1964-11-01 - Drinks and Gunfire in Chinatown
Summary: Gidge meets Corvus for the first time and bullets fly!!
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Well Gidget needed a drink after her day at work. Someone's princess was upset about her dress but she wasn't about to tell there girl it was before….well…..that wasn't for polite conversation. Walking from work she made a pitstop in Chinatown and made a stop at the first bar she found. I mean….there was sushi….and there was booze! Why not!

Settled she had already ordered some food and had a rather large bottle of sake in front of her as she conversed with the sushi chef. "And I'm like…..dude…..calm her down. She only gained five pounds….it's no the end of the world….." Taking a deep breath she would just nod as her stared at her. "….nevermind….." Chuckling she'd take a sip of her current cup of sake that warmed her up.

Gidget wasn't the only one who needed a drink. After a long day of squashing insurrection Corvus hopped over to New York to relax without the risk of getting shot at. Well, less of a risk of getting shot at. He's lounging at the bar with an unlit cigarette hanging between his lips and nursing a glass of baijiu. After a moment of silence he turns his attention to Gidget, head cocking to the side as he tries to figure out if he knows her or not.

"Oh come on…..you can't tell me this hasn't been an interesting conversation…." Pouting she would start to refill her cup with a sigh. Dealing with overly entitled people did take a toll after a point and this….is how she dealt with it.

Feeling that gaze upon her those brown eyes would slowly look over to Corvus…and smiled. Had she met this person and she didn't remember? In passing at a party? Who knows. Raising her cup to him, she'd nod towards him then. "….a votre sante! Cheers." Her English was definitely a bit New Yorker but that French seemed to be perfect.

"Kanpai." Corvus responds, lifting his own glass up. The man appeared to be about the same age as her, and dressed in a black suit. Pushing up to his feet he walks over to where Gidget is sitting. "Pardon, but is this seat taken?" His English was accented as well, though it's hard to place the region.

"I'm having the hardest time telling if I've ran into you or not." The smile on his lips came easily, it's obvious he's confident in himself at the very least.

She'd chuckle a bit as she nodded. "I should have used a Japanese toast…would make more sense, hm?" Gidget would smile a bit as she moved her handbag off of that seat and sat in front of her. She herself looked as if she could work in an office but there was a lot of flair there. Dressed in a pair of cream colored wide leg plans and fitted cream blouse, all her accessories were black. "No no, not at all. Have at it." Leaning on her elbows she would cross her legs as she got comfortable again then tilted her head slightly. "Umm…." Thinking she would seem to be going through a rolodex in her head but then she would looked at him intently. Those eyes would roam over him then shook her head. "I don't recognize your face….or your measurements. So maybe not….?" Smiling she would hold her hand out then. "Gidget Boileau….."

"Corvus Arcadius." The man replies, taking the offered hand before sitting down. "I see so many new faces each day sometimes it's hard to tell." Removing the cigarette from his lips he takes a sip of the grain spirit in his glass. "Rough day at work, I take it?"

In this new seat he keeps glancing towards the entrance every so often. There's a sort of hardness to him up close, something Gidget may recognize from the faces of various SHIELD agents and Avengers.

Gidge would as she finally let go after the shake and chuckled. "That it was. It was mostly peaceful until about…halfway through." Sighing a bit she would just tilt her head a bit then nodded. "And nice to meet you, Mr. Arcadius."

Watching him for a moment she would glance back to the door then to him with a smile. "Waiting for someone?" A smile would tug at her lips then as she just sipped at her drink a bit. Funny….the only Avenger she's met was Wasp and she was a hoot.

"Hopefully not. Last time I was here I ran into a couple of people that didn't take too kindly to my being here. Just making sure none of their friends show up." Corvus explains easily before leaning back in his seat. "That's usually how those things go though, always peaceful until it isn't." Reaching into a pocket he produces what looks to be a small zippo and returns the cigarette between his lips. "What is it you do, if you don't mind me asking?" Turning his head he flicks the lighter open and an arc of blue electricity sparks, lighting up his cancer stick.

