1964-11-02 - The Brother and the Party of Emma
Summary: Diana has barely been to Man's World, and already she is running into a second Asgardian, seems divine interference has grown in Man's World. She also meets Emma and her group, and is impressed to learn Emma was able to attain a position of Headmistress. Something unheard of in her last visit to Man's World.
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She's only just arrived on Man's World, and interestingly enough her first meeting was with another of the ranks of the divine in Thor of Asgard. Another royal as well. Surely that was not a good representation of what she should expect moving forward. The steel jungle of the city was a strange place to be, and so Diana made her way to the one place that seemed more familiar, Central Park. Finally, a glimpse of nature, she walks onto a grassy field, wrapped in her cloak, the hood covering her tiara. She almost looks like someone who missed out on Halloween being over, and dressing as one of the Fellowship of The Ring from Lord of The Rings. Any who are keen to the otherworldly, may sense some strange vibes about her.

Isidore walks along the park paths, cigarette in hand. "I tell ya, I never get tired of this place. Only spot in the city that reminds me of where I grew up. Less snow, though." he taps his ash absently as he strolls along with Julie and Emma. The leather jacketed tough look he sports clashes with the more refined sensibiities of his present companions, but he doesn't seem to take any note of self-consciousness from it. He may not have noticed the robed figure yet, but his eyes are mostly wandering about, never alighting on any one thing yet. In fgact, he seems to be taking pains *not* to look right at anyone nearby.

Julie is walking along beside Izzy, wearing a boxy peacoat against the chill, and a checkered-flag pattern scarf. Perhaps also not so classy-looking as the taller lady with them, really. She hrms, "Kinda wonder if that guy with the real good pretzel stand's out tonight," she says, in a local, Italian-tinged accent. "Pretty good on a night like this."

Loki strides along like he owns the place…the whole…park, at the least, possibly more. He is wearing a snug, black suit, black shirt, with his hair left long in waves about to his shoulder. He has a cane in one hand, though, he doesn't appear to /need it/. Its just a prop for the whole rest of his look. He seems to be bee-lining it for Diana.

The tall blonde behind the two younger people walks in an easy, ground-eating pace, her blue eyes glancing around as she does. "Probably not too late…this place doesn't have the best of reputations at night, after all." Emma says crisply. "But if there is a prospective student…" Because she wouldn't say mutant in public "…wandering around, they may be a bit easier to spot with less people" Emma is fairly shamelessly scanning the area, mostly empathically, to get an emotional read on her surroundings. If nothing else, it'll warn her of a would-be mugger lying in wait. Her eyes are drawn to the odd woman in the cloak and the man with the cane heading towards her…she stands out a bit. Her eyes narrow slightly. "Hmmm…"

|ROLL| Loki +rolls 1d20 for: 11

When Emma does an empathic scan of the area, she might catch the uneasy sensation from Diana's cloaked figure, being on largely unfamiliar grounds, and not quite knowing what to expect. For someone just walking Central Park, she seesm to be bracing for a challenge. But Diana pays little attention to others, when Loki is heading directly her way. She has this warrior's sense about potential danger, being alert as she is, and so turns to look directly at Loki as he comes nearer. "Hello," she offers directly, never assuming the worse. Maybe he did walk directly at her just to say 'hello' some people are outgoing like that.

Isidore smirks a bit, tucking his cigarette in one corner of his mouth and looking askance at Emma. "Trouble? Here? Never happens.." he lets his lips finish curling upwards into a grin before nodding to Julie. "That'd be aces if he is. He got pickles? I could go for a pickle." His gaze swivels to Diana, unperturbed by the bobbing cinder dangling from his mouth. "Huh."

Julie casts a bit of a glance about as Emma hrms, smirking as she glances back, too. "Well, you never know what kind of characters are around here," she winks, hrms to Isi. "You know, not sure I noticed if he's got pickles. Maybe they oughtta open a deli, too."

"If he has a properly made pickle, perhaps…kosher, preferably…." Emma says absently as she keeps her eyes on the other odd pair. She can feel the unease and wariness off the woman, and the intense interest of the other. "I'm sure we're prepared for most trouble, however, though I'd prefer to avoid it obviously…." She's not sure exactly what she's seeing…but restrain herself from -immediately- probing further. Charles frowns on such things, and she's trying to…behalf. It's not natural to her, honestly.

The man in the suit continues to approach Diana, clipping off a quick, "Hi." in an arrogant tone, but he says no more until he is /quite/ close. Its not the sort of think you shout. "I was under the impression that your lot had /left/ this realm. I can…smell the…god on you." His eyes rove up and down her cloaked form. "Not getting any ideas about taking over, are you?"

