1964-10-31 - The Gidget Meets Worthington
Summary: THE Warren Worthington goes to Casa di Pucci to see about custom suits….but seems he and Gidget have already met.
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Almost end of her day….so far so good. Gidget didn't even really have any incidences at work. Smiling she was sitting at her desk looking over some invoice sheets….a couple of designs….even measurements for someone. Her for was partially open so she wasn't exactly visible. Her receptionist Gabriella would probably just ship people into her office….like always….if they needed something. That had become a come in their love hate relationship to say the least. So sitting back, legs crossed, whiskey in hand she would just…..drift off into la la land with French music playing in the background.

Suddenly there came a tapping, as if some one gently rapping, rapping on Gidget's office door. "Ms. Boileau" comes a soft almost melodic voice from the other side of the door. "I know it is kind of late in the day, but I was wondering if perchance you might have room in your schedule for one more fitting today? I'll make it worth your time. Money is no object."

Warren Worthington the third stands on the other side of the door, wearing a full ensemble that covers nearly everything. The wide brim Fedora rests on his head, covering most of his features, while the ankle length leather overcoat covers the rest. On his hands, a pair of driving gloves cover his hands while the expensive Italian loafers complete the ensemble on his feet.

Inwardly she would sigh as she heard the tapping and quickly sat up straight. Getting up the papers on her desk she would hear the voice and blinked before clearing her throat would stand then. "Come on in! We still have some time. And money is nice….but creating is better…" There was a chuckle as she turned the papers over and slowly made her way to the door, not before getting another sip of her whiskey. As she reached the door she would move over and opened it up, standing behind it slightly. "How can I help you….mister……?" She'd trail off as she looked out in the salon, Gabbie giving her a smirk and she just shut the door. Turning to face the client she would nod. "Sorry…..I didn't catch your name…."

"Worthington. Warren Worthington." says Warren with a small smile, a flash of white teeth showing from the shadows from under his hat. "I need a few new suits made, and they might need to have some specific alterations. I'd heard you might be a good person to contact for that."

He lifts a hand up to take off his hat, and the flash of golden blonde hair that tumbles down to frame his handsome, but blue, face. "I'm hoping that you can also be discrete?"

"The….Worthington? Well then…." Raising her brow she would chuckle a bit then. "Specific alterations? Man….I guess my name is getting around more so than I though…." She'd move to step away from the door until she saw that blue face….that hair….and almost had a heart attacked. "Y-you're…." Oh hell….there goes her calm day. "….you're that guy from the park!" Her voice went up in tone as she then covered her mouth. Those she was wearing a blouse and wide leg pants that looked rather thick….there was a slight glow coming from her shirt that quickly went away. "…..w-what….is it….you need again? I'm sorry…."

Warren raises an eyebrow at Gidget at her reaction, cocking his head a bit to the side as he studies her. "Park?" He is quiet for a moment before his eyes widen ever so slightly as he recalls the event. "Oh." he says sheepishly. "Right…with Jay." He sighs, shaking his head. "I'm sorry about that…wow. What a horrible first impression. If you prefer I leave, I can understand that. I can only say that I am not normally like that, it was just…a bad set of circumstances."

She would just stare at him for a moment as she listened to him intently. Gidget was lost in her own world for a moment then just nodded slowly as she started to relax. "It's…..alright….." Clearing her throat she would stare at him and slowly move from the door then. Taking a deep breath she would straighten out her blouse and slowly moved to one of those cutting desks. "Unlike then….if you decide to lose your temper…..I can handle you." Was that joke? Perhaps. She'd pull one of those measuring tapes off of the table along with a notepad then turned back to him. "I don't turn away people who need help either…..even if it was a….bad first impression."

Warren remains still for a moment, and then nods once. "Alright then." He steps forward into the office, removing the gloves and coat, laying them aside on a chair. "I promise I will be on my best behavior. I wouldn't want anyone to try and 'handle me'." He smirks slightly, letting out a brief little chuckle. "As for modifications, well, I think you know what those might be. Openings in the back of the jacket that would allow wings, though I suppose if it would ruin the lines of the suit I can always just make my own openings as needed."

She would clear her throat a bit and then nodded as she moved back near him and her desk. Dropping that notepad down she would sling that measuring tape around her neck and folded her arms. Looking him over slowly, she would blush slightly at his comment but just continued with her work. "I think I can do this without ruining the look of the suit. I will have to see how exactly they unfold….but….I'm sure I can do this….." Coming back to his front she would nod a bit then. "If you could just undress down to your boxes so I can take proper measurements….we can begin." Holding out her arms then she would nod a bit. "I can take your clothing and hang it so it doesn't get wrinkled…."

Warren nods, and starts to undress. The gloves come off first, then he unbuttons his shirt and hands it over. "It honestly may be more trouble than it is worth to put in modifications for the wings. I guess I will let you be the judge of that though, since you are the expert." He slips off the shoes, then undoes his belt and removes his trousers. His body is thin but athletic. A swimmers build and not an ounce of fat on him. And his skin is blue, all over.

