleb's buyin' everything tonight, though, so can I grab you another one? Anyone?" He arches his brows and smiles, his face dimpling on either side. Then he hands a quarter to Jay. "Heyyyyy, can you pick us out somethin' we know?"

Bobby just smiles to Sam, patting his back a bit. "Let me know if you need cash. I'll lend you some with no interest in repayment." he smiles at him, before he looks over to Kaleb, lifting his bottle to the fellow before he looks now to Vic "Nice to meet you Victor." He smiles then to Fel, smiling at him a bit as well. All in good fun right?

Regardless, he pulls up a chair and sits with his chest against the back. "So, what conversation did I happen to interrupt?"

The exchange between Jay and Felix lasts just a moment, but it lingers with Jay while he smiles quietly to himself. The cue planted between his feet, both hands resting easily on the shaft, stacked on one another. Listening to the rest of the conversations rolling along just as quietly as he can. As unobtrusive as a man mantled by giant red wings can be. He shoots Kaleb a startled look when he claims that Jay is a psyche major. Exhaling a whisper of a laugh, Jay shakes his head and clinks his bottle with Kaleb's before noting to Kitty. "That's a joke, Miss." Politely wiping his palm off on his pants and offering it out to Kitty. "Jay. Jay Guthrie. A pleasure." Then he's being plied with a quarter and smiles quietly to Cannonball when he comments about new stories. "Sure, Sam. Roberto, will ya shoot fer me? Ah go after Vic." Handing his cue off to Sunspot so he can meander over to the juke box, but not before giving Sam some side eye over the word 'lend'.

The question makes Felix look up from his second whisky. This one he's nursing with a little more care. Not perhaps wanting to stagger home drunk. He blinks at Kaleb, a little owlish, for a moment. And then says, finally, "It's worth doing. This city saved me, this is how I pay off the debt I owe to New York." He's utterly matter of fact about it, as if it were just a matter of course.

"I feel the same way," Vic tells Felix. He lines up his shot and sinks a ball, then another one. Mote's on a roll! After his third, he beefs it, nearly knocking the cue ball off the table, but it bounces back onto it loudly. "Argh, I got distracted," he says. He leans back and grins, unbothered by missing his shot. "So how've you been, Detective? Gosh, it's been years. I finally got done for stealing a cop car on my eighteenth, but I don't do that stuff anymore."

Kittysays "I'd like a ginger ale, please." She reaches out to take Jay's offered hand. "Guthrie?" Now that he has mentioned it, she supposes that she can see the family resemblence. She had heard the Guthrie clan was large. To Vic she smiles and aggrees, "Yeah, that was a very wild night." She decides to grab a chair and join the growing collections. To Kaleb she nods and says, "Architecture? Then we have probably passed each other outside a few times. I can practically live near the math department."

|ROLL| Cannonball +rolls 1d20 for: 16

|ROLL| Sunspot +rolls 1d20 for: 18

|ROLL| Cannonball +rolls 1d20 for: 16

|ROLL| Vic +rolls 1d20 for: 2

|ROLL| Kitty +rolls 1d20 for: 5

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 8

Kaleb considered this and squint at Kitty. "I think you're in my advanced trig class. Be hard to tell as my brother's beenfilling in for me but I remember you at the beginning of the month. kept your head down half the time. You like ran through the door? Like through through the door?" Kaleb had a memory for things when he wanted to. Stylish as he may be math was his jam. He looked from Kitty to Jay and then to Vic with a fiant grin. Oh god he was startin somethin. He chuckled "Yeah I'm pretty sure Jay's her favourite because she screamed like a shrike when I hung up on her that time." It terrified and amused him and he worked on his second beer saluting a thanks to Sam for that while Berto started to clean house. "How'd I know Jay wasn't short for Jason? RIght, Detective, you got next game with me. You any good man?"

Cannonball manages to finish off the game with a nice set-up from Bobby and he grins over at the darker man from across the table. Stare.Smile. "Guess we still ain't bad as partners." Then he's off to grab people some more beers, earning that $50, but in a casual way. Once he brings them back and passes them out, he moves closer to Sunspot, "You know ah dun want any handout, but, I appreciate the offer. It really is good ta see ya again." Then his eyes flick to the feathered brother, waiting to see what boot-scootin' song he'll select.