For all intents and purposes, it is Diana who might seem the most suspicious in the park at the moment, considering how secretively wrapped up in a hood and cloak she is. But other than that, she's not really doing anything to specifically draw attention. Even though her attire alone might be cause enough for attention. As Diana notes the tone of the man who approached her, she seems much more guarded than before. Emma would at least notice that much if she's still doing her scanny bit.

The second man she meets on Man's World, and he too immediately is on to her divine nature. Apparently, he too has some grief with the Olympus Gods. "Tell me," she starts, taking a wild guess here, "are in any way, shape or form related to the one they call Thor of Asgard?"

Isidore grins right at Emma. "There any other kind?" He takes a drag on his cigarette, plucking it from his lips before exhaling a halo of smoke. "My ma makes the best pickles. I should bring some by, get the recipe or something." he slows a bit, one brow raising as he taps his cig to one side and looks over Diana again. "So, that a Van Dyne number, or am I missing something?" He tips his chin towards Diana, lips pursing in thought.

Loki drops his jaw and looks shocked for a brief moment, then slightly flustered the next, then finally rolls his eyes and finishes with those greens aimed off towards Emma and her crew. "Have you already met him? /Thor/…is my dear bro-ther." he admits elegantly. The inkling of his aggression fades though and he more sociably introduces himself, "Loki…and you are?"

Julie nods, "Well, it's never all that far from a deli, anyway," and smirks a little, as she sees the two figures meet. "Maybe they're going to the opera, I guess. Something like that."

When Emma speaks, there's a bit of wariness in her voice. "I don't think that's the case, my dear." She tilts her head slightly, blue eyes trying to catch Diana's gaze. After all…woman alone in the park after dark, being apparently accosted by a man she's wary of. It's good to at least let her know someone is nearby if she should need…help.

Hey, she doesn't -know- what Diana's like!

Diana casts a glance Isidore's way when he seems to be talking about her, just taking his measure for a moment, while still keeping most of her attention set on Loki. "I'll be…" Diana muses at Loki's words after his show of discomfort at her knowing the man, "I've only been here a brief while, and already in a span of days I meet two godly brothers, that sounds awful lucky, doesn't it?" As her deigns to intorudce himself, Diana gives something of a cordial bow of her head, "Diana is my name." Her accent points to something akin to Greek, though if any present are familiar with it, the sound is a bit off. Loki no doubt would know precisely what is Diana's native tongue, Allspeak is quite the boon. "I hope you won't take offence, but while everybit as forward, I dare say you're not quite as forthcoming as your brother, Loki."

When Emma gives a supportive gaze her way, Diana offers Emma a faint nod of recognition for her gesture. She appreciates it, she doesn't know who any of these people are really. But last she's set foot on Man's World, she saw nothing quite like what Emma just displayed from a woman. That is a heartening sign of progress.

Isidore tips his head to one side, nodding to Emma and Julie. He takes one last hit off of his cigarette before grinding the ember out between his fingertips. "So, what's the call?" He watches the exchange taking place between Diana and Loki, sniffing once. Brows raise in curiosity, and he takes a step toward the other pair, but just a step.

Julie hrms, just pausing, there. She hrms, idly taking out a shiny yo-yo, just bobbing it up and down a few times, glances to Emma, …it's a bit hard to figure body language under cloaks, but she takes Emma at her word, and glances back the other way, hrms. "That guy bugging her, Ms. F?"

"If by forthcoming, you mean…that I am not a babbling idiot who probably tried to offer you mead or a romp in a tent…then no, I am not as forthcoming as my brother. Also…" He turns to look at the other group as they advance enough to interact with, "we have…mixed…company." He taps the cane on the ground and looks the trio over more precisely, trying to get their measure as much as they were trying to get his and Diana's.

"There's a polite way of putting it." Emma says, folding her arms under her chest as her cool, considering eyes sweep over Loki thoughfully, then back to Diana. "Are we interrupting, or was this a conversation anyone could join?" Her tone is polite…but also suggests that she's perfectly willing to butt in anyway if it suits her. She flicks her eyes over Diana's outfit. "…groofy." she says, in a tone of approval. "Very patriotic. Red, white and blue. With a little gold for that nice highlighting touch."

While that is not quite the impression she got from her meeting with Thor, Diana can't help but laugh at Loki's dry remark, as in, honest to goodness jovial laughter of levity. She is quite amused. "I'll give you that, Loki, you've a way with words." When Loki points out the 'mixed company' as it were, Diana nods at him, "perhaps there should be other opportunities to discuss other matters, perhaps with both your brother and yourself in attendance?" She offers, as she's no clue of Loki's angle, though she gets the gist that the Gods of Asgard are having a more active role in Man's World or Midgard as they put it, then she'd expect.

