1964-10-31 - A New Recruit?
Summary: Having seen Gidget's exploits by happenstance, the Winsome Wasp tries to recruit Gidget to join the Avengers
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The Winsome Wasp turned out to actually not be nearly as clueless as she seemed the other day, with all the heroes out to stop the hapless villains. A feat that didn't escape the Wasp's notice, and a behaviour that didn't elude her either, is engine flying high and Gidget being all "no way in heck it was me even though it totally was, but it wasn't!" A few days later she sent Gidget an invitation to come meet her at Avengers' Mansion, and should she take it, Gidget would be ushered to a meeting room where she'll find Janet waiting, standing on a table. Tiny as she was before, albeit this time dressed up as Tinkerbell in the spirit of the holiday.

Gidget was planning on going out for the holiday and was all dressed up in her 'costume' that she had never had the chance to wear. Looking like something out of the French royal guard with a modern twist she would go ahead and accept that invitation. With that hood pulled low, she would make her way into….the AVENGER'S HOUSE? Lord she felt light headed but she needed to keep it together. Once she was ushered in she would look around and then saw the table with a tiny….Tinkerbell. There was a blink from the tall brunette as she slowly made her way over before finally speaking. "Hey….." Smooth Gidget…..real smooth. "You….sent a message?" Looking around she'd chuckle a bit then looked back. "Is there like a hidden party somewhere?"

Janet laughs when she sees Gidget also dressed up for Halloween, already taking a liking to her, "so you also dress up for Halloween, huh?" She asks, her wings fluttering as she takes to the air and zips around Gidget, studying her costume, "oh! I like, did you make it yourself? Because then I'd like you even more!" She notes, before making it easier to talk to her by going back to her position on the table. "I was going to go out partying after, and I also was at a different party before. Sorry, Halloween is kinda my favorite holiday! But then I'm a fashion designer, so I make all my own costumes! Three guesses why you're here?" Janet offers with a mischevious smile.

"I…normally don't but I had this laying around…." Trailing off as she watched her fly around her, there was a brow raised as she would nod slowly. "I did. I've been playing around with it and figured now would be a good time to wear it…right?" Gidget would laugh a bit then as she then stopped. Staring intently but she wouldn't say anything since she was being asked a question. "Well…." Looking around she would seem to take it all in before sighing softly. "Ms. Van Dyne…..are you calling me because you can tell me what happened to Robbie? You're…tiny so….you must run in the same circles. Or…want to talk fashion shop? I…I really don't know…." The fact that Janet was….super small…..least on her mind right now. After all the stuff she's seen….not shocking.

"It looks great, I love it!" Janet compliments Gidget, she taps her foot impatiently as she listens to Gidget makes her guesses, "so that's one, two…annnnd…you really don't know?" She blinks, somewhat surprised, exposing a pearly white smile for a moment as she prods, "try one more? I'm sure you can guess! Mmmm…you do know I'm the Winsome Wasp by now, so…?"

Gidget would smile softly at the compliment, blushing slightly before nibbling her bottom lip. "Well…" Does she tell off on herself then? Or just go for it? "I think….yeah. I put two and two together you must be the tiny flying lady…." Chuckling softly she would then look up a bit more as she nodded then. "I….I really don't know. I mean…..more about Robbie? I…." Trailing off she would look back down, that hood falling back down some. "I don't know….a party?"

"The Winsome Wasp!" Janet reiterates, "I thought it was a catchy codename!" She grins, amused by the exchange, "fine, I'll help," she then flutters to land on Gidget's shoulder, and whispering real close to her ear, "it's about you flipping the engine straight out of a car! That rings a bell?"

Gidget smiled and nodded. "Sorry. And I like the alliteration. It is definitely catchy!" Perking up she would smile and then blinked when she zipped over. Staying still as to not rock the woman she would list and then go silent. "Oh….." Taking a deep breath she would cut her eyes over at her than. "About that…." Looking around she would then smile slightly. "That was…nothing. I was just trying to help…"

"That's what I was thinking! Thank you," Janet squees a little as she finally gets someone to approve of her codename. "No, no, no," with each 'no' Gidget would feel Wasp's tiny finger poking her cheek, before she shits to flutter infront of her face, but not too close, to avoid making Gidget cross-eye, "you did because you have spirit in you! The heroic spirit! You want to help people! And you got the ability to do it! Mind explaining to me how you made that engine fly?"