Gidget would stare at him then as he took everything off. Literally….he was blue…..all over. Clearing her throat she would take his things and when done she would turn and go to a clothing rack not far away to hang his things up. "Just…let me see…" Taking a deep breath she would turn back to him an nodded a bit then. "So…." Walking over to him she'd tap her chin somewhat. "Can you….slowly….please don't destroy my office……but slowly unfold them so I can measure how wide they are. Not wingspan but…how big of an exit point they need…."

Glancing around the office, Warren hrms to himself. "I don't think I could stretch them out in here, the wingspan is about 14 feet. But, lets see what I can do about getting them out without damaging anything." Slowly the techno-organic wings start to unfurl from his back, breaking through the skin as small little blades by his scapulas and then expanding in size as more organic material releases from his shoulders. When they finally stop, the razor sharp wings shake a little as they come to rest against his back. Each wing stands about 6 feet tall, and about 3 feet wide in their closed state, the anchor points to his back about a foot and a half long.

She'd look around and then slowly moved around to start measuring those wings. Every now and then she would look to him but then focused back on what she was doing. Taking a deep breath she would look around and then sighed softly. "So then….." Stepping away she would seem to be in deep thought now. "….just how sharp are these wings? My main concern? That you will cut the fabric….." Tapping her chin then she would stare at him with a smile. "No offense but in the heat of the moment? You might just whip these bad boys out and tear your suit to shreds."

Warren nods, "Exactly why I was saying it might be a waste of time. The wings are sharp enough to slice through steel like butter, and if for some reason I ever need to release them in a hurry…any suit is likely not to survive the incident. I have to remember they aren't the feather and cartilage ones that I used to have." He sighs, shruging a shoulder. "Maybe it would just be more prudent to buy a bunch more suits instead of trying to modify ones to 'work'."

A tilt other head and she would nod a bit. "Well…." Taking a deep breath Gidget would just frown a bit. "There has to be a way…." Slowly she would start to reach her hand out to touch them. "But until then…I can definitely supply you with suits…." Looking up at him she would nod a bit then. "…just don't go destroying them every single chance that you get, hm?" There was a small laugh as she nodded a bit to him slowly. "Just tell me what occasion you're looking to use these suits for, Mr. Worthington….."

"Everyday business attire for the majority of them. I'd say a good 5 or 6 of those. And then maybe a pair of formal evening wear." says Warren with a shrug. The wings ruffle slightly as she reaches out to touch them, the metal cool and smooth on the flat side. "Be careful!" says Warren with a hint of alarm as she touches him. "Sometimes they have a mind of their own, and if you cut yourself you might get dosed with neurotoxin. I'd hate to see you paralyzed, even temporarily."

She'd yank her hand back quickly then as she heard that. Letting out a gasp the shock scared as the shears on her desks floated up at the ready and aimed at him. Panting softly she would just glance over to them before they just dropped back down. Closing her eyes she would nod. "…..sorry….." She'd look at him with a look of….confusion but kept it in check. "Um…let's do six business wear….four two piece, two three piece. Then we can make you tuxedo and something a bit more…snazzy….." Grabbing that tape again she would nod then. "Do I….can you put them away away so I don't get cut….measuring you…..?"

Warren eyes the shears wearily for a moment, the wings on his back ruffling in agitation as the feathers rub together with a metal on metal scraping sound. "Yes." he says quietly, "That might be for the best. We don't want anyone getting hurt accidentally now, do we?" The wings ruffle again, and then slowly slide back into place, their point of origin hidden once they fully recede into his back. "So, looks like I might not be the only mutant here then?"

She would watch them recede, wincing at the sound slightly but then just exhaled once they were in. Licking her lips she would move in and start to measure him once they were gone. Hearing him ask that question she would shake her head. "No….I'm not a mutant…." Her voice was soft as she just seemed to zone out in her work then. "….I'm…..complicated." Chuckling a bit she would move to that notepad and started to write down numbers. "…flex for me, please….?"

Warren does as he is requested. He obliviously keeps himself in great shape, or it is just a side effect of his particular mutation. "Well, most people are. Complicated that is. Don't have to be a mutant or anything else for that, Ms. Boileau." he says with a grin. "Though when you are blue and have razor wings, or claws, or shoot beams out of your eyes, life does tend to be a little more complicated in this day and age."

She'd continue on measuring his upper body, stopping here or there to write down measurements before finally speaking up. "Well….I was a lot less complicated before. I don't even know what this is….per se." She'd clear her throat as she leaned over to write down the last few numbers of his upper body then moved down to his lower half. ON her knees she would start to work from the bottom up. "I can see how that can be worse. I'm only just now able to control it….before it was a mess…..to say the least…."

"Can't be any worse than suddenly having beams shoot out of your eyes that you can't turn off. That happened to a friend of mine." says Warren with a chuckle. "I mean, I suppose it could be. I don't know you, so I shouldn't make assumptions. At least you can show your face in public and not get labeled a mutie though. I still haven't been able to make a board meeting yet, but I am this close to just saying fuck it and showing up. Let them try and take my company from me just for being who I am."

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