Turning to Diana, Emma and Isidore, she introduces herself, "I am Diana," and then gestures at Loki, "and this is Loki, who I've only just met, good evening to you all." Yeah, there's something a bit archaic perhaps in her mannerism. "Please, all are welcome, all are free to speak their minds." When complimented on her apparel, Diana makes sure that her cloak is wrapped up sufficently about her to hide her battle armor. Perhaps it fluttered apart in a gust, allowing Emma a glimpse of her very unique outfit.

Isidore blinks at Loki, both brows rising. "Mixed?" One can see Isidore bristle visibly at that. His posture alters from interest to hostility, and he throws his cold cigarette down, stepping forward once, but just once. Diana's further speech and attitude seem to calm him a bit, but he definitely gives Loki a sour look. To Diana, he nods. "Nice to meet ya. Isidore." The brooklyn is thick in his accent, but there's something foreign to it as well. He steps back, placing himself between his original companions and Loki.

Julie smiles a little and nods. "Diz. How you doing? Nice evening, ain't it?"

Emma inclines her head slightly. "Emma Frost." she says in a crisp tone, reaching out to gently rest her hand on Isidore's shoulder as he starts forward, until he calms, at which point she lowers it again. <Don't let him goad you.> she sends quietly to the young man. <He seems the type to enjoy such things, if his name is anything to go by.> "A pleasure." she continues. "Out for a walk in the park? It's not always a safe place at night."

Loki arches a dark brow with some amusement and smiles faintly when Isidore bristles. "I will find you, later, Diana." He promises, then turns to abruptly head off.

Looking at how Isidore stations himself between his party and Loki, Diana gets a faint smile on her lips, appreciative of his protective nature. Albeit she has some concern about his ability to properly judge a threat. She has an inkling that Loki is far more dangerous than he seems, especially if he approached her so readily, with an understanding of who she might be.

"Is it unsafe here at night? I was unaware," Diana admits to Emma, looking around a few times, as if suddenly very interested in potential threats and not feeling nearly as safe. "It is a good thing I found company then, danger often finds itself attracted to those by their lonesome."

Looking over at Loki when he departs, Diana nods, "then we shall meet again, farewell, Loki."

Isidore sniffs once, watching Loki bait him with resounding success. He wrinkles his nose up, watching the other man head off. He relaxes a bit, shrugging to help bleed tension out of his shoulders. "Eh, kinda, yeah, sometimes. You get people out here sometimes that ain't what you call upstanding members of society." He doesn't really look worried about it, though.

Julie nods, "Yeah, well, sometimes. It ain't most people, but it don't hurt to have your wits about you. Or company. Guess you're new in town, lady?"

"Which brings me to ask, of course…why are you out here alone, my dear?" Emma murmurs, meeting Diana's eyes frankly. "You seem to be new to the area. Were you looking for something? Perhaps we coudl point you in the right direction. Or even escort you there." Normally, Emma doesn't feel she'd be going this far out of her way, but…well, the idea of leaving a woman who's not hip to her surroundings alone in a park is a bit more heartless than she can bring herself to be.

"That is a very astute observation," Diana says to Julie, as she guesses she's new in town. Then turns to Emma, who gives the impression of being the 'leader' of the party, so much as such a party needs a leader. "Because until you arrived, I had no company, and I do welcome your company, Emma Frost, Isidore and girl who has yet to introduce herself," she winks at Julie while hinting she would like to know her name as well.

"For starters," Diana answers Emma, "I shall like to learn where to get some apparel that may be…more in line with what is considered popular these days, for women that is?"

Isidore tilts his head slightly, giving a small nod to what Emma says. The leader thing might not be too far off the truth right here. He looks up at Diana, lips cracking into a grin as she speaks. "Oh, you're asking the right questions, here. They'll set you up but good." He points his thumb at the pair behind him.

Julie ahs, yo-yo-ing once more, before pocketing the metal thing. "Ah, sorry. Dizzy Bottero, at your service," she smiles. "And Miss Frost probably knows just about everywhere for that sort of stuff." She, herself, doesn't seem so elegantly-dressed as the lady in white, to day the least." She looks at a somewhat oversized watch worn inside her wrist, thinking. "Well, Macy's will still be open, at least," she ventures. Of course some of the best shopping in the world isn't terribly far.

Emma hmmms. "I suppose a trip to the mall is not out of the question…" she decides, curiously gazing at Diana. "And I'm not without resources. And Diz, of course, is quite apt at a variety of styles, depending on your preference, as am I." She looks with a faintly amused looks at Isidore. "…and Isidore can probably appreciate the final results of such outfits, if you need a third opinion of how they look." She lowers her arms to her side. "If nothing else, Ms. Bottero does have transportation to get us there.