She'd flinch at the pokes and then backed up a bit with her flying in front of her. Gidget blinked a few times as she put her hands up. "I mean yes I want to help people. I've always wanted to help people just….this is fairly new…." Looking around she'd then fold her arms. "I just….did it. I use my thoughts and just….yanked it out…." Nibbling her bottom lips she would then glance over to an idle pen that was just sitting around. In a second it flew over and into Gidge's hand that opened at the ready. "It's just….one of the things I can do now…."

"So you've got crazy mind powers! Quick! What am I thinking?" Wasp tries to test Gidget's powers, wondering if it's just telekinetic in nature, or she's got the whole shebang. "Did you get it? Because if not, I was thinking you might want to join the Avengers, would you like that?"

Staring she would widen her eyes. "No no….nothing like that…" Laughing she would back up then as she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. There was a glow that could be seen from her chest before a nearly transparent barrier popped up around her then. Opening her eyes she looked up at her the Wasp again. "I have this and….one other thing but…..it's not safe." She'd hear her offer then…her jaw dropping. "What?" That barrier would dissipate almost with a pop then as she raised her brow. "….girl you have to be joking. I am so…not….Avenger material…."

"Oh…well, I was assuming, so sorry for that," Janet grins at Gidget, "but you do have mind powers!" Coming to land back on the table, Wasp tilts her head and asks, "why not? You do fashion, I do fashion, why not heroics too? I think you got the stuff for it!"

"I wish…I would have made dating a lot easier….." Gidget grinned then before nodding. "That I do…." As she landed on the table she would slowly walk over and leaned on it then. "I….." Now she was deep in thought. Does she do this? These guys are the big leagues? Nibbling her lip agains he'd finally push that hood off of her face and nodded. "Alright. I'll….I'll do it. I guess….I'll get to wear this more, huh?" Pointing to her costume she'd laugh. "I actually made it thinking I might want to do this one day but figured I'd never wear it so….." There was a shrug then as she smiled. "And I don't even have a name…."

"Oh? You've got your eyes set on a guy? I can help, I'm really good with flirting advice!" Janet offers, instantenously interested in helping Gidget with her love conquests. "Well, we can help you with names! I mean, off the top of my head I got: Mindblaster…but more importantly, a catchphrase! 'Thoughts Can Kill!' Huh? Huh? Got it?" Janet chuckles, clearly not being too serious, albeit she is serious in putting Gidget up for recruitment. "I'll inform the other Avengers, and I'll get back to you Gidget, oh…we need to shake hands, move back please?" She asks of Gidget, while walking to the edge of the table.

"Oh I…." She'd blink a bit then at the offer of flirting advice. "No no. I…I got that one sorted out. He took initiative…." Blushing a bit she would then smile softly. "Eh…I…don't know. Kill? Maybe not…" As she smiled she'd then ruffled her short hair a bit. "But I could use the help….and…..thanks. I uh…..never saw this coming to be honest." Laughing a bit she would then do as she was told. "Oh sure!" She'd take some steps back then as she smiled brightly. "There you go!"

"Ooooo! It sounds like you're getting places, may I ask who the lucky fellow is?" Janet asks, yeah, she loves gossip, what can you do? After all she's notoriously in the gossip columns, partly due to her own fault. When Gidget steps back, Janet sits on the edge of the table, before rapidly growing to about 4'8", grinning at Gidget as she offers her hand, "nice to meet you again, and done deal? I'll let the other Avengers know that I'm setting you up for recruitment and that you're interested!"

She would blush a bit and nodded as she chuckled. "Ironically…..he goes by Robbie too but….it's Roberto….." Gidget would then blink as she grew and looked down at the woman. Well this was hysterical: she was was least a foot taller than the woman. Smiling she'd take that hand and gave it a firm shake. "Same here. And yes…done deal. Thank you!" There was an edge of excitement as she squealed slightly but held it in. "I really appreciate it….."

Hands shaken, Janet seems pleased enough, "good luck with Roberto, and I'll inform the others. Thank you for coming, now care to join me for a Halloween party?"

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