Roberto accepted the cue from Jay when he went off with a smile "Sure, I got this." he smiles…and low and behold is he a monster at pool. As he starts wrecking the shop so to speak, he looks to the conversation between Kaleb and Kitty, smiling faintly "riigghht forgot about that. Kitty has a good power." he smiles. Being able to walk through anything really is seriously cool. Though he looks over at Cannonball, laughing a bit as he fist-bumped Sam before he walked off "Damn straight we do." he smiles then, looking around as he takes a sip of his beer.

Kitty repeats his name and Jay's smile lifts, cautiously optimistic when it seems like she recognizes the name. "Yeah." Then looks over at Sam, and back to Kitty, exhaling a quick breath first born to be a chuckle. "This help the resemblance?" The wings looming behind him slick down and compress against his back, less of a distraction. Amused over his own joke. He points at Kaleb and mock-seriously chastizes him, "Stop hangin' up on m'Momma, Kale. Ah ain't her favorite." He's just the most screwed up she has to worry about. "She doesn't play favorites. S'cuse me."

Red wings bob through the crowd politely, eventually making their way to the juke box. Nothing in mutant town is really /nice/ or up to date, especially now. But a quarter's going to get him a few songs, and the first thing that comes over the hit-and-miss speakers is Johnny Cash's 'Seasons of My Heart'. Jay coming back shortly after.

"I'll pass tonight. Can't stay out too much longer," says Felix. And then he admits, with a thin little smile, "Truth be told, I'm completely crap at pool. I almost never play. And call me Ivanov….or Felix. Yes, like the cat," He's clearly sick of that joke, but willing to play along with it.

Vic glances at the pool table and admits, "I'm kind of a train wreck at this game." Ah well, he seems to be having fun, anyway. He takes a swig of his beer, then gestures to Kaleb with his bottle and says, "You show some respect for Mrs. Guthrie. She's a nice lady. I'm hoping she gives me her ham casserole recipe, because I told her I'd feed her boys." Of course he'd make friends with his roomie's Mom. Of course he would.

Kitty drops her head into her hand. "Yeah, that would have been me." She passes her hand through a nearby chair to demonstrate. She looks back up and her smile is allmost a grimace, "And while it definately has its advantages, its got its own challenges."

Kaleblooked up and did a double take from Jay to Felix. THis… this is where his geek flag saw the light of day. "Like Illarion Ivanov-Schitz? Built the Merchant Club and the Morozov Hospital in 1912?" Kaleb's eyes were trying not to be really really big, but squint. "Any relation?" Though he did pause and looked to VIc confused mouthing 'cat?' THe cat threw him off. He sighed though, building fanboy moment over, "I didn't… know… itwasJay'smom. Kay?" There was a rare bit of empathy offered to Kitty as he actually turned off his dissonance for a brief moment, "We all got a strufggle withour shit. But hey, you didn't run into the door."

Cannonball leans the cue against the wall as Kaleb sorts out who will be his partner. He grabs one of the beers and takes a long pull of it. The area is getting a little crowded for this simple hayseed…hey, he's never been known as the sharpest knife in the drawer. "Ah…ya did fine. Ya always get better when ya get drunk though. You know…I saw a guy pick a fight over a game of darts the other night. That was fun. I'm glad we're all a bit more civil in here." Glance to the cop, then he grins all innocent-like. He seems to be speaking to Vic.

"Same," Felix says. And he doesn't seem to be bullshitting. But then he's checking his watch and looking rueful. Good little cops have to make their bedtimes. He pays for his drinks, leaves a generous tip, and starts heading for the door. "Delano, good to see you doing well." As if Vic had merely been a problem student and Fel his high school teacher.

Roberto would whistle a bit at the tune that Jay played "Good one Jay!" he lifts his bottle to him before he takes another swig, setting it aside in case more pool was to be played. but for now, he leans the cue against the pool table and manages to catch Kitty performing her powers. "Everyone has pros and cons when it comes to their powers. Don't worry about it."

He hops up to sit on the edge of the table a bit, hands set on his lap. Though he does glance over to Felix as he and Vix seem to be having a conversation.