"Nice to meet you as well, Dizzy Bottero," Diana greets the last woman to make her name known, before being a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of endorsement and suggestions. Ultimately, she parts her cloak, allowing the others a glimpse of her very ancharonistic battle armor, "as you can see, my tastes are not likely to be found here…I'm assuming. But I will gladly take your advice on what is considered…'fashionable'." A word she doesn't often use, but fits quite perfectly in this specific setting.

"Yep," begins Isidore, "I'm here to appreciate." Sarcasm with a smile. One brow rises and he looks at Diana when she shows off her battle armor. "Wow." He's appreciating. "So.. if you do a lot of fighting, I can see that being handy. Otherwise, people are gonna look at you, and they're gonna think you got powers and fight crime. That's kinda how folks who do that dress around here."

Julie seems to rather appreciate as well, but she's always been something of a fan of costumed heroines, generally. "Well, unless maybe they're from outer space or something," Dizzy adds to Isidore, in a rather matter-of-fact sort of way for a statement like that. She indicates with her thumb back the way they came. "But, ah, sure, transportation's right back there," she invites. Transportation's really more her department than fashion, but she can perhaps manage a bit of both. She does scratch her head, "So, just where you from, Diana? Seems New York sees people from all over. I mean *really* all over, even."

"Groovy. It's definitely a martial outfit." Emma admits, nodding in agreement with Isidore, then frowning thoughfully. "But I'm sure we could find something that doesn't stand out quite so much, if it's your preference." She turns to start back towards Dizzy's car. "This way, Mz. Diana. I imagine we can fill you in as you fill us in on what's hip and hep here."

"To claim I do a lot of fighting would not be an exaggeration," Diana offers to Isidore with a faint smile, quickly wrapping the cloak back about her to hide her armor. "What people make or make not about me, is not for me to worry about. People always have their assumptions, it is folly to worry about opinions." She nods at Julie, starting to walk along with her and her party, they seem like good people. "Me? I'm from a place called Themyscira, it's far from here," Diana found when stating a place if 'far from here' is usually sufficent not to have to explain where precisely it is. She hopes that is still the case. "Exactly! Not standing out would be ideal," Diana relates to Emma, smiling warmly as she understands her situation. "Would you mind if I ask how do you relate to your party members?" Diana asks Emma as they head towards 'transportation', "it seems they defer to you, last I recall, men don't often defer to women in these parts."

Isidore grins when Diana's opinion of the opinions of others is noted. "Yep", he murmurs in agreement. He watches her for a bit longer, as if trying to figure out her story. When she mentions men and women here, he chuckles. "That's 'cause most of em are stupid. The men, I mean. My ma's the smartest person I know. Be dead if it weren't for her." he reahes for his cigarettes reflexively, but holds back a bit.

Julie smiles, starting back as well. She just sort of winks to Diana. Probably outer space, but, she's usually found them to be friendly enough. She leads on then toward a gold-tan Pontiac wagon parked along the street. And laughs to Isidore, "Well, I guess that's about everyone's Mama one way or another."

Emma hmmms. "They were my students, at one time." she says easily. "And I their headmistress for their school." She doesn't expand on that for the moment. She's hardly sure of Diana's intentions, though now that they're walking back, well…she lets her mind reach out, then slowly start to insintuate herself into Diana's thoughts. It's only paranoia if they're not out to get you, after all…and a LOT of people are out to get mutants. And Emma herself, she'd be the first to admit. She hasn't exactly been shy about making enemies in the past. "It sounds like you're far from home…why come all the way to New York, then?"

"That is a high position, congratulations," Diana offers to Emma, last she was here 'secretary' was about the only thing a woman could hope to do, and that was akin to slavery as is. She takes a moment to consider Emma's question, before merely stating, "there are threats I may be of help in dealing with, and I should like to improve women's station in this world…" and so she lets slip just how foreign she is to this place.

As Emma ventures into Diana's mind, she'll find it naturally resistant to her. It's not that Diana is aware of her telepathic endevors, nor does Diana seem aware, but scrying her mind is difficult. But as Emma is quite skilled, she does manage to ascertain Diana speaks truth. She is here to help, she is here to advance women's position. As she looks into Themyscira, she will find a land inhabited entirely by Amazons, warrior women, and a place that seems drawn straight out of Greek Mythology.

Isidore keeps on to the car, opening the door for Emma and Diana perhaps reflexively. He's positioned at the passenger side, because of course Dizzy drives. Of course.

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