"Oh….well dang." She'd chuckle a bit as she shook her head. "I seem to have a habit of meeting people that seem to attract….trouble." Finishing off her drink she would then reach of the bottle of sake, holding it up to him. "Would you care for some…..?" Gidget would tilt her head a bit and then smiled. "I make clothing….." Refilling her cup then she would sigh a bit as she continued. "My official title is 'apprentice fashion designer' but I run his salon here in the states and I get free reign on my personal projects…."

"Comes with the territory, unfortunately." Corvus blows his smoke upwards away from Gidget then finishes off his glass. "I appreciate it." Taking the bottle he pours himself a small glass and listens to what she has to say. "I was an armourer myself, but I broke off from my father's work. I'm a bodyguard now, which isn't too bad of a job." His official title is 'head of the personal guard', but saying too much is a good way to get punished. "I may have to get a new suit or two commissioned."

"No problem. Sharing….is caring." Chuckling a bit, the woman would finally stand up to show….she was actually almost six feet tall. Standing at about 5'11 she would lean over the bar and smiled to the bartender further down. "May I have another bottle, s'il vous plait?" With a nod the man would get to filling up another bottle to warm it up. Sighing she would sit back down and ran her fingers through her short dark hair. "Armor? That sounds pretty intense." Gidget would retrieve that bottle from him once he was done then pours what was left in her cup. Setting the empty bottle down on the counter she would smile. "But security work? I could have used you for my boss' opening for a new designer. But…..that's neither here nor there. However if you need a new suit…I'm your gal!"

Tilting his head Corvus takes Gidget in, grinning slightly to himself. "I can see that." Taking a sip of the sake he nods once. "The work wasn't too bad. I'm good at it, but I always wanted to serve. So, here I am." Looking down at his black suit he gives the tie a slight tug, "It's getting about time for another one. I was thinking Italian, but I haven't made my mind up."

She would chuckle a bit and nodded. "I understand that. You have to do what calls to you…." Taking a deep breath she would smile as she tilted her head and sighed softly. "I'm glad I did or else….I'd probably had been married off like my mother wished…." A shrug then as she nodded. "Anyway…..you're in luck!" That fresh hot bottle of sake arrived and she'd quickly freshen her cup. "My mentor is an Italian designer. If that is what you want…..I can totally do that. But I do other stuff too. If you really are interested, you can set up an appointment and we can go over some options and I get get a grasp on what you like."

"Excellent." Corvus raises his cup and finishes off what little he poured himself. "My father had the same idea about marriage. If he had it his way I'd already have several children. I'd rather not end up like my mother though." A simple shrug from the man. "Not that I'm against the idea of having children. But I'd prefer if it wasn't forced onto me."

"Right?" Sighing she would shake her head a bit and nodded. "My mother feels I'm going to be some old spinster. But at least I'll be a happy spinster." Gidget would nod a bit then as she sipped at her drink. "She thinks I'm rather….old. But…oh well. I humored them and tried the arranged thing but…that relationship didn't work out. And in my favor because they let me be after that." A hand would go to her mouth then as she smiled. "And I'm rambling. A sign….that I've already had a few. Good thing I can hold my liquor…."

"I wouldn't say old." Corvus chuckles, the corner of his mouth turning up in a grin. "I can't say my last relationship turned out too well either. Aparently me being in danger so often is a deal breaker, who'd have guessed?" He doesn't have any visible scars though, so it must not be all that bad.

She would chuckle a bit. "Apparently past thirty….I"m a lost cause." Gidget just laughed then as she nodded. "And yeah….I can get that but…." Shrugging a bit she took another sip. "My father is a soldier….fought in the war. I guess that doesn't phase me. But me?" Leaning in she would whisper then. "My ex fiance left me for some model that I used to dress. Ironic part? She left him for someone with more money." Leaning back she would nod a bit then. "I would say things came full circle for him."

"My mother's side are pretty much all soldiers, she's a doctor." Corvus actually laughs at the story, reaching up to cover his mouth. "What a fool. I can't imagine the model was any more beautiful than you." Another small chuckle. "Got exactly what he deserved you ask me." He takes a small pouch from his coat pocket and sticks his cigarette butt in it. "Isn't it wonderful how things work out sometimes?"