Jay tips his head to Sunspot, smiling softly in his direction. "Thanks. Everyone needs a li'l Man in Black in their lives. Good game, you guys cleaned up quick. Me walkin' away was the lucky charm, eh?" Joking to both Sam and Roberto. A long look resting on Sam when he mentions being somewhere someone picked a fight over darts. His cheek hollows slightly, chewing on the inside of his cheek in a faintly thoughtful manner. Though, Kaleb chooses to recognize a name and geek out, Jay blinks and slowly drifts a look in Vic's direction, shrugging slowly with a mildly amused look. He sort of loves watching Kaleb geek out. To offset it, he leans over and murmurs, "Felix the cat is a cartoon."

"I know," Vic says to Kaleb. "Live and learn. Anyway, she's really nice. I love my ma, but you guys have a good one, too." This to Sam and Jay. He sets his cue stick on the rack on the wall. His pool playing is done for the night, and it's for the best. He's terrible. "I should probably get to studying or something," he says.

Kitty waves dismissively, oh most of the time it's fine." She leans back, "The awkward part is when you fry someones radio on accident." Those things may not cost what they used to, but they still were not cheap.

Kaleb looked back to- well damn! the guy was gone and now the 'soch' might never know. Man he was actually a little bummed out about that. Who really knew what he chose to have feelings about, but hey, some people's heroes didn't wear tights. No next game? That was fine. He took his cue back that Sam put on the walls and upnodded to Vic. "Set me up, Vic?" Actual request as if Kellan was in his head listening. "Yeaaaaah just don't blow up my radio and we're good. Two people already tried. It's had a most distressing summer."

Cannonball gets a little quieter and shifts to making sure those drinks get over to the pool table for the next hour or so, before he splits with that $50!

Roberto would take a sip of his beer before doing what Sam and Kaleb do: put his cue back. As such, he walks on over to the wall with a small smile for everyone. Though he looks over to Kaleb once he says that his radio has had a distressing summer. "Oh really? bummer." he pats Kale -hey where'd Felix go? He kinda wanted to talk to that guy. But he does wave off Cannonball as he takes off. "Later man!"

"Puttin' it lightly…" Jay murmurs on the heels of Kaleb mentioning it was a distressing summer. He takes Sam's cue when he scoots, looking between Kaleb and Roberto for a moment, there's a faint smile and flicker of feathers as Jay slips the cue back into the rack. "How about you two square off? I'm going to sit this one out. Kaleb's kicked my backside enough times." Smiling easily, Jay spins a tall-chair around and sits on it backwards, hooking the toe of his sneaker on a rung, still sipping on a beer.

Vic tells Kaleb, "Sure." He racks up the balls with no fancy powers, just the swift efficiency of someone who's done this before. He grins at Kaleb, amiable as a golden retriever. "Wait, who's playing, again? If it's me, I forfeit. You guys saw my last attempt." It's okay, Vic's good at lots of other stuff.

Kitty shakes her head "I will not explode your radio." Her grin becomes more genuine "Actually, it's all rather not dramatic when I fry something. It mostly just stops working. Maybe a little spark and smoke." She yawns. "I am loosing steam here." She stands up, waving a farewell to the general assembly. "I think I'm going to have to call it a night."

Kaleb grinned to Vic in earnest. He wasn't an entirely terrible guy, and genuinly offered, "It was a warmup game. I'm honestly not out for blood here I jsut want…" He shrugged, "Normal right now. This is good. Kitty, if we let you go you gotta come back and play a game next time you're out. I'm sorry, those are the rules." He paused and looked to Sunspot, "Unless you're this guy in which case you're in for it, DaCosta. You, may owe me a game, sir."

Roberto would smile warmly to Kitty as she announces her departure "Alrighty. Later Kitty." he smiles to her, giving her a light wave….then Kaleb puts him on the spot and he chuckles a bit "what really? Heh, alright alright." he sips his drink. "Guess I owe you a game then." He looks to Jay with a small smile "Remember the last time you put me on the spot? I might just beat him this time." he chuckles a bit.

"Good night, Miss Kitty." Jay offers with a wave from his seat, smiling gently in Vic's direction. "Nah, Sam an' Roberto here won, so I was sayin' the two high-society types should play. Kale's whupped me plenty." He chuckles softly over the mouth of his beer bottle. A lingering look slid in Roberto's direction, that smile stretches wide with a dawning recollection. "Oh yeah. Well, then. Show me what for."

Vic goes home.

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