1964-11-02 - A sucker is born every day
Summary: Remy meets up with his old friend Sev.
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Severin's been by Eight Ball a few times since he got into town, having a few beers, playing pool, and asking around if anyone's seen a particular Cajun about. He's left a note up at the bar in the event that his old friend turned up, signed with his usual mark, an S with the bottom portion looking like a cat's tail, and the top bearing a pair of ears, the shapeshifter's usual calling card. Tonight, he's leaning up against one of the pool tables, just finishing off losing yet another game. Severin is not good at pool. He just enjoys playing.

"Ya ain't gotten no bettah at the sticks, dats for sure." Remy Le Beau has been leaning against the wall for some time, but with the hat and a pair of glasses it really didn't look like him. "When de cat done drag in de cat, ah can't figure out all de physics. Jus' de same, good to see ya Sevveh."

Severin glances over his shoulder at the sound of that familiar voice and he breaks into a half-smirk and half-grin that can't help broaden when he sees the man standing against the wall. He gives the man he'd been playing with a handshake, hangs up his cue and comes wandering over with his bottle of beer. "When the cat dragged in another cat, you're likely in for a loud night." His grin is pure mischief. "Good to see you too, Remy. Long time. Long time. How's the north been' treatin' ya?"

"Shee-it. Spen' any more time up here ahm gonna be a certified yankee," Remy says with a chuckle as he takes a pull from the bottle of beer he's sipping. He chuckles some more, but then it fades as something occurs to him. "Y'all prolly heard, but Bel is dead." Bel being Belladonna, Remy's ex-wife. Remy hasn't spent much time in New Orleans since their wedding and the aftermath that left him banished.

"Don' you go blasphemin' like that," Severin says, his own accent seeming muted compared to Remy's, but then it always was. There's a sobering to his expression then and he nods his head, indicating that he'd heard. "Yeah, heard 'bout that." He lifts his beer and takes a swig off of it. "While back."

"Hell of a ting," Remy replies sadly. There's a whole story there that he doesn't subject Severin too, mostly on account that he doesn't really want to go into it. "How bout yo'self?" he asks, switching the subject. "How dat family of y'ose?"

"Still spillin' out the rafters an' all over the bayou," Severin says with an easy grin that returns swiftly. He seems to be content to let Remy talk about what he wants to when he wants to, pressing for no more, and letting the conversation slide on to other topics. "JP and Collete split town a while back, got a little bit o' heat on them. Hear they're still on the road. Some of the littl'uns are still in school an' managed not to drop out yet." He seems actually impressed by that fact.

"Yeah, ain't evah had no time fo' no school. Least not back den." Remy, of course, is studying to get a GED but that's another sort of thing. "Can empath-eyez wit havin' de fuzz on y'back. Hopefully dey stay clear."

Severin grins and says, "Wouldn't be a Bonaventure if they weren't able to shake a tail. Jus' a matter o' time an' they'll be back at it." He leans up against the wall, folding his arms in front of him comfortably before sayin', "Hit a bit of good luck, myself, an' decided that as much as I enjoy testin' Lady Luck's patience, maybe it was time to cash in, and go find some cooler climes for a while, check in with ol' friens."

"Glad y'came. Where ya stayin? I know quite a few lil ladies around dis part of time if ya need some place to crash. Or if you lookin' for a good time. Ah stay out in Westchester. Bit of a hike," Remy replies. "Good on ya for de good luck. Cards or otherwise?"

"Found myself a place to roost for the time being," Severin says, "It's convenient when ya don't take up much space." Considering he can just turn into a bird and literally roost. "Folks like takin' in stray cats," he says with another flash of a wicked little grin. "Otherwise," he says. "Some folks were stupid. Their stupidity got them some trouble they couldn't handle. Turned out to be just my luck."

Remy's eyebrow goes up. "Dere a sucka born every minute, dey say. What sorta ting did yo' new found friends find demselves all roiled up in?" he asks.

Severin laughs a little and says, "I wouldn't call'm friends, an' these days I wouldn't be callin' them much of anythin' as they all met a bad end." And that seems to be all he's willing to say about that. "Needless to say, I put away a bit o' somethin', decided to come up here a while, cool my heels, see what trouble there might be to get into up here in the big city. Thus far, I'm findin' that it agrees with me."

"Yeah, it ain't bad. Lotta folks t'spend y'time wit. Lot of places to lay low," Remy says with a nod. "Ah been spendin' a lotta time in dis part of town, fightin' de fight so to speak." For our people, he means.

"Yeah? This place is kinda interestin'. Been doin' some explorin' when I heard there was a whole section of the city where our folks were congregatin'. Ran into a new friend along the way. I'll introduce you to'm next time, maybe," Severin says as he finishes off his bottle and sets it on the rail nearby. "So, that what you be keepin' yourself busy with up here?"

"Belie' it or not, ah been tryin' t'get a GED. Goin' to a school up in Westchester. Otha den dat, givin' de police hell. Fightin' wit de resistance now and again."

Both brows creep upward as he studies Remy, considering whether or not the man's trying to pull his leg. "Sure, GED, goin' t'school…" He squints. "Who you, and what you done with Remy?"

"Aftah Bel an' I split, ah started seein' a gal. She kind of put de thought in my head. She done ditched me not too long aftah dat, but de thought, it done remain," Remy replies with a chuckle.

"Ah, 'course it was a woman. Had ta be a woman," Severin laughs, ordering himself another beer, and whatever Remy's having when someone comes by to collect the empties. Then he says, "Well, how's that going then? You gonna be showin' us all up with your book learnin'?" Sev never graduated high school, and never got a GED. It wasn't that he'd never learned anything — in fact, he'd learned quite a lot. But his education was all self-taught.

"Ah be happy if ah could jus' do some readin' and writin." Remy shows a wry grin, "Course ah never turn down an opportunity to do a lil gloatin."

Severin smirks, "Now that's the Remy I remember." He chuckles then and says, "So, resistance, eh? What sorta resistance?" This seems to pique his interest.

"Bustin' any cops in de face who be hurtin mutants. Dat sorta ting. Helpin' out people like us when dey need it," Remy says, looking over his shoulder a bit. A few months ago he was in the paper. Arrested for torturing a cop. They got him back, though. And how.

Severin nods his head to that and says, "Ain't enough o' that goin' around," seeming to approve. He follow's Remy's gaze for a moment and then his smile quirks a bit. "They don' forget none, do they?"

"Nah, dey got pretty good memories. Ah got of dem pretty good, tho, so ah imagine dey put a lot of thought into findin' me." Remy shrugs, "Who cares. Fuck de police."

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