"I need to go deal with thing 1 and thin 2.@emit "Oh please. There's a reason I'm not a model. I'm not….the traditional beauty…" Snickering she would just lean back a bit then as she wiggled her foot a bit. "And karma was beautiful in that situation. When he cheated….I just focused on work and school…..and got to where I am now." Sighing a bit she would would then smile. "But let me stop rambling. I'm sure it's getting old." Looking at the watch on her right wrist she would frown a bit then nodded. "I should at least go home and get changed. I may head out. So….thanks for the convo!"

"It was good talking to you." Corvus offers Gidget a smile and pushes up from his seat. "This part of town can be rough, if you'd like I can escort you out?" As he speaks he digs out his wallet, which appears to hold several credit cards, though none of them appear to be a Mastercard or Diner's. Several bills get passed over to the owner before he turns to face Gidget again.

Pulling out a couple of twenties she'd set it in her spot and then looked over to him. "Really?" There was a look of shock on her face…..true surprise. "Um….sure. I didn't think it'd be rough….and I have friends in Hell's Kitchen and Harlem that I hang out with." Gidget would tuck that handbag under arm as she stood up then. Straightening her blouse she would nod then as she motioned to the door and headed towards it. "Thanks. I usually walk but I've been fussed at about that but…it's just too nice out to take a cab." She'd chuckle a bit as she looked over at him.

Of course….as if put out into the universe, that front door would fly open as three gunmen forced their way into that small bar. Covered head to two in all black including ski masks, all there of them held a semiautomatic weapon. There were only maybe six or seven others in there besides Gidget and Corvus, which of course there was a collective scream. "Everybody shut up and get down!!!"Closing the door behind them then would look around as they slowly spread out a bit.

At this point Gidget would yelp and stepped back in surprise before slowly putting her hands up and dropping to a knee. "….freaking great….." It sounded like exasperation as she glanced over to Corvus. "….jinxed us much?"

"Get back!" Corvus snaps just before the door is kicked open, almost as if he knew it was going to happen. Taking a confident step forward the plain clothes royal guard just sort of grins. "Really, only two of you? Here I thought you liked to live dangerously."

It's not that Corvus can't count, rather he kicks the table they were at up into the air before sending it hurtling forward and smashing into one of the three goons. Apparently he's much stronger than his thin frame suggests. "Now, are going to stand around here all day, or are we going to fight?"

Blinking she would look up at him as stepped forward. "Dude…are you nuts?!" Her voice was a hiss almost but when that table flew up and took out one of the guys her eyes went wide. "….seriously?" How did she find these people?! Or was she just a magnet for not exactly normal people.

As that table just leveled the one poor guy the other two pulled their guns up at the ready. "Oh you messed up man." The other patrons had run to the opposite side of the room taking cover as Gidget and Corvus was left in the center of the bar. And what was she doing? Pulling some shades out of her hand bag and a black scarf. Quickly she pulled on those sunglasses and tied the scarf over her hair while everyone was distracted. She really….was not in the mood…..she was at that right level of tipsy.

Finally that mouthy robber just pulled that trigger and opened fire with reckless abandon. As soon as Gidget saw that look on that guy's face, almost instantaneously she jumped up next to Corvus and boom….muffled gunfire. Panting heavily she'd slowly turn her head to look at him as that gold barrier surrounded the two of them…the bullets just hitting that forcefield like a brick wall. "…..I'm not even going to ask…." And as soon as she heard those empty clicks…..she dropped it. "….your turn….."

"You didn't have to do that, but I appreciate it." Corvus gives Gidget a friendly squeeze and approaches the two gunmen. "Now, you two need to ask yourselves one question, is it really worth it?"

It must be, because one of the men turns his pistol over and tries to use it to brain Corvus. Unfortunatly for him the guard casually leans out of the way before punching him squarely in the mouth. As it would turn out the gunmen (or at least this one) are human, so he hits the ground like a sack of potatoes.

"Alright, now you." The Inhuman points a finger at the last standing man. "You take that gun, take a step back, and try again. I'll close my eyes if you'd like, give you a sporting chance."

She would blink a bit as she heard that and held up a hand as she sighed. "Well…..I'm squishy so……" Gidget would just fold her arms then as she watched dim just….knock the other guy out. Frowning a bit she would watch him seem to just…enjoy this. A tilt of her head and she would just watch them now.

The robber was in…shock! He just took out his friends as if they were rag dolls! Shaking his head she would step back and aim that gun then. Shaking he'd just move until he was almost against the door. "…no way man!"

Sighing Gidget would glance over to one of the curtain rods then back to the man. That gun would just fly out of his hand and across the room. Her hand would raise and the road would yank off the wall and then fly over to the man, wrapping around his body tightly binding his arms down. She'd twitch her nose then as he just seemed to loose his footing and hit the ground. Staring back at Corvus she would frown a bit but picked up her handbag. "….you seem to enjoy this….a bit much, huh?" Looking to one of the would be hostages she'd nod. "I'd….call the cops…."

"It wasn't too serious a situation. I don't leave the house without my body armor, so I hadn't planned on letting them hit you." Corvus assures Gidget, taking a step back over to her. "I'm not sure how American cops work, but it'd probably be best if we beat feet before they show up." He cleans the blood off of his glove and pulls out another cigarette. "Unless you're in the mood to stay and answer some questions."

"They had….guns…." Her brow would raise as she then made her way to the door and just waved her hand, the still conscious man sliding out of her way. "And it wasn't me I was worried about….I was thinking about bullets ricocheting…." That door would just open then as she motioned for him to come on. "And….depend on their mood. Personally….I'd rather not be here. No one really knows I'm a…..thing." Gidget would look around before turning to the right. Good thing she had a long stride….it was time to get out of dodge for now.

"You've got a point." Corvus allows. Thankfully he has an equally long stride. "I forget guns are supposed to be dangerous sometimes. Don't use them much myself." He sparks his cigarette as they walk, looking up at the sky. "That was pretty amazing though. Guess you're full of surprises, huh?"

She would raise her brow at him then as she looked around and stopped at a corner. "They are dangerous for those of use that aren't….invulnerable." Chuckling she would then cross the street once the coast was clear. "No offense but some of you guys forget we can like…die." Looking over at him she'd chuckle a bit. "Amazing? Nah…." There was a shrug then as she seem so lackadaisical about her own….gifts. "The surprise is when I lose my temper….."

"I'm not invulnerable, far from it. If they hit me and I'm not wearing my armor, it's going to hurt." Corvus grins over at her. "If i let them kill me I wouldn't be much of a bodyguard though, would I?" He really doesn't seem bothered by that at all, apparently it's just another day. "Yeah, amazing. We'd make one hell of a team. Long as you don't mind losing your temper every now and then."

Gidget would chuckle a bit and nodded. "Well….that would make you a terrible bodyguard…." Shaking her head she would finally turn down another street and sighed softly. "And a hell of a team? A team for what?" Coming to a stop she would pull those sunglasses off finally she would raise a brow. "And we'll see. I don't feel like being seen as a wrecking ball in this city….."

"I can't stop bullets unless I'm close enough to grab them, so it'd be a useful ability." Corvus takes another drag from his cigarette and blows the smoke upwards. "Also, we didn't start that fight. They probably would've shot somebody if we hadn't been there."

"I don't blame you though. I try my best to avoid fights, but sometimes they happen. I'll try to remember how frail humans are next time though."

She would stare chuckle a bit then nodded as she smiled. "Sure….why not?" There was a shrug then as she watched him for a moment. "Next time you end up in a fire fight….call me." Gidget just shook her head a bit as she laughed then nodded. "And humans? Well then…" Looking him over she would seem to analyzing him. "Obviously then…if you say it like that….what are you ?" Now she was curious. "Not human?"

"Do you think they'd call me a human?" Corvus asks, shooting Gidget a wink. "I'll catch you around so you can get my measurements. Maybe a drink. Next time hopefully the gunmen stay at home though." He reaches over to give her a side-squeeze. "It was fun."

Smiling she would then dig into her handbag and pulled out a pink card. Holding it out she would nod then. "Sure! Call my office and my receptionist can set an appointment for you." Pulling that scarf off of her head, she'd ruffle her short dark hair then nodded. "And I hope so too." At the squeeze she let out a squeak but laughed then. "Take care!"

Corvus goes